fiat ducato window handle

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fiat ducato window handle I 290
fiat ducato window handle I 290

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FIAT DUCATO x244 electric window

hi guys newbie here i have just bought a 2005 2.3 jtd with an os elec window problem whats happening is the window starts to move and stops then emits a gear slipping sound if i assist by pushing the window updown it will move but sounds rough any ideas and is there a write up on the removal of the door panel and the window mech many thanks in advance

You can download the factory manual here its easy enough to remove you need torx philips and alan drivers and a screwdriverpry tool for the panel clips rivets. From memory wind window down (may need to be pulled after door trims and panels removed. Remove screws from grab handle lift handle at rear to clear door button pivot to clear door lock handle. Remove screws from door pocket speaker grille

FIAT DUCATO I 290 sources for classic parts 19988 90 era

Hi looking for sources of a few non-service items ducato chassis 1988 built 2.5 D window winder handle Camper type vitaloni mirror lenses any help MUCH appreciated thanks Charlie

FIAT DUCATO Door card removal

Hi Im looking at fitting ew and cl to my 2005 ducato and need to remove the door card - can anyone help with how to remove the manual window winder handles please Thans JDS

Originally Posted by Markwhitevanman did you find out how to do it let me know too help Yes. There are torx bolts in the armrest door handle and map bin. Remove these to leave the card its self. To remove the window winder look down between the door card and the handle and there is a small circlip - remove this with a screwdriver or long nose pliers and the handle will just pull off. Then GENTLY use

FIAT DUCATO Draughty Cab

My 53 plate 2.8JTD motorhome has a really draughty cab all the rubbers are fine doors fit as they should. someone said block the vents in the door as pic. Is this wise or any other ideas please.

Whilst there is a membrane it generally doesnt form a complete seal. So from personal experience the draughts find their way in around the door handle the window winders past the interior window rubbers and anywhere else it has any chance. Sealing the trailing edge door vents with duct tape siginficantly reduces this. The problem with motorhome conversions is that any fixed ventilation (of which there

FIAT DUCATO Potential Duc owner

Hi Guys I am considering purchasing a ducato swb 1.9tdi 19961998. Can you give me any pointers good and bad please. What mpg do you get and are parts expensivehard to get I take it they all have pas . I am a plumber and so do not need too much load space just a reliable secure van. Thanks for any infomation offered. Pete

Hi Pete Im a sparks and I drive a 02 Doblo JTD SX 100bhp of turbo diesel fun Ok I know its not a Duc but its well worth looking at one they have loads of space up to 6 doors. They drive well handle well easy to park easy to negotiate narrow gateposts. My one has no rear windows and a steel bulkhead so my gear is safe Only setback is seeing behind but you cant have it both ways. Incidently make sure

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