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FIAT DOBLO Poor starting -1.3 Multijet

Ive got a doblo Family 1.3 diesel 2007. Its recently been very poor at starting from cold. It fails to start the first time then starts on the second attempt but stalls as soon as Ive reversed it a few feet. It then restarts OK but stalls again as soon as I try to get up my fairly steep drive. Once warmed up its fine but the engine does seem clanky when pulling away from traffic lights say even when

Well Ive still got the problem but no answers Its been in the garage more than its been at home this past month. They replaced an injector and cleaned the dpf which made starting better but theres still this very sluggish acceleration from standing (making it impossible to get up our drive first time). It also makes it quite dangerous to pull out into traffic as you never know if its going to stall.

Originally Posted by alanterrill Well Ive still got the problem but no answers Its been in the garage more than its been at home this past month. They replaced an injector and cleaned the dpf which made starting better but theres still this very sluggish acceleration from standing (making it impossible to get up our drive first time). It also makes it quite dangerous to pull out into traffic as you

Many thanks Ill pass this on to my garage.

While Im at it -is it worth me buying the fiatECUscan software I see mentioned on here Will it tell me more than the garages software can (theyre an indepandent garage not a fiat dealer). Can anyone advise which software and which adaptors Id need to diagnose my sort of problem There do seem to be a bewildering variey of lead options. Any how do i know which version Ive got - the compatibility list shows four different 1.3 Mjet 16V types called 152119263 and 223.

FIAT DOBLO Poor Starting And Running

Hi I have a 2001 fiat doblo 1.2 which when it eventually does start from hot or cold splutters and then runs very lean. The only code being logged is a lean mixture code. Ecu been tested and come back 100% compression test reveals all cylinders good. Fuel pressure reads approx 1.7 to 2 bar..local fiat dealer says this should be 3.5 bar can anybody confirm this Also the pressure does not hold and drops

Hello there Rob and welcome to the forum Unfortunately Im not sure of the answer to your questions but Ill have a few words when Im in work tonight with the fitter and see if he knows about the pressures etc. In the meantime Im sure someone else will be able to help you

FIAT DOBLO Poor starting when hot

Another fault hehe In the last few days my 51 plate JTD Diesel has decided not to start when warm. The starter turns over at normal speed but the lump wont fire. It will bump off when warm (i know i shouldnt but when you gotta get going you gotta get going) and the water level is fine so the head gasketstat etc... are fine. Any ideas It has been suggested that the starter motor might be past its best

When was the last service Thinking blocked fuel filter but that wouldnt allow a cold start either. How many miles on the clock May be worth running some injector cleaner through the system or even taking them out for a cleanProbably worth also checking the various sensors and the EGR for functionality. Bit odd really its usually wont start from cold with diesels and dodgy compression or heaters.

Thanks for that i suspected filter too but all but ruled it out for the same reason you stated. That said im gonna get another one today. Last service... not sure about 6K miles ago i think it was just completed by last owner as i bought it. For some reason the fault is intermittent. For example i just nipped out got the engine to full temperature and when i got back i turned it off and then decided

FIAT DOBLO Fiat doblo starting problem

Hi there wondering if anyone has had similar problems with their doblo . Bought it a couple of months ago and the starting was poor but very intermittent . Initially thought it was a glow plug issue so gave to a garage and thy found the 1st glow plug was spinning inn the head so 3 were replace but still not happy starting . Runs fine once running but turns over 5 times before jumping to life with a

Hi mate Had the same problem with my dobby now with 507000 on the clock First off check the earth strap that goes from the neg battery terminal to the front of the gearbox.... thes can corrode and cause poor starting.. If ok then check the egr valve i not stuck open.... pain in ass job but may as well clean it out when you are there And lastly check the butterfly flap in the housing on the right of

Originally Posted by Heron I have had fiat and an eletronic engineer run a computer report which says rotor head timming fault you mean rotor position check No offence to Lucas (i know some guys there) but I have only found one place that can repair this fault 100%. see link here - httpwww.fiatforum.comdoblo16726...over-poor.html

