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FIAT PANDA Wot no pollen filter

My late 2005 dualogic eleganza was having its 2nd annual service yesterday and I asked them to make sure the pollen filter got changed. When I went to collect it there was nothing about the filter on the sheet they tick the boxes on (to make it look like theyve actually done something). I asked and they said that it didnt need a pollen filter (they checked with someone in the workshop too). So today

FIAT STILO Pollen Filter

following the guide I removed my pollen filter and then i thought hang on....ive never had a car with working air con so have no idea what state a pollen filter should be in. Mine was sort of grey on the side facing me and black-ish on the side that air passes from the front. I used my air line and blew it clean ish-plenty of black dust and bits of tree also plenty of leafage came out the bottom of the filter housing....should I get a new filter will it make a difference to air flow

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FIAT PUNTO Cabinpollen filter air flow direction

Hi Guys i am owning 1.2V8 Punto for a few months already and doing service step-by-step. One thing which made me confused was the cabinpollen filter replace. I have not checked the shape of filter in advance and bought one with a cutted side. Luckly it fits but originaly Punto has a rectangular filter which is placed in a plastic cartridge so it is the same shape as one I bought. And here comes the

FIAT MAREA 185 marea pollen filter

hi all any idea where i can find the marea pollen filter

FIAT PUNTO GT1 - pollen filter

Hi Does anyone know if a 1994 GT1 should have a pollen filter The car does not have air-con. Any ideas where I should look Cheers

FIAT BRAVA 182 Pollen Filter help need

Ive got a fiat brava 1.2 sx on a 51 plate i busy servicing the car myself and i bought a pollen filter as part of the service. opened the filter compartment and bam i noticed no filter and a hole containing my heater fan and a few leaves so cleaned the leaves and tried the filter for size and it fitted fine i dnt have air con by the way. filters in at the mo cleans the air fine the big question is

only models with air con have a pollen filter fitted however fitting one is a good idea because it is very common to see (and hear) leaves stuck in the air vents which is bloody annoying.

FIAT PANDA Pollen Filter Air Flow

I just installed a new pollen filter in my 04 JTD and the air flow from the vents seems to be half of what it was. But if Im using the fan and switch to recirculating the interior air (rather than drawing in exterior air) the flow is fine. Any ideas

FIAT STILO how to clean a heater fan when there is no pollen filter

hi all i noticed after driving last night that there was a strange smell coming from the heaters. JTD 115 a few years back i think i pulled the poli filter out as i wasnt getting enough air out of the heaters. and it worked brilliant ever since. now i think there might be bits in there or something like a leafe. so how would i pull it out to clean it before anyone sais your stupid for doing that well

air is fed from the scuttle panel... if you havent had a filter in then id expect leaves to be inside your matrix eper will give you a good idea where to start looking

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX Fiat Punto 1.9 JTD 03 Plate - Pollen Filter

Can anyone help me locating the pollen filter on my fiat Punto 1.9 JTD and also pictures on how to change it. I have searched for weeks and have followed previous threads to try and locate it but have been so unsuccessful its unreal Its not under the wiper mechanism (Scuttle) and Ive looked down around the passenger footwell. I have contacted fiat themselves but they were unable to help I really would appreciate any help and guidance Many Thanks

Sorry to bother folks but been trying for a couple of days think I have found the cover but have no idea how to remove cant see no screws and brute strength isnt working either HELP


hi there new to all this and my first post so here goes i have a 56plate grande punto active was wondering if anyone can tell me were the pollen filter is and how easy it is to remove thanks

i only want to know were it was as my interior windows steam up badly and was thinking it was that but if you have any other idea why well that would be great

FIAT PANDA Where is the pollen filter located

Ive a multijet dynamic aircon model panda 58 reg and was wondering if anyone knows where the pollen filter is located. I am having 12k service done soon and want to lets say have a look see if theyve replaced it when they say they have Thanks

errr... well its only what I experienced On the non-climate control cars there is no button to turn on the aircon and when you turn the dial from 0 to 1 the light engages. Thus I couldnt have air without the aircon. Am I missing something I thought a separate switch would have been a good idea but perhaps it was hidden somewhere As it is there is a small but measurable load that increases mpg just like having headlights on.

