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fiat doblo roof rail II 263 152

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FIAT DOBLO Doblo Roof rails

Hi all as of today i am a new member I am a new owner of a doblo 1.9 2008 model. I am looking for a set of Longitudinal roof bars for this car any suggestions as to the best place to source them.

Do a search for roof rails at the top of this section my thoughts are included in amongst the threads - my rails are now a few years old it is possible that there are newer better versions on the market (made specifically for the doblo rather than generic).

ebay usually some about or

Originally Posted by fronteratech ebay usually some about or _CarParts_SM&hashitem3ca1338525 Those first 2 links are the same company & the rails look identical to mine - I would avoid

FIAT DOBLO Roof rails on ebay

There are some aftermarket roof rails on ebay at the moment. Sorry I dont know how to put a link on for it. Description is roof rail set fiat doblo. Auction number is 360021306334. Has anyone had any experience of these bars i.e. do they fit Any comments would be welcome before I spend my hard earned cash.

there has been plenty of discussion about roof rails take a look here for starters

Originally Posted by Rustymini There are some aftermarket roof rails on ebay at the moment. Sorry I dont know how to put a link on for it. Description is roof rail set fiat doblo. Auction number is 360021306334. Has anyone had any experience of these bars i.e. do they fit Any comments would be welcome before I spend my hard earned cash. heres the link doblo roof rails they look like the same type that Sludgeguts has got I think...

Yep same as the ones I have - but a different seller. httpwww.fiatforum.comdoblo11117...ailable-2.html Mine were from ebay seller who also comments on that thread & cost about &16390 all told so those in the OP are a bargain. Have to say that although they arent a perfect fit (the footprint doesnt fit the recesses in the roof) they complete the look far better than the cheapo plastic screws fiat leave behind . And they have served their purpose many times over.

Actually comparing my pics with those those look to have shorter end pieces & more rounded mine look longer & have a more gradual sweep down to the roof

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FIAT DOBLO Roof railings - now it looks all proper

I have seen several threads here regarding the absence of proper roof railings for the doblo. Its a tall car alright the doblo but I too felt it would work better with the railings. And found them. A Czech company (again ) is manufacturing them. I got them installed the last day of the year 2007 and they are perfect. Since I am not yet allowed to include links type the words neumann and railings into

You can order roof rails if you buy new so there must be a few doblos out there with genuine fiat roof rails. Sludgeguts has the after market roof rails too although IIRC they werent a perfect fit...they look the dogs doo dahs though

See my thoughts on these rails... httpwww.fiatforum.comdoblo11117...ailable-2.html The plugs (bolt covers) quickly became lost so I simply packed a load of clear sealant into the holes. I have to say that the overall effect is rather good & the rails have served their purpose. For ladders etc I use a couple of pieces of wood (courtesy of an old pallette) slung under the rails (so touching the square

Originally Posted by Broadpete Marcin - weather and your doblo look great Are those Winter tyres to help with the snow How is the doblo in the snow I paid around PLN 700 which is pretty much what you have calculated. That was including tax and then an extra PLN 50 to get them fitted - it was late December mind you. doblo works just fine in the snow - I run Brigestone Blizzaks which I have managed to

The quest still continues........... This photo is (I think) from a motorshow in Turkey (where Dobs are made ) and look at the great roof rails. (Probably need to click photo to get bigger size). Anyone got any mates in Turkey Ive tried translating roof rack into Turkish and using Google but no success. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Peter Hayes doblo 1.9 (120) Dynamic 2007   Quote

The rails are really useful Ive had mine for about a year. (original thread... httpwww.fiatforum.comdoblo11117...ailable-2.html ) Have to say that the chrome rails is now a bit tarnished but they have served their purpose. Still looking for cheap & stowable crossbars. If I can get the right things Im thnking about mounting a tube inside the roof to slide the rails into. there is loads of storage potential on the underside of the roof.

Cheers Sludgesaw your old thread whilst searching on the subjectonly went for these cos they look a different designespecially that rear attachment pointfor those interested have a look at d4x4 Product Gallery for these. Heres hoping anyway cos I dont want any roof dimples and waterproofing is crucial up here in Sunny Scotland (meant to be aluminium rather than chrome too) Intrigued by your idea of

I would be very interested to know what you think of the roof rails as I have looked at those as well. For info I bought the sun shades for my 08 doblo and they have been great although have been unable to fit the shades to the rear sliding windows as the new type doblo has some padded trim on the door which the shade does not fit around.