FIAT DOBLO I 119 223 Starting problem 2003 1.9D non turbo

just picked this up cheap for my grandad hoping to sort the problem for him and get him underway since the timely demise of his much loved mk1 punto 1.7d the car is a 2003 1.9 non turbo diesel that has covered 85000 miles the glow plug light is flashing i have ordered new ones and will fit these this week know it aint the easiest job but they sure gotta be easier than on a peugeot XUD9 engine in a

posted a week or so ago regarding my grandads 03 doblo 1.9d non turbo and its irregular starting. well i changed the glow plugs (all 4 in less than an hour i impressed myself) checked the crank sensor was present (i found another one zip tied up out of the way) and yes there was. carried out a full service -fuel and air filter were both black and oil filter was loose weeping oil all replaced and now

FIAT DOBLO 1.9 D Stalling tickover poor

After much work and another fuel filter change and a dosing with Forte diesel treatment it doesnt want to tickover when coldjust cuts out and even when partly warmed up stalls. What should i do next

Originally Posted by topcat5 Now fixed running better than everfuel pump totally overhauledthanks to Patersons of Cowdenbeath. Expensiveyes but what a difference. what was the cost at paterson dieselthere not that far from meas i am having starting problems my 1.9d doblo am slowly starting to hate this doblo of mine.

FIAT DOBLO New Doblo 1.9 Multijet has Poor Performance

Hi members I am new to this forum so please forgive me if I this subject has been covered before. I did a search but didnt find any information. I live in Turkey and have just bought a new doblo Combi Premio 1.9 Multijet (105 BHP) and am disappointed with the performance which is not as good as the doblo 1.3 Mutijet (75 BHP) I had on hire for 2 months. The new car has now done 300km and does not perform

Hi Just an update on the performance. The car has now covered more than 4000km and is starting to loosen up and start to move. Also the fuel consumption has reduced it is now on 6.7 litre100km. I am very pleased with the doblo - and my previous car in UK was a Jaguar XKR with 400 bhp OK - no real comparison in performance or style but the doblo is comfortable and practical and more than adequate for the conditions in Turkey. Steve

FIAT DOBLO DOBLO 1.9jtd poor accelaration & tapping sound

First time I had any mechanical problems with the engine (1.9jtd cargo). Basically noticed the acceleration had gone but the top speed is the still there and a top end tapping sound after about 1500-2000rpm. Id guess the turbo has failed but not sure about the tapping sound which is more like valve or cam type noises. There is no smoke or oil problems from the exhaust. Anybody out there can confirm the sound of a failed turbo or had a similiar problem who can shed any light Cheers Franc

in the mean time- Been driving it about (well got to make a living). Went through a small ford and 2 minutes later the engine would not rev past 2000rpm. About an hour later back to revving at up to 4000. starting to make me wonder if the tapping & lack of power could be the injection pump The tapping seems to get louder when the engine is at normal operating temperature. Any more ideas anyone cheers Franc

FIAT DOBLO doblo not starting

Anybody help heredone an airport run for a friendgot back homefollowing morning went to start and all I got was dash lights flicking on and off and a clicking noise from under the bonnet. I checked the battery with a mutimeter and got 12.3 volts steady any ideas

badflat battery or poor engine earth. have you tried a jump start (im always here )

FIAT DOBLO Injection System Failure (engine shaped light ON)

Hello all. Not a newbie on here as such.. but a very infrequent visitor (as fortunately my doblo has been an extremely smooth reliable run from new). Until perhaps today Had the car serviced locally a week or so ago - no problems prior during or after the service (MOT passed too). Vehicle is the 1.9 Diesel model from around 2006 or so I think (sorry no expert - at all). Anyway the guy at the garage

