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FIAT DOBLO Replacement Roof Plugs

Can you buy replacement roof plugs for the doblo (i.e. what you remove to fit the roof bars) Thanks in advance

Almost definately. Just go to your dealer and wait for about two weeks for them to get them in. (obviously you dont actually have to wait at the dealership for two weeks)

Thanks I ordered one on Saturday theyre going to post it out to me when it arrives [which is nice]

FIAT DOBLO doblo roof bar confusion

I am picking up a 56 doblo Dynamic tomorrow. Thing is I need a set of roof bars as soon as possible to start using the car for work. I have been very happy with Thule kits on my previous vehicles but I cant find a definitive list of parts needed to fit a doblo MPV. Has anyone here fitted a Thule set of roof bars to their doblo successfully The car has 6 plugs in the roof (fixed points) although I

Originally Posted by big_bird_17 hi Giara.. hope this helps got sum stuff my self from here Ive just put rails on mine from that site. They arent bad although I have to say they arent perfect. See... httpwww.fiatforum.comdoblo11117...ailable-2.html for my pics. Today Ive had to drop some silicon sealant into the holes to cover the bolts. The plugs supplied with the rails seem to have disappeared (well two of them have).

FIAT DOBLO Roof railings - now it looks all proper

I have seen several threads here regarding the absence of proper roof railings for the doblo. Its a tall car alright the doblo but I too felt it would work better with the railings. And found them. A Czech company (again ) is manufacturing them. I got them installed the last day of the year 2007 and they are perfect. Since I am not yet allowed to include links type the words neumann and railings into

See my thoughts on these rails... httpwww.fiatforum.comdoblo11117...ailable-2.html The plugs (bolt covers) quickly became lost so I simply packed a load of clear sealant into the holes. I have to say that the overall effect is rather good & the rails have served their purpose. For ladders etc I use a couple of pieces of wood (courtesy of an old pallette) slung under the rails (so touching the square

FIAT DOBLO Water dripping inside

Well first day of temps above freezing took the motor out for a long drive and had drops of water dripping onto my knee - same on the passenger side. The drips were coming out of the edge of the shelf above the window. Took the shelf out (and the rear view mirror fell off ) and theres no sign of water ingress - yet. Im going to take the head lining off as soon as I can - hoping the water is coming

shoes. Started to dry it off but my super absorbent cloth was saturated after just 2 passes. BTW the headlining at the front is held in by 4 p lastic plugs along the front edge a large-headed one in the middle along the read edge and one either side under the plastic trim covering the top of the rear door hinge. I used carpenters pincers to get a decent grip. I think I might fire off an email to fiat

FIAT DOBLO New Accessories available have added some new products to their list. Theres some really wacky looking nudge bars for the face-lift doblo available. Check out the chrome side strips . Has anyone bought from this company Im thinking of getting some roof rails from them.

Mine are a quadrant-shaped cross-section. Because the mid support is offset from the middle there is only one way the bars will fit BUT because the ends come off (they fell off as I removed them from the wrapping) these look to fit any end. Looking at the view from my bedroom window the rear brackets seem to have dimpled the roof slightly. The feet of the supports arent the right fit for the recesses

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