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FIAT IDEA I Radiator replaced at dealership. Bad idea

I have a 98 sahara with about 110k. The other day I noticed my radiator was leaking. I have a great aftermarket warranty so I took it into a local Jeep dealership to have it replaced. It was only my second trip to this dealership. They replaced the radiator and cooler lines. They did a complete inspection of the jeep and found a couple things that needed to be replaced. They replaced the rear brake

What output shaft are you referring too

its possible when they pulled the radiator they hit the PS pump take it back if its on them

If its the power steering pump shaft definitely take it back.Surprised they didnt replace the pump all together

It was the transfer output seal. They also replaced the front crankshaft seal. They replaced them on my first visit to this dealership. I think they banged up my power steering pump when they replaced the radiator the other day. The pulley has some fresh scratch marks on it that I dont think were there before. I just hope theyre not doing it on purpose. Between my 2 visits my warranty company has paid

FIAT IDEA I Simple idea to protect Juke radiator (wine rack) - easy to do. )

httpupload.kapanlagi.comc.phpf...3dd54395cb.jpg Hi everyone im from Indonesia. So glad to find this forum i can learn so many things about Juke in here. Thanks. Heres a pic what i did last weekend to cover the wine rack. Hope its easily to understand. I use a 12inch plastic ram subwoofer cover. So cheap its only cost 8 USD for 3pcs here. I cut the left and right side a little and open the juke center

Car speaker grills. Not a bad idea.

Originally Posted by Macgyver Car speaker grills. Not a bad idea. thanks .

Clever idea might as well just buy some aluminium mesh though. Sent from Free App

Any need to be concerned about cooling airflow Didnt realize how vulnerable the radiator was.

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Hey Guys Been having some issues with my radiator fan it was broken basicly and my seicento kept over heating anyway my boyfriend and dad have changed it and put a new one on but cant find the switch to turn the radiator fan on.. Any ideas if there is one and if so where it is Thank you Love Saf x x x Attached Thumbnails       __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF   

FIAT PUNTO Car overheating radiator not getting warm

Hi i have a fiat punto elx 2000 1.2 v8 which is overheating the radiator isnt getting hot at all. I have flushed the water out of the system and refilled it and added antifreeze. When i took all the water out of the system i initially put hot water in the system this went round the radiator because i could feel it heating up slightly. i then filled the reservoir bottle but didnt put the cap on it then

FIAT PUNTO Lost radiator plug please help

Hi I need a bit of advice. I was changing the coolant on my Mk1 1.2 fiat Punto (1999) and whilst bleeding the system I removed the radiator plug located at the top left of the radiator. Whilst trying to put it back I dropped it and now cannot find it anywhere. I clearly need another one of these but I have no idea where I could get it from Anyone had a similar problem or have any idea where I could get a replacement Thanks Mark

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Radiator sensor in sei sporting MPI

Hello Can you help me locate the sensor in the radiator of a Sei Sporting MPI . I thought it was located as shown in the attached object (.jpg) but I am unable to find it. My reason to find it is as follows 1.radiator Cooling Fan fails to start and as a result the engine overheat warning light comes on. Even when the light is on the fan still fails to start. 2.Fan works (thank you FF for tips on how

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Sei MPI radiator bleed screw

The radiator bleed nozzle that the radiator bleed pipe attaches to on my MPI sei has snapped in half. On the MPI the nozzle is removable from the rad as its threaded whereas on the cinqs the nozzle is part of the rad (dunno about SPI seis). Does anybody have one of these unscrewable nozzles spare that they wouldnt mind selling me I couldnt find one in the scrappy today - they only had cinqs or one

FIAT PUNTO Cross rail under radiator

This lump of metal form a mk 1 Punto (part 7735817 I believe) now lives on my garage floor having collapsed in a heap of rust. Anybody replaced one of these Are they expensive from fiat Does the radiator have to be removed

