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fiat marea indicator 185
fiat marea indicator 185

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FIAT MAREA 185 Fiat Marea 1.6 16V - Indicator problems

fiat marea 1.6 16V - R Reg I have an intermittent problem with my indicators. When I indicate sometimes the indicators work - other times they dont or they may flash to indicate only once. I have checked the fuses which are all ok. The bulbs seem fine too. Is there such a thing as a wiring diagram since I dont know where to start looking for loose connections And does anyone know where the Relay may be Any ideas please Help

The fault is in the breaker. Take off the steering columns lower cover and look for a blue cube. Take it out and prise its cover open. Now touch up all solder points with a soldergun. Should do the work. Otherwise (if you dont feel like soldering) just replace the breaker.

FIAT MAREA 185 Marea Weekend Dash Indicator Brake Light Faults

Hello guys Please can someone help before i go nuts fiat marea Weekend 1800 ELX. 1999 registered on w- plate.Electrical fault that suddenly appeared without warning or symptoms while the car was being driven. All the dashclocks are dead no display and no dials work. Also the indicators dont work however the hazards are still working. On top of that the brake lights have stopped working as well. Have

The junction box is part of the fuse panel. It sounds like you may have lost an earth somewhere. Otherwise check for a loose connection on the fuse box or damage to the loom. If you are not an expert it may be worth asking around for an auto electrician as wiring faults can be a pain.

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FIAT MAREA 185 Car dashboard has died (and no indicators brake lights)

Hello all Not sure if this is really the place on this site to post this plea for help so if not - sorry about that (I do have the car booked into the garage for Thursday) but it would be nice to get some feedback if anyone is qualified to advise me. My fiat marea has lost power to the dashboard (the speedo petrol gauge etc stuck on zero as if the engine is turned off). There is also no power to the

FIAT MAREA 185 Marea No instruments work no indicators no brake lights

Forgive me Guys if this is an old chestnut......................I have searched Engine fires car runs fine..................NO instruments milos or odos no fuel etc Also no indicators and no brake lights. Checked the fuses and checked voltage at panel............fuses good but voltage there a master fuse or breaker for these circuits Car is W 1600 Weekend ie....................80k

Hi My sister had the same problem with her marea. It was a fuse gone in the panel below the steering wheel. Even if it looks ok check it with a multimeter or replace it with a known good one of the same amp rating.

Hi again If you have a multimeter then remove the relevant fuse and with the ignition switched on check you have a 12 volt supply from one fuse contact to a good earth point. If not then it will mean tracing back to where the 12V supply is going missing. I dont have a manual for my sisters marea so I cant tell you where to look unfortunately. If you have a 12V supply at one end of the fuse contact

instrument panel faults are common on the marea but ive never once heard of them causing any problems with the indicators or brake lights. if the panel is faulty you should still get the expected signals on the 2 wiring connectors behind the panel. at least do some tests before you assume the instrument panel is to blame. for example with both connectors disconnected the indicators and brake lights would work if the fault was the insturment panel.

Jug Now you have me I have a new well from an E bay breaker instrument panel coming in the morning post Reading thru some the helpful threads on the BRAVOBRAVA forums Im sure I found one that said indicators and brake lights also failed with the instruments. On looking at the back of the IP it has at least 4 chips and my man tells me that one of these has failed I will post up the results of the new IP on Sunday after Iv fitted it. Fingers crossed. Ian

FIAT MAREA 185 intermittent indicator problem

My marea is suffering from an intermittent problem whereby the indicator lights fail to operate. This usually occurs first thing in the morning generally in frosty andor damp weather conditions. When attempting to operate the indicators using the stalk neither the lights on the dashboard flash nor the actual indicator lights themselves. I dont think this is a problem with the stalk because the stalk

Hi Andrew and welcome to the forumD This is the first time I have heard of indicators that dont like the cold. ) If it is both sides and the hazards then I would check the flasher relay. This is attached to the stalk bracket. Should be 3 screws holding the trim under the steering wheel. Drop this off and check the relay. Let us know how you get on. h5font colorblack Dave. ) marea HLX 2.0 20v h5h6Airbox

Hi Leighto Nice to see you on the forumD Let us know how you get on with the relay. Oh and please dont SHOUTD h5font colorblack Dave. ) marea HLX 2.0 20v h5h6Airbox with attitude[8D] Now only getting 21.4mpg Blue Momo Tomahawk Gear Knob Momo Alu Hbrake Blue stuff ) Ecotek fitted removed and waiting for warm weather. So much to do so little time.... and Totally Skint (h6font idblack

Hi Im glad I found this thread I just nipped out to the shops and half way there I was turning left off a roundabout and my indicators stopped flashing - well the green arrow on the dash stayed on and the click noise stopped.... when I got home I checked and for both left and right turns the indicators come on but do not flash. All on so not a bulb problem. From this thread it sounds like it may be

Hi Thanks polecat - in fact I had a look under the steering column unscrewed the cover.... then decided I hadnt got time to look properly right then and needed a torch so screwed it back on... and the indicators work Ho hum... well if it does it again Ill know what the problem is -) dcmo

FIAT MAREA 185 Intermittant Indicators

This problem is really pissing me off..... My indicators on my marea Weekend Estate refuse to work in the mornings... However after driving for about 30 minutes they start to work. It is like this every day. The same driving home from work - no joy for 30 mins then they start to come back on. Im thinking this is something to do with the cold weather were having lately and when the connections warm

If i remember correctly the indicator relay is under the steering column lower cover.

