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FIAT DOBLO Wiper Mechanism

Some weeks ago I bought a small ball joint from a local engineering shop. The idea was to repair the wipers on the doblo. The ball joint for the linkage to the passenger wiper kept falling apart but you have to buy the whole assembly to renew even the smallest part. This week a customer who also has a doblo van gave me a spare wiper assembly. She had renewed hers for a different fault so the balljoint

robbed from the donor assembly worked OK until a few weeks ago. This time it was the drivers wiper that kept coming adrift. Obviously this is more serious that losing the passenger wiper. Also when its the drivers one it shoots past the dge of the screen and wraps round the edge of the door scratching the paintwork into the bargain I had to drive to Dumbarton last Sunday to pick up a motorbike (doblo

It would be a workable system I too bought a new linkage after mine failed coming over Snake pass on a cold rainy night... With some miles of the M6062 still to do... With no driver side wiper... butchered the old linkage enough that it wouldnt fall off and drove slowly home on intermittent... Will get pics of the modified linkages. But must say they do look pretty darn good. All turned items are er

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FIAT DOBLO Problems with my Doblo

Hi I have just been given my Dads 53 dobloELX JTD and am having a couple of problems with it - I am sure these questions have already been answered on the forum but I cant find exactly what I am looking for... First prob is that rear lights are not working - the bulbs and fuse have been checked (not by me I am useless with cars) and they seem to be working. I hear I may need a new switch (near brake

FIAT DOBLO Doblo - the ultimate MPV

Is it when taking all things into account............. cheap to buy cheap to run decent engine plenty of space but can it be described as comfortable reliable etc

Comfortable yes. Conditional upon the steering needing to have a reach adjustment to be perfect and the wind noise being a bit too much sometimes. The ride isnt too bad but can get jiggly. Reliable yes. Problems with wiper mechanism collapse aux belt collapse and the dual mass clutches. But by and large very good cars and since I learnt yesterday that a colleagues new Skoda has just melted its fan and engine cover and sprung an oil leak and that a two year old Honda Civic has also been taken in with a blown up engine I really cant complain about my lovely seven year old bus. And very good value for money all things considered because they are no less comfortable and often far more so than conventional cars that cost the same or more. Lots of room and a commanding seating position and storage for stuff everywhere are added bonuses. The new 2010 cars appear to build on this with added quietness better stereos better economy and even more room for stuff. And the integrated sat-nav has to be worth having. Now add the apparently far better ride and class leading handling and the car has to be a winner. I love the look of it too but then i was very drawn to the oddity and cleverness of the original. However the new one seems expensive. We shall have to wait and see for the reality but I will certainly take a test drive. In short Id rather go on a long journey or a short one in the doblo than most other cars i know and the reliability isnt bad at all. They are fun to drive Great cars and my favourite fiat models.

FIAT DOBLO buying advice

Hi My Mums neighbour is interested in the doblo. He and his wife are both in their 60s and he has a blue badge. He currently drives a Citroen Picasso (the third one hes had) but doesnt like this latest models hard ride and high seating. He likes the look of the doblo and thinks it could be a practical alternative. Could people write up their experiences - good and bad - so that I can pass them on to him Thanks Mark (on behalf of Dick &Shirley)

First of all theres a whole new model coming out in the autumn so either wait or get one of the current cars at a big discount. Id look at the Qubo very comfortable not too big sliding doors for shopping ease but again after the autumn when hopefully it will get the more powerful engines it needs - more economical too. As for the current doblo... Great car light steering easy to park lots of room lots of storage inside sliding doors making getting shopping in the rear easy great visibility economical (not petrols). Great turning circle fun to drive. Faults the wipers can pack up suddenly and need a new mechanism clutches have been known to fail the brakes a re a bit spongy indicators cancel too soon sometimes indicators are not loud enough some people have problems with the new DPFs (Diesel particulate filters) but less than on most makes and this as a result of too many short journeys. In sum a very good car. But Id tell them to wait until later in the year. Manufacturers are re-tooling now for next years models so unless they want a really good deal now is probably not the time to buy. And fiat has some great new engines coming. PandaMark thanked for this post

FIAT DOBLO Doblo problems and hints on repair

Im new to the forum so I though you might like my hints of the doblo. I have owned mine for the last two years clocking up 92000 miles hard motoring. Of coarse I have had some faults and here they are. 1. Engine overheated without warning resulting in new engine fitted at 21000 miles. Damaged head apparently. 2. Central locking system would not unlock rear doors. Luckily I was able to open them from

FIAT DOBLO New Doblo pix

A couple of shots of the new doblo. Looks smart and not based on the Berlingo good

Im not sure its uglier but I agree about the mirrors. And they have repeaters on them in the current fashion very useful that when they get swiped. And the round air vents on the dash have gone too My real concerns are with the wiper mechanism the auxiliary belt drive and the clutch mechanism all weaknesses with the present car which may so easily be carried over. Oh and wind noise around the front

FIAT DOBLO Rear sliding doors on Taxis

How many of you taxi drivers out there have had problems with passangers not being able to open or close the rear doors or traping their fingers or hands when they do manage to close them. LET ME KNOW

Hi Im not a taxi driver but I do carry passengers and they often have the same problems. Mines an 03 which means that the easiest way to release the door from inside is to use the far arm cross it over the chest and so get a better push on the relase button. Pasengers instinctively use their near arms and then cant depress the button properly. Explaining this is not easy and so I tend to hop out and

FIAT DOBLO Different electric issues

Hi apologies one of my first posts but if you need more info let me know.. I own a 1.9 JTD doblo which has run pretty well but over the last couple of weeks Ive noticed different issues with my electrics 1. The fuel gauge all of a sudden drops and then goes back up again but everything else is fine car runs normally 2. The following day the inidicator started to flash very quickly and the bulb wasnt

Originally Posted by faganidge 1. The fuel gauge all of a sudden drops and then goes back up again but everything else is fine car runs normally 2. The following day the inidicator started to flash very quickly and the bulb wasnt working then worked normally 3. Yetserday the electric window on the drivers side works when going down but now pops out of place when trying to put it back up 4. Today the

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