FIAT PUNTO Pollen filter on a 55s

Hi all Bit confused here lol I keep getting steamed up windows in my 55s If I wipe the front screen every so often with a microfibre cloth I can manage it just hard to keep clear as your driving How ever My front door windows and rear windows steam up to the point it runs. I have the rear demister on at most times. I have checked checked and double checked if theres any water leaksseals broke in the

No offence But I was under the impression that the water in the matrix heater warms up with the engine rather than going from freezing cold to boiling hot in a instant Only other way I can think of is if there is water ontop but oustide the matrix (thats leaked over night) and as the matrix heats up it evaps and condenses on windows Just dont like the idea of buying a new matrix to pull everything


hi Everyonepurely out of interestdoes anyone know where the pollen filter is on a GP sporting 130I was just having a nosey under the bonnet and wondered where it fit.

no ideanot even triedusually yesbut bars behind centre consolenowas just being noseythanks Tjohn

FIAT PANDA 24 miles service pollen filter

can anyone tell me where the air-conditioning pollen filter is on my 2005 panda eleganza i am suspicious that my garage havent replaced it despite it being included in the 24000 mile service

No idea - but logic says it will be somewhere between where air is drawn into the car and the air ducting inside the car ( Not the air intake for the engine ) On the Ford Mondeo it is behind the ventilation slots beneath the windscreen on the passenger side (external) so maybe have a look around in this area - or look under the bonnet and see if you can see any fan trunking leading to the outside.

FIAT PUNTO No air con no polen filter

I wanted to change polen filter or whatever it is that filters air that goes into cabin but was unplesantly suprised that there is no filter if you dont have air con I saw some posts here sayin its in a footwell or how do you call it in the holes where your feet I took of the lid and theres a hole from the floor but no obvious filter that could fit there. Parts shops tell me theres no such

Is there not a space between the fan motor and the centre consol (where the pollen filter would go if you had aircon). If so that would be an ideal place to stick it

Originally Posted by Shaunyboyuk how would you go on with an old car i did a search before and they sell pollen filters for mk 2 puntos without aircon so it must have one mate. There is no place to put one not even uder glove compartment where it ussually is...I went to few stores they only sell one that goes under glove compartment... So pretty sure there isnt one does anyone have idea where air comes


Cant get into EPER keeps saying too many connections Dont suppise anyone knows the codes off hand for Undertray Fixing Bolts For Above Front Mud Flaps Mat That Goes Under Rear Seats pollen filter Air filter Oil Oil filter Any rough ideas on price would be good too. Lost my licence in May due to having a fit in case anyone is wondering where Ive been Got myself on tablets now so reduced to tinkering and polishing till next May praying it doesnt happen again before then.

Any rough ideas on price would be good too. Lost my licence in May due to having a fit in case anyone is wondering where Ive been Got myself on tablets now so reduced to tinkering and polishing till next May praying it doesnt happen again before then. Bloody hell mate hope your ok Air filter oil filter can be had from shop4parts muck cheap oil from motor factors (handbook gives spec

FIAT BRAVO II 2009 Bravo 1.6 diesel - very cold draught in drivers foortwell. Help

Hi guys - first post so be gentle Got a 2009 Bravo 1.6 Eco Dynamique. Am loving the economy (71.1 on a 400 mile round trip recently - driving at 62ish on the motorway). Got a problem though I cant sort. There is a cold draught blowing in the drivers footwell. Really obvious in the current cold weather - and becomes more obvious at 60 mph. Local fiat dealer have spent hours under warranty - replaced

FIAT PUNTO valve clearance

have to meaure the valve clearance soon on a 53 plate 1.2 8v engine do they usuually go out of spec much are they just a shim and bucket and do you need to remove the cam to get them out sam

cam was still hot not roasting hot but hurt you hand if you left it on the cam for about 10 seconds im going to have to do it at home in the morning before its started. another thing for my list of bad things others being my spark plugs were wrong and that i got a pollen filter when my car does not even have one. engine is abit quiter with new oil though lol sam well yea doing em cold is a good idea

i thought since it only had a small drive then sat for an hour it would be ok but yea it wasnt lol goold idea about the pollen filter yea mine is a mark to i think next time i service it i will do what you said i could see where its ment to be fitted its just blanked off. i use 10w40 oil its some ford stuff i got from work sam

work. All in all the cost to the garage is in the region of &16330 MAX. Servicing is the biggest money generator for any franchised garage - you think they are being efficient sending you a little card to remind you about a service being due Rubbish they make so much money out of you that they will do anything to get your business. Think Im lying Well my father owns a franchised dealership (not fiat

FIAT PUNTO Steamed up Windows

Has anyone expierienced my problem.I have a 1995 Punto 55sx 1100cc.Over the last few weeks the front window keeps steaming up and with the blower on hot or cold it does not clear itusing a dimister pad proves fruitless as wellhas anyone got any ideas.

