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FIAT DUCATO Ducato electric window& mirror problem

Hi I have a 2004 ducato maxi and all of a sudden the ewindows and emirrors have just stopped working.I looked at the book and there seem to be about 4 fuses covering these over the 2 internal fuseboxes. 2 are 7.5amp and 2 are 20 amp.Both of these read fine.Where do these link back to because no fiat dealer seems to want to help.Do they go back to a control box if so where is it and how do I rectify it. Please Help TIA Steve

Peter June 2006 2.8JTD Maxi carrying an Avan Applause motorcamper conversion   Quote   12-01-2010   3 T14086 Forum Moderator   Join Date Sep 2004 Location Bristol Posts 29797 Thanks 1031 Trader Rating 0   Re ducato electric window& mirror problem Originally Posted by steve0868 Where do these link back to because no fiat

FIAT DUCATO electric windows

Ive recently acquired a bessacarr motorhome on a fiat ducato 18 2.8 lt. 2005 on which a couple of days ago the os window stopped operating. All other electric functions from the doors are fine i.e. ns window operation from both doors centrl locking and mirrors. Ive checked the switch has voltage and is switching (OK) but I think this must operate a relay because of the cable size difference between

FIAT DUCATO Electric Window Problem

Hi Im new to the forum I have brought 2000 fiat ducato 2.8JTD Swift motorhome five months ago. The only problem I have at the moment is electric window on passenger side door is not working The driver side is working ok I have checked the fuses in the fuse box & they are ok and not blown. I wonder if the regulator which operate the motor to wind the window up & down is the cause I am puzzled about

FIAT DUCATO II Ducato 2.8JTD 2004 Motorhome

Hi - I am a new member and this is my first motorhome. I intend to carry out as much of the servicing of the ducato base vehicle as I can by myself. Can anyone point me in the direction of a workshop manual for a fiat ducato 2004 2.8 JTD engine. Also I need to know the recommended engine oil and coolant type for this vehicle. Many thanks. Red

Hi & welcome to the forum. See the previous post on how to extract the ISO from the RAR file then burn it to CD then install it from the there - httpwww.fiatforum.comducato2680...op-manual.html For your 2004 model download the ducato eLearn 2002-2006 Workshop Manual from the fiat Forum downloads page as in previous above post which will open in a new window & take you to rapidshare choose the Free

Just as a matter of interest the Elearn programme sometimes has problems displaying electrical diagrams and some technical drawings which show up as a red x in the diagram box rather than the actual drawing. This is apparently due to it using an early version of Internet Explorer (around when the elearn programme was published). After a lot of playing around with it I finally got it to display the

Originally Posted by Keithquad Hi New Member here Im trying to download the workshop manual - (Mac) having tried reading it in word & downlaoding - Acrobat fails as does Macs preview. Any advice plse would be most welcome. Keithquad The manual is a windows program if youre on mac the internet explorer testing images of xp might work. httpwww.modern.ieen-usvirtualiz...oolsdownloads

FIAT DUCATO HELP - Replacing window seal (door quarter light)

Hi Some theiving toerag cut my quarter light (door) window seal away so they could remove the glass to break into my 2003 fiat ducato (motorhome). I have ordered a new seal and will be picking it up from a fiat dealer in the next couple of days. Can anyone advise if this is something I can fit myself and if so are there any specialist tools or lubricant required We are actually travelling in spain

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Ducato 2006 Electric Window Problem

ducato Maxi 2.8 JTD on 55 plate with electric windows as standard. The drivers window has stopped functioning although the passenger side still works ok. I have read here that the windows are connected to the central locking but in this case the locking system works as normal. Checked the fuse thats ok. The drivers window relay makes a muffled clunk. The passenger side window relay makes a sharper

Ive now checked the feed to the window motor and shows a 12v live when the switch is operated... this indicates the motor I guess. Having never seen electric windows before is there a description of removing the motor anywhere on the web or is it possible to ask a kind soul to give me a brief descrition please Thanks

Thanks ourden I have our usual fitter back in the UK ordering a new motor for us for when we return. I will also write a short note in a separate listing with the method of getting an open window closed without using the motor. Thanks again

Hi did you write the note about dropping window without the motor working. Mine is jammed up motor relay clicking but no movement. The only way to get the dead motor out is by unclipping it from the glass. So it needs to be dropped. Any advice is appreciated.

