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fiat doblo wishbone I 119 223
fiat doblo wishbone I 119 223

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FIAT DOBLO wishbone change

i need to change the wishbones on my doblo. can anyone give me any useful tips

Dont do it in the rain o) sorry couldnt resist.

Couldnt believe you richie121.How many time have we been wet under one of your cars.

Originally Posted by 007licenced2thrill Couldnt believe you richie121.How many time have we been wet under one of your cars. I hold a brolly now and again c u soon mate Hope ur mates oki know how much u like him

Why are you going near the springs Undo ball joint nut then separate balljoint from hub. Undo the the 2 main bolts connecting arms to chassis (there are 2 more smaller bolts from memory) and fit new arm and refit in reverse. Arms come with balljoint.

Posted by T14086 Why are you going near the springs Thanks for reply T14086 - Just thought that there would be tension being applied from the springs onto the lower suspension and was thinking that the tension could be clamped so as not to hinder the removal. If this is not the case then happy days Is it necessary to normally remove the dischub to get at the ball joint or are the ball joints on doblos

Yeah I just hit with hammer until ball joint separates but a splitter is useful. I have access to a lift ramp which makes it so much easier especially when lining up the bolts which can be a bit tricky...leave them all slack until all the bolts are in then tighten.

Have you had a look at your engine mounts Melv101 Mine spasmatically snatched to the left and Im thinking the broken vulcanised rubber in the bottom mount was a make factor. Cant say as my motor as decided not to start since I done my wishbonemount repairs. Believe theres three engine mounts - bottom approx. middle of the car a foot back from the engine one under the battery box and top on on drivers side.

FIAT DOBLO how to check lower wishbones driveshafts

hi getting vibration on acceleration not sure if it is driveshafts or lower wishbones any one any idea how to test either. thanks

Neither of these normally cause a vibration upon acceleration but a crank pulley may if it is dual mass (metal centre & pulley section with a rubber sandwich) and wearing or has been removed & replaced slightly out of centre. Let the engine idle and see if you can spot a slight wobble. If not turn it with a socket & ratchet and see if one point is closer to the chassis leg. Ive seen these replaced wrong and it creates a strange vibration. You may also want to see if this is causing your squeal

FIAT DOBLO Front suspension knocking

Hi My doblo (1.9JTD) has an intermittent suspension knock on what I think is the front nearside. Havent really investigated yet by having a good look on my back - wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem and what was the solution and cost The knock is only heard when the wheel falls away i.e. on potholes not bumps. However on cobbles recently the knock was constant as long as I was on cobbles. Any ideas anyone

joint you could try jacking the car up and see if you can feel any play in the wheel you cant allways detect play because of the spring pushing down so you have to lift the wheel realy hard another way is to do what some mot testers do and put a small crow bar onto the top of the wishbone and prize it up where it connects to the bottom part of the hub assembley ive not done one of these on a doblo

FIAT DOBLO Considering buying a Doblo

Greetings dobloids I have joined the forum because my wife and I are seriously consideringa doblo as a replacement for our 2001 Renault Kangoo 4x4. The 1.4 petrol is our likely choice until such time as carmanufacturers sort out the DPF issue. Maybe 30K miles on an 07 plate orthereabouts. I am aware of the problems with the wiper boss the rear doorcatch and the rear suspension bumpstops. Are there

headlamp bulbs are a pig to replace by the way. So I am thinking very hard about replacing it. Mine doesnt have a DPF but I think i could live with one. The new doblos are far too expensive the Qubos are also expensive and i read here of problems I dont need so what am I to get Im still working on it. The new Panda I like but it is small and expensive for what it is so I am now looking away from fiat

FIAT DOBLO Fiat doblo steering rack replacement

Hi i have a 2005 55 plate fiat doblo 1.9 jtd my steering rack makes a cracking noise when i take off in1st and then when i change into 2nd and when turning the cracking noise is coming from the right hand side thought it was the strut mount to start with so i changed the strut mount strut and the track rod end cant be the wishbone as i changed that a few months ago so i am going to replace the steering

FIAT DOBLO Doblo wobble SOS

Hello folks... I really like my doblo but recently its become more of a Woblo. After a month or two of fruitless toil my 2003 JTD Cargo continues to wobble. Please forgive the length of this post but I thought it best to include full details on the symptoms and my as-yet fruitless attempts at curing the problem The Symptoms Moderate to severe wobbleshake on acceleration in all gears from about 1500

FIAT DOBLO I 119 223 2003 1.9jtd sx custom (clutch pedal problem)