Originally Posted by ktmmark If you have a pollen filter make sure its clean also if the heater matrix is leaking you will have coolant loss & a sweet smell from the antifreeze My car steams up some times i just put the aircon on Thanks guys for all your ideas (wish it had aircon )the air inrecirculate lever is working fine Ill have a look at the pollen filter tomorrow. I suspect it may be the heater

FIAT STILO Abarth Need a tiny gold square for flippy paddle

Hey again folks I have accidently knocked the back cover off the flippy paddle and have lost the tiny gold metal square contact thingy. Couldnt find it anywhere in the car and had it valeted since then so its gone forever -(. Anyone got any ideas where I can get a replacement Everything else is ok just this metal square I need. Also have bought a pollen filter and looked at all the guides on FF on

FIAT STILO Water leak in Cabin

I seam to have a water leak and its coming from around the rear of the center console where you insert the pollen filter. I had the air con on and seamed to stop if I turned the air con offAny ideas I never have problems with the car and as soon as I am about to travel on Holiday it starts playing up. the coolant in the rad has gone down also

I had the air con on and seamed to stop if I turned the air con offAny ideas If the leak stops when the air con is off then the drain below the pollen filter may be blocked But then you say the coolant in the rad has gone down also which could be a different problem or maybe the heater matrix has a leak but they are usually pretty reliable. First thing is check whether water is coming out of the drain

FIAT BRAVO Hows your Bravo coping with the snow

Bravo owners has the recent heavy snow in parts of the UK stopped you from getting around in your cars Mine had been pretty impressive when we had a mere 3 or 4 of snow on the roads this mornings 10 to 12 has proved too much for it though I got half a mile from home without too much difficulty found the road blocked turned round and then spent 34 of an hour getting back through our estate as the car

Originally Posted by janjam Regarding same problem I replied couple of days ago on some other thread. Try this We had the same problem 6-7 years ago in our company car fiat Tempra (at motorway above 100kmh we were freezing) and we fixed it like that. Now I am in Athens so no need for that but I think it is worth trying. Ofcourse it can help for regular kind of heating (ie if you have manual air con)...

Originally Posted by paulscatt Interesting idea janjam but contary to your opinion both my Stilo & my current Bravo have climate control as stated in my original post. Having a car with a turbo it would not be a good idea to impair the cooling and airflow to my engine. Its never been freezing or even cold in the cabin but the temperature of the cabin does reduce at motoway speeds when its cold outside.

FIAT STILO Demister Blowers weak

The Blowers are very weak even on full blast you just get a trickle of air coming out any ideas what the problem could be Car is an 1.2 02 plate Stilo

Originally Posted by throbinson The Blowers are very weak even on full blast you just get a trickle of air coming out any ideas what the problem could be Car is an 1.2 02 plate Stilo pollen filter is probabely blocked and needs replacing. Have a read of this. httpwww.fiatforum.comstilo-guide...ow-remove.html

FIAT STILO Hatch wont unlock

JTD 115 3 - door. Car went into a fiat dealer last week to have the NS dip bulb replaced and the pollen filter replaced - I didnt have the time or the inclination myself Asked them to replace the rear OS bulb as well - it has the red and clear design of lens (are these model year specific I prefer them) and it was the lower bulb of the T shape. When picking the car up the service guy said that the

FIAT MAREA 185 steamy windows

hi everyone.We have a fiat maria.Its great but especially this time of year its steams up quickly and gets worse with the heater on.After 20 miles or so the mist from the windows goes away and its fine.Is this normal for this cardoes any one else have this problem.I thought it was the heater matrix but if it was the windows wouldnt clear at all.Any ideas or info would be much appreciated.Thanx

Originally Posted by glitteringprize hi everyone.We have a fiat maria.Its great but especially this time of year its steams up quickly and gets worse with the heater on.After 20 miles or so the mist from the windows goes away and its fine.Is this normal for this cardoes any one else have this problem.I thought it was the heater matrix but if it was the windows wouldnt clear at all.Any ideas or info