FIAT DOBLO new Doblo Cargo owner

Hi to all doblo owners had my new 06 Cargo 1.9jtd multijet SX for 2 months now and have to say very impressed. Got rid of my 53 Laguna 2.2 dci as needed more space for the business. Got it in Steel Grey with matching bumpers extra aircon and airbags with the SX trim its got everything my Lag had but a dam site cheaper. List price with extras is 14200 got it factory ordered in March for 10050 from Warrington

FIAT DOBLO Fiat is slugish on start up

HI Hope you can help I am new to forum so hello I have a 55plate fiat doblo Cargo 19JTD van. On start up engine turns over first time but is very sluggish when i press excelartor and even worse in gear and moving. Also Temperature gauge keeps droping in and out. Many thanks Neil

Originally Posted by appleton01 HI Hope you can help I am new to forum so hello I have a 55plate fiat doblo Cargo 19JTD van. On start up engine turns over first time but is very sluggish when i press excelartor and even worse in gear and moving. Also Temperature gauge keeps droping in and out. Many thanks Neil neil when did you last change derv filter or drain it thats usual poor starting on diesels no matter what make

FIAT DOBLO Fiat Doblo Warning Light

I Have a fiat doblo 1.9JTD 05 Reg. The Amber Engine Light has come on in the last Couple of Days. The Car appears to Run OK but the Light stays on all the Time and will not go out. Ive checked my Hand Book. It Says there is a Fault in the Fuel Ignition or Injection System and the Car should be checked by fiat . I would Prefer to avoid having to go to the Garage at all if Possible by way of sorting it out Myself. Can anybody Help with what may be Wrong

You really need to get the codes read to find out what fault its seeing otherwise youre just guessing unless there are any other symptoms ie. poor running lumpy idle difficulty starting etc. Without knowing what the problem is you could end up just throwing money at various things which have no issues.

FIAT DOBLO Squealing noise on to drive

Hi there 03 1.9JTD Diesel LHD When I had the doblo serviced in Feb it was squealing when the steering was pulled to the left. The garage sorted it (I think they changed a belt) and they showed me a tensioner was seizing but was ok to leave it until next time as I was doing limited mileage. Only done 4000 miles since The noise has started again but Im in Austria working.. Any ideas It would be useful

Originally Posted by mattsswellhouse Thanks but any idea what it is specifically - To help me instruct the I say noise happens when pulling steering to the left or first clutching after starting up it does sound like a slack poorly tensioned belt ( Auxilliary belt Fan belt as they used to be) full lock puts extra load on it ask in the doblo section ( bottom of main list) for a more detailed

FIAT DOBLO doblo jtd hard to start

My doblo 1.9 jtd cranks over normally but will not start. It had worked ok the day before. It can be tow started and will then run fine. If I drive around until it is warm and then switch off it will not restart on the key even after 20-30 seconds. This eliminates glowplugs. Could it be high pressure pump injectors or maybe cam sensor.

Check the earth strap as these can snap or corrode which can lead to poor starting. Yooj

FIAT DOBLO mpg on new shape doblo 1.3 jtd

Hi all Just picked up a new shape doblo 1.3 diesel (90hp) brand new (10 miles on the clock -) ) - so today did the first work trip in it with about 150kg of stuff in the back still managed 50mpg average while sitting at 60ish on the motorway not bad. Anyone else driving one of these I dont see much mention of them on this forum or anywhere else online... they obviously arent selling too many of them

I have mentioned previously on here how few small object storage options the latest version has so I fully agree. I would like the armrest to be a couple of inches higher. The demist is one of the worst I have used on a modern car its simply hopeless on mine and I have reduced the problem a bit by having 3 large bags of silica gel in the car to absorb moisture. The other thing I dont like is that when

FIAT DOBLO Ye olde doblo instrument fault

Hay all long time reader first time poster. (how cheesy is that) ha. Just bought a dobby 2003 jtd & couple of things need sorted... 1st the instrument panel is totally dead no rev counter no speedo no fuel no temp no miles display. But all exterior lights are working ie heads indacators brake horn so on. I know the last owner tried to replace them with what looks like a newer version of the instrument

