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FIAT DOBLO Remote Central Locking failed

Hi all I have a 02 doblo diesel ELX JTD . After the recent period of snow in London the car started fine then after 20 mins (and whilst still driving) the yellow security key light came on the dash board. I know that will happen if you try to start the engine with a key that is not programmed to the engines security system. So the engine kept working on that journey and also worked when I turned the

check battery not low try jump starting off other motor

Amazingly I fixed it by accident after changing the door check strap I unbolted the main reset switch to get into a pillar and had trouble starting the car again. It was only when I reset the switch that it all worked again. Amazing. The remote has been out for a month or so. Battery fine in fob and on doblo. Weird. TD5 thanked for this post

FIAT DOBLO Central locking

Hi Everyone I have just bought a 52 doblo 1.9jtd cargo. I have a couple of problems that i would like to sort out with the help of you if thats ok. The van has remote central locking but when i press the one button key fob the red light flashes but doors dont lock or unlock. Also if i was to lock the van with the key using the drivers door the locks would lock then unlock straight away. The only way

have you tried resynchronising the remote with the van Not sure how its done with fiats as ive never had to do it with 1 before & have only had my doblo just under 2 weeks. It may tell you how to do it in the owners manual. Ill have a look later when i get a bit of spare time With other manufacturers you put the key in the ignition turn it onto position II then press & hold the remote button until

nope i couldnt find it in the manual neither. There will def be a away to resync the remote there usually always is Ill do a bit of a google & see what I can find

FIAT DOBLO Rear Door Central Locking

Hi I have an 04 doblo cargo sx. The rear door locks with the central locking but does not unlock any ideas please. Plus should this model have a remote key fob to lock it the garage I got it from says no. Thanks Andy

Think it should lock with the remote key.. I had a similar problem on mine after it was stood for sometime... it did not lock with the remote key but when physically locked using the remote it unlocked .... We have the 5 dr model had a bit of a thought about it and put it down to a lazy locking mechanism ... therefore unscrewed the rear plastic panel ... wd40ed all the moving parts carefully.. (as

Originally Posted by Maus somethimes when I know for sure I locked my car at night the next morning its open. Funny you should say this - my dobbin is just over a year old & I have noticed similar - I just put it down to me forgetting to blip it the night before although I feel certain I have. What I can say however is that my keyfob has a heck of a range & I wonder if I accidentally blip it in my

Originally Posted by sludgeguts What I can say however is that my keyfob has a heck of a range & I wonder if I accidentally blip it in my pocket whilst sat watching telly (maybe the remote on my (or a neighbours) tellyhi fi - or even another clock is unlocking) Could be but I had it when the car was two blocks away so I dont think it was that. Im going for the holidays and with a fully loaded car its

Update on my dodgy central locking. Trying to lock the car today & been a tad paranoid since finding the car unlocked I now check a door to make sure. Blipped the fob & heard the double click of lockunlock. Tried a few different ways but couldnt get a lock. No interior lights on & all the doors looked shut - then I noticed one of the sliding doors was slightly out. Opened it & shut it quite firmly

FIAT DOBLO rear sliding door central locking

Today I found the left rear side sliding door wouldnt lock after closing and remote control locking . One of the 4 spring loaded contacts at the bottom of the door was completely bent sideways the soft metal nearly broken. After I carefully bent it straight and checked the spring load operation the door locked again after closing. Bending might have been caused by jamming a bag or something in between

Just changed both of my sliding door contacts and now both sliding doors dont lock on the remote. Any ideas please Cheers dobloSparky

Originally Posted by dobloSparky Just changed both of my sliding door contacts and now both sliding doors dont lock on the remote. Any ideas please Cheers dobloSparky Poor connection Perhaps you put them back in upside down Ive never done them so dont know if thats possible...