Hey Everybody.. SO NEW TO THIS SUPERB SITE 1.9JTD 2003 fiat doblo SX Bought from NEW. Perfect Runner to begin with she really was. kept up to any challenge. THEN she has to sit in a garage for 2 years. BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE THEN THINGS STARTED TO GO WRONG 1 - Bottom wishbone Arm 28K (BRAKES FRONT AND BACK PADS) WnT 2 - Slave Cylinder (TWICE) 32k & 33k 3 - CLUTCH 47k 4 - EVERYTHING TO DO WITHT THE

FIAT DOBLO Gearbox Problem

I am able to select all gears except fourth. I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if anyone has an idea of how to fix it. Cheers

I thought one of the dealer people would have replied by now still doubt if there is much hope of me buying another fiat the only things going for it are MPG & torque 2 side doors and solid bulkhead against are poor ride eats tyres ( dont do motorways all A & B roads) wipers turbo pipe( verrrry expensiv e) clutch & flywheel breaks & discs ( ready for another set of discs) 2 lower wishbones door latches

FIAT DOBLO Fiat Doblo 1.9 JTD Cargo

Hi all. Im a new member and Ive just bought a clapped out 04 doblo Cargo 1.9 Jtd . Needs new ball joints possibly wishbones as it pulls to the right when I accelerate and straightens up on deceleration. Im going to give it a full service and 4 new tyres. Well worth it as it only has 86k on it. Whats the best workshop manual to use Anyone know Link Why dont Haynes do a BLOODY MANUAL Annoying.

FIAT DOBLO doblo cargo swerves on acceleration

hi i picked up an 06 doblo cargo 1.3 multijet a couple of months ago and ive noticed that when you accelerate hardish the van pulls to the middle of the road ive also noticed the inside of the tyre wearing unevenly the guy i bought it from had just had the tracking checked giving me the idea he knew something was wrong with the steering im guesing its either trackrod ends having play and not holding the true line or steering rack bit im not 100% sure any ideas guys cheers in advance

wishbones maybe I needed new ones at around 85000 and mine was pulling to one side under acceleration. The bushes wear but it is apparently as cheap to change the whole thing as extract and replace the rubber bits. Just an idea.

Agree I am also inclined to think that this is a bush that has play in it in the wishbone. If you change it yourself dont tighten the bolts with the wishbone unloaded but do it with the suspension at its normal running position. That ensures that the new bushes last longer.

FIAT DOBLO Someone bashed my Dobby

Grrrrrr........ Just when you get a car that you like and its doing everything you expect of it someone comes along and spoils it. I was sitting in the car with the engine off having a cuppa when someone drove into the front. Coffee all over me Needs a new bumper and wing. Luckily the other drivers insurer played ball straight away and its gone off to be fixed. Oh well I suppose its one way to get the stone chips tidied-up at the front

I read you post on the 500 Yobbo and largely agree but then the 500 is not intended to be a universal car it has been sold from day one as a fashion icon and the selling technique has worked brilliantly. I am in the miserable situation of having a doblo that is becoming tired. its had new wishbones two bits of exhaust new wiper mechanism a new radiator the usual replcement items including all new brakes

FIAT DOBLO I 119 223 2004 Steering Problem

Hi all my 1.3 doblo has developed a weird steering fault and was hoping someone here may have seen the problem before. Basically when i am driving around the 40mph mark and accelerate hard the car pulls to the right and when i back off the throttle the car then pulls back to the left. The car is also very unstable on the motorway i think the best way to explain it is very similar feeling as when a

Hifrom symptoms its the front lower wishbone front bushs wornsplitallows the arm to move forward and back when acceleratedeceleratecommon faultcan be lower ball joints worn but these usually produce knocking noise on uneven groundrather than steering fault. Ive had these wishbones cracked through on rear mounting as well so I would get it checkedrepaired urgently. wishbones are available as pattern

FIAT DOBLO New guy needs help with uneven tyre wear

Hi Ive owned my 05 1.9jtd high roof taxi for about five years and it has always worn the outside edges of its tyres. The wishbones have been replaced recently but the wear is the same. Im thinking too much positive camber is the problem. Im wondering if lowering the front would remove some of the positive camber Does anyone know if the later facelifted doblos have shorter front springs Any help is appreciated guys

Originally Posted by sned Hi Ive owned my 05 1.9jtd high roof taxi for about five years and it has always worn the outside edges of its tyres. The wishbones have been replaced recently but the wear is the same. Im thinking too much positive camber is the problem. Im wondering if lowering the front would remove some of the positive camber Does anyone know if the later facelifted doblos have shorter

