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fiat marea oil filters 185
fiat marea oil filters 185

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FIAT MAREA 185 Oil Filters for 1.9JTD

hi guys i am getting a bit confuse on these 1.9JTD105 oil filter. seems like there are many version than can be used but my question is why there are many version as far as i know prior 2001 1.9JTD105 should use the filter with 90mm height. but most of the shops only either selling with either 100mm or 70mm height. what i can see is if the oil filter is too long like 100mm it is very close to the exhaust

Do you have a dealer nearby Ask them.

its ok to use a smaller filter (or a larger one if you have the space) the only difference is how much crap they can hold. obviously a smaller filter will need changing sooner because it will get full or crap sooner.

hi guys i found the tecnocar R126 filters. it is 90mm in height and it is the correct size recommended for 1.9 JTD105. when i look a the filter location using 100mm filter might have a potential of cooking engine oil bcos it is too close with the exhaust pipe. by having additional 10mm gap i think the oil temperature inside the filter will be cooler. that is the only rational i can think of.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Different oil filters..

For the JTD Bravoa there are 2 filters available. One weighs 285g the other 200g.. Whats the difference Same filter is quoted on Eper for Brava 105 Bravo 100 and marea 130. So basically I need 4 of whichever is best. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Drives Alfa 147 Lusso Volvo V40 . Owns Nothing Last edited by Hellcat 28-10-2006 at 1559 .   Quote   28-10-2006   2 JoskeJTD

FIAT MAREA 185 Marea 2.4jtd 130 Weekend Oil and tyres

Im in the process of recommissioning my marea. I havent used it for 6 years other than occasionally moving it up and down the drive. Im replacing all service parts (filters brake discs and pads oil tyres etc). The tyres currently on it are 19560 which Im sure were the correct ones when I bought them however if I put the reg number into a search on Kwikfit and National it comes up as 19055. Does anyone

FIAT MAREA 185 Marea 1.9td 100 engine oil drain plug

Can anyone tell me what size socket or tool i need to undo the engine oil drain plug on a 1998 marea weekend 1.9 TD The reason i ask is that the car is abroad and i am travelling back out next week to use the car and want to change the oil and filters when i get there and need to know what tools to take. Any help appreciated thanks.

FIAT MAREA 185 Air Flow Meters & Amarket Air Filters

Hi everyone I have been looking about for maf sensor and came across [url] and they reckon air filters which need oil are liable to do damage to the sensor just thought Id let you know what they think. Bill


Decided to do an oil change at the weekend on my 2.0 marea - all was going swimmingly (including getting the sump plug off which some monkey had wrecked - guess previous service people didnt have a torx set) until it came to finding the oil filter. Not a hope - not even the workshop cd was much help. So basically I put the fresh oil in before I thought I had spotted it up near the heatshield on the

Have you taken the undertray off The oil filters are not usually hidden

Originally Posted by Hellcat Have you taken the undertray off The oil filters are not usually hidden oh my hellcat you havent seen it on the 20v have you yes it is a real bugger to get to and to get off. looking from the front of the block its at the front on the left just above the alenator. good luck with that

FIAT MAREA 185 advice on veg oil

Can someone tell me have a marea 2.4td 125 hlx on a r plate so can i put veg oil in the tank 50 50 mix is there anything else i need to know before i try this thanks

5050 Mix should be fine just make sure you change your fuel filters more often (Clogs them up faster apartently). And in the middle of winter you may need to add a little more regular DERV to get it going in the mornings.

FIAT MAREA 185 Oilfilter Housing


Hi Is the leak from the filter end or the feed end Most filter leaks are badly fitted or distorted filters. Cant help with the garage.

FIAT MAREA 185 Just thought Id pop in and say hi...

I bought a fiat about three weeks ago... Late 1999 marea Weekend 2 litre 20v (vis) HLX in white. One previous owner full service history (and reciepts for anything and I mean anything its ever needed). Theres not a mark on it anywhere immaculate inside and out and underneath too Its like driving a new car to be honest. So far its still completely standard aside from my Pheonix Gold component speakers

De-badged this evening... Now a quick question. Do all fiat marea (or all fiat ) air filters have the thin grey foam glued onto the standard filter element All flow tests Ive done in the past show a brand new paper filter to flow almost identical to the so called hi-flow filters from the big name brands. They block up and flow reduces quite quickly though but for now Im planning on running new and

