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fiat doblo release bearing I 119 223
fiat doblo release bearing I 119 223

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Was the bearing noisy for a while before it failed My release bearing on my 1.2 petrol doblo has been noisy for the last couple of years but its a lot of work to change a bit thats not doing anything except when the clutch is in.......

FIAT DOBLO Cutting out and non starting 1.9JTD - is there a link

My 1.9JTD 05 with 108k on the clock as just started giving grief by cutting out shortly after initial start up. It usually starts up with no problem and after the cutting out episode usually restarts with no issues. Sometimes this can occur just the once then on other days can happen a couple of times in sequence. From there it runs OK. Just lately its started giving me another problem by the starter

on somewhere. I fitted an old Panasonic radioCD player in it that previously worked with no problems in my daughters Focus. It appears the doblo radio harness wiring as been cut and changedswapped (yellow and red wires which I believe are constant live and ignition live). I did check this out with a multimeter and am convinced Ive got it right with connectivity into the radio. Believe this is a fiat


I got no where with LUK as they back peddaled denied all knowledge and blamed me. So I tried to get an OE set. I found a supplier who could give me the Valeo DMF & repset. Only I simply could NOT find flywheel bolts to fit The Valeo DMF is much thicker so requires longer bolts. But they have to be hardened M12 x 1.25 and around 45mm long. The LUK DMF uses the same bolts only 25mm long as it has cutouts

FIAT DOBLO Wont go into reverse wout grinding only when hot

Hi I know this gearshifting issue has been raised a few times but no one has ever stated that their problem occurs when hot so I thought I might have a new slant on the problem. Heres what Ive done so far First of all I have a 2009 doblo 1.9 mjet with 105 hp and approx 55 000 km. Whats happening Car shifts like butter when cool and under normal running temperatures...although the reverse gear often

Hi I thought Id update people on what Ive done with this problem. About two weeks ago I took the plunge and replaced the clutch throwout bearing output shaft seal and tranny fluid. The job went slow but with no significant problems. I figure if I had another few doblos to do Id be flying through these clutch changes. Anyway the result was a softer pedal by far where I actually felt the jar lid action

FIAT DOBLO Clutch.. Not Quite Made 200K Miles

Mrs_Gs doblo JTDSX is off the road. The clutch thrust bearing would appear to have thrust its last. Changing between forward gears is difficult and engaging reverse is impossible with the engine running. Tomorrow the doblo will be off to my local independant garage to have a new clutch fitted.......... I wonder if fiat will pay for it under warranty........ Oh of course they wont...... them paying for anything under their warranty warrants a mention on the 9 oclock news.

she went and the difference in clutch action is amazing. Its now so light and smooth that I nearly put my foot through the floor when I first used it. The garage have done a first class job. As well as replacing the clutch they also replaced the release bearing sleeve as it was corroded. I think this is what was giving the clutch a poor feel from about 40000 miles but when mentioned to the fiat

FIAT DOBLO Mrs_Gs Cargo still lives on..

Hi Guys Not been on here for a loooooong time. Mrs_Gs 1.9 jtd sx cargo is still going. For the past couple of years its only been doing a few hundred miles each week taking her to and from work since she quit being a courier and went back into accounts. Recently I took on a new customer who sometimes asks me to transport loads that are way too small to justify using my XLWB Iveco Daily and so I pinch

FIAT DOBLO I 119 223 I Have Emailed LUK

Here is exactly what I put in my email. What are the chances of a free flywheel. Correct answer gets a spin in the doblo I would like this email brought to the attention of Norbert Indlekofer please. I own & drive a 2008 fiat doblo 1.9 JTD 120bhp high roof with VIN numbers comprising 223. The reason for this information will become clear as you read on. Last year I replaced a clutch and DMF supplied

flywheel & clutch yesterday found that in 80 miles the clutch I fitted 3rd March was damaged by slippage. I also found the release bearing has NOT been allowing the clutch to fully engage (hence the slipping). The Valeo set up has a reinforced release bearing The Valeo flywheel is also the same depth but where the LUK flywheel has recessed bolts the Valeo one doesnt. So right now I am off to fiat