FIAT DUCATO Electric windows

Hi My electric windows has stopped working on my ducato 97. First the window on the passenger side stopped working and now both sides are dead. I have checked fuses and relays. Any more tips Daniel

Hi There I had the same issue on a ducato 2.8 JTD ....several times. I traced the fuses relay boc behind the Glove box to no avail. I ended up removing the interior door panel and actually the problen was that the motor shaft in the winding gear box was stuck. By removing the two screws that hold the motor to the winding box and removint the motor and replacing it the window opned and closed fine. Rgds Dom

Hi Dom Thank you for your solution. The motor was jammed. I cleand it and got it working. Driver side works without a problem. Ive now got a new problem... The passenger side window wont go down. The motor only spins one way. When I measure it I get 12V when i push the window button up but when i push it down I get nothing If I measure one cable at a time to ground - I get 12V when pressing both up

FIAT DUCATO II ducato 2004 passenger window clicking

Hello bought an ducato van.. basically the passenger window is not working.. will not go up or down my dad has had the panel off and he says the motor is clicking.... I have not seen the van in person yet as it is at my dads.. and his a mechanic LOL says alot Any ideas Cheers

FIAT DUCATO Ducato Windows and Mirrors

Help. Lost windows and mirrors. Have checked fuse as per handbook. No blown fuses 2007 ducato multijet 130 Chausson motor home.

FIAT DUCATO Knock on Ducato Motorhome

Coming from the underneath of the drivers side of my 1999 ducato motor home is a single knock when the engine is put under load IE when changing up from one gear to the next. The engines runs smoothly at all revs when stationery. It has just passed its MOT within the past two months and I have driven 2000 miles since then. Both Engine mounts seem OK. There is no obvious signs of two bits

from either of the drive shafts. They are both the same ie no slop When driving though tight left or right hand turns I have never heard any drive shafts noises that I had previously heard on other vehicles with faulty drive shafts. Thanks again all suggestions are appreciated. Father in laws had exactly the same noise it was definitely not the cv joints I have heard enough bad ones and both fiat

FIAT DUCATO II Ducato 2004 Window Regulators - Problem

Ive just bought a Hymer Tramp on A fiat ducato 2004 base. We I got it home I found both the passenger and drivers cab electric windows were not working. I also found 1. The electric door locks work OK 2. The windows were glued to the rubber seals with mould. The van has not been used in a long while (2004 with 17000 miles on the clock) 3. The fuses (RH side fuse box) are all OK 4. I hear a click in

Had the same trouble myself firstly they have a habit of jamming so while someone is pressing the switch with both hands one on inside one on outside try pulling downwards if you have suction pads better. If not try this next. As you say the fuses OK pull the two cable connectors to the motor apart in door put a meter across see if power is there when switch is pressed if so suspect it to be the regulatormotor

Fixed the problem. The plastic drive spirals in the motors (yes - same problem both sides) had somehow disengaged. I unbolted to each motor to reveal the drive spiral then re inserted it. The cogsspirals now engaged - problem fixed. A 2 hours job - saved myself a fortune over new regulators. The motors are reasonably accessible - no need to remove the glass or the frame.

Make sure to spray the rubbers with silicone spray takes a lot of stress off the motors and gears they often strip the plastic cog so you were lucky.

Have just solved problem at no cost except time Remove all door trim Undo 3 nuts holding motor Undo nuts holding centre window guide and push out ( may take some force at top) window motor can then be accessed without undoing guide wires to remove 2 screws at top. It may not come apart completely but you should be able split motor and gearbox sufficient to blow out gently with an air line and squirt in liberal amounts of WD40 reassemble motor and test for movement before reversing above

FIAT DUCATO Help on changing window regulator

Have bought a new electric window regulator for my 2003 ducato 2.8. Removed the 6 nuts from old one the bottom nut & the 3 holding the motor relase OK but the top 2 although the nuts came off OK seems as if somethong else is holding the mechanism on. Really could do with some guidance on how to remove as got everything dismantled at the moment. Many Thanks in advance guys.

Sorted window problem so thought I would tell my experience for others who may need to know quickest & easiest way. Firstly my window was in the raised position making it more difficult. There is a plastic connector which goes through the bottom centre of window that needs to be removed from glass this is near impossible when window is up. So I cut the two cables with a pair of cutters that are connected

FIAT DUCATO No windows no central locking

Just bought (privately as seen) a 56 plate ducato 2.8tdi motorhome. Prior to picking up the battery was removed and recharged. Now neither electric windows nor the central locking works. To add complication it has a Sigma alarm. Checked fuses. Is there some sort of reset procedure to go through when the battery is replaced Its gotta be something obvious - hasnt it

FIAT DUCATO II Ducato 2005 JTD elec window mechanism wire broken

Hello all - 1st post - looking for some help. My Passenger side electric window not operating - motor hums (or rather grinds). Took off all door panels and saw a pair of broken steel wires hanging down - these look like they are part of a loop that enables the motor to pull the window up and down Looks like a HORRIBLE job to try and fix - cant get near the plastic wheels pulleys - even if I could buy the part Any thoughts New door