FIAT MAREA 185 Marea off to new home

After 3.5 years of owning my marea 1.6 Weekend SX I have decided its time for it to go to a new home Hardly used the car at all covering approx. 8000miles its been cheap to run requiring a clutch and back box other than oilfilters and sparks plugs its not required anything else Anyway I am staying with fiat and now that we have two cars and the kids never go out with us anymore I decided to get another

FIAT MAREA 185 2.4JTD no pull at low revs

Hoping someone may have an idea what is ailing my 2.4jtd marea weekend. It has no grunt at all until about 2000 revs when the turbo kicks in and its off like a rocket until flattening out at about 3500revs. I have replaced the MAF I have cleaned the EGR (which wasnt particularly sooty) cleaned the MAP sensor I have given the car a regular service and replaced all filters but it still wont pull the

FIAT MAREA 185 MrMigs Marea Help me fix this beast.

Finally got the lovely 100 sx 1.6 today and can i just say what a lovely car it is hasnt been used properly since 2008 timing belt changed 5k miles ago at 66k miles and been sat on my nans drive way ever since. Well yesterday i charged the battery refitted it then my nan got inside. At the turn of a key the engine sprung to life like it had really disliked being sat there and not used for so long P

FIAT MAREA 185 Sluggish Marea 100sx

Can someone please help. I recently purchased an X reg marea 100 sx 1.6 and on the day it seemed fine so I took it. Now 4 days later it is very sluggish and sounds like it is backfiring sometimes. I have not used the car since I got it. I have also noticed that the exhaust sounds very loud but not a roar more like a metalic sound. This is concerning me alot as I got it from a private seller. Would it be worth getting a service (plugs filters and oil). please help. June.

FIAT MAREA 185 Diesel Starting

Hi Ive noticed that mt marea 100 TD has become rough smoking a lot on start up. This has only just started in the last couple of days or so. Basically its pretty much starts first turn but then sort of ticks over very lumpy. If you attempt to press the accelerator peddle the engine just dies. You have to let it idle roughly for about 20 seconds. In this time there is a lot of smoke accompanied by

Youre right in your assumption - it was an incorrect filter that was fitted. Also caused some rough running. It went in to have the filter changed as I have just bought the car and I always do all the filters (air oil & fuel) & change the oil as a minimum service. In this case I got fiat to change the filter as its in a strange place behind the engine and looks fiddly. Slucky I did as the filter was replaced by the dealer Free Of Charge (which was nice ) ) Mark

FIAT MAREA 185 K&N and ECU Rset

Hi folks Im just about to fit a K&N panel filter to my 2.4JTD The question is wether I should reset the ECU at the same time to get the most benifit. Whats your thoughts. Thanks in advance DAlex

Originally Posted by Hellcat Be interesting to see the effect of the oil filter on the MAF sensor. Bit worried that oily air from the filer could damage the MAF . A correctly oiled filter will not do any harm as it wouldnt loose any oil. I have fitted the twin cone filters I use on many engines that have MAFs with the different induction kits including one off induction setups. We never had a problem due to the filters loosing oil.

Just been away to highlands for the weekend 800miles hard driving with the caravan on the back. First impressions are that the turbo spins up a little earlier (or maybe its just easier to hear with the new filter) I checked with Revolution when I picked it up and they confirm oldschools thoughts (No oil loss). One question the filter is a good fit in either the filter box lid or the other way round

FIAT MAREA 185 Speedometer not working

Hi all I just bought a 97 marea weekend 1.6 16v Amoung other things (like a blown head gasket) the speedometer is not working is it a cable or electronic sensor in these cars When replacing the head gasket what else would I need to do Im getting the head skimmed and replacing the timing belt and thermostat plus a normal servce (oil filters and plugs).

Glad you stuck with it m8i bought my Weekend 100sx 4 weeks ago as a potential holiday car(using it for a Peak District trip of 5-600 round miles)next weekgot it for 150 quid and didnt expect much from it but had 4 wks mot and taxed til Septlast Friday decided to bite the bullet and put it thru a testtotally gobsmacked as it passed first timenoticed earlier ive done over 500 miles in the four weeksbuying

FIAT MAREA 185 2001 Weekend 1.6 Auto - Power Loss When Hot

All I have a Weekend 1.6 Auto and over the last few months I have noticed intermittent power loss after about 45 minutes of driving It feels as though its holding back on acceleration then suddenly it will surge back to full power. As I only travel these distances maybe once a month I havent bothered too much but Im going to be doing 300 miles in a weekend soon and Im worried that it will play up.

FIAT MAREA 185 100sx cutting out.

