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FIAT DUCATO Ducato Central locking and electric window problem

Hi I have a RHD 2002 ducato and the electric windows and central locking is not working any suggestions. I tried all connections in the drivers door and they are fine the electric mirrors are still working No fuses appear blown either. Regards Rod

I have a ducato 244 Maxi van. I had the cab valeted a while ago and on my return to pick it up it was like brand new. Alas soon the fuses for the brakes and the webasto heater began to blow or the instruments all failed. So I took the van van to a garage (I was hundreds of miles from home) and the guy there took a look. He told me that the whole fuse boxes on both sides where covered in a thick layer

Sounds like ectoplasm time to call an exorcist or maybe ghost busters. Seriously though i dont understand how the valet company could have sprayed the fuseboxes they are covered. windows and central locking module is behind the dash by the glove box there is also a controller circuit behind the hazard switch. Id start by removeing and cleaning the contact on those. I had all sorts of phantom issues

FIAT DUCATO Electric Windows & Central Locking

Hi I have a 2005 ducato that I wish to fit ewindows and central locking to. Does anyone here have any recommendations as to kitsmanufacturers etc. and any experiance if its a whopper of a job Thanks

Checkout the original equipment parts it may be possible to fit them easily if the wiring harness is already in place. Otherwise you could consider . For central locking these kits are not that difficult to fit and very cheap Ive only ever seen relatively expensive kits for lecky windows so Id go for the fiat parts. Some of the aftermarket ones are just like a wiper motor in a pod that fits in place of the winder and is pretty naff IMHO.

FIAT DUCATO Help electric windows

Hi Guys just bought a 2002 2.0JTD swb it is fitted with Centre locking and electric windows it has just lost the power to windows and I have also noticed that the Clock has gone down ( one window stuck open.) Any idea where the main fuses are or any ideas have found some fuses near driver side but all seem good. I do not have a manual as yet Help Regards Glenn

If all the fuses are ok (double check) there is a control module underneath the top centre of dash however from memory recheck the lower left fuse in the drivers side fusebox. If there is a short in locking system it takes out the fuse which also supplies the windows.

Thanks have check to see if there is 12v at window switches and the switches do seem to be switching the the voltage down ther correct pin on the back of the switch. The passenagers (ns) fuse box did have a 30 amp fuse blown in it but this have been now replaced and still no luck. the van had a radio place in the it by the garage just before the van was pick up I have now removed it as it was a poor

FIAT DUCATO Window Problem

Hello everyone Well heres my first post did do a search first but still not sure I have a 2003 2.8 JTD & the passenger window stopped working read a few things on here first stripped the passenger panel off after I had checked every fuse on both sides all ok. There is a click on the motor when pressing the switch gave it a few knocks even tried pulling it down when someone pressed the switch. there

just under the top of dash but you need to remove alot of trim to get to it and its a module so loads of wires End of the day the mkotor clicks just check that at the 2 wires on the motor you have a live and a earth if so...needs motor thats all there is to it ourden thanked for this post

FIAT DUCATO Ducato wiring Diagram

Hi...does anyone know if there is a wiring Diagram available for a 2003 ducato 2.8JTD or recommend where such an item might be found acquiredbought Its required to investigate a fault whereby the passenger door electric window doesnt operate on either door switch and its been proven that the motor works OK. Therefore the finger of suspicion points to the expensive looking relay module but it would be good to eliminate any other factors before replacing the module Thanks

FIAT DUCATO Ducato Flasher Relay

Hi fellas this is my first post so I hope its in the right place and I havent cocked it up. Can anyone please tell me exactly which screws and dash cover to remove to gain access to the flasher unit. I can hear it clicking away merrily behind the dash somewhere when I put the flashers on. My vehicle is a 2006 model 2.3TD motorhome (old shape). The problem is with the radio on I cannot hear the clicking

theres a lockingelectric window control module in that area however I would pick up the wiring as they go out the cab into the engine bay. The 2 indicator feeds to supply the sirendevice with 2 diodes in the circuit. However from memory passenger side lower dash trim upper trim and large pocket at top of dash nearside.

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