Originally Posted by T14086 comes as whole assembly easy enough to fit. Thanks - does that include the motor any idea of the part number working on anything behind that steel panel in the door looks tricky to me...

yes whole assemblyregulatormotorfor part number look at EPER (link at top of page)

FIAT DUCATO Electric Windows & Central Locking

Hi I have a 2005 ducato that I wish to fit ewindows and central locking to. Does anyone here have any recommendations as to kitsmanufacturers etc. and any experiance if its a whopper of a job Thanks

Checkout the original equipment parts it may be possible to fit them easily if the wiring harness is already in place. Otherwise you could consider . For central locking these kits are not that difficult to fit and very cheap Ive only ever seen relatively expensive kits for lecky windows so Id go for the fiat parts. Some of the aftermarket ones are just like a wiper motor in a pod that fits in place of the winder and is pretty naff IMHO.

FIAT DUCATO Electric window problem

Hi all wonder if anyone can help me i have 55 plate 2.3jtd and the drivers window is stuck up and wont come down i have checked the mechanism and that looks fine have checked for power at the plug for the motor going up and down and thats fine when i press the switch you can hear the motor click but wont go down have looked through some other posts and not really got a clear answer can anyone tell

Originally Posted by adeenuf Hi all wonder if anyone can help me i have 55 plate 2.3jtd and the drivers window is stuck up and wont come down i have checked the mechanism and that looks fine have checked for power at the plug for the motor going up and down and thats fine when i press the switch you can hear the motor click but wont go down have looked through some other posts and not really got a

Originally Posted by moodrater Theres a plastic gear in it an a metal worm on the motor the worm strips the plastic teeth its an unusual size and number of teeth I failed to find a replacement. Make sure to lubricate your rubber with a suitable rubber lubricant like holts so it doesnt happen again. httpwww.holtsauto.comproductsit...ylon-lubricant Hi moodrater Just been thinking about your answer i

It coulkd still be the gear if a tooth has broken and is jamming the motor

hi best bet buy new motor about 60 pound off ebay just had one easy to fit

FIAT DUCATO Electric windows

Hi all I have a 2003 11jtd ducato the electric mirrors dont work on the drivers side but the passenger side works fine I have checked all the fuses (both boxes) they are all ok. Does anyone know where the motor for the mirror is or can anyonr offer any help with this

Are we talking about windows or mirrors here mirrors I assume The button controls two electrical motors located in each of the two mirrors a motor controls movements of the upper mirror (horizontal and vertical). The other controls movements of the lower mirror section (horizontal and vertical). Operational Description Control device H030 allows the selection and movement of the door mirror required

Tie at least a yard of string to the mirrors half of the connection block. If you dont do this you may want to shoot yourself later. Then undo the two or three big bolts (heads are behind grommets on the inside of the door) that hold the mirror in place and you should be able to remove the old mirror. (The grommet on the curved part of the door inner panel usually splits at this point and your fiat

FIAT DUCATO x244 electric window

hi guys newbie here i have just bought a 2005 2.3 jtd with an os elec window problem whats happening is the window starts to move and stops then emits a gear slipping sound if i assist by pushing the window updown it will move but sounds rough any ideas and is there a write up on the removal of the door panel and the window mech many thanks in advance

Originally Posted by ken page hi guys newbie here i have just bought a 2005 2.3 jtd with an os elec window problem whats happening is the window starts to move and stops then emits a gear slipping sound if i assist by pushing the window updown it will move but sounds rough any ideas and is there a write up on the removal of the door panel and the window mech many thanks in advance motor has a metal

moodrater do you know of a guide for removing the elec window motor and regulator i had a look at mine today and the gears are slipping all the time so i will replace all of it thanks ken merry xmas

FIAT DUCATO Window Problem

Hello everyone Well heres my first post did do a search first but still not sure I have a 2003 2.8 JTD & the passenger window stopped working read a few things on here first stripped the passenger panel off after I had checked every fuse on both sides all ok. There is a click on the motor when pressing the switch gave it a few knocks even tried pulling it down when someone pressed the switch. there

just under the top of dash but you need to remove alot of trim to get to it and its a module so loads of wires End of the day the mkotor clicks just check that at the 2 wires on the motor you have a live and a earth if so...needs motor thats all there is to it ourden thanked for this post

Hi Im not certain what type of wiper you have but if it is always parking in the same spot it is most likely due to the crank slipping on the shaft. Most wipers have a splined shaft often tapered that the crank fits on some have one or two flats on the shaft instead. The crank fits over the splines and is held on by a nut. If you turned wipers on after a long period of non use or if you window was

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Window washer motors dont works

Titch the Younger Mrs S. Cinquecento has been plagued by washer bottle hassles. First of all a tube cam away from the motor (re-fitted) Then a tube to the other motor split... (sorted with new tube) Then a washer motor started leaking (fitted a new one off a ducato van.. thumbs Then after weeks of perfect operation... ... this weekend the motors packed up altogether. The front one doesnt work from

FIAT DUCATO II 2005 ducato Motorhome door mirror

Help please busted drivers side electric door mirror long arm broken inside the mirror casing. I can see the wiring casing that comes out of the van into the door low down but cant see where there is a connector for the mirror Help there is nothing obvious unless the connector is inside the mirror George

Later ones you get to the connector by lifting up electric window switch bank mk2 I honestly cant remember sounds like you will need to remove the door panel to see behind it.

