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FIAT IDEA I service life of rad matrix any idea

Hi experiencing vague coolant loss ( over weeks) 1.1 Active 2004 wondering how the long term service life of the Radiator and heater matrix is in people experience Ive NEVER had a fiat matrix go and I find only disturbed radiators leak.. My instinct is with Head Gasket but no real signs of it yet. any experiences with the modern panda would be most welcome T I A Charlie

Originally Posted by trackdayqueen Is it just me that thinks a radiator lasting seven years is anything but impressive when cars (even really cheap ones) normally have a 10 year design life I know in this case the rad was damaged rather than failing but I would expect a rad and heater matrix to last 15-20 years in all honesty At least thats my experience with older cars. As an example my current car

FIAT IDEA I Is it a good idea to mod the transmission cooler

Were getting into camping season and Ive been trying to upgrade my 2006 CC 4x4 to tow our camper. Heres the situation We have a 19 travel trailer that would more than likely never weigh more than 5100lbs loaded. Were not planning any cross-country trips mainly just heading to various camping spots within a 150-200 mile radius. We live in an area thats not mountainous and Im not really planning to go

Quote Originally Posted by milothefierce What do you think Is the extra cooler with the bypass a good idea Why not just purchase a good quality after market radiator Leave the cooling setup as was intended by Nissan. Koyo makes good radiators. There are a handful of others. Stay away from Calsonic since that is the brand currently in your truck that has a high failure rate. Craig C.

Hmm never thought about just replacing the entire radiator to prevent the problem (Im running a little slow this week). After pricing the koyo radiators it seems like thats a good option for preventive maintenance. Thinking I may return the transmission cooler and go for the radiator. After all my truck has a lot of miles on it so Id better not tempt fate... Thanks yall

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FIAT IDEA I Truck is pulling no idea why

Hey guys Sorry for all the questions but Ive got so many different things going on. When I purchased my truck in June it had a right hand pull. So I had it aligned and also had the tires rotated and balanced. The right hand pull is still there. My steering wheel also shakes at 60 mphThe tires are some cheap brand I have never heard of so I will replace them when the funds are available. Do you guys think it is a tire issue. I have searched the forum but found a bunch of different answers.

Jack the wheels. If it turns hardbad brake. Use temp gun it will show the differance better. 30 from sears . You can also find cold spots in radiators ac temps etc. If tires wear from a bad alignment they will not run true anymore. Same can be said for out of balance for too long.

FIAT BARCHETTA Update hub nut question

Shocking to find out that I havent posted for over 2 months. Youll be pleased to hear that in that time Ive moved forward VERY slowly on my B. 1st Ive fitted the new clutch cable which seems to have sorted the poor pedal feel. Good. 2nd - new Rad is going in. See if you can spot the difference between old and new.... Excellent next day service from Northern radiators ( .

FIAT PUNTO Punto Repairs

i managed to put my 1.1 punto up a mud bank and push the front bumper up under the car. luckly i wasnt going fast so not much damage was done. bought a new bumper and cross beam and fitted it. lovely however i think in the bump i damaged the radiator. after topping up the radiator with water and a bit of anti freeze every now and again it one day in the cold took out my water pump gasket got a new

FIAT PUNTO Cross rail under radiator

This lump of metal form a mk 1 Punto (part 7735817 I believe) now lives on my garage floor having collapsed in a heap of rust. Anybody replaced one of these Are they expensive from fiat Does the radiator have to be removed

Cross member very prone to rust. Radiator can come off without draining it. Just lift it up and support it although if yours has already fell off I dont know what the radiators sat against as they sit onto the cross member on a mk2 (presuming mk1 is the same) No idea how much theyd cost new and any youll find in a scrap yard will be rusted to hell aswell fiat_freak thanked for this post

FIAT UNO II Uno Turbo fresh engine setup.

