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fiat idea radiator grille I
fiat idea radiator grille I

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FIAT PANDA The Winter Front Grille Thread

Teed off with the drastic mpg hit once the mercury drops below zero and observing that the front grille is cunningly designed to ensure a continuous blast of icy cold air bathes the radiator & engine compartment Im looking at a little winter modification . Heres a picture of the Mk1 version and the results of a 40 mile round trip to the shopping centre with a 4 hr stop so essentially two cold starts

shouldnt be doing anything at all until the engine is hot. As you quite rightly say the thermostat will take care of the coolant in the rad - its not going to start circulating until its needed. Its the cooling effect of the air over the rest of the engine that Im trying to reduce here. Think of it this way - youll be warmer if you fasten up your coat when you go out in a cold wind. The second idea

of variable geometry system is needed. ideally the radiator and engine bay should be separately blanked and independently thermostatically controlled. Further testing really needs some additional telemetry in particular itd be useful to know the engine bay temperature in several places & the coolant temperature just before & just after the radiator matrix. I really do think itd be worthwhile for fiat

FIAT PANDA How much airflow does the radiator need

First off ive tagged this as technical because thats how this thread will start off... it may well end up as a styling one though. So as per the title really. I know when i have the grilles with spot lamps on the temp is usually a little higher than normal when on a motorway cruise but if i were to have a grille with two lamps fitted and then fibreglass a mould over the top would it block the airflow

Ive got an AC fan from a Y10 that is a perfect fit for a Panda. Has a bit of heat resistant board and reflective material in front of it in anticipation of it being near to the manifold . Ive been saving it for a potential use in my Panda but if you need it Craig I can sell it to you. labelled as 10 in the ePer image below. Attached Thumbnails   __________________   Quote   24-10-2009   19 CLXCraig Scarlet   Join Date Jun 2008 Location Hampshire Posts 2726 Thanks 93 Trader Rating 0   Re How much airflow does the radiator need Hi Lewey. Thanks for the pic and offer. Dont think ill be using one as im going to keep blocked of space to a minimum. I only really want to add a brow over the top of the lights.. but incorporate the lights in it aswell. Once i get some ideas donw ill draw them up to 11 and work out uncovered surface area and compare to a standard mk2 panda pre injection grille with lamps as i have one in the garage and one of the fiat accesorie versions with the lamps built in. Jon Ill be needing your help with that bit

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FIAT IDEA I painting front bumper idea

talking to a mate and he hinted on an idea of painting the black bits of the center of my bumper silver... not sure how it would look so looking at thoughts..... maybe even a cheeky photoshop lol basically i mean the center of the bumper above and below the reg plate in the shape of a triangle to follow the shape of it including the grille in front of the radiator with the black bits of the side to

FIAT IDEA I Fujita CAI Cold Air Flow Assist Idea

Ive been reviewing all the Does CAI really help HP threads and was wondering ...If I cut out an oblong hole in the ramp that runs from the front air dam up to the radiator would this help get colderambient air to my Fujita CAI can filter Ive hacked a picture I Fujita CAI filter presently rests on that ramp but gets no cold air from outside... [IMG] [IMG] -- Awhatstice

Quote Originally Posted by Antonio I had an idea similar to this for my Fujita. I had plans of cutting a hole in the same slope to access colder air underneath. I was going to find something to extend the Intake tubing to actually place the filter down in the new hole and then sealing off the filter completely with a bracket and silicone. I havent taken a look under there yet so I dont know how much

Quote Originally Posted by JRinKY I do not think that you need to do anything. I have been doing some testing and have found that the underhood temperature in the area of the intake (stock or CAI) is very near ambient when the car is moving at more than about 30 MPH. Thats no surprise to me. As I was contemplating how to get fresh air either through the grille with the stock filter box or the radiator

Quote Originally Posted by spider Thats no surprise to me. As I was contemplating how to get fresh air either through the grille with the stock filter box or the radiator shroud using a CAI with a box over it I noticed there was alot of accumulated sand etc. on top of the stock airbox. So there is definitely plenty of air blasting around. Thats funnysad about the dyno conversation. Seems no matter

FIAT IDEA I Toolbox inside the engine compartment - idea

When I was wiring up my lights I started playing with the idea of mounting a small tool box in the engine compartment behind the front bumper (where some people are mounting winches). I think with some brackets and threaded bar and wing nuts I should be able to fab something up that can be removed fairly easily but secured tightly when packed in there. Im thinking something just big enough to hold

The empty space behind the grille in front of the radiator is tempting (I assume thats the space youre thinking of). How to best (securely and quietly are two issues) use the space are two issues involved. I like the concept and using it for tools and the jack sounds very practical but how to best carry it off is my question. I hope youll keep working on it and come up with a clever solution.

