fiat marea parking sensor

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fiat marea parking sensor 185
fiat marea parking sensor 185

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FIAT MAREA 185 my marea from italy

Hello all Im a new user from Italy got a marea weekend jtd with some extra optional. Im going to take some pics will upload them asap cheers

that looks good thatliking the coupe wheels how does your TomTom keep charged if you have a docking station Or have you wired it behind the dash and got the cig-plug hanging down ready smart idea thoi like it.gona have to get me ones of these lol parking sensors are goodnicely done Mike ps thats a clever mod that tracker you got turning the car off if its been robbed liking that

FIAT MAREA 185 Paint Code

Hi Guys wondered if anyone can help me in locating the paint codes location not sure where it is and im hoping to fit some parking sensors to mine as Im not use to the length of the thing. Thanks Jon

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FIAT MAREA 185 Wipers

(Apologies for the unoriginal name - I lost my old password) Anyway... the intermitant function on my wipers has died. I thought it might be a relay but I cant find where the relay is. Nor incidentally can my local dealer. They did suggest that it was the parking sensor on the wiper motor - hence need for new motor - lots of money and labour. Im not convinced. Has anyone else had this problem Any advice

FIAT 500 II reversing sensors

are reversing sensors available as standard on a 2009 500 please will the relevant wiring be fitted but tucked away on my wifes car its relatively simple to fit a kit from an aftermarket supplier but the original equipment would be neater im sure. john.

Originally Posted by grimwau Half Right Paul I can assure you that the beeps would be instantaneous and I consider this to be the most important reason for specifying them in the first place. In my opinion it is a safety option more than anything else. I wished some of my neighbours had them. The bumper on the tailgate of my marea weekend (its one piece) got the brunt end of the bump parking.

FIAT STILO Whats the difference between the Stilos

Just wondering because a friend of mine asked me this question the other day... What makes your car a sport Therefore Im wondering what upgradespartschanges does the Active Sport have over the other Actives and Dynamics My parents car for example is a GTC Turbo and so its faster and the suspension is the same as the performance VXR as apposed to regular suspensions found on the normal models of the car. Cheers guys looking forward to any reply

as much (if not more) than the old BravoBravamarea. Originally Posted by richydraper i thought that was just me cos it had been in an accident... Who elses 3Dr dynamic has only 1 emblem My Dynamic 3dr only has one Dynamic badge on the drivers side. I think most do. Think they mightve stuck one on each wing on some of their models & then reverted to just one possibly cost-cutting. Its like the fiat

FIAT STILO bulb change

Has anyone changed their headlight bulbs yet Ive had a quick look just now (in the dark with a torch...) and I havent the faintest on how to even get to the bulbs... Any ideas []D[]D 1.6 16v Stilo Active Sport Powerflow twin exit exhaust K&N Induction kit

Terrific lights Had A marea 1.8 ELX weekend estate with eliptical head lights which were very good as well. [8D][8D] fiat Stillo MW. 1.9JTD Met. Blue. all Electric. Skywindow..SatNav 17 7 spoke alloys. Rear parking sensor and Puddle Lights. ......Ham............

FIAT BRAVO Would you recommend a new Bravo

Thinking about buying a new car again. Bravo is one of the cars on my list to look at. Would either buy a T-Jet or M-Jet Sporting probaly 18 alloys leather although that doesnt appear available with flat red which is my fav colour for a car sky roof etc. I looked at one a few months back and thought the interior was a little fussy. So anyway for the owners that have bought them would you recommend one which engine and what little annoying things have you found since pruchasing

at first glance but once you spend an amount of time in the car it soon all makes sence. little annoying things The biggest gripe I have with my car is the drivers arm rest - or lack of. Will be doing the dynamic mod in the very near future. Other than that ive a little mp3 player problem which will shortly be cured. The 1.9 multijet is pretty damn awesome compared to the 130 5-pot i had in the marea.

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  • Fiat Palio Fiat Marea original Parksensor PDC parking sensor Neu 51755060 - Osnabrück,Deutschland (99.90 EUR)

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