Yes I think the next step is a good auto-electrical man. Ive try 2 sets of each type of clocks so its now most likely some sort of bsicontrol unit either that or it needs some sort of calibration (Ive tried leaving the battery off for 10m) I had bought the van off a polish chap with poor English so Im not even sure what clocks I should be using also it had been parked up for 6-8mts & the battery was

FIAT DOBLO 1.3 Multijet

Anyone shed some light on fault. Refused to start this afternoon and got mate to tow it Started within length of it self no problem. Left it running outside for 30mins to try and make sure battery has life in it for the morning just went out and switched it off Tried to restart it and it just refuses to start (Turns over well enough) HELP HELP

Originally Posted by colingel Have now discovered that at cold start it has approx. 280 bar pressure Desired 315 bar pressure (Will start) When warm Fuel Pressure 6bar Desired Pressure 300 bar (Wont start) Any help appreciated. I was hoping yours was not going to be like mine---see my post 2000 miles from home But its begining to sound like it. My problem started with intermitent starting hot or cold.

FIAT DOBLO EGR valve - should internal be easy to move

On my 2005 1.9JTD 8 valve 105 Ive currently got my EGR valve dismantled giving it a clean. Lots of grud in there and electrical end was very sooty. In the main body the spring loaded valve mechanism is very hard to move. Please can anybody advise if this is correct or should it be easily moveable I did think about trying to unscrew the main screw to release all 3 plates but not sure if that is a good idea. Would make cleaning the internals of the main body alot easier though.

Originally Posted by Retro Pedro In some respects I might be answering my own question. Initially my mind set was that gases entered the chamber end which potentially when pressure built up the centre shaft push outwards and activated the plunger on the elctrical end. Think I might have been totally wrong in my thinking. Infact does it work the other way round. Is the electrical end actually an actuator

FIAT PANDA Panda Long term cold starting issue.

Hi There. We have a 04 plate Panda 1.3 multi jet in the Family which we have had from about 1 year old. For certainly as long as we can remember it has always given a certain amount of problems when the weather is cold but recently has gone worse or even failed to start. The historical problem has been when you first start up the engine it sounds rough and if you put on revs it coughs and spluts and

Check the air filters. Cant vouch for the doblo but the Panda has a design fault that allows rain to get in giving the symptoms you describe. If its wet youll need to get the rain out of the bottom of the air box as well as change the filter. Silicone the hole directly above the air box on the scuttle as this is the failure point. Also remove the two multi-plugs by the battery and apply a small squirt of WD40 there. poor contacts there also cause rough running.

FIAT STILO p0105 in 1.6 16v

Hello My scan tool reads this error. The car dies sometimes totally randomly and MIL pops up with the code p0105. How does one know if its need a firmware upgrade or its a faulty sensor Does the fiat examiner software work with elm327 interface

actually starting the engine because rpm is so low as it would be dead. This valve is 100% computer ran so there arent any low rpm dongles that push it open when needed as it was done in mechanicly driven ones Should I also attempt to clean it The MIL would suggest something more than dirt problem. Wouldnt want to screw this anymore than it is now. I dont have rpm on the dash because its a doblo

Hello I had to remove the valve from the car becuase doblo has poor access to it. Was very simple with proper tools. I cleaned it with a paint brush and extracted petrol - dont really know the english translation so fix me if you know the word just like Ive done with carburators so its nice and shiny. Results are really amazing. No trouble starting on cold low rpm returned to steady and it feels very smooth. But the most important part - the MIL havent returned after 400km since I cleared it from errors and the ECU reports all tests were completed. Im very surprised because I hoped for p0105 to go away but I had another problem with p0420 about the cat converter. Was ready to at least see pending DTC with the p0420 but it wasnt there. Thanks for your help with this. Retards from fiat service would drain the last penny from me on this as they wanted to disconnect LPG ECU etc...

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