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fiat doblo roof rail bars I 119 223
fiat doblo roof rail bars I 119 223

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FIAT DOBLO Doblo Family - roof bars

Firstly Id like to say hello to everyone on the forum. Ive been reading the posts for some time but only recently registered on the site. My doblo is a 1.9JTD Family model - bought second-hand last October with about 12000 miles on the clock. So far the car has been a revelation - excellent to drive plenty of space for 7 and good fuel economy. Its only been used for shortish motorway trips (100 miles)

Hi Ive got the doblo family too. If you want the longitudinal roof bars you have to buy a doblo with the bars already fitted as this is an optional extra fitted at the factory only. As your car has no roof rails you will need either the 3 bars from fiat or some from Halfords or Thule or whatever. I bought the fiat ones. These come in 2 types standard or Topline. I went for the cheaper standard ones.

Thanks Ozzie the roofbox I bought was a real cheapie from ebay. It had fixed mounting points for the U bolts. This is my first roofbox and I presumed that all boxes were like this and you were supposed to slide your bars along the rails to suit your particular box if you see what I mean. Of course you cant do this with the fixed fiat bars so I had to drill new holes in the box. My box isnt really big

Originally Posted by ashy_2002 I bought our roof box from halfords... halfords own brand a long and thin type one............ Had to drill new holes to make it fit over the three bars... also with the oval streamlined silver alloy bars ... try to get a typical cycle carrier to fit.... had to resort to obtaining exhuast clamps (they are oval) and some steel strips drilled to get them to fit mind you they are better than the originals Glad Im not the only one whos had trouble fitting a roofbox to a doblo I still think it would be easier with the rails and sliding bars.

FIAT DOBLO Doblo Roof rails

Hi all as of today i am a new member I am a new owner of a doblo 1.9 2008 model. I am looking for a set of Longitudinal roof bars for this car any suggestions as to the best place to source them.

Originally Posted by fronteratech ebay usually some about or _CarParts_SM&hashitem3ca1338525 Those first 2 links are the same company & the rails look identical to mine - I would avoid

FIAT DOBLO II 263 152 263 2011 Doblo - best aftermarket roof rails

Hi I have bitten the bullet and bought a 2011 doblo Eleganza (2 Ltr diesel). No parallel roof bars fitted so wonder what the best solution is to fit aftermarket barsfiat bars. I need advice on where to look and what to look for I think it is possible to buy 3 cross bars that fit directly on to the roof but need confirmation of this or advice otherwise (and where to buy them). I have a roof box so need

Thanks. I will look at eBay. Is yours a version 2 doblo Would these sort of bars be ok on a new model At least no rush..... Thanks again.

FIAT DOBLO Roof rails on ebay

There are some aftermarket roof rails on ebay at the moment. Sorry I dont know how to put a link on for it. Description is roof rail set fiat doblo. Auction number is 360021306334. Has anyone had any experience of these bars i.e. do they fit Any comments would be welcome before I spend my hard earned cash.

Originally Posted by Rustymini There are some aftermarket roof rails on ebay at the moment. Sorry I dont know how to put a link on for it. Description is roof rail set fiat doblo. Auction number is 360021306334. Has anyone had any experience of these bars i.e. do they fit Any comments would be welcome before I spend my hard earned cash. heres the link doblo roof rails they look like the same type that Sludgeguts has got I think...

FIAT DOBLO Doblo Roof Rails

Anyone know if you can get roof rails that run from the front to the back of a doblo Dont want the roof rack bars that go sideways across the car just the lengthways rails. It lists longitudinal roof bars in the catalogue as well as roof bars but the local dealer couldnt find anything in the parts catalogue. Just ordered a brand-spanking new doblo - cant wait for it to arrive. Took one out for a test

FIAT DOBLO Roof railings - now it looks all proper

I have seen several threads here regarding the absence of proper roof railings for the doblo. Its a tall car alright the doblo but I too felt it would work better with the railings. And found them. A Czech company (again ) is manufacturing them. I got them installed the last day of the year 2007 and they are perfect. Since I am not yet allowed to include links type the words neumann and railings into

Originally Posted by Tango Dioblo Hi Macin Ive tried to find them online but those 2 words arent quite enough (for me at least ) Could you give any more clues Id love to see a picture too when the snow clears - photos make it much easier to see just how good accessories look. Thanks Rob Alright. The weather got a bit better so tomorrow I will try and take a picture. Since I use Thule bars I have already

Ive exchanged some emails with Neumann and the news isnt good. Although they would be happy to ship to the UK the bars arent intended to be fitted to the standard points Amazingly they apparently get rivetted on through clear holes drilled through the roof I quote Message 1 Our technology of fixation includes drilling in the roof and fixation by means of rivets without damaging inside upholstery. As