Quote Originally Posted by The empty space behind the grille in front of the radiator is tempting (I assume thats the space youre thinking of). How to best (securely and quietly are two issues) use the space are two issues involved. I like the concept and using it for tools and the jack sounds very practical but how to best carry it off is my question. I hope youll keep working on it and come up with

FIAT 500 II 500 diesel - heater takes ages to get going

First of all is there a search function anywhere or am I going blind The heater in my 500 diesel takes ages to get up to a reasonable temperature. It was like this even when brand new although I think it has improved slightly with age (2 years old now) but it takes at least two miles to feel even a whiff of heat and several miles to kick out reasobale heat. Is this normal for a 500 diesel or should I replace the thermostat

blind. Both sound sensible ideas. I do notice that my cars tend to run hotter on the temp gauge while at lights etc mainly because freezing cold air is not being forced across the radiator fins. But I think the main puzzle to me is the thermostat. I thought the idea was to hold a relatively small amount of water around the block until it was warm enough to open the thermostat. It seems to me the fiat

FIAT STILO PhillipB82 - intermittent warning light and flat spots

HI all hoping you guys might be able to shed some light on this issue or throw some ideas our way PhilipB82 popped round today with his 5 door Stilo and we set about plugging in my laptop as I have a full registered version of MuliECUScan. Firstly Phil has a few niggles that are proving hard to diagnose he has the car booked in a garage in a few weeks to have the dashboard display unit tested but im

FIAT BRAVO Indicator Switch Wiring

Hi guys. I am looking to fit DRLs to my Bravo and ideally I want them to dim with the indicator as well as dimming with the sidelights. What I dont want is the DRL to flash with the indicator bulb (e.g. bright with the indicator off dim with the bulb on bright dim bright dim etc). So my thought there is to tap into the wiring at the switch. The question is though is that running a 12v signal feed or

be able to find out with a multi meter When raking the house recently I found a pair of Ring Ursa DRLs that I bought for my old car and never fitted. Having looked at the Bravo there are two possibilities where I could fit them. Easiest option is to mount them to the bumper in front of the lower grille at the top edge of the aperture so they would be just below the numberplate. This option isnt ideal

FIAT PANDA Giving myself some encouragement on the Rat build.

I concentrated on getting the radiator fan and associated plumbing into the Rat today. When locating the expansion tank I was concerned it would foul the bonnet so I fitted it for the first time in two years to check clearances. Id forgotten what it looked like. So while it was on I offered up the front bumper to get an impression of the finished look. It really looked like Id made a lot of progress

FIAT UNO II Issues to look out for when buying UTs

Apologies first off. Newbie here and I suspect for all you seasoned UT owners this will be one of those frequently asked questions...but I have tried searching and not come up with anything. What I want to know is what aspects should I be specially looking out for an old UT these days Last one I was in was nearly 10years back and back then they werent too old - only issues really were rust related

ridiculous like saying that a Ferrari looks like a Lamborghini. I used to think that the Uno Mk2 looks like a Vauxhall Nova if you hollow-out the radiator grille however I now realise that this association was just as stupid see photos below I tried hard to find some similar photos for comparison and Ive uploaded the four best choices (pity that the Uno Mk1 was in rough condition but you get the idea

FIAT UNO II should I or shouldnt I...

Ive been photoshopping (well paint shop pro-ing really) & Id like your thoughts please... Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Currently got.. 89 Panda 750L 90 Uno 60S 99 Sei Sporting 97 Punto 60S Jaguar XJR V8 Porsche Boxster Daimler 3.6 Jaguar X300 Manual 2012 electric motorbike.. The 1990 Uno is the most fun Last edited by a73uk 08-08-2009 at 0206 .   Quote   08-08-2009   2

NO metalwork being cut. Agreed. I actually looked at my Punto after I wrote that and realised the lights curve around considerably - youd need to extend the nose of the Uno to make them work and that would be wrong. Quote I like aggressive twin headlights maybe I could use Delta Evo ones with a perspex cover to make them look more integrated (& keep the wind drag to original levels). YES - good idea.

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