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FIAT MAREA 185 Marea and Rapeseed oil

Hello I have a fiat marea TD100 (1998). I would like to know if I can use Rapeseed oil or BioDiesel. Anyone of you have tested these fuels Thanks in advance.

contamination. 4. Yep. Change fuel filter regularly too. 5. The Cit guys seem to prefer Rapeseed oil as it is thinner than corn & others. 6. Lidl currently cheapest for rapeseed oil 56ppl but sold in crappy 1 lit bottles. 7. Little support for heating the oil even in winter as once the engine is up to 60deg the fuel leaving the pump is hot enough. If your car is worth a bit (but youre driving a fiat

You can take a feed from the cooling system run it through a water jacket and feed the oilthrough it pre-filter. Just helps warm the oil a little before filtration. Remember there is a fuel heater built into the fuel filter housing. Aditional heating can be achieved using something called the Rapetherm4 Basically 4 glow plugs in a cylinder with a thermostat to stop them getting too hot.

And what about diesel for heating system Has anyone of you tried it Thanks.

Originally Posted by jfm And what about diesel for heating system Has anyone of you tried it Thanks. Do you mean red diesel pariffin or kerosene

FIAT MAREA 185 airlock in fiat marea fuel system

i have an airlock in my marea fuel system. the tank was cleaned fuel lines air blowed clean. it does about 20 miles local then cuts off but is does 80 mph on the motorway going to and back from gatwick airport ( 40 miles) it didnt cut off then only when i got back local did it cut off. when it cuts off it will not start up easily but if i leave if for 10 or so minutes switched off it starts agian then

it was the diesel pump after all. after changing it just done 140 miles so far no problems. moral of my story is not use too thick used cooking oil especialy lard and palm oil which freeze like soap when cold. just get bio diesel (B70 or blend 7030 summer 5050 winter) from ur local supplier.

rapeseed oil has a low viscosity try that.

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FIAT MAREA 185 Marea 2.0 20v burning oil

Hi im probably being dense (im an auto electrician not a mechanic lol) but I knew my marea 20v was burning a little oil but I put a stainless exhaust system on the car from the cat back and when I boot it you can really see the smoke bellowing from the back now (the original exhaust pointed to the ground so the fumes were not visible in the car). Its a 1998 marea 2.0 20v not sure if its a 147 or a 155 yet to find that out. Any pointers on how to find that out too

FIAT MAREA 185 Marea 1.8 16v - Oil leaking at exhaust manifold

I have recently discovered an external oil leak on my marea 1.8 16v. It appears that oil is leaking at the outer studs of the exhaust manifold . I initially suspected the cylinder head gasket but I have ruled this out as the gasket is located lower than the manifold it is dry and there can be now way the oil can find its way from it into the studs. Any idea what can be the cause Do the studs penetrate

Ehh i wouldnt block them off just yet as the leak may be venting excess pressure from something it might be helping you in some way its quite unknown yet. Whats your oil level like by the way on my fiat they decided to do the PCV return back into the air intake on the inlet rubber piping so if you want to take a picture of the air intake system (The rubber bit) i will attempt to help you identify it i wouldnt locktite anything just yet thought mate. Migs

FIAT MAREA 185 Oily liquid in passenger footwell

Hi all My car is a marea Weekend 1600sx...2000 X reg. 74000 miles. Had her 4 months and done 12000 troublefree miles BUT a pool of something that I originally took to be a water leak has gathered on the passenger footwell floor. Actually though its oily. Doesnt seem to be getting any worse. No leaks anywhere under the bonnet and never need to top anything up. Engine runs like a sewing machine and heater

Thanks to you all for the speedy and helpful replies. Heater matrix leak sounds promising (if thats the right word). I must admit that I have had to top up the cooling system and she could be using a little. Knowing me Ill sponge the stuff up and issue any passengers with a pair of Wellington boots until warmer weather encourages mechanical tinkering.

Originally Posted by grahamw48 Thanks to you all for the speedy and helpful replies. Heater matrix leak sounds promising (if thats the right word). I must admit that I have had to top up the cooling system and she could be using a little. Knowing me Ill sponge the stuff up and issue any passengers with a pair of Wellington boots until warmer weather encourages mechanical tinkering. Hello Keep a very close eye on it. If the leak gets worse then it could cook your engine.