Cross member very prone to rust. radiator can come off without draining it. Just lift it up and support it although if yours has already fell off I dont know what the radiators sat against as they sit onto the cross member on a mk2 (presuming mk1 is the same) No idea how much theyd cost new and any youll find in a scrap yard will be rusted to hell aswell fiat_freak thanked for this post

FIAT PUNTO punto 60 radiator

I have a 1994 Punto 60 petrol injection which has a knackered radiator. When I removed it and took it to the breakers yard every single example they had for basically the same car was different - i.e. not as wide by several centimeters. The hand book gives the car type as 176BB53F and there is an asterisk by the vehicle code S 60 () which says Version for Special Markets Would anybody have any ideas

FIAT STILO Radiator Bleeding for 1.9 JTD Diesel

Can anyone help with this. I am looking for the radiator bleed keys on the Stilo. Ive found a plastic one near the top on the passenger side but no others and from what Ive read there is normally 2. Ive found a bolt in one of the feeder pipes also but Im worried theres another one on the radiator somewhere. Thanks

from the front of the car they are Heater pipe at the back right of the engine Right hand top of the radiator. Steel pipe across the front of the engine. Aluminium pipe across the front of the engine. (This one may not be there). . Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) Croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

FIAT MAREA 185 Injector light and radiator fan on max

Hey chaps Already posted on fiatboo but thought I would ask here too. Yesterday my 2.4jtd started flashing the injector light at me intermittently. Today I realised that the light would come on and the radiator fan would kick in at 5000000 miles an hour Its going so fast that doing 70 on the motorway with the radio on I can still hear the fan whirring When the light is on I also seem to have some power

FIAT PUNTO Replacement Radiator Bleed Nipple

Basically Ive managed to lose the top radiator bleed screw thing. The white one at the front of the engine. W 00. Where can I get a replacement. I havent tried fiat yet but its looking like the only option. Any ideas of a price Thanks muchly

FIAT PANDA How much airflow does the radiator need

First off ive tagged this as technical because thats how this thread will start off... it may well end up as a styling one though. So as per the title really. I know when i have the grilles with spot lamps on the temp is usually a little higher than normal when on a motorway cruise but if i were to have a grille with two lamps fitted and then fibreglass a mould over the top would it block the airflow

Ive got an AC fan from a Y10 that is a perfect fit for a Panda. Has a bit of heat resistant board and reflective material in front of it in anticipation of it being near to the manifold . Ive been saving it for a potential use in my Panda but if you need it Craig I can sell it to you. labelled as 10 in the ePer image below. Attached Thumbnails   __________________   Quote   24-10-2009   19 CLXCraig Scarlet   Join Date Jun 2008 Location Hampshire Posts 2726 Thanks 93 Trader Rating 0   Re How much airflow does the radiator need Hi Lewey. Thanks for the pic and offer. Dont think ill be using one as im going to keep blocked of space to a minimum. I only really want to add a brow over the top of the lights.. but incorporate the lights in it aswell. Once i get some ideas donw ill draw them up to 11 and work out uncovered surface area and compare to a standard mk2 panda pre injection grille with lamps as i have one in the garage and one of the fiat accesorie versions with the lamps built in. Jon Ill be needing your help with that bit

Im going to proto type using cardboard first jon just to be sure i like the style. Its reminding me a an evo 10focus rs front with the angled outward edges a abit. Like its ready to eat up the road.... i wish EDIT quick mock up on paint of all things and it looks very flat lol. will have a go at a full size cardboard one tomorrow evening. Need to find some 4 inch spot lamps now... any ideas Pic below

FIAT IDEA I painting front bumper idea

talking to a mate and he hinted on an idea of painting the black bits of the center of my bumper silver... not sure how it would look so looking at thoughts..... maybe even a cheeky photoshop lol basically i mean the center of the bumper above and below the reg plate in the shape of a triangle to follow the shape of it including the grille in front of the radiator with the black bits of the side to