Helooo As most of you wont know I am fitting Leweys Uno Turbo Guy Croft spec engine into my Panda to make it somewhat faster. Anyway I have a few questions you Uno guys may be able to help with. I am building the engine from parts in boxes and so far just need a full gasket set and a set of standard pistons. What is a good baseline boost setup Should I run with a stock boost figure untill I can get

the hood will be Samco hosing with the best routing possible. My intention is to get maximum cooling into the bay so Ill be having a no grill a giant FMIC in the bumper and various radiators for water and oil mounted in the bumper. Yeah I have similar worries about brakes too. I will have to sort these things out as I encounter them though hopefully Ill discover a full disk upgrade from another fiat

FIAT PUNTO newbie in need of advice

Hi first post so please go easy... I have a punto jtd 2000 (x reg) was hoping if someone could point me in the right direction for radiators or even the part number. Also my wife has a 1.2 and it seams to have a flat spot if you tap the accelator i does rev past it but seams to hesitate this has effected pulling off.. any ideas thanks

reg) was hoping if someone could point me in the right direction for radiators or even the part number. Also my wife has a 1.2 and it seams to have a flat spot if you tap the accelator i does rev past it but seams to hesitate this has effected pulling off.. any ideas thanks Regarding the parts Id say check scrap yards or cars that are breaking on ebay like this one.

FIAT PUNTO Punto mudflaps

can you still buy the line accersory rear mud flaps (well front too) for the mk1 punto just fed up with all this mud everywhere AND I am actually toying with the idea of getting a suzuki sj or lada niva to replace the punto

Originally Posted by faster4_tec can you still buy the line accersory rear mud flaps (well front too) for the mk1 punto just fed up with all this mud everywhere AND I am actually toying with the idea of getting a suzuki sj or lada niva to replace the punto Ive had an SJ410 413 and an toying with the idea of putting the vitara 1600 engine in one as both the 1ltr and 1.3 are erm... useless whereas the

Im thinking of doing this (in fact I should have copyrighted the idea) but to my mind the stock V6 doesnt have anything like enough power. Youd need a 16v 3.2 or --- to match the Cossie one --- some serious turbocharging. It has the huge merit of being a set up used in countless Stratos replicas the spring rates etc. are known (or knowable). Originally Posted by CentoEvo theres lots of little things

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 82 degree thermostat keeps the car cooler

As all you Cinq owners know our little cars are prone to running a bit on the hot side and theres not really a lot to be done for this except keep the system clean and maybe an aluminium radiator but if the water gets there hot already its got its work cut out. As I ran Renault 5 GT Turbo s for many years which can also suffer from having a hot engine bay I thought I would apply some knowledge gained

FIAT PANDA Doh - Need a new front bumper

Well what can I say got distracted by my hands free and bumped into the back of some chap in a VW. Only very slowly bout a 10mph impact or so at a junction my fault. Ah well nobody hurt just a broken bumper for me. Sooooo... need a new front bumper for a 100hp in black. Wheres the best place to go the dealer Cheers Andy Attached Thumbnails   __________________   Quote   05-01-2009  

Just had another quick nosey under the bonnet this time. And your right about the left headlight got an issue there See the attachment some cracked plastics. Think its gonna need the bodyshop afterall. Not as simple as just swapping the bumper... Attached Thumbnails   __________________   Quote   07-01-2009   8 BenP Get Your Own Title Join Date Jun 2008 Location Surrey Posts 175 Thanks 14 Trader Rating 0   Re Doh - Need a new front bumper Ah... That plastic thats broken on the right hand side of the picture is your front panel which is essentially the carrier for everything at the front of the car - headlights bumper supports radiators bonnet catch etc so it is going to be a bit more expensive that you first thought. Cooling system will have to be drained down too at a guess as the front panel doesnt usually come off without taking the rad out. The OS headlamp has broken too and whilst those lugs can sometime be glued its so hard to get them back exactly where they came from that for headlamp accuracy youd really want to be replacing the unit. Ill have a look on the system at work when I get there to see how long is given for doing a front panel and will also get some prices for you so you at least have a ball park idea of what its going to cost. Ben