The quest still continues........... This photo is (I think) from a motorshow in Turkey (where Dobs are made ) and look at the great roof rails. (Probably need to click photo to get bigger size). Anyone got any mates in Turkey Ive tried translating roof rack into Turkish and using Google but no success. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Peter Hayes doblo 1.9 (120) Dynamic 2007   Quote

Hi The roof bars on doblos in Turkey are located front to back and they look really stylish. However they are not really very useful for carrying things unless you lash some wood accross the bars Steve

Originally Posted by SteveinTurkey Hi The roof bars on doblos in Turkey are located front to back and they look really stylish. However they are not really very useful for carrying things unless you lash some wood accross the bars Steve or fit some of these...

Originally Posted by SteveinTurkey Hi The roof bars on doblos in Turkey are located front to back and they look really stylish. However they are not really very useful for carrying things unless you lash some wood accross the bars Steve Exactly the kind of thing I do but then again Im a pikey & not prepared to lay out loads of cash for a couple of metal bars that Ill only use once a flood. The reason

Got your roof rails yet Pleased with them I want to get some sort of roof bars before Whit week and am using your recommendation or not on these bars from Direct 4x4.

FIAT DOBLO doblo roof rails

Hi all im just wondering if anyone has any nice roof rails that you can put roof bars onto to carry loads and take off afterwards and if so where did you get them from and how much many thanks

Originally Posted by big_bird_17 hi Giara.. hope this helps got sum stuff my self from here Ive just put rails on mine from that site. They arent bad although I have to say they arent perfect. See... httpwww.fiatforum.comdoblo11117...ailable-2.html for my pics. Today Ive had to drop some silicon sealant into the holes to cover the bolts. The plugs supplied with the rails seem to have disappeared (well two of them have).

FIAT DOBLO Roof bars from Turkey Has anyone purchased from this company The price looks good but no pics of the actual model makes me cautious.

Have to say they look so much better than mine httpwww.fiatforum.comdoblo11117...ailable-2.html Have to say that although the rails are really useful I have on occasion had to be really careful as the rails almost come apart when strapping on something narrower - I took a couple of single beds to the tip.

FIAT DOBLO roof rails for doblo

Can any one tell me if its possible to get rails rather than bars and if so where from. All i can find is pictures .

Novitech do some but you wont be able to add bars onto them after (go to their shop section for prices ). If you look at this thread and go to the last post you can see a different type but as you say have not been able to find these anywhere. I will try and contact the guy who owns that doblo but hes foreign so there may be a language barrier

FIAT DOBLO Roof rails on hi-roof Dobl

Ive been reading various threads about fitting aftermarket roof rails to the dobbie but cant find anything related to the hi-roof version. On this model the roof will have to be drilled in order to fit roof rails as on the top of the roof four small recessed areas for fitting the rails are present but there are no holes. I am aware of at least one forum members mod to fit roof rails to the hi-roof model so Id appreciate any pointer and comments to the right direction Thanks in advance

Just a quick comment to say that I think those bars look excellent. Great lateral thinking Poperon

FIAT DOBLO Roof Bars - Unexpected Consequences - minor rant

I have always wanted a car with roof bars and the doblo is my first car to have them and very nice they usually look. They are really practical as when you add the cross pieces you can add Top boxes bike racks move that 8 foot sofa yadda yadda yadda..... However (I bet you knew I was about to say that) they come with unexpected consequences. I might not have had them had I known that they would be

How strange. Ive had my rails on for about 5 years & not had that problem

FIAT DOBLO fiat doblo roof rack which one to go for

hi all ive got a 57 plate multijet doblo and lookiing for a good roof rack as ive got t oput the fishing gear on top for going on holidayive seen one on ebay but needed some advice on it i know the rear roller will not fir right as ive got the rear boot door not the van 2 rear doors but in all i think it should fit ok just needed to make sure beofre i bid on it item number 220925834592 unless someone

I cant understand why they dont come up with a set of rails that can be turned through 90 deg to form a pair of bars. Surely its not impossible to have 4 feet bolted to the roof with a pair of rails going front to back & you simply perhaps unlock a couple of clips & turn the rails to meet a footplate on the opposite side & lock it into place. I like my rails but sometimes its a PITA to carry the cross bars around all the time so I have to remember to pack them when I thnk Im going to need them. Mind you its also about time fiat offered some overhead storage options for that vaulted roof.

