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fiat doblo petrol engine I 119 223
fiat doblo petrol engine I 119 223

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FIAT DOBLO 1.4 petrol engine

Hi New to this treat me gently.

Hello and welcome dont forget to say Hi in the doblo section Charlie - Oxford

Originally Posted by triggy Hi New to this treat me gently. We chose the 1.4 petrol to avoid the nuisance of the dpf and flywheel issues with the diesels. Its a bit asthmatic and high revving but the basic unit has been been around for ages. B.E

Hi B E I bought mine for exactly the same reason The only thing is because its 1.4 its as rare as a Bentley. genuine parts are as expensive as well. All my friends have had all those usual problems with the diesel versions. mind you because of the low gearing the petrol economy is not good.

Originally Posted by triggy Hi B E The only thing is because its 1.4 its as rare as a Bentley. genuine parts are as expensive as well. look at the FF sponsors sites for parts great discounts to be had.. Charlie

FIAT DOBLO 1.3jtd engine

Hi Ive been looking at the doblo for a while now considering whether the chances of malfunctions are worth the evident strengths of the vehicle. I now notice that doblos with the 1.3jtd engine are very reasonably priced from new which could sway my decision. Has anyone got a doblo with this engine Id be a bit worried about being able to overtake on the motorway with five passengers and luggage - and maybe getting out into traffic from junctions. Advice would be welcome.

Hi dobloanalyst Thanks for a full and considered reply. Yes I meant 1.3 multijet - stupid of me. A couple of points The design life of 160000 miles is interesting. My local fiat dealer says that there are plenty of fiat petrol FIRE engines about with that sort of mileage on them. Honest John of the Saturday Telegraph and confirms this. Now my understanding is that diesel engines

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FIAT DOBLO Need advice on which diesel engine.

Hi to all Its been awhile since I was on this site and Im in need of some advice. The situation is that my girlfriend has to change her car (97 toyota corrola 1.3 automatic) to a doblo WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle). The doblo is a great wagon from all accounts with loads of space inside and not too bad to work on from what Ive been told. They do come in petrol and diesel and Im more inclined

consumption is around mid 40s. This engine is a multijet not too sure what that means but I believe other car makers use it in one form or another.......cant be all bad then Would it be a wise move to run with the 1.3 multijet instead of the 1.2 diesel Also are there different types of 1.3 multijet engines.....Active and so on. Which would the best 1.3 engine to watch out for. Ive owned afew fiats

FIAT DOBLO Petrol or Diesel

Basic question for many of you perhaps Or irrelevant if you already bought your doblo. But for me is essential if I want to get - reliability - low fuel bills First decission was for Diesel. But.... Im not a speed fan at most 120 Kmsh on highways. I drive attentively as I want to reach destination in best conditions. I estimate well drive 50000 kms in the next 3 years and 100000 kms in the next 5 years.

Diesels always make sence. You dont have to look at the rev counter to drive it. Diesels are louder than petrols but not a lot. At motorway speeds diesels are quieter. fiat petrol engines are great but their JTD MJet units are superb

Originally Posted by viitorProprietardedoblo But its not only this. What about noises What about how the cars behaves in traffic Is it responsive enough Dont you get too tired paying attention to rpms I have yet to buy a doblo but I will surely go for the Diesel version although it will cost 4000 euros more .nl. Compared to the 1.4 petrol version it has better figures all the way. Besides the things

Originally Posted by Hellcat Diesels are louder than petrols but not a lot. LOL thats funny i cant hear my engine but in my mates 06 GP tdi is so much louder you cant hear your phone to use it (handsfree of course).

The 1.9 JTD engine is superb. Not sure about the 1.3 Mjet but the JTD works best 2-3000 rpm. I wouldnt bother with the 1.4 petrol its a good engine (my Dad had one in a Tipo many years ago) but was a little underpowered in the tipo and the doblo is a bigger vehicle and theyve added a catalytic converter which more emissions and lower mpg.

