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fiat ducato wing mirror III 250
fiat ducato wing mirror III 250

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FIAT DUCATO Fiat Ducato wing mirror

fiat ducato 2006 onwards Similar problem as many others - my drivers side wing mirror has been whacked I have a replacement and have located the fixings but the wires for the indicator adjustment etc disappear into the door casing and are not easily accessible. Can anyone offer any advice as to how to access the cable Thanks

Clip out the door loudspeaker and the connections are behind it.

Thank you rayc

Since I have spent hours trying to find a definitive how to on the subject and this is the most common thread that pops up when I was searching fit ducato mirror heres my hard-won instructions. 1. Remove the speaker cover by gently prising-out the the 5 or 6 plastic lugs which are just direct push-in pull-out towards you then un-screwing the 3 Phillips screws that retain the speaker. Best to un-clip

with reference to Seldos postI am a new comer to the forum and this is just what I joined it forthe post was a really useful piece of info and I am about to embark on its use Im sure it will save me some time and damage. thanks again. Keep everything crossed for me please

FIAT DUCATO wing mirror

i have a dethleffs a 5831 07 motorhome on a fiat ducato left hand drive the passanger door wing mirror got damaged the mirrors and the electrics are working ok just the indicator lens broken and the main body cracked can i replace just the main body and if so where can i purchace same

Hi Try eBay I just did a search for fiat ducato wing mirror & came up with these results for various parts as well as complete assemblies Hope that helps Cheers

thanks for the reply will check e bay

From Freespirits link this one hashitem43a2716438 is RHS Long Arm...

hi peter the wing mirror i am looking for is from 06 on and there does not seem to be many available one from fiat would cost 300 euro

FIAT DUCATO I 290 1990 motorhome wing mirror

Hi can any body help please I have a 1990 kontiki 6002 on a fiat ducato. What I need is the upper support for the near side wing mirror arm or even the part number would help. Thanks in advance

FIAT DUCATO Ducato wing mirror

Hi all Has anyone a broken Mk2 02 onwards ducato passenger wing mirror Ive broke the lower mount on the mirror side of the hinge but the cover mirror and electrics are all good. I just need to strip out the metal mount and put all my good parts into it. Thanks D

FIAT DUCATO Ducato wing mirror replacement

Following an incident with a non stopping scaffolding lorry I need to replace the whole of the drivers side wing mirror assembly on my motorhome. Replacement part on its way from wingmirror man. How do I tackle the job Any help gratefully appreciated.

Any help

Thanks for that Ill try

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Ducato 2011 wing mirror replacement indicator

I have purchaced a new repeater indicator for my 2011 ducato Motohome due to an argument with a passing tree and now wonder how to fit it I understand that I need to remove the large actual mirror to reveal 2 screws holding the indicator light in position. Please can someone tell me how to do this without breaking the mirror

You dont need to remove the glass just push it in on the side near the indicator.You will see the screws holding on the indicator then.

Thank you for your help. It all worked exactly as you said and now all is restored to normal

FIAT DUCATO Help Electric wing mirror

Can anyone let me have a wiring diagram for the 2005 long fully electric wing mirror It was blowing fuses so I took a look at the passenger side wiring to the mirror and the insulation was damaged on the red so I have taped it up and now I am not blowing fuses so I can use my drivers mirror OK but have lost a couple of directions on the passenger side.

Sorted 4 wires trapped in mirror hinge.

FIAT DUCATO III 250 08 Wing mirror

Just wondered if anyone had changed an electric wing mirror on an x250. I prised off inside plastic easily breaking it in the process. Undid 4 bolts but cant get electrical wire to pull out.It appears to be going to the center of the door.Must I completely strip inside of door and how do I do this.Undid some screws but still seems to be tied somewhere around the speaker side. Dont want to force anymore plastics. Any help appreciated.

Hi Remove the window switch and speaker you should be able to see the multi plug just unclip an pull out the wire. When refitting I have had some mirror units with a larger locating peg if this is so just cut it off flush. Good luck.

Thanks Fubar.The window switch lifts out but I cant seem to shift the speaker cover does it just pull off.

Yes just start at the bottom and work your way round should just unclip.

Cheers Fubar mirror changed.I wont be breaking that again.

