fiat marea camshaft system

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fiat marea camshaft system 185
fiat marea camshaft system 185

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FIAT MAREA 185 RPM gauge gone mad...

Hi there Im new member here bought 1.6 marea -98 in April this year. Mainly everythings fine but I have few small-ish issues just one in this thread. When I start up RPM gauge stays at 0rpm. After 3-5 minutes it suddenly jumps to correct rpms but acts like maniac jumping from 0rpm to actual rpm or it just stays at 0rpm. In Very rare cases it shows correctly. It has been like this since April... Any hint -marsu

Hi and nice to be here. Thanks for this forum I searched a lot and already found some tips. But back to my rpm... My Golf-90 didnt have basically any electronics...... so I didnt find either the sensor or wiring. Pls check the photo and mark the place where to look for. Does anyone have mareas service manual in web would like to download Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful

FIAT MAREA 185 im lost

could anyone advise me on were i can locate the iat (intake air temp sensor)or engine temperature sensor and does anyone have any idea were i could locate a workshop manual for the 1.6 sx as haynes could never be bothered to print one well thats what their website claims anyway...thanks in advance

visit this link below if your marea is 1.6 auto httpwww.italiaauto.comforumviewtopic.phpt1183 or see photo attached 1. Fuel cut off solenoid valve (underneath) 2. Carbon Filter (underneath) 3. Lambda sensor harness (in the black plastic cover) 4. Manifold Absolute pressure sensor (MAP) (in the black plastic cover) 5. 5A fuse for injection-ignition system (in the black plastic cover) 6. 20A fuse protecting

FIAT MAREA 185 Fiat Marea 2.0 HLX 20V

Heres a few pictures of my marea. What do you think of it

I have an open airfilter system combined with a 2&189 echaust system - it sounds very very evil. I have even got questions about if its a V8 or something -) I believe it has between 150 - 155 HP now. I will have the ECU remapped og changed this fall and then it should have between 160 and 170 HP and maybe 10-15 NM more. Maybe i will throw in some performance camshafts as well - but theyre expensive.

FIAT MAREA 185 fait marea 1.8 16v not start 99 year

I cant start engine on this car.A lamp on instrument board iluminates(lamp like injector) and sometimes when I stop to cranking engine start or try to start.One time engine is started but lamp is blinking when engine running and when lamp iluminate longer then 2-3 s engine stoped.Sometimes when cranking I hear explosion in exchaust system.Dijagnostic tool Visa found error camshaft position sensor.Is that possibleI need a help.Excuse meI learn English.Thanks

FIAT BRAVA 182 1996 Fiat Bravo 1.8 HLX - Ink Black

Thought I should finally post a few pictures of my new car. My goal is to keep it very tidy and well maintained. Keep the looks standard while improving the small details. And uprate m echanical parts as I go. Specification -1.8 16v 113BHP Mk1 -Metalic Ink Black 820 -HLX. Fog Lights Heated Seats Heated Mirrors Electric Sunroof Electric Windows Electric Mirrors Remote Central Locking Alloy Wheels Immobiliser


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FIAT BRAVA 182 Stickies

It has been commented on a few times that we have no useful stickies in the Bravoa section. Now with most of us being loyal BOO members who use that website and how-tos for such things you might think we dont need any. But a few FAQs here might be useful. So are there any useful threads that you think should be made sticky or a new thread started oon a particular topic I would be interested to see

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FIAT BRAVO AMS and the Fiat Bravo Brake Scandal the REAL lowdown

OK everyone this is my first post here and I honestly wish it was far simpler and more pleasant than having to comment on a review filled with ludicrous claims. Yes its about the claim made by the Greek branch of Auto Motor und Sport magazine that the fiat Bravo 1.4 90bhp doesnt have brakes big enough for the job. I understand it has been mentioned in another post in these forums but I was one of the

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L Punto Mk1 1368 Fire Rotrex Supercharged

So here I am Was about 3 years ago when I known fiatForum for the first time posting international invite to a meeting in Italy. Now I get back here just looking for new details and time has come to present my car As it is written my car was a prototype for the Rotrex italian installer the first street release for the 1368 16v supercharging kit. While many people around in Italy refers to my car as

FIAT DOBLO DOBLO 1.9jtd poor accelaration & tapping sound

First time I had any mechanical problems with the engine (1.9jtd cargo). Basically noticed the acceleration had gone but the top speed is the still there and a top end tapping sound after about 1500-2000rpm. Id guess the turbo has failed but not sure about the tapping sound which is more like valve or cam type noises. There is no smoke or oil problems from the exhaust. Anybody out there can confirm the sound of a failed turbo or had a similiar problem who can shed any light Cheers Franc

donor head. Incredibly the numbers on the head (3 of them) mean nothing None are part numbers The only way it seems that you can tell if 2 engines share the same head is to look up on the dealers computer enter the chasis or reg. no. of both vehicles and see if they both share the same new replacement part number on their system How mad is that Can anyone tell me if they know for sure what fiats

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