The indicators on our car started to get a bit intermittent it was both from the stalk and the hazard switch so I guessed the relay. This thread in the archives confirmed it was in the column shroud (it sounded like it was there ) and after reading that looking at the relay cured it I unplugged it squirted some WD40 on the blades and shoved it back in. Problem solved so it looks like the relaysocket

I had the same problem but not for such a length of time i pulled the indicator relay under the steering wheel and tapped it on a hard surface a few times also i very slightly bent the connections in a fagg paper and it seems to have cured it - hope this helps. Joker

FIAT MAREA 185 indicators

Hi All driving along then no indicators or hazzards checked fuses and they seem ok everything else seems to work ok could it be a relay or something if it is where abouts is it located the car is a 2.0 20 valve marea cant think of anything else it could be or are the indicators and hazzards on the same wiring line as i dont know if they are or what

Sounds like the relay. It is on the same board as the indicator stalks. If you take the three screws out of the steering column cowling and drop it you may be able to see it. Not a lot of room though.

FIAT MAREA 185 Fiat Marea - indicator problems

Today my indicators and hazard warning lights stopped flashing although they operate a steady light. Is this a fuse problem or has the indicator unit itself failed. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Sounds like a problem with the indicator relay (flasher unit) to me. Certainly isnt a fuse or the switch as power is still getting to the lights.

Many thanks for your advice

FIAT MAREA 185 indicator problems

Hi all I have just joined and i need some advice I recently brought a marea 2L HLX but the indicators only work after about half hour to 45 mins of drivingany suggestions i would appreciate some help rigards rick

Very strange What happens if you turn the car off for a minute or so after the indicators have started to work do they then take another 30-45 minutes to come on or do they work immediately After they have started to work do they then work normally until you turn the car off

FIAT MAREA 185 Indicator Help


FIAT MAREA 185 indicators not working

my weekender has recently been causing me problems firstly the lh indicator stuck on ( not blinking but on constantly) even when the engine was swithed off and key removed i had to take out the 3 bulbs and still it was showing as an indicator on on the dash . a few days later my alternator has now gone faulty . any help greatfully appreciated . ps. i have replaced the full switch stock round

Do you have an aftermarket alarm andor immobiliser fitted The indicators staying on permanently on one side of the car is often caused by a sicking relay in these aftermarket units Dave.

The alternator may have got soaked in the flood but I dont see how you could get the indicator fault that way. Taking the bulbs out and drying the holders wouldnt hurt though. You could also try removing the flasher relay(underneath the column remove the bottom cover and its there. Clean the 3 mounting contacts and refit. It could also be a fault in the hazard warning switch. You could try operating

FIAT MAREA 185 Indicators Hazards and Lights out.....

Hello there I was out driving this morning when I had a worrying incident. I came to turn left at a junction and my indicators didnt work. Luckily there was no other traffic so I pulled over and tried the indicators lights and hazards but nothing appeared on the instrument panel to show they were working. I turned off the engine and restarted the car but still no joy. I left the engine running then

Hi I have same problem on my marea the flasher is in the steering columun three screws on bottom remove bottom cover it is there mine is blue but you will see it. I have to replace mine tomorrow so will let you know how much it is. Mine broke six months ago and I cleaned it with contact cleaner and it was good until today. Regards Carl

FIAT MAREA 185 Indicators not working

Hi I have just got a s reg td100 and the indicators do not work unless I put the headlights on any one got any ideas. Also when I turn the car on there is a red light that looks like a spray thing on dash what is that Regards Carl

sorry cant help with indicators but the red light that looks like a spray could be the injector light

Originally Posted by carlday Hi the indicators do not work Regards Carl I dont suppose it belonged to a taxi driver before you by any chance

that light is the fuel injection system fault light called the engine management light on most other cars it means the ecu has identifed a fault and stored fault code(s). that could be very bad expensive news or it oculd be something very minor and easily fixed by yourself youll need to read the fault codes to determine that. buying a car that displays the fault light is always a risk fingers crossed

FIAT MAREA 185 Changing the IndicatorLights Unit

My indicators are intermittant and I can only get full beam headlights Do I have to remove the steering wheel to replace these items Any help gratefully received Cheers Mike.

FIAT MAREA 185 indicators intermittent

hi can anyone help with regarding my indicators. every few days they start going off sometimes come back on again and sometimes dont. anyone any ideas many thanks in advance to those who reply.

FIAT MAREA 185 indicator probs

just wondered if anyone has a problem with the indicator lights stuck on or if anyone knows what the problem could be.they stay on even when the ignition key is out and alarm switched off cheers

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