FIAT DOBLO no central locking

hi all. ive just brought a 07 reg fiat doblo cargo. ive had it about a week now and it drives lovely. i owned a grande punto with the 1.9 multijet engine so i know they are good engines. theres just little things that i didnt think about checking. it doesnt have central locking it doesnt have a trip meter and worst of all no cup holder .... im a courier driver so i get in and out of my van atleast

Im the same as Shane that I just bought a doblo van and also never thought it wouldnt come with remote locking when my old Vaux Combo did It wasnt a deal breaker as the doblo is just what I wanted. Im in and out 1520 times a day and also wondered if the pain of self fitting is worth the lower cost... Thanks

FIAT DOBLO Doblo key fob central locking a bit dodgy

For the last 2 years I put up with my dodgy central locking on my Cargo JTD SX. The problem is that it seems that you have to stand very close to the van for the key fob to work reliably. Just wondered if this was the norm for other doblo owners as my Ulysse works from about 50m away I had the batteries renewed by Stonacre but it made very little diffrence. Cheers Fran

Sorry I gave the wrong impression it wasnt a Dobbie cant remember which car it was. I just remember him having trouble with the remote locking on a test car and he said that it could be improved by holding the key to your head and he proved it... Supposedly

FIAT DOBLO Tailgate central locking

Ive had my JTD SX for about four years and had no problems with the central locking until recently. Now the tailgate doesnt open or lock so I have to manually use the key. The other doors are fine. Is this something I can fix myself Thanks

Just discovered my tailgate not locking from the remote & has to be done manually. Found out purely by chance as well after unlocking the car to get an item out of the boot I closed the tailgate & pressed the key - everything made all the right noises. But for some really strange reason I felt I had to check the handle to make sure - and it was still unlocked. Until I can get around to fixing it I

FIAT PUNTO Remote Central Locking will that item work on my car i got a mk 2 punto elx thanks

No you need the puntodoblo version.

FIAT PUNTO Remote central locking upgrade Kit

Hey. I couldnt find an appropriate forum this one was the closest. I bought the fiat remote kit for my mk2 to remote control the central locking and the instructions arent the best. It is part number 46001874 and the kit is wired into the fuse box area gubbins. Has anyone else installed this and could give me a few pointers please Or a website with instructions I appreciate your help alot.

Well it says Punto 99 onwards on the instructions. Here is the ebay link

FIAT DOBLO Fiat Doblo genuine alarm...

Has anyone on here fitted the Genuine fiat doblo alarm Im thinking of getting one and wondered what fitting it was like Easy Many wires to connect Do the remotes then operate the door locks Cheers Jon. PS - Dont leave a mug with handle on it in the rear door drinks holders Did it on my week old Dobbie and now have a nice three inch scratch down the side as when you slide open the doors there isnt room for it to clear the rear bodywork Sheesh Who designed that

Originally Posted by Dakar That cool Ill promise not to mention eatingdrinking and doblos in any future posts as it obviously flicks your switch Getting back on topic the alarm I was interested in was - If its well integrated into the doblo then it could well be worth the money if it simply plugs in and works. If it requries lots of wires being tapped

FIAT DOBLO fiat doblo

hi guys newbie here with a couple of questions currently im driving a 03 fiat doblo cargo dsx 1.9 diesel its a good little van has given a few problems but no more or less than other makes and models but one gripe i have is that it really is a drag to drive.... fred flinstone would go up a hill faster than my doblo im not looking for a sports car but it really is very underpowered i dont carry heavy

FIAT DOBLO Doblo problems and hints on repair

Im new to the forum so I though you might like my hints of the doblo. I have owned mine for the last two years clocking up 92000 miles hard motoring. Of coarse I have had some faults and here they are. 1. Engine overheated without warning resulting in new engine fitted at 21000 miles. Damaged head apparently. 2. central locking system would not unlock rear doors. Luckily I was able to open them from

from the inside by forcing the latch from its catch bar. The problem was the plastic piece fitted to the remote locking that operates the door mechanisms. This had broken. I made one in metal and its been fine since. My rear door refused to lock and unlock with the central locking - I had to use the key. It was the plastic arm which broke. This little plastic piece onf nonsense is the bane of my doblos