Originally Posted by auto_blanco Well evidence is an M70 BMW V12 engine that someone stuffed radweld in it was overheating because of an airlock nothing more...which did something reacted or something and turned into a think goop that blocked up the bottom of the radiator and coolant return around the transmission cooler pipes causing the gearbox to overheat and destroy itself to which I had to fit

by grahamw48 Ah well theres nothing like a good urban legend eh. Fortunately cooling systems are much the same as theyve always been...not much rocket science involved and those of us with a modicum of intelligence do follow the user instructions. Ta for the well-researched advice anyway. Some people dont want to hear the advice of people on a Forum dedicated to a certain make in this case fiatS

FIAT MAREA 185 Engine oil overfill

Hi to all I had a regular oilfilter change (at service) about 2 weeks ago. During a first 3-5 days I could notice oil smell from the ventilation (not burning oil just plain oil smell as you could smell it from the oil can). And then it stopped (or I just got used to it). Did not pay much attention to it as I tought someone spilled some oil outside of the cap during oil change. But when I checked the

Over filling the engine oil can cause a few problems. The crankcase breathing system often doesnt work correctly although most will slowly loose the excess out of the breather usually into the air intake. Whilst you have excessive oil the crankcase pressure is usually too high so the chances of oil seals (ie crank) blowing are possible as are leaks from other gasketed joints. The crankshaft webs often

Originally Posted by oilrag Lets hope you dont have to start a new thread titled JTD glue........ How long are you planning to keep the car for Regards Did you not read the word heater Any system that heats the oil to 40degrees C will mean the viscosity is the same as diesel and 100% veg will be trouble free. I dont know how yet but ill let you know how I get on.

Yes I have wondered. It seems that it is being burnt by the engine. The molecules consisting glycerine must still be small enough to be ingested. The fuel system seems fine so far. Ill be running the car like this until something fails then I will repair said item and consider further modifications. If no one is willing to try this world has no hope of going green. I am a competent mechanic and am

FIAT MAREA 185 Oil consumtion and white smoke

Hi guys Recently I noticed that white smoke is coming out of my exhaust every time I started my fiat marea. I believe that this smoke is a burning oil. One time when I was driving the oil pressure light flushed for about a second and when I checked the oil using the dipstick it was way below the limit. The car was still running fine. What could be the possible cause of this. Thanks renken

Not huge amounts but still more than it should. Thats 0.5mlkm i wouldnt have though that would cause clouds of smoke. It may just be as suggested in this cold weather condensation in the exhaust system being burnt off. Also what engine is it How many miles Last service

Originally Posted by mountainmachine Not huge amounts but still more than it should. Thats 0.5mlkm i wouldnt have though that would cause clouds of smoke. It may just be as suggested in this cold weather condensation in the exhaust system being burnt off. Also what engine is it How many miles Last service 98000 km it was last service at 95000km 1.6 L engine

FIAT MAREA 185 Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Hi I am driving a 1.9 JTD105 and thinking of putting is a total diesel fuel system cleaner. Anyone try before Can you share what brand did you us and the effect STP CTP (blue chem) Red Line Blue Coral etc... Thank you.

Fort&233 is the stuff you want. Youll need a tame garage though as its for the trade only If youre running smokey you need to think about oilair change too and maybe an engine flush.

fuel cleaner 95% paraffin Can use litre Heating oil in tank to alter the inject temp thus cleaning tips.

FIAT MAREA 185 Marea turbo From Brazil

hey guys whats up Im maha from Brazil and here we have alot of cars Turbo Turbo charged and tune up in many ways. I love marea and i have a marea turbo . Here in brazil fiat make a marea with engine from fiat Coupe and we mod this cars . Ok ok ... for you guys is very very very easy to make a car with 1000whp but for us is very dificult because all things is very expensive and maybe dont have for

FIAT MAREA 185 MrMigs Marea Help me fix this beast.