FIAT DUCATO starter motor help

HI I am a small woman with a 12 year old Autotrail Mohican motorhome on a fiat ducato 2.5 and the starter motor is dead. I need to get it out to take it to be fixed or replaced. A friend had offered to do this for me but he is working such long hours at the moment that I dont really want to ask him again. The other two guys who offered their help aparently didnt really mean it I think I could do it

Hi there. Prob no good to you but if you can get it up to norfolk I will give you a hand to do it but if its a non runner I guess thats out of the window as an option That is Unless you give it a tow start n have a few days up on the norfolk broads plenty of people up here recon starters or have them on the shelf We all need lil help sometimes especially with these problems as the dealers my way do know how to charge and lets face it its all about saving a few pounds if you can. Let me know

FIAT DUCATO Australian Fiat Ducato water ingress unsealed engine and rust

Re Australian fiat ducato water ingress unsealed engine and rust Hi to all the fiat ducato owners across the world . It feels strange yet empowering to be able to communicate from here to so many so far away all at once . As you will have gathered I live in the best country in the world Australia especially if you love the motor Home experience. Which I do. There is an endless supply of larrikin characters

FIAT DUCATO Crysler now owns Fiat

Hi This may not get to all forum members but Ive just found out that fiat is no longer the Italian Icon we all thought we were buying. fiat has been bought out by Crysler as of 1st May 2012. This is the case in Australia Russia America and other countries. Any problems now have to be directed to Crysler. Great like everything else the Maunfacturing design faults finally got the better of them and Crysler

builds pouring into engine cavity the dash shakes so violently the dash has cracked the air-con broke down the plastic door arm rest has come apart at its joins other repairs have already been done that actually caused the engine compartment to like a 20yr vehicle. The motorhome is a born to be a motorhome so it is a C class motorhome built by Jayco. Quite frankly I dont care who actually owns fiat

FIAT DUCATO ducato 2.8 td

hi got a motorhome 2.8 2001 got no power to window motors and elec mirrors fuses all ok and power to fuse box .window motors both ok but no power can any body help please ..

Up date on fiat 2.8 itd. ducato motorhome. Just had the problem fixed. Blown fuse behind dash driver side right up bulkhead in side cab would never have found it myself powers windows and mirrors and a bad connection to drivers side window motor. hope this helps somebody if same problem.

FIAT DUCATO Help it stinks

Hi guys a quick question to all and all guys ive got a fiat ducato 2000 Hymer motorhome 1.9TD ive recently had a new clutch fitted dont know if this is relivent or not guys when i took the van out the weekend had the window open and at a certain speed i kept getting a horrible gassey like smell entering through the window close the window no smell so window open smell enters the cab it smells like

FIAT DUCATO II workshop manual fiat ducato 2.8 idTD 1999

Hallo All I am new at this forum but I would like to ask if someone can help me with a copy of a Workshop manual of a fiat ducato 2.8.idTD 1999 or any web address or link where I can find this thank you all very much in advance. Axel

Hi. Welcome to the FF. Both dashboard and heating system are in the manual. Click on the Procedures tab at the top of the page then select the category you want to see. . Attached Thumbnails     __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper motor (NEW) Croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514   Quote  

FIAT DUCATO blown fuse

i have a fiat ducato 2.8jtd motorhome 2004 and the fuse for the electric windows and central locking keeps blowing. It went some few weeks ago and I replaced it and all was well for only a few days. Now it blows straight away when I try to use the windows or central locking. Any advice please on what might be the cause and how to find out whether its the windows or locking thats the problem.

FIAT DUCATO X250 Ducato 2.3JTD Alternator fault

I have 2008 ducato 2.3JTD and just suddenly it stopped charging. After few days of not using I started the engine and the revs started to go up and few minutes later the charging light went on. Unfortunately the alternator is not in the most service friendly position. Can anyone help me with removing the alternator. I mean what is the easiest way to access to top bolt (what do I need to remove). As

All the front panels headlights etc are bolted on and can be taken off for maintenance like removing the alternator. The drive belts are stretch to fit - no adjustment. There is a special tool for stretching them on but some people manage to do it with a screwdriver without causing damage. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise

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