2 years old so will need its second service soon last time the 1st service was a low miles service so only oil and filter change i guess its still only got about 10000 miles on the clock so low miles really for what it is at 2 years old what is involved in the second year service now is it just oil and filter change or is pollen filter or anything else supposed to get changed now anyone any idea

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO Full Service History what does it mean for the GP

I am looking to buy a Diesel GP. First time buyer. Now many sellers say their puntos have FSH however I dont know what that means. See there are 2006 cars that have done only 56000 miles and have been serviced every year (7000 milesyr) and there are cars 2008 that have done 110000 miles and have been serviced every year (20000 milesyr). Both are serviced every year and both are FSH according to seller Just because a car is serviced every year makes it FSH

Brake Fluid Rear Engine mount and a smaller amount to have the work done at my mechanic. If I compare this to my Alfa I couldnt even buy a pair of front wishbones for that amount of money never mind the fitting cost. Humour P.S. Best advice I can give you (if time is not of the essence) go to a few dealers and take a few cars for a test drive. After a couple you will start to have more of an idea

FIAT PUNTO Random Cut Outs

I recently had my oil and filter changed air filter spark plugs and pollen filter changed. The car has been running great but for some reason the rev neeedle is occasionally dropping around 0.5 and fighting with itself to get back to the correct point. Yesterday I were driving off a retail car park at slow speeds and it just cut out it did it around 4 times and then it were okay and still is now Any ideas guys


Hi all I noticed a slight problem a while ago with the interior fans I could hear a faint rattle when they were on as though something was trapped in the airflow path. It went away after a day or so so I thought nothing of it. This past week it has become insanely loud and as long as the fans are on it is constant regardless of whether set to demist head level blowers or footwell blowers. I narrowed

cover for the pollen filter even if there is not a filter inside. The covers usually get broken when they are removed as the clasp is very fragile. The cover is about an inch wide x 6 tall so you should see it if there is one (basically a slot cover). Definitely no cover in there theres just a huge void where it should be and plenty of air comes out of there when the fans are on. Do you have any idea

Originally Posted by Cei Thank you - though as a 28 year old (married) guy Im not sure Ill ask my dad or a male friend to ring round The advice to keep the oil etc topped up to keep the engine happy is probably a good idea - it might cost a bit to do but better in the long run. Still thinking my dealer is going to be expensive though - does anybody have a strong opinion on buying the parts and just

FIAT BRAVA 182 noisy heaters

Hello everyone im new here. I have a 2000 Brava SX 1.2 and just the other day I removed the battery to charge as it ran flat. I put it back on this morning and since putting it back on when I turn the heater on it is making a rattling noise. Just wondering if anyone knows if it is a result of removing the battery or whether it is just coincidence that it is doing this Bear in mind I know very little

the ideal solution is to clean it out then fit a filter. a bravoa pollen filter will fit perfectly (thats where its supposed to go) but that costs money so i used a pair of old tights instead it worked for ages but i taped it in place and the tape got wet so it came off and let more leaves in. im going to cable tie it in place this time then i should be ok forever.

FIAT BRAVO air bag failure warning light

hiya i have a 1.9 multijet 150.iv just changed the pollen filter and fuel filter.the next day i go out to get some oil when the air bag failure came on. Any ideas and is it a mot failure

FIAT STILO heater lost the plot

Hi I own a jtd MW and the heater has lost the plot. When i select for the heat to blow on my feet it errrrr doesnt. I have tried doing the reset thing (holding manauto buttons down etc) And it didnt make any difference. Just wondered if anyone had any ideas. Also there is plenty of air movement when it is blowing on the screen etc so dont think the pollen filter is an issue. Any ideas anyone Kind regards

FIAT PUNTO strange knocking noise

Hi Just found the site and thought it would be a good idea to join for advicehelp regarding my Punto when i need it So now would be a good start. When i turn the key into the ignition (not necessarily turning the engine on) there is a knocking noise coming from around the engine. Had a listen and it sounds like its coming from the fan or someone suggested the pollen filter Just wondered if anyone had

FIAT BRAVA 182 Wiring

I was wondering if anyone knew of the blower on AC unit works but seems like it blows slow like not powerful so does anyone know what this could be caused by 1997 TD100 Bravo

Okay I will do that as well seems like that could be problem except till today I think I have bigger issue now the blower wont even turn on so maybe fuse Or maybe the blower is burned out Not sure but if anyone got ideas that would be great. Either way I will still look into that pollen filter today and clean that and then look into why the blower wont turn on. I did change fuse I thought was the right one replaced with another and still nothing but maybe I changed wrong one.