FIAT DOBLO new member new van new issues

Hi all I am new to the forum and just wondered if anyone could shed some light on a problem i am having. I brought a doblo cargo SX on a 51 plate with only one key(not remote central locking). When i lock the van with the key all the doors lock except for the passenger sliding door. After reading through the forum i have taken the inside handle out and sprayed with wd40 but i dont know where to go

FIAT DOBLO Newbie help re tailgate

Hi have just joined this forum as I have just bought a 2003 doblo 1.9 jtd elx. I am very pleased with it but I would like to know whether the tailgate is part of the remote central locking. All the other doors lock okay but the tailgate I have to lock with the key. many thanks. ken

FIAT DOBLO when braking or using windows radio off.

hello all first ive been looking all over the forum for the same trouble as Im having but coudnt find it. I have a doblo 1.9 2005 sx with 66000km 1) when my radio is on and i use my electronic windows or using my brakes the radio goes off. Also when i use my blinkinglights (going leftright) the radio stutters. Does it soun familiair for some of you what can i do 2)When I am central locking with remote

Can someone confirm if the key does have any special powers My new doblo came with one key that operated the central locking remotely and one plain one that you have to use manually. I know the doblo doesnt come with a alarm as standard. It sounds from this thread that both keys still do something to unlock an immobilser .........which is something I wasnt aware of - however I have given up reading

FIAT DOBLO My 62 plate 1.3 multijet 90 van

Hi. Its a while since Ive posted here but I now have a new van (to me) so I though Id let you know my thoughts. The van is nearly a year old and has done 5200 miles its the 1.3 multijet with 90ps. For its capacity its quick but it can catch you out if you expect it to pull at low revs as its virtually dead. Economy is good but not as good as fiat would like you to think keep it at 60 and dont boot

FIAT DOBLO Doblo Cargo Van - back doors

Hi Just picked up my 04 plate doblo van. 124000 miles but immaculate Problem is the rear doors dont always open You can lock and unlock them but when you try to open the left door the handle moves but does not always unlatch. When it does eventually work all is ok. Any ideas Great site by the way Jools

My 2002 JTD SX has remote central locking as standard - as far as I know all models have it. Mine often doesnt react if Im standing at the rear of the van - I have steel doors and a steel bulkhead no windows all the way through. I have to wave my hand up past the rear lights to open her up Pure odd but she wouldnt be Italian if it worked Germanically

FIAT DOBLO Computer resetting itself

I have a 53 reg doblo 1.9 JTD with just over 100K miles on it. Recently Ive noticed the trip and MPG computer has reset itself to zero three times in the last couple of weeks. Its never done this before. On one morning last week the keycode light on the dash stayed on all the way to work but has remained off since There was a slight hesitancy in the car starting that morning but I put it down to the

Theres a similar thread in the Panda section. A weak battery gives low voltage when cranking and the trip resets usually the clock also resets. Problem with remote is probably also a weak battery but a bit cheaper although main battery being weak might cause central locking to fail to respond. Sort the big one first you can always open it with the key but you cant start it with the little one in the remote. Sloper liked this post

FIAT DOBLO van securityangel tune

hello allive just joined the forum after buying a doblo cargo 1.3 multijet base. im a bit concerned with the van security after owning it for a few alarmimmobiliser or central locking.also read that the locks are a weak point as they can be pulled through the handles. my questions are can the central locking be retrofittedalso are the lockshield deviced available for the doblo vans.. also has

get central remote locking fitted as aftermarket extra with alarm.

FIAT SEICENTO 187 Selling a few bits Punto and Seicento

Hi Im selling a few fiat things this weekend. Thought that there might be some people here interested (the punto rcl kit) in particular) Puntodoblo remote central locking Kit Punto 14 Wheeltrims (need some tlc) Seicento handbook _Car_Accessories_Safety_Security&rtnc&_trksidp43 40.l2562 Thanks guys

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