FIAT DOBLO II 263 152 263 Doblo 1.4 petrol 2013 model

Hello everyone Have been thinking of selling my berlingo as its looking a bit worse for wear after 180K miles. I have always bought citroen with exception to my last car a 3.0 Nissan patrol and have been pretty happy. But time for a change as I need a car with more boot space for bulky camping gear for our trips to the continent. Every time I have had bother with my cars it can all be traced back to

Be sure to take it on the motorway and make sure youre happy with how many revs its doing at 70mph as it will be more frantic than the diesel. Other than that my 2006 1.4 8v is very flexible and a good engine. It has a flexible flywheel which I think is Italian for dual mass but its probably under less stress than a diesel so hopefully it will last longer. It also has a steel sump mine rusted through

We live in Northamptonshire. Journeys to Devon the West Midlands and the Norfolk coast do not present a problem for us. Its not as quiet as a Mercedes but its a hell of a lot better than a Series III Land Rover Tyre noise seems to be the most intrusive but that may be the Firestone Multihawks we are running. engine noise seems to settle down as it reaches temperature.

HONDA FIT will PUNTO engine fit DOBLO (petrol - 53 plate)

does anyone know what engines will fit the doblo 1.2 petrol van - on a 53 plate. have three of them and now finding the engines are well and truly tired - but have real problems sourcing a reasonably priced replacement. have been told the punto mk2 engine may fit - anyone any ideas regards jim tavender

If its the 1.2 fire engine like in the punto it probably willthe best thing is to try a fiat dealer parts deptive a parts cdbut didnt realise it was so out of date else i would have looked the part numbers up for you. if u still strugglin by the weekend give me a pm and i will find out for you. Regards Richie

im sure there was a clutch change in 2002so maybe better going for a later punto engine.

FIAT DOBLO Petrol Doblo LPG Conversion

Any LPG doblos out there Would any LPG doblo owners like to share their experiencestipsadvice I use my doblos as mobile offices so I often leave the engine idling while I work in the back and run the heating or air con. Im looking at installing a petrol Eberspacher night heater for the heating but fancy installing LPG to save on running costs especially for idling with air con on. Ive had 2 LPG cars

I have an ebersp whatsit space heater on my bus - takes about half an hour to heat up (ok so the interior is about 20 x 7 x 7 or thereabouts) and the heater really sucks up the diesel and its the same story across the whole fleet. One typically long run uses an average 14 tank but recently with the cold weather the same run uses about 38 with the engine and heater running for about 2.5 hours. Just

Hope I pressed the right reply button here goes Really appreciate the reply many thanks. I love the shape and practicality of the doblo and apart from this problem it is immaculate. I will be travelling about 5000 miles in Europe later this year and have a gut feeling I should have got a petrol version I starts first time runs very smoothly accelerates to max 30004000 revs clean no smoke. Only the

by running Bio Diesel through them. My other vehicle that had this problem twice is a 2001 Ford 2.5 non turbo engine (I never thought it would have this type of problem). It nearly died on me twice (no power) and I was recommended to try a diesel cleaner. A waste of time so I thought but it worked both times and I no longer use supermarket diesel in it and know problems. Early days with the doblo

FIAT DOBLO engine warning lite doblo

bloody fiats engine warning lite kept coming on and i was loosing power the car wouldnt go over 2000 rpm so i thought it was the air filter i changed it the other day and it was running like a dream ( well like it should be ) the thing is i went out this morning and the warning lite came back on has anyone any ideas what could be causing this any help would be great 2006 model 1.9 jtd family 74000 mls on clock

Originally Posted by pauldr yeh as soon as mine comes back from the garage its getting swapd for a ( dare i say it ) a zafira I seriously considered a Zafira. Theyre about the same price as a doblo maybe a bit more but only if you go for the basic petrol model. I was put off after we hired one for a weekend and realised how small they are. The rear seats are only suitable for very small children so

If you are sure its exactly the same engine then I dont see why not. There will be different things attached to it but the basics of the engine should remain the same. How come its blown again

petrol engine in a Dobby. Doesnt seem right somehow

Dont know how it blew again allways check oil water etc and dont blast up motorways ( well cant really with a 1200 can i ). decided not to do it myself and taken it to another garage reccomended through trade. It is the same engine as the punto according to mechanic. It is a small engine for a big car but its never seemed to strain with all the familly in it going away with lugage allthough it was

PS. Looked at the berlingo and derivitives but think doblo is a bigger and better vehicle with more room for the bikes to go in and on somebody sugested fitting an oil cooler might help with blowing problem any ideas on this Supose i could allways change gasket allong with oil plugs and filters LOL Just a thought but if these engines allways blow gaskets shouldnt fiat have done a recall