Hi newbie here Bought a W2000 100sx today for my mother. Have a slight problem. Car starts fine from cold. Once warmed (so expect auto choke is no longer working) the idle sits fine - but when I go to give it a little gas it cuts out unless I give it more gas than it needs over revving- this happens when sitting from idle in neutral - its like its hesitating - this also happens at junctions or indeed

My 1.6 Weekend 2000 (W) has got 90k on the clock..............has cost me very little since I bought it in 2003. Plugs oil and oil filters a cam belt change tyres and one exhaust......the odd wiper very cheap The battery expired during that very cold spell in january not bad since it was the original as fitted when the car was bolted together. Ian

FIAT MAREA 185 How does a 130JTD work

having never touched a diesel before looking under the bonnet im simply lost the 130JTD ive purchased seems a little sluggish its had the MAF replaced and EGR cleaned of gunk. the turbo wasnt kicking in until 2500rpm which for a diesel seemed mad to me the 20vT kicks in by then i noticed the accelerator pedal adjuster was a long wat out so have wound it right back in and its better but still not boosting

Just thought - what about the filters Air oil fuel Dose of red-ex can help... perhaps dirty injectors

FIAT MAREA 185 problem with engine when in idle.

I have an Weekend 1.8 ELX 99 and I have a problem when the car is on IDLE. Even that now is cold the car starts very good in the morning and works properly but as soon as the engine gets worm when you leave the car on IDLE (e.g. stop at the traffic light) the engine doesnt keep it 1000rpm at constant. It looks like the engine wants to turn off and than it get more power again. I am trying to find the

Hi Dave and thank you for the reply. This weekend was bad wether here in Sweden so that I couldnt change the sparks but I put some injector cleaners on the fuel instead. The car seems to work better even thought I have just driven 40-50 km with the cleaner. The car was last serviced 8.000 km before (oil and filters) while the sparks have been working for about 30.000 km. After the service book they

FIAT MAREA 185 Smokin

Hi all My marea 1.9 JTD Weekend (41000) has developed a smoking habit only seems to happen if I accellerate hard in 2nd a huge amount of black smoke obliterates anything behind me Is this a habit I should worry about Mot comming up soon regards Tom

Run it until the fuel light is on drop in a bottle of injector cleaner give it a hard thrash up and down the dual carriageways. See if that improves things. Worth replacing the airoilfuel filters too.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Id love to say Im back..

..but Ive never really left Picked up my third Italian motor earlier on today S plate Bravo HGT 96k on the clock and just had the timing belt & water pump done so hopefully thats that for a good long while Seems in fair nick for her age just a few blemeshis on the bodywork that I may or may not get round to sorting Hopefully getting some proper pics later on so apologies for the Nokia-shot Attached

FIAT MULTIPLA be brutally honest should i....

hi all Right we have 3 children under 5 and currently run a rover 75 doesle(bmw engine) this car is reliable but putting 3 car seats in the back is a squeeze. I ahve looked at a 2002 multipla diesel. 120000 miles with new alternator and cam belt done 2 years ago rear sunroof not working. I am anxious about fiats reputation for reliablilty as this will be our main car and used for holidays etc. so 1.

I bought a multipla 110 jtd in may Is a 2001 model elx so is a good spec first diesel fiat engines are really good and troublefree if well looked after but multipla have problems like every other car... I had to replace many parts like brakes cambelt water pump filters and even fuel pumps...i have covered 6000 miles in it since may and car has never broke down on me and is a really confy car and the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 What would you do....

Basically i have about 1000 to spend on my cinq and ideally want a bit quicker. I dont need the car for a year until i buy a house so will need it reliable by then. I think turbo is going to be out of the question really. I already have 1242 spi 4-2-1 manifold powerflow exhaust with cat 40mm TB GSR induction MkCrich chip 75 cam with vernier pulley upper strutbrace Fueling increased slightly Gt Brakes

FIAT DUCATO ducato fuel starting problems

Help changed fuel filter & now cant get rid of air in the fuel. It is a 1999 ducato. Also the cold start light doesnt appear on the dash. is there an electric fuel pump connected to cold start lelay. Any help would be great. Jwa

hi im am not new to deiselsi am a H.G.V. teck but i reciently got stuffed in a deal with a marea td100i intend to keep this as it is ideal to use for sea fishingi have changed the cam -beltoilfuelair filters. to get the motor running i put the fuel system on a 1 gallon can it ran with only the smallest derv knok i then changed the fuel filter (what a mess)full of red and slurrynext came the AIR filter

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