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seciento radiator problem

Is it normal for the radiator to cut out when you turn the engine off or should it continue also my seicento always seems to run hot dispite a new radiator just before I brought her I am considering putting a vent in the bonnet (to try and help the heat issue) but Im worried that It will change the appearance to much any thoughts Also Ive been thinking about putting a oil cooler in her and has anyone tried the watermeths charge cooling or injection

Your Sei sounds absolutely normal to me but flushing the rad and block (may as well change the antifreeze at the same time) isnt a bad idea. Dont forget to bleed it Two things to consider before you chop holes in your bonnet High pressure air will always try to find the lowest pressure area it can and go to it. In practice this means that if the sides of a radiator are not sealed to the bumper the

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX 02 plate Mk2 Punto Bonnet Cable Snapped - Ideas for getting the bonnet open

Hi all first time ive posted in here Anyway my friend has an 02 plate mk2 punto and the bonnet cable has snapped right at the end near the bonnet catch. Has anyone got any good tips for opening the bonnet Ive looked underneath and have come up with 2 ideas. 1) take the radiator out from the bottom (but i rather not as the car is needed and i only have tonight to get it done) 2) try getting the front

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L I think I have radiator problem. Please advise

Hello chaps Im back with another problem. Noticed a week ago that when I had the fan on the wondscreen it wasnt clearing the screen. Instead I was getting more mist Had to have windows open aswell to get rid of it. Then yesterday on a very short journey I had fan on again and noticed to my horror that there was liquid coming up through the vents for the windscreen air way. Spluttering up and again

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L mk1 fiat punto radiator fan will not work

hey guys. over the christmas holidays my girlfriends mk1 punto decided to start over heating. when i filled it with water it would leak out the radiator. i have put a new radiator and thermostat on and when i was bleeding the system the radiator fan would not kick in so it will keep over heating. i have checked the fuses and they seem ok and i have no idea what else it could be. much help would be appreciated. cheers jay

FIAT IDEA I service life of rad matrix any idea

Hi experiencing vague coolant loss ( over weeks) 1.1 Active 2004 wondering how the long term service life of the radiator and heater matrix is in people experience Ive NEVER had a fiat matrix go and I find only disturbed radiators leak.. My instinct is with Head Gasket but no real signs of it yet. any experiences with the modern panda would be most welcome T I A Charlie

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Radiator Fan Blowing Fuses

Wonder if anybody can point me in the right direction. The fuse for the radiator fan keeps blowing (started this moring) Car getting really hot no fan check fuse (blown) fit new fuse car ok for 12 hour (lots of traffic fan on all the time) then fan stops car gets hot fuse blow replace ok again just as I get to work (again fan on all the time due to traffic) fab stops fuse blown. Thanks Mr B

fan fuse is the same one for the heater motor as well. I have a similar problem and cant figure it out. Number 24 fuse keeps blowing as soon as i turn the ignition on if engine hot or coldremoved connector from radiator fan fuse doesnt blow and heater workstested radiator fan off vehicle all OKthen reversed out of drive with heater fan on and radiator disconnected and fuse blew. mmmmmmmmmmm. any ideas

FIAT UNO II UNO 1.0 i.e Radiator Fabricating Problem

Hi My Dear Friends Wishing you a very happy new year.(But it seems for my car not a happy new year ). My Uno 1.0 i.e radiator fan suddenly stopped while driving and radiator plastic parts got cracked . Needs to replace it. In Sri lanka its difficult to find out fiat spares . I am planning to fabriacte a radioator from local manufacture. He inspect the radiator and told me existing ones core (tubes)

Originally Posted by Chamitri Hi Friends It seems no is having idea to comment isnt it Better to proceed with the guarage men no thanks Yes I think it will be better to go with the local knowledge. The radiator of the 45 model is usually enough but if not you could fit the larger radiator of the Uno 70 or the full-width Uno Turbo radiator. If you do fit your own design of radiator you will probably need a pressurised tank (has spring-loaded cap) separately in the engine bay. -Alex

FIAT PUNTO Radiator top hose hot bottom hose cold

Punto Mk1. -- radiator top hose very hot bottom hose cold and the car keeps boiling its water This is the same even after a long run. I have bled the radiator but its still doing it. Any idea why the top hose would be very hot while the bottom one ( and also the bottom of the radiator is cold while the top of it is hot). Its a new radiator by the way.