FIAT DUCATO Wing Mirror Stiffness

Dear All my passenger wing mirror on a 57 x250 has lost its stiffness such that wind resistance over 40 mph folds it right back into the side window. Is there something I can tighten somewhere Thanks Stokes

Hi Stokes did you ever find a way to resolve the problem I have a similar issue with my drivers mirror the notch that stops it going out too far has also dissapeared Bas

FIAT DUCATO fitting of wide angle lens on wing mirror

Could anyone please tell me how to fit a new wide angle lens to my wing mirror. The old one was knocked out. I see the new one has a spring clip on the back but if i release that how do i clip it back once the lens is in. I thought it would just push on (whole lens that is ) but i do not want to push too hard. Thnx in advance. Regards steersy.

FIAT DUCATO Wing Mirror Outside Temperature Sensor

My outside temperature sensor seems to be missing due the fiat dealer says is because the NS mirror has been replaced at some time and the sensor is missing. Whats the truth of this and is there an easy fix

Its located in the OS mirror I have a 2012 180 3.0 and also have no ext temp display although the correct dash display fitted etc and dealers cant see anything on the spec saying it should have it even though every other 3.0 ice seen has this. So they wont look at it too see if its faulty or wrong mirror fitted at factory

Originally Posted by rolopolo Its located in the OS mirror I have a 2012 180 3.0 and also have no ext temp display although the correct dash display fitted etc and dealers cant see anything on the spec saying it should have it even though every other 3.0 ice seen has this. So they wont look at it too see if its faulty or wrong mirror fitted at factory So is there any easy way to get it working

In my case possibly yours (if you have the correct dash display & heated switch) is to obtain a mirror with sensor and pop it on and see if it works as far as I can see

FIAT DUCATO OS wing mirror wanted.

Looking for the short arm version for a 57 plate. Any ideas. Some toe-rag pikey performed a hit and run on mine last week. Couldnt go after him a little old lady had left her keys indoors and I was getting her back in. Heard a bang and had to bite my tongue as the said scrap van disappeared into the sun setting over dale Farm.

Bought one on ebay last year.Not cheap. ponsaloti thanked for this post ponsaloti liked this post


I have a 2001 LHD Rapido the passenger mirror is impossible to adjust to suit me are there different angled legs on the mirrors as I am wondering if my mirror was broken and replaced with a RHD one. The drivers side one has the mirror angled totally differently but is perfect. They are electric BTW. Thanks for any help.

You probably have the wrong arm fitted and that is why you cannot use it properly. I bought a new motorhome based on a Boxer and had the problem. My UK nearside arm was actually a LHD Drivers arm that is why it was hopeless. I now have a Burstner on a ducato and the nearside mirror is not perfect but is usable. You would be surprised at 2 things. How common this was at the time and how many wing mirror variations there are. Get down the scrapyard for a replacement. varesecrazy liked this post

I think you will find that they are different between Left and Right-hand drive. Found this that might help your search. digger58 thanked for this post

FIAT DUCATO Motorhome Mirror glass fitting

Hello chaps. Im after some help Ive cracked the smaller lower lense on the drivers side wing mirror of my fiat motorhome. Im about to order a replacement but havent got a clue how to remove the damaged lense or fit the replacement. Could someone in the know please point me in the right direction Apologies for being a mechanical-biff Thanks greatly.

Google wingmirrorman. You should get a lot of parts and info there.

FIAT DUCATO A gift for christmas New Ducato Manual - X250

Happy christmas after searching for months I found it on an italian forum forum DOT camperonline DOT ittopic.aspwhichpage0.55&TOPIC_ID141434& replace the words DOT with .

I think sensor is in wing mirror.


hi I just bought an RV and installed a radiocd and the player works nicely but the radio mostly sounds like zzzzzzzzzz. Probably because the antenna acc. to the cars manual is mounted inside the right mirror (sounds strange). Any exper. with this type of antenna or additional mountings Its a brand new 23jtd. Haakon

It is an option on the van version to have it mounted in the wing mirror rather than having it up on the roof where it can get damaged and Id imagine the same for you because of the camper conversion. Best thing for you to do would be to remove the radio and check that its properly connected I fit these and they can dislodge easily when pushing the unit in. Also check that you do not need to use an adaptor to get it to fit if it was an aftermarket headunit.

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