FIAT DOBLO winning sound doblo 1.3 multijet

My doblo has started a loud winning sound when revved please

A winning sound eh Sorry likely whining but I knew what you meant. I would imagine turbo is about to expire if it is a whooooo sort of noise. But it may be a leaking hose from the intercooler it is a known issue on the 1.9 jtd as the hose can get worn through near the gearbox. ....or it could be a clutch release bearing The trouble with trying to diagnose online with so little information is its like doing the lottery. Some days you win some days you dont What year what servicing and so on

That sounds too much like a bearing whine to be a turbo whine. The fact it keeps up with engine speed as opposed to later which would suggest turbo . So I dont think its a turbo .... Does it make any difference if you press the clutch If so start with the release bearing. If not its likely to be a front engine noise. My guess is THAT whine is a bearing. I would first disconnect the alternator belt

FIAT DOBLO Fiat Doblo clutch

I have a 2004 fiat doblo 1.9JTD which has been brilliant to date. The other day I was going up our drive and suddenly the clutch felt odd and the car would not go into gear. Ive checked the breakclutch fluid and there is no fluid loss. Im assuming something has gone wrong with the clutch hydraulics (although I cant see where anything is in the engine compartment) Any ideas on what the most likely fault is

Dont want to be the doom and gloom merchant but. Was the clutch release bearing makeing a noise before it stopped working It makes akind of wizzing noise when you pressed on the clutch pedal. Ours was making a noise for about 6 months and then just gave up when my wife went to put it to gear one night. No warning and unable to select any gear. When the gearbox was removed the bearing had collapsed

FIAT DOBLO New Clutch DIY or not

Hi Guys and a Happy New year to you all. My doblo 1.2 clutch has finally given up the ghost The release bearing was always noisy but now it has broken up. I am usually up to do most jobs on cars and have done loads of clutches over the years. I am older now though have a heart condition not so fit out of work due to being redundant for six months so cannot afford garage prices. I have a clutch kit

FIAT DOBLO Doblo after cambelt change

Hello I recently purchased a doblo Cargo 1.9 jtd sx and sent it straight to garage for cambelt kit and water pump. Getting it back it now sounds different engine still sounds like a tractor but there is another bit sounds like a squeaky pulley (maybe) and when I put my foot down the revs go high and then picks up speed I know its probably the clutch but didnt happen before. Maybe nothing but its bugging me.

my foot down the revs go high and then picks up speed is defenetly a clutch issue the key here is the squeak you hear. It might be that the clutch (if its a cable operated one) is not adjusted properly and the release bearing is constantly in contact with the pressure plate both creating the squeak and allowing the clutch to slip. I suggest you locate the cable assembly on the gear box and see if its

FIAT DOBLO hydraulic clutch adjustment on doblo 1.9 jtd

Does anyone know how to adjust the hydraulic clutch on my fiat doblo jtd 1.9. The gear box is very knochey when i change gear especially when i go into reverse. I think it is because the clutch does not disengage fully when i depress the pedal is there any way i can adjust it many thanks john

I have a 1.9 JTD which had exactly the same symptoms. It turned out to be the pressure plate on the clutch. The splines had snapped one by one and eventually the release bearing actually went through the pressure plate. Hopefully this will not be the case for you. You could try checking the hydraulic unit which is mounted on the gear box. Take 2 bolts out take the cap off the brake fluid bottle as

Hi. I have ordered a front oil seal (layshaft) and a release bearing I was wondering if anyone has a photo of the inside of the bellhousing they could post as the oil that leaks out is very bad even when parked its about a litre a week. I am wondering if it is the seal as looking at the clutch cover through the inspection bung it is totally dry Is there any where else oil could come through from the gearbox