FIAT DOBLO 0w40 engine oil - doblo 1.4 8v

hello I am having my 1.4 petrol doblo serviced next week. The manual recommends 5w40 engine oil however I was wondering as it looks or in for a very cold winter weather 0w40 would be better Does anyone else use 0w40 in the UK will it be okay in the summer and motorway driving Amazon currently have a good offer on the oil from Castrol do you think this would be suitable- SINB002NYDFFS thanks

FIAT DOBLO 1.2 petrol doblo faults

got a couple of problems with my doblo. First the engine starts then dies then wont start even when warm. second is the speedo goes up to 100mph by its self when you turn ignition on then back down. Third the headlights flicker when running. if anyone has any idea it would be a great help.

I would not worry about it. It is considered safe to run 25% of petrol in a Diesel engine. I used to live in an area of severe cold and we had to put petrol in the Diesel to be able to run the engine at all.

Adding 25% petrol to diesel is a definate nono. It may have been alright years ago but with modern common rail engines 0% is the only safe option. Every year in Britain 120000 diesel owners fill up with petrol by mistake. Remember that its only the diesel fuel that lubricates the fuel pump & to make matters worse the sulphur that also lubricated has been reduced. There is an article on petrol in fuel tanks in the July 2005 Diesel Car magazine. A magazine well worth buying.

FIAT DOBLO engine managment light comes on then looses power

hi newbie here we have a fiat doblo 1.9jtd have had for nearly 4yrs with out any probs now all of a sudden on a journey the engine managenment light comes on then we loose power we can then start it again after about 10mins but will then do the same again some one suggested fuel filter which has been changed but still doin it then it was suggested to check the cat see if it was blocked but still the

to mention when i said we lose power i meant it cuts out whether this is any different cheers Yes big difference That could be the crank sensor When it gets hot - the contact inside pull apart as it expands - no signal produced So the engine doesnt know when to inject or spark (dieselpetrol) and stalls Once its cooled down - it works again - no problems till it warms up again Idearly - Get the fiat

FIAT DOBLO 1.2 Petrol vs the Diesels

Hi. I see most of the threads and problems appear to be diesel related there is very few threads that relate to the 1.2 or bigger engined petrol models. So Did they not sell very well or are they more reliable

When I bought my 1.4 petrol wheelchair conversion I was advised that private low use best go for petrol whereas taxis high use go for diesel. As such I guess the diesels get more use and are more complex with dpfs and turbos however that does not mean they are less reliable just more likely to be encountering problems having done high mileages. I think the engine in my 1.4 is brilliant really flexible and pulls like an express train albeit one thats not moving very fast.

The 1.2 IMO is under powered for the doblo when laden or in MPV form however the 1.2 engine is proven and cheap to maintain as is the 1.4 which is much more lively however the diesel 1.9 (JTD not the D non-turbo model which has the god awful lucas epic system) easily returns 50mpg and slogs its way fully laden up steep hills. The engine is tunable and reliable the 1.3 diesel seems good enough but I personally havent done any long journeys in the car.

FIAT DOBLO 1.9 MJT Doblo engine light comes on

Newbie posting. I have a 2006 1.9 MJT (120hp) diesel doblo with 100000km on the clock. The engine light has come on and according to my local fiat garage it is coming from the DPF (built in particle filter) which is clogged. Mechanic has reset the light and says I should run the car in fourth gear on the motorway at high speed to try to clean the DPF. Has anyone else had this problem If yes how did

Hi all also had engine trouble. The light comes on then engine cuts out losing power steering and brakes AA called he recommended fuel filter replace. Did that and next day cut out again. Then wouldnt start waited ten minutes then started up again. Read about driving fast for a long distance to clear dpf. Ran at 70mph for 15 minutes on Mway light on and engine then cut out. Waited 10 mins on hard shoulder

FIAT DOBLO Doblo engine number

Does anyone know what engine size this refers to engine no 350A 1000 version 223AX P1A Im in Greece and should have been given a 1.6 as a hire car it sure dont feel like one. Is there a 1.0 litre version out here

Its the 1.4 petrol version 77 hp quite a lazy one. Theres no 1.6 available except for the 1.6 Diesel Multijet but only on the new 2010 doblo.