FIAT IDEA I I need a creative idea

Just did a V8 conversion on my YJ but Ive ran into a small snag the radiator I got has the fill neck on the passenger side top and the hood won&8217t close . I don&8217t really won&8217t to lower the fill neck by putting it on the back of the radiator because I&8217ll need every drop of water I can get. Im thinking I could cut a hole in the hood for radiator cap clearance but with it being on the passenger

FIAT PUNTO Radiator fan problems

Any ideas radiator fan is not coming on when it should. I have narrowed it down a bit. The fan is working ok. tested off car. However there seems to be no electric coming into that three way loom from fanswitchloom. Fuse is OK and the main fuses to the right of the battery are all OK too. any ideas before I set light to the whole thing.

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L mk1 punto changing radiator

Ive got my new radiator ready to install but looking at the car I have no idea where the bolts are that release the current radiator. All the bolts I can see look like there holding the fan into place. Can anyone talk me through removing the radiator Id appreciate it

FIAT MAREA 185 Radiator bubbling

This story starts back about a month or so ago Got myself a nice 2001 Marea 1.6 Sx. At the start it drove nice with no problems. About a week after I got it I was driving home from work got stuck in traffic and so wasnt looking at the speedo or any of the guages. The first thing that made me aware of the overheating was the steam comming out from under the bonnet. Anyway that ended up being a head

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Testing Sei Radiator Fan..

Does anyone know where abouts the connection for the radiator fan is on a 99 Sei I can see 2 wires that go near to the fan one is possibly going into the engine near the oil filter but I cant be sure... The other one is on the drivers side coming down from above and underneath the arch liner... Basically the problem is that the fan is not cutting in when the engine gets hot... So its overheating...

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 No ideas left - engine runs hot after conversion

I have replaced the engine of my seic to and 1.2 MPI 8v. The ecu is the ECOL version without the keycode. I have used the Original seic engine loom with the 4 injector connectors solderd onto it. Today I finished the engine and started it. It sounds great nice and steady. The radiator get warm but the fan does not kick in. After a while the warning light at the bottom right of the panel turns on. Not

FIAT PUNTO Radiator Problems

Hi there Im having a few problems with my radiator. Ive got a 51 place Punto and when I move off I can hear water running somewhere. My radiator water levels go from just under MAX to just above MIN after a short journey (40 ish miles with a stop). When I do stop the fan makes a hell of a noise which can be quite embarrassing when in a queue for traffic lights Ive taken it to a garage but they cant

FIAT PUNTO Radiator Problems

Hi there Im having a few problems with my radiator. Ive got a 51 place Punto and when I move off I can hear water running somewhere. My radiator water levels go from just under MAX to just above MIN after a short journey (40 ish miles with a stop). When I do stop the fan makes a hell of a noise which can be quite embarrassing when in a queue for traffic lights Ive taken it to a garage but they cant

FIAT PUNTO Radiator Probelm

Hi there Im having a few problems with my radiator. Ive got a 51 place Punto and when I move off I can hear water running somewhere. My radiator water levels go from just under MAX to just above MIN after a short journey (40 ish miles with a stop). When I do stop the fan makes a hell of a noise which can be quite embarrassing when in a queue for traffic lights Ive taken it to a garage but they cant

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  • FIAT Idea Radiator 53249 1.9 ltr 10/2003-/onwards - United Kingdom (66.07 GBP)
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  • FIAT IDEA Radiator 61888 1.2 ltr 01/2004 - 00/0000 - United Kingdom (60.08 GBP)

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