FIAT DOBLO Nearside suspension knock

Hi. The doblo has developed quite a loud and hard knock when lightly turning to the right and the nearside front wheel goes over patched roads or a poor surface. I have checked the anti roll bar bushes track rod ends lower balljoint and the wishbones all show no play at all. The only thing I do see is on the top mount on the nearside the rubber is very badly split and is coming away from the metal

FIAT DOBLO I 119 223 Non starting 1.9JTD 105 05 reg

Plea for advice and help please Ive got a 1.9JTD 8 valve 105 doblo diesel that doesnt want to start. Initially my suspicions are fuel starvation. A couple of weeks back I was starting to get problems with it cutting out after start up. Car would start and run OK until I came to a junction and it would just cut out with a flashing glow plug light evident. Car would restart no problems straight away


My 131 mirafiori had terminal rust at about 5 years so my 06 plate dob isnt doing so bad.

the wishbone attachment point. The paint probably came of in the first year this will again last for a fair while. Pic 5. Seam rust - prod with a screw driver that will be solid. Dont scratch because you will damage the protection underneath alowing moisture to attack bare steel. Clean it up by all means and treat but again that is normal on a lot of cars. If it were a structural area of the car fiat

are being greased because I am told they may not get through the next MOT in August. I still have my original and very rusty back box but the rest of the exhaust has ben replaced once in 95000 and I dare say is in a bad state again. All the surface rust you show is normal for all cars and none of it will kill the car. The worn oily and electrical bits will have killed it long before then Also fiats

FIAT DOBLO Ball joint lower suspension arm

HI My doblo has just failed mot on nearside front suspension arm has excessive play in a ball joint. He showed me offending ball joint and said that as it is riveted in I will probably need a complete suspension arm Is this correct. My normal parts supplier GSF list a lower ball joint .How do I this. do I grind or drill out the rivets Help someone must have done this job and I havent found any info

I had to have my front wishbones done a few months ago. The mechanic said that it was possible to get the bushesjoints out but it was so laborious and time consuming that it was cheaper to just change the wishbones. I am totally incapable of doing anything myslelf so the decision was made for me. But my car has needed a lot of expensive replacememts recently.

FIAT DOBLO Possible Doblo owner

Hi all Ive sneaked in from the Panda forum as Im in the need of a small mpv or even a small van to keep our Panda company. As a fiat freak Im naturally drawn to the doblo but could do with some help spotting a good one. Im not Sterling Moss and arent going to lug heavy stuff so was thinking of the 1.3 multijet or a later 1.4 petrol (later 1.4 might be a stretch on my budget) or at a push the 1.9 multijet.

Check out wishbones and track rod ends as they tend to go on them my 02 & 04 dobbies both have had this problem and it runs off the inside of the drivers tyre. Clutch I am not sure I have been driving with a loose bearing in mine for about 2yrs. Keep an eye on altenator belt pre-tensioner and be an expensive repair if the belt comes off.

FIAT DOBLO Doblo handling problems

Hi I have a 2008 1.9 doblo which is giving me a few problems especially on motorways as under accelleration it pulls to the right and when you let the throttle of it pulls to the left. This seams to happen after i changed the front struts top bearing which were both siezed. If anyone elese has experienced this problem it would be much appreciated if you could let me know what the problem is. Thanks Michael

When mine did this it was because the wishbones needed replacing. The bushes were worn and it was no more expensive to change the lot according to the dealer. Anyway the car ran like new afterwards. Although mine was nine years old when this began and had done about 90K.

FIAT DOBLO doblo wobble

i have an 02 doblo elx jtd 1.9. the problem i have is when im accelerating on a motorway the front end wobbles when i hit 40mph. it stops at 60ph. ive had the balancing and tracking done and cv joints and bottom arms etc checked and all fine. any ideas as this is really peeing me off.

Mine developed a wobble. There was also torque steer and it pulled to one side when I put my foot down. I actually had to fight to stay in control and it got dangerous. It was the front bushes. They changed the wishbones as they told me the bushes are difficult to remove independently and the price difference would have been minimal or probably nothing at all. Its perfect now.

Hello. Right I have every thing loaded that I would normally and it is not sitting on the rear springs there is about an inch gap. So they are bump stops. just very big ones. It was something I read elsewhere and the size of them made me think that they were often sat upon. Cheers for the link for the spring assisters I discovered them earlier and I am pondering getting a set to help with the weight

FIAT DOBLO Doblo 1.9 diesel engine - is it really crop

Hi all I bought a 2002 doblo 1.9 diesel van last week to find this week that the head gasket has gone . The van has done a genuine 35k miles with FSH. My local fiat dealer says that from their experience they will likley not replace the head gasket. On asking about pressure testing and skimming it was his opinion that they would only look at replacing the head in its entirety. That message says a lot

mines a 2002 1.9d just got the mpv body same engin as yours 140000 changed altinator wishbone wheel bearing and brake pads and shoes

Originally Posted by shellmast mines a 2002 1.9d just got the mpv body same engin as yours 140000 changed altinator wishbone wheel bearing and brake pads and shoes Thanks shellmast for that - I think that makes you the first to write in with good news on the 1.9 non turbo engine that I can find everyone else seems to be on the JTD which we know is the best engine of the two.