Finally got the lovely 100 sx 1.6 today and can i just say what a lovely car it is hasnt been used properly since 2008 timing belt changed 5k miles ago at 66k miles and been sat on my nans drive way ever since. Well yesterday i charged the battery refitted it then my nan got inside. At the turn of a key the engine sprung to life like it had really disliked being sat there and not used for so long P

eaten into alot so i thought heck rip the crust off So we start by removing the rear cover (Where latch is) and popping the plugs to remove the mareas main carpet completely it makes things so much easier in the end the result is alot of objects in a rather (Orderly ) fassion P. Ok i lied about orderly but it honestly works (Does anyone else hate them useless half pint spare tyres Come on has fiat

FIAT MAREA 185 Help Coolant turned brown from red

Guys Myy poor marea is ill again well im not sure recently did a coolant change car has a stuck open thermostat and possible leaky injector some odd sounds at low revs but this is not the issue I recently did a change to mixed 5050 halfords advanced red fluid flushed the system with water doing a complete change i also have a rusty radiator with a small leak somewhere Doh the coolant has now turned

FIAT MAREA 185 Marea 105 JTD - Temp gauge reading off scale

Hi Guys The latest update on my JTD - any suggestions are more than welcome Firstly my car is a 2001 X marea SX Weekend 105 JTD with 104500 miles on the clock b ut has been well serviced. Having read all the threads with interest about the various cooling system issues these cars are prone to ive got a slightly strange quirk on mine (I know its Italian and thats why we love em). The car was running

FIAT MAREA 185 Aircon leak

Hi I have a leak on the elbow valve thingy oily substance underneath I cant see where exactly it is coming from just wondering if anybody has had the same thing or any info would be of great help Attached Thumbnails   __________________ 2007 Stilo Sporting MJet 150bhp 2001 marea Weekend JTD 110bhp now 171bhp httpwww.fiatforum.comgarage_vehi..._vehicle&id24 He who works and does his best gets his

FIAT MAREA 185 1.6 advice

hello first time poster here youre site looks very good with loads of info. a mate has a W reg 1.6L marea and has asked me to give it a service we have no idea what its had done to it befor so i was wondering if u could help advice me on what should be changed as i havent seen the car yet. are they 8v or 16v or can it be eather are the coil and distributor or is it a dis pack system any thing to look

FIAT MAREA 185 Fiat Marea Weekend 1.6 auto estate AIR CON HELP PLS

Hi I have a weekend 1.6 auto. Air Con is down. I had it gassed last year and it still didnt work the garage tried to get me to have new compressor laughed at the price more than I bought the car for. Weather went bad and hay hoe its now good again. I have checked it today the compressor is not kicking in air con light is on Im guessing the gas may have gone but to save money can I test the other parts

There should be only AC oil and dye rest of the stuff should be airother gas contaminants (unless you got gaping hole in front that sucks sand in). Sucking in the vacuum clears the system. You need to remove the dash if you change the pressure valve evaporator with it. Image The fan on dash circulates air for the auto-aircon (cabin temperature sensor). Cooling fan relay.... just drive faster. marea

So you only had the system open for couple hours fiat specs six hours for the oil to go bad when system is open. Only add 10 more grams than you took out. Calculate rest from these Compressor oiling the compressor (as you did) Amounts Pressure neilneil thanked for this post

FIAT MAREA 185 Marea 20v Fiat Servicing.... what a joke

Hi i am about to be in dispute with local fiat servicing. and need some advice. I have seen elsewhere on this list comments regarding oil and undertrays so ill start there. 1. They had to break off the undertray as the bolts had siezed. That may be the case but i would have assumed that as they had it off last year to get the engine out to do the timing belt etc that the seizing was likely their fault

FIAT MAREA 185 stillo v marea info

hi lads im a marea wender owner for the last 2 yrs and im well pleased with my jtd 110sx on a y 2001 plate ok were thinking of changing cars in the next 12 yrs and with my wife being disabled and we have a pet staffy we need an estate so my question is this are there any ex marea owners out there who are now stillo owners as i need to know are they as costly to run as our marea etc i love my 110 sx

There may not be so many ex marea owners but there are quite a few ex Bravo owners who can make comparisons but it depends what youre asking are they as costly to run as our marea Without knowing what your marea running costs are and whether you simply mean fueloiltyres etc or total running costs including maintenance As marea to Stilo is a big jump up in technology with lots more gadgets then you

FIAT MAREA 185 grindingrubbing noise Front RHS

marea 1.9 TD 100 (1998) 173K Apart from a blown headgasket (suspected) I have this grindingrubbing noise. front wheel driver side area. - I did think before it was the water pump related to the HG issue but the engine off test has shown that to be not the case. Not there while accelerating. Goes away when you tap the brake pedal Occurs clutch in or clutch out Occurs Engine running or engine off (coasting