If I can resurrect this thread Ive got a similar question. Just got a 201011 doblo with roof rails already fitted - pretty sure as standard - they are quite chunky looking. Never had roof rails before - been looking at the Thule site but not totally sure what I need. Am I right in thinking that as I have the rails already on the car that roof bars are more or less universal fit - or do I need a bar that is specific to the fiat roof rails Thanks

FIAT DOBLO doblo roof bar confusion

I am picking up a 56 doblo Dynamic tomorrow. Thing is I need a set of roof bars as soon as possible to start using the car for work. I have been very happy with Thule kits on my previous vehicles but I cant find a definitive list of parts needed to fit a doblo MPV. Has anyone here fitted a Thule set of roof bars to their doblo successfully The car has 6 plugs in the roof (fixed points) although I

Those bars do look good but I have my eye on some thule accessories so would prefer their square section bars - nobody on here fitted them The rails would look great and allow quick fitting removal of bars but Ive had a look elsewhere on here and the fit is not great if these are the same ones...

FIAT DOBLO Needing Help Doblo Community

Good Morning to all I just purchased my doblo yesterday after looking for about a year. As you can imagine Ive been looking at all the things I want doing to my doblo in the time its taken me to buy it. So if anyone has the time or knowledge to help that would be great. I travel thoughout europe alot due to my job as a Kayak Guide and want to buy roof rails roof bars but as longs as possible as I will

Originally Posted by Will K roof rails roof bars but as longs as possible as I will be carring upto 6 boats Towbar Blacking out the back windows Many Thanks Will Hi Will roof rails are a factory fitted option but there are after market ones out there but they are not always good quality. Direct 4x4 supply them. The best roof bars are the fiat aero bars but they are pricey. They do come up on ebay sometimes

FIAT DOBLO help needed please with buying doblo

i have recently put a deposit down on a doblo that i like the look of and its ticks all the boxes with regaurding specs the dealer doesnt seem bothered about selling a car to me the car is at a different branch but is part of the same group. im getting fed up as it will be 3 weeks on thurday since i placed the deposit i have had a look on autotrader and found a better spec doblo the one with 120bhp

Originally Posted by T14086 please its the best car i have driven so far i tend to keep a car and run it to the ground but i think this will out live me. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   19-04-2011

FIAT DOBLO Doblo Styling Accessories

Just in case anyone is interested here is an interesting web page I found filled with some styling accessories for the doblo. Might not be to everyones taste but take a look you never know Longitudinal roof rails for &16390 alfadoblo

Does anyone know of any other make of bolt on roof rails like the ones in that link Do fiat make them The salesman at the dealer told me that the rails are a factory fitment only but he didnt seem very clued in about accessories. He thought the ally bars were a factory option only untill I pointed them out to him in the brochure

FIAT DOBLO New Accessories available have added some new products to their list. Theres some really wacky looking nudge bars for the face-lift doblo available. Check out the chrome side strips . Has anyone bought from this company Im thinking of getting some roof rails from them.

Mine are a quadrant-shaped cross-section. Because the mid support is offset from the middle there is only one way the bars will fit BUT because the ends come off (they fell off as I removed them from the wrapping) these look to fit any end. Looking at the view from my bedroom window the rear brackets seem to have dimpled the roof slightly. The feet of the supports arent the right fit for the recesses

FIAT DOBLO Doblo Sporting

Ok well here is a picture of the original doblo And here is the All New doblo Sporting Mods 15 Wolfrace Katana Alloy Wheels (Now Welded On) Twin Exit SS Exhaust Tip Dark Smoke Window Tinting to all of rear Clear Indicator Bulbs Xenon Blue Bulb Headlight Conversion Poppy Coral and Richbrook Silver Aerial Tax Disc Holder

Im not too sure certainly reduce the crosswindturbulence you get with both front windows open. Because of this I reckon noise is slightly reduced. You also lose some visibility - although they arent very wide & they are see-through (to a degree). Just been looking around for roof rails one company supplies heaps of add-ons for the dobbie... Chrome bits for around all the handles chrome bits for around

FIAT DOBLO I 119 223 04 JTD and spotlights

Bought my first doblo last weekend and im planning spotlights as I live in the wilds of the far NW of Scotland mainly single track Vdark roads. what would you guys in the know suggest as the way to go for mounting Any good points for easyish drilling or are there any additional brackets available to allow mounting to the grill etc tyia

Ive mounted some LEDs in the front grille they are clusters of 22 LEDs and fit perfectly in the grille. Alternatively if you dont want to drill too many holes in the body how about looking on ebay for cheap nudge bars & mounting spots etc on the rails Or how about a roof bar with the spots mounted across the front

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