FIAT PANDA Misting up

My Panda is misting up loads lately.Have to drive round with the windows down.I do alot of short trips stop start in it.I cant see any leaks after it has rained.Any ideas Was thinking pollen filter Also anyone know of the cheapest place for a rear wiper blade

FIAT MULTIPLA water comming in car

hi has anyone had a problem with water coming in car last night we had a lot of rain i was driving when there was a very big puddle across the road and when i went through it i was doing about 3035 mph and almost instantly water splashed in car and all over dash and radio and clocks even up inside the window screen funny thing was it seem to come from under dash in middle of car there was water over

FIAT MULTIPLA coolant loss

Hi just wondering if anybody can offer advice on how to trace a leak in the coolant system. Im loosing coolant at a reasonably noticeable rate in my JTD 105SX but cant find any obvious leak. I live in Argyll so checking under the car for wetness is not often possible -). there is no obvious steaming after or during a run. one symptom which might be related is that the cold air into the cabin is never

FIAT DOBLO Doblo squeaks and squeals

Hi I have a three year old Doblo done about 20k so far and I have a strange sound that sounds for all the world like an emergency vehicle siren going on on it. I have been looking in my mirror for a week or more now trying to see where the ambulance or police car is approaching me from It is a sound that comes and goes with the engine revs getting higher pitched as the revsspeed increases. I took it

Hi yes it does definately have a turbo now I know where it is all I can say is that the noise is definately not coming from there. The noise seems to be coming from the back of the engine between the engine and the dash. The mechanic says that the only time he has ever heard a similar noise is when the timing belt needed replacing on a car but he cant see that that would need doing it has done so few miles. He had thought of the Turbo when he was looking at it before he said but he said that my turbo is a very good make and he didnt think it could possibly be that either for the same reasons. One thing which has been suggested to us is to check if there are any possible air leaks air escaping a hose or the pollen filter or even maybe the exhaust could have a minute hole or something. My husband says that when you cut the revs the whine continues for a little while after the accelerator has been released too dont know what anyone thinks of that one. What I am worried about really is that it could be something that could damage my engine would anyone think it would be a good idea to have the timing belt replaced just in case it is that Thanks for your help Sandra

FIAT STILO FanBlower question

Hi all Just been out in the car and found that 1 2 and 3 blower speeds are dead. 4 works perfectly. Im wondering whether this is switch fuse or pollen filter related. Anybody have any ideas before I start investigating myself H

FIAT STILO AC problems

Hi got an 02 Stilo 1.9 JTD 8v last week and have been ironing out its little niggles air bag light ASR ESP warning and a nice knocking all gone cruise control fitted its now time to work on the AC It makes a lot of noise but theres no air flow coming out of any of the vents my initial thoughts are the fan isnt spinning but the motor is but it does sound like air is being moved when you turn the fan

Sounds live youve a stuck flap then if its failing the self learn procedure. Dont forget to get a replacement pollen filter ASAP as running without it isnt a good idea.

FIAT STILO heater blowing problem

hi just got jtd active the problem i have is blower motor works fine all directional vents can be selected by the dial but no air or very very little comes out any ideas

Originally Posted by keith price hi just got jtd active the problem i have is blower motor works fine all directional vents can be selected by the dial but no air or very very little comes out any ideas Hi Kieth I too have jsut bought a JTD Active and the heater blower is just as poor. Did you ever get to the bottom of the problem or is this standard Can anyone direct me in how to chageclear the pollen filter Any advice gratefully received. Many thanks Ruairidh

FIAT PANDA Stinky smell from aircon & Outside air

Every time I switched on the aircon a stinky smell will will the cabin for about 10 seconds before disappearing. The same thing happens when i just open levers for outside air... Have I got a air filter problem Thanks.

Thanks for all of the replies mates. KL nowadays is heading towards 34C. And the idea of turning on the thermostat appeals to me a lot. Mayb Ill try that out later... Anybody wanna try using dettol P What about the pollen filter Could it be the cause of problems too

FIAT DUCATO AC not working

Wonder if any more ideas in the forums I am still having trouble with the air conditioning in my 2008 Ducato Maxi JTD2.8. The air flow through the air vents is not very powerful even when selecting full speed and face vents only. I have removed the bottom part of the dash and looked for a pollen filter but cant find one all the controls seem to work and the air does work through all the vents when

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