FIAT DOBLO Amber Engine Light

My amber engine light has just come on. I have a 2005 1.9jtd family with 45000 miles on the clock. The light is not flashing. My normal motoring week is usually 120 miles of stop start (going to work school run etc) followed by about 60 miles of motorway driving. However the last five weeks have seen around 700 miles stop start and nothing else. Also Ive just half filled the tank from letting it drop

My amber light has has since came on a a further twice each time it went off after several restarts so its now time for the 07 diesel doblo to go This problem isnt unique to the doblo nissan diesel quashquis are having the same issues ifnot worse and their sales staff have been advised not to recomend the diesels to people who do not do reguler motorway millage. So I pick up a hyundai petrol tuscon next week to avoid the potential DPF issue so goodbye reasonable mpg and hello ...

FIAT DOBLO I 119 223 total loss of power on 1.2 petrol doblo 2004 model

i was crusing around 70 mph on motor way when engine appeared to be struggling to go up incline eventually to the point it nearly came to a stop the engine management light then came on and the best i could do was get it to roughly tick over if you tried the accelerator pedal it just cut out. rac ran diags which kept coming up with spark problem. garage have tried replacement to no avail. any idaes - ecu hopefully not dave u

Hi Andy. I have no idea about the conversion kit (my doblo is petrol) but perhaps the more knowledgeable here could help you. I do know of one taxi man who has a normal clutch and flywheel and he swears by it

FIAT DOBLO Engine alert warning light

Hey all Need som expert advices... In october last year I left teh car in for 30000km service. Its a 2002 doblo. Before I did this I was thinking nah I dont like to leave the car to some unknown workshop...then it probably will start to brake down after that. However they changed som oil and charged me 200 euros for oil and airfilter and som other stuff I could have done myself. What they should do

Some doblos were prone to dodgy ECU shonestly cant remember year(s) or models.Ill have a wild guess at air flow meter Is it petrol or diesel

Thanks for quick replys guys Its a petrol... Today I tryed to start it and it was struggelin sounded as if a sparkplug or 3 was out of order... But when I (and the battery) was ready to give up the car just kicked on. And I made a nervous breakdown car drive to the fiat workshop just 2 km away. At fiat they immediately took it in had it on computer analyze for some 20-30 minutes then he came out and

FIAT DOBLO engine choice

what engine choices do these duplo bricks have theres 1.3 petrol and a jtd diesel i dont think i got either i know its diesel but theres no turbo in there im sure

FIAT PANDA Petrol Engine specs

Hi there I think Ive found the Panda of my dreams but I was hoping someone could link me to the differences in engine specs particularly torque specs for the following engines 1.2 8v 60bhp 1.2 16v(vvt) 69bhp. I believe the 69bhp engine was introduced late 2009 and it has more torque at lower revs than the previous unit plus it is more economical. Ive Googled this but only came up with the Wikipedia stuff which doesnt seem definitive.

So two different engines in two different cars indicate massive differences How suprising I guess someone will come along as state the Multijet in the doblo is more economical than the 1.2vvt in the 500 soon.

I read about Valvoline oil in a thread by Niall. I had it put in a couple of months ago. I was astounded at the difference. Everything is quiet and torq has increased. Almost sounds like a petrol car lol. 20 quid for 5 litres. I wont be using anything else now. Mind the car was going good anyway. It must be driven hard I find. Its not a town car at all.

FIAT DOBLO noise from engine on 1.3

Hi all Got an 05 1.3 family with 10500 miles on the clock when I drive and you get to about 2250 revs on the rev counter we get a noise from the engine sounds like the turbo is just starting to spin we also get it when slowing down has anybody else had this noise the noise is not loud but annoying.

hope someone hasnt put petrol in at any stageit sits on top of the diesel so only makes a racket when tank is low.Probably not but leave petrol cap off at nights and it will evapourate

FIAT DOBLO Engine warming

My 1.3 diesel takes far too long to warm up - probably about 3 miles - which is not good when I am waiting for heat to arrive on the feet Has anyone suceeded in getting theres to warm up quicker and no I aint leaving the engine running while I eat breakfast

You are lucky you dont have the 1.9 which takes a lot longer than that. Diesels are thermally efficient they dont waste as much heat as petrols hence more economical and less spare heat to go around the cabin. And the cabin is a big box to warm up too. There is no fix Im afraid. In cold countries they fit an auxiliary heater sometimes.

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