FIAT MAREA 185 fitting a 2.4 from a stilo

hi guys has anybody ever attempted to fit the 2.4 from the fiat stilo abarth into a marea 2.0 today i brought a marea weekend hlx 2.0 20v with a poorly engine and have found a stilo abarth 2.4 engine for sale in good working order im hoping its possible using the 2.0 wiring loom and either engines manifolds etc. i understand that although it may run on the 2.0 map it wouldnt be great as its the wrong map for the extra air flow so would require a remap. cheers for looking guys

Error on milage display is aircon related. The hose on top of the reservoir is small so just seeing coolant going there should be enough its not really a part of the circulation process more like a return line for the pressure in the system. Does the rad get hot With diagnostics you can read the temperature from ecu the dash gauge and ecu have their own sensors (in same housing at thermostat) and dash gauges are known to show their own stuff from time to time due to poor contacts on BBM (sometimes sorted just by slamming your hand on top of dash). Rattle...change your oil and filter with cheap synthetic drive a week or two and throw good oil and new filter. Reading the dipstick is its own science on the 20v hot engine and wait 10 mins before checking on level ground and this times 4 (putting 5l in mine after full drain showed way over max on the dipstick when cold for short while but now when warm its under and hasnt moved in months if checked cold its still way over the max so kinda trap there fiat rates the sump and filter at 5l 5.5l for full system).

FIAT MAREA 185 boidiesel and marea td100

greetings all. driving a marea elx td100. am considering biodiesel. has anyone any experience using biodiesel in a td100 any opinons on this one would be welcome as i dont have a clue and injector pumps are expensive mistakes to make -)

Be careful with bio diesel on the fiat TD engines . the TD100 uses a lucas injector pump which has rubber componentsseals that are not compatible with vegetable oil bio diesels. There are several websites which show compatability of engines fuel systems with different types of bio fuels diesels so it would be worth a look there first.. Owen.

FIAT MAREA 185 Over Heating Marea Weekend 1.8 16v

Hi All New to the forum but have been scanning the pages over the past few days for solutions to the problem below. I was driving on the motorway 4 days ago when the injector light came on at this point I noticed the temp gauge was all the way to the top. I slowed down and the light went out as the temp started to drop. Over the past few days the car has only been used for essential journeys until

FIAT MAREA 185 Injection sign started to come up

Hi The day before yesterday when I was on the way to fastfood restaurant I got a red injection sign on the dash board while I was driving. But yesterday the sign came up irregulary and today didnt come up but once very shortly right before I arrived home. So I checked whats wrong with it and there can be problems at both oxygen filter and oil filter so that they should be cleaned up. But I dont know

The injection system warning lamp isnt related to the oil filter. Its telling you that somewhere in the system there is an intermittent problem - if you have the car plugged in to a diagnostic testing machine it should be able to tell you the nature of the fault. My marea one comes on every now and then maybe once a month for half a minute or so then goes off. According to the manual this isnt something

FIAT MAREA 185 A few Marea questions from a Marea newbee

Hi there Im just about to stump up for a 2000 marea Weekend 2.0 20v and I was wondering if you guys could help me with a few questions I have. Firstly this timing belt thing. Whens the time to have it donw and can it be done without pulling the engine or is it always an engine-out thing. Next the clutch. Any comments on overall reliablility would be most welcome and perhaps someone know if its adjustable

Oh yeah miles sorry[o)] and also after about 5 years if low mileage. (Is there such a thing as kilometerage) Purge is a strong oil cleaner that you put in before an oil change to clean out the oil system. Do you get Wynns products over there I also put some valve train cleaner in the oil when my VVT was sticking and that appears to have cured the problem.

FIAT MAREA 185 2.4TD Overheating

Coming home on Thursday evening it was chucking down with rain. I went through some pretty big puddles. During my journey I noticed that the fuel injector warning light kept going on and off intermittantly. I decided that this might just be caused by water splashing the engine - it hasnt come on again since. When I got home I noticed a quiet whistling sound coming from the engine. I looked under the

to normal. I would recommend that you use the K-seal product and then do a complete mini service including oil and filter change. But this time add Ametech Engine restore oil. I will provide you with web info from where you can buy these. 1. 2. Hope this do good to your engine and it has work wonders in previous fiat

FIAT MAREA 185 Air Con Cut Off

Hi there My ride is a marea Weekend JTD105 year 2000. Recently d air compressor was faulty and found out to be the internal control valve was bad. After fixing it the air con system runs well. However there is a on and off problem. Sometimes when the weather is really hot and get jam up in traffic the ECU will cut off the air con compressor clutch. It will resume after about 15min. I sent back to the