Sorry guyslifes a bit too hectic to get round to roof rails and forums just nowthey did arriveall very well packagedvery impressed with the quality of the rails and good fittingsdid a quick eye up on the roof holes and they look okjust need some more hours in the day to get round to it. The steel cross bars are not as pretty as the ally ones but functional for my purpose. Obviously I cant fully recommend the rails til I fit them but they look the mutts nutswill come back to you asap...

FIAT DOBLO Doblo Roof Rails

Anyone know if you can get roof rails that run from the front to the back of a doblo Dont want the roof rack bars that go sideways across the car just the lengthways rails. It lists longitudinal roof bars in the catalogue as well as roof bars but the local dealer couldnt find anything in the parts catalogue. Just ordered a brand-spanking new doblo - cant wait for it to arrive. Took one out for a test

FIAT DOBLO II 263 152 263 2011 Doblo - best aftermarket roof rails

Hi I have bitten the bullet and bought a 2011 doblo Eleganza (2 Ltr diesel). No parallel roof bars fitted so wonder what the best solution is to fit aftermarket barsfiat bars. I need advice on where to look and what to look for I think it is possible to buy 3 cross bars that fit directly on to the roof but need confirmation of this or advice otherwise (and where to buy them). I have a roof box so need

Thanks. I will look at eBay. Is yours a version 2 doblo Would these sort of bars be ok on a new model At least no rush..... Thanks again.

FIAT DOBLO Single longitudinal roof rail to attach an awning

Have read through many of the threads on here regards roof rails and a few about front to back rails . Ive just had a pop-up roof installed to my doblo to use it for camping-its fab. The plastic roof rail studs are still useable so great. Down one side of the car Id like to fix a single rail to which I could attach a drive away awning for my camping trips. Sounds simple enough. The rail I can cobble

Yes it is just a threaded hole (OK a hole in the roof with a nut welded to the underside.). I would suggest using a bit of plumbers PTFE or similar just to make extra sure no water can seep in it also acts as a locking mechanism for the bolt to prevent it accidentally working loose.

FIAT DOBLO doblo roof rails

Hi all im just wondering if anyone has any nice roof rails that you can put roof bars onto to carry loads and take off afterwards and if so where did you get them from and how much many thanks

Thers been much discussion about rails. Heres my take httpwww.fiatforum.comdoblo13355...ails-ebay.html Which also includes links to my original pics. Ebay rails not the best fit. IMO they improve the look - this motor should come with rails. But cheap to buy & easy to fit also been used many many times to carry everything from ladders to sheets of wood fence panels etc. derbydoblo thanked for this post

You can buy a roof rail kit from fiat to fit yourself same as rails ordered as an option. Part number 98812852 however cost is 312 quid incl vat.

FIAT DOBLO Roof rails on hi-roof Dobl

Ive been reading various threads about fitting aftermarket roof rails to the dobbie but cant find anything related to the hi-roof version. On this model the roof will have to be drilled in order to fit roof rails as on the top of the roof four small recessed areas for fitting the rails are present but there are no holes. I am aware of at least one forum members mod to fit roof rails to the hi-roof model so Id appreciate any pointer and comments to the right direction Thanks in advance

Excellent writeup Ron Nicely complemented by your scheme and pic Would it be possible to make tag or maybe make a sticky The above info is going to useful to others no doubt. I have a question (possibly more I cant think of just now -D ) - how difficultfiddly is to remove the ceiling cover trim and to put it back correctly Again thanks so much

Yeah quite right Im buying a foldable stepladder to access the roof Im also fitting a narrow long roofbox to carry my gear so I have the other half of the roofbars free for my longboard Will take pics ASAP. Thanks again for all your help Poperon very much appreciated

FIAT DOBLO roof rails for doblo

Can any one tell me if its possible to get rails rather than bars and if so where from. All i can find is pictures .

Novitech do some but you wont be able to add bars onto them after (go to their shop section for prices ). If you look at this thread and go to the last post you can see a different type but as you say have not been able to find these anywhere. I will try and contact the guy who owns that doblo but hes foreign so there may be a language barrier

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