FIAT DOBLO My Doblo....

My first fiat .Wifey gonna use it for her sweet stall... anything to watch out for Attached Thumbnails         __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   05-04-2013   2 blu73 Mk1 Punto Mod   Join Date Nov 2004 Location near Gloucester

Hi Great cars. The things to look out for are all over this site but wheel tracking etc. and the fact that the wiper linkages can fail are possibly the most common problems. Mine had replacement front wishbones at about 80K and a replacement wiper motor and linkages at c.30K but apart from that nothing much other than replaceables. I sold it at 100K with the back silencer box still intact. I had the

Hi Well my 03 JTD is running as well as ever. I had the cambelt replaced once and it is due for another and one of the glow plugs hasnt worked for two years but that doesnt seem to make any difference. Im concerned about the life of the clutch - 90000 miles and the brake pipes might need replacing (rust) next month. Ive had new wishbones (bushes) and a new radiator (leak) plus a few bits and pieces

FIAT DOBLO Pulls to the left

Hi guys my 2004 1.9jtd doblo pulls to the left while driving I have had the driveshaft changed which reduced the pulling tho it is still thereI have had the wheels tracked and balanced as well. Any ideas what it could beanyone had same issues Thanks

Hihave you checked the lower wishbone front bushs are not split or worncommon problem and puts the wisbone slightly out of line and can cause pullingworth checkinghope this helpsJohn.


Problems with my clutch- now theres a shock Can press the pedal about an inch before any resistance felt- guessing a master cylinder failure Booked in for a look to tell me whats wrong and prices on Tuesday. What with the heater matrix failure wiper linkage failure and now this all in 18 months I wont be the owner of a doblo by the end of the year.

Oh forgot about the bottom wishbones failing on the front sus- rubber bushes wore out on it.... Seems a never ending stream of faults oh the rear barn door latches fell apart as well. Feels like a Friday afternoon car to me this. Probably going to get a Tranny Connect LWB. Slightly bigger so the bikes will go in easier and hopefully better built

FIAT DOBLO alloy wheels

What size alloy wheels can I fit ona 2004 doblo van Will other fiat wheels fit Is the PCD the same as other fists Finally best offset 2 use Thanks Marc

205 40 17 is sweet but runs ride a little rough but very good when cornering. did not really notice much more drag from the extra wide wheels. also 4x98 is PCD dont rub on full lock no nothing one thing to take into account though if you go for this size is too keep and eye on the tracking and lower wishbone bushs as these seem to take a battering. Rock on

What is the width of the 17s u have Many thanks Marc Originally Posted by Scott7763725272 205 40 17 is sweet but runs ride a little rough but very good when cornering. did not really notice much more drag from the extra wide wheels. also 4x98 is PCD dont rub on full lock no nothing one thing to take into account though if you go for this size is too keep and eye on the tracking and lower wishbone bushs as these seem to take a battering. Rock on

FIAT MAREA 185 Looking for a weekend keep your eyes peeled please guys )

as title i will be looking for a weekend soon (couple of months or so) due to the impending arrival of my first lilun (will be the better halfs second hence the need to upgrade) my plan of attack is to try and get hold of a decent shell (no rust minimal dents etc) for as little as possible with engine woes and then swap everything over from my HGT (has some dubious and worrying signs of crash damage

Ill be putting mine up for sale (on fiat Forums classified pages of course) in about 3 or 4 weeks. Its a W reg JTD130. Currently with no MOT but thats why itll be 3 or 4 weeks yet. Low milage (72K) recon gearbox and new clutch about 7K ago. Belts and pulleys changed at 57K. Service history to 46K and then serviced by the independent I always use since. Loads of other new bits over the last 2 years.

FIAT MULTIPLA why buy a multipla

hello thinking about buying a multipla anybody out there with advice what to look for. any does or donts are parts expensivewhat mpg are they worth buying.

Another view I have owned two Multiplas both bought secondhand a 2000 1.9JTD (sold on with 160k miles) which last year was changed for a 2006 1.9 multijet eleganza (today 48k miles). Love the Multiplas for all the reasons stated - there is nothing remotely like them for 6 passengers in terms of room visibility etc and yet they are not a van (sorry doblo owners). I do a lot of my own maintenance. They

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