FIAT BRAVA 182 Radiator Size

Hi all recently found a split in the bottom of my rad (96 Brava). tried radweld and didnt work (think the holes too big) so i sealed it off with some epoxy putty for a quick fix. The problem is i know there is 2 different sized radiators 475mm and 480mm motorfactors have said it could be either. Any ideas or is it just best to take it off and measure the thing. Thanks

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 899 engine swap

The local salvage yard has a cinq sporting rear end write off. Would the engine and all necessary parts fit into and 899 SX. Wasnt really after a sporting but if the price is right certainly worth considering. The wheels are gone i think before they got it but everything else is there except driver side rear shock which is mangled. Havent had the cinq for long and with 100k on clock have been doing

Engine mounts Exhaust Manifold - Cinq Sporting Airbox - dont bother...get an induction system Loom - Theres an interesting the 899cc and Sporting ECUs are fundamentally identical from late 1995 onwards so they effectively use the same loom - some parts may need lengthening to reach certain components. As for the Mk1 loom that uses all the same sensors as the Mk2 (which adds fuel to my idea


Hi anyone know what the part number is for Cinquecento radiator for a 1.1 sport N reg please

No idea. AFAIK all Cinq radiators are the same. Parrt number will be in ePer but everyone gets them from eBay.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Replacement radiator for 2001 Sei Sporting

Following a crash last night my radiator has a nice hole in it making it leak everywhere. I cant find any radiators thatll fit the 2001 Sei Sporting all the ones on ebay seem to only go up to 2000.. Any ideas I think its an SPI model X reg. Thanks

FIAT PUNTO Alot of Pressure in the Header Tank

Hello everyone This is my first post and I really need your help with this one. Tomorrow morning I am hoping to bleed the coolant system and have found how to do it by using the search function on this great site. I have a 1998 fiat Punto and I have to keep topping up the expansion tank (Is this the right phrase - the water bottle that has the maxmin marks on it) to the maximum mark with watercoolant

Thanks again for your response and trying to help me out. Where is the heater matrix and how do I go about getting the air out of it It just says on the tin that it seals quickly and prevents leaks in radiators gaskets hair cracks in engine blocks and cooling coils. The head gasket has blown before but was fixed about year or so ago. My mechanic said the loss of water could simply be just down to the fact that its an old motor and he also said he couldnt find any leaks or holes or cracks etc The water pump was also replaced before as has many parts in the car cam belt being another. Does anybody else have any ideas The more input the better. Please help here as I am clueless to what the problem might be.

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L 1998 Punto S60 Overheat Light after Short trips (has had new HG)

Hi there have had a browse of old threads re overheating puntos but wondered if anyone had anything to add. My situ is this- 1998 punto reasonable mileage owned nearly 2 years. Had new head gasket in May 2010 as overheating constantly. Fine after this. Had new battery last week due to cold and while it was in the garage. Aldo putin a smallbottle ofcoolant into the tank. Prior to this the light on the

it is still coming on during short trips. Heater only blowing cold air. To be honest havent specifically checked for leaks but not noticed any puddles etc like before HG repaired. My question is this - do I add more coolant (as onlysmall bottle added) or is it something dreadful which is going to require more cash Ive also seen this K Seal Radweld stuff - is that worth a go This car is ideally

FIAT PUNTO Punto Sporting

Hi all. I purchased a 99 plate Punto sporting 3 weeks ago and its now started overheating when idle (stuck in traffic) as soon as you start moving the temperature goes to normal again. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be

out as soon as you get moving again (and noting that the fan is cutting in) suggests two possibilities - With engine speed up the pump works faster and is able to move the water around at an acceptable speed (I have a different car where the factory recommendation is to counter-intuitively rev the engine a bit to get the water moving. This doesnt work noticeably on the Punto but explains the idea).

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