FIAT DOBLO Whats broken Clutch or Gearbox

While driving home tonight from work my doblo cargo 1.9JTD decided that it did not like going into gear When i push the clutch pedal down and try to put it into gear (1st or 2nd mainly) it fails to engage. Its like there is something in the way the gear stick only moves 14-12 way in to gear (if that makes sense) I managed to force into gear with great effort and some crunching noises . Lucky ive mad

my clutch release bearing just failed.... lots of noise was the biggest sign. but I also had trouble engaging gears and had to turn off put in gear then start and drive.... mr clutch did mine 1300 multijet I was quoted 440 at most places but mr clutch quoted 270... (they got it wrong and were working from reg) I went with them anyway because there is a 2 year warranty.... upon reflection the checks

FIAT DOBLO Whirring Noise

Hello I have a 2002 1.9jtd cargo and when press the clutch it makes quite a loud whirring noise but sometimes when I let the clutch out the whirring stays for a while then diminishes. Does anybody have any idea what it is Thanks

Without hearing it suggest its the clutch release bearing it will take a second or two to spin down after having engaged with the pressure plate. Brace yourself it probably needs a new clutch. How long since the last clutch

FIAT DOBLO squeeling belts and interior fan

Hi all was wondering if anyone out there could give me a bit of advice. I run a 2002 doblo car with the 1.9JTD engine just done over 101000 miles. 1- On starting up it squeels realy badly sounds like its coming from the belt area and i have been told it could be the bottom crankshaft pully Anyone had this problem as they are quite expensive so dont want to replace unless necessary. It quietens down

Hisounds more likely to be alternator pulley seizedthey have an overun pulley that should spin freelywould be more noisy when started as the drain on battery is large and alternator is working hard to charge. There is also an alternator belt tensioner that goesif you are mechnically minded and release tension on beltyou will be able to check both by spinningbearing in tensioner will be noisy and alternator

FIAT DOBLO EGR valve - should internal be easy to move

On my 2005 1.9JTD 8 valve 105 Ive currently got my EGR valve dismantled giving it a clean. Lots of grud in there and electrical end was very sooty. In the main body the spring loaded valve mechanism is very hard to move. Please can anybody advise if this is correct or should it be easily moveable I did think about trying to unscrew the main screw to release all 3 plates but not sure if that is a good idea. Would make cleaning the internals of the main body alot easier though.

In some respects I might be answering my own question. Initially my mind set was that gases entered the chamber end which potentially when pressure built up the centre shaft push outwards and activated the plunger on the elctrical end. Think I might have been totally wrong in my thinking. Infact does it work the other way round. Is the electrical end actually an actuator Does an electrical signal pulses

Originally Posted by Retro Pedro In some respects I might be answering my own question. Initially my mind set was that gases entered the chamber end which potentially when pressure built up the centre shaft push outwards and activated the plunger on the elctrical end. Think I might have been totally wrong in my thinking. Infact does it work the other way round. Is the electrical end actually an actuator


My dad has a 1.9 jtd multijet and his car is noisy. There is a rattle but when the clutch is pressed it goes. Hes having problems selecting some of the gears. My hubby thinks its probably the thrust bearing. Our local garage reckons it needs a new box but Im not sure. We have located a gear box out of a stilo same engine but not sure about the gear box. Can anybody advise on wether its likely to be clutch or gearbox. Also does any body know if the gear box from the stilo would fit.

Hi Misseemee Thats a bit difficult to answer the symptoms fit both clutch and gearbox. The rattle could be from the gearbox and when you press the clutch it is disengaged and hence gearbox stops turning and the rattle stops or it could be from the clutch release bearing which stops rattling when thrusted upon the driven plate. Anyones guess and problems selecting gears could be clutch not disengaging fully or gearbox problems in general although probably a bit more likely to be the former.

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