FIAT MAREA 185 injector pump removalpossible overhaul

so i have a small fuel leak. enough to leave unsightly embarrassing rainbow puddles whenever i park anywhere. i think i have narrowed it down to somewhere underneath the injector pump either from the pump itself or from a delivery line somewhere i have felt around and cant feel any oily wetness from the high pressure lines so i assume they are alright. so next chance the weather gives me i shall be

nice and tidy in the bay i have vacum tubes undone loose oil rebreather and fuel filter unattached diesel everywhere so i shall have to take the wifes xsara picasso to work tomorrow horrible car. good job shes off work pregnant however dont fancy paying to hire a car for a week. when i get back from work i will have about an hour of good daylight to finish of the tidying up and refitting of the marea.

FIAT MAREA 185 Marea weekend r reg 1998AC

Hello im wondering what refridge gas is used in the system in my car-can anyone shed some light on this pls many thanks Joker

Hi Guys. These diy re-gas kits are they any good At the garage they apply vacum for 10 min before adding 600g of R134a and oil tracing color. Does this kit only contain R134A or oil as well Ive changed nearly the whole AC system compressor most of the tubes the receiver drier and the triple switch. But i need to re-gas nearly every year (2 years old original compressor leaking again). So i would like a cheap re-gas sollution. Cheers Michael

FIAT MAREA 185 Marea 1.9 TD 75 Coolant Hose

I need to drain the coolant from the engine but I cant work out which hose to remove. The one I thought it was on closer inspection appears to be attached to the oil fiter so Im reluctant to remove it. Ive ordered a workshop manual CD off ebay but I could do with doing this today so if anyone can tell me which one it is itd be much appreciated. Cheers

the bottom hose on the rad just look on the rad and remove the lower of the 2 hoses dont forget to bleed the system when you fill it up again if you remove the hose that goes to the oil filter you will lose alot of oil.

FIAT MAREA 185 How can I turn on the air conditioner

Ive bought a marea liberty 1.6 (2004) a week ago. I dont know how can i turn on it.Can you help me

Fridges are slightly different. The job of the receiverdrier is to filter and trap any debris that could have got into the system during manufacture or service. You could also say it acts as a circuit protector in case a component like the pump stuffs itself and sends metal filings and debris through the circuit. The receiver drier also acts as a storage source for oil and refrigerant when neither

FIAT MAREA 185 100sx cutting out.

Hi newbie here Bought a W2000 100sx today for my mother. Have a slight problem. Car starts fine from cold. Once warmed (so expect auto choke is no longer working) the idle sits fine - but when I go to give it a little gas it cuts out unless I give it more gas than it needs over revving- this happens when sitting from idle in neutral - its like its hesitating - this also happens at junctions or indeed

Sebastian Yeah thats the one. Same as mine. It can take time for the oil to get through the system into the sump . If you measure it again on level ground after running the engine it should be ok with 6l of oil. The factory fill is 5.5l and a normal fill after an oil change is 5l. If the oil is over the max when you check then you should drain some out as too much oil can damage the engine. Good luck

FIAT MAREA 185 Sounds like a diesel

My car sounds mildly like a diesel on idle once warmed up (idling just below 1000rpm). I did an oil and filter change today with a carbon cleaner thing (Nitrox 0-60) in the cylinders through the spark plug holes. Car drives brilliant and much smoother as youd expect from a service. But the rough noise is still there. No problems with power or anything and its fine once even slightly reved. What could

Could be an airlock in the oil system cam spray or tappets perhaps. (Sometimes you have to re-oil tappets by hand ( unlikely following an oil change though). Check oil level regularly for a couple of days. If you have a new air filter it can change the tone of the engine on idle as the air flow is different. If your pots were really bad then doing the decoke could just have loosened things up a bit.

Hi billybug and welcome to our forum. Tappets will not be a cheap job you can get an oil additive that will quiet them down. Try a drive chain cleaner first then a tappet quietener if that doesnt work. You will need to replace your cam belt very quickly you are in the risky mileage band. Check that you do not have an airlock in your coolant system. Does the heater blow hot or cold Airbag light requires

Or use an independent wholl have everything he needs to test which coolant is in if there are any leaks dispose safely and legally of any old coolant etc etc for around &16340-50. Just remember you cant mix coolant types so be sure you have the exact one thats in your system already. Its worth shopping around and if you think the DIY kit suits you then thats fine. Keep us posted on how it goes etc.

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