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FIAT STILO Window Screen jets not working

Ok so the the wash jets have stoped working on a 2001 stilo 1.6. I have had the pump off the bottle and it is working ok with power from the battery. could the problem be with the indicatorwiper stalk and is there anyway of finding out that this is the problem before replaceing the stalk Thanks Rich

When switched to front washers ve and -ve will be one way or the wiring connector and when switched to rear washers it will be the opposite way on the two wires. On the wiring diagram below H15 is the stalk switch N22 is the pump. . Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

FIAT UNO II Fitting stereo head unit

My Uno handbook that came with the car seems to imply that fitting a stereo is really easy. I pushed out the panel underneath the fan knobs and was expecting to see some wiring there but theres nothing. What do I do Do I have to literally wire EVERYTHING up from scratch At the worst I was expecting to only need to wire the speakers etc. There also doesnt seem to be a fuse for a stereo on the fuse board

so potentially some nasty surprises await. I suggest you take off heater control panel (prise off knobs with screwdriver shaft tip stays pressed against fascia edge and undo two small Phillips screws). Unscrew switch and check those wiring colours - try to follow them back towards the fusebox should be pretty easy. BTW think to yourself whats the worst that can happen -) I came a cropper with a fiat

View Rear window for FIAT CROMA

wrong is only a minor challenge then go for the 1.6 - a much nicer car to ride in for the same money now as a 1.4 I sold my Tipo (1989 1.6 DGT) in 2001 because it was too boring (there was nothing that needed fixing) too expensive and not fast enough (good handling or not I found it more sluggish than my Uno 60 (0-100kmh in 18 seconds) and couldnt quite get to 160kmh...) I replaced it with a fiat

FIAT STILO white stilo Van ipswich

i didnt know they existed

This is the only picture of one I could find. Looks like its just a saloon with the rear windows paneled. Pickup looks neat. Attached Thumbnails     __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514   Quote   15-05-2010   9 dave Get Your Own Title  

FIAT PANDA my 1242cc 16valve TURBO panda story...

hi everyone LONG time no post. iv been busy with many things.. last October i installed my 1242 16v engine and 5 speed punto gear box. it drove absolutely brilliantly everyday and i LOVED IT i had thought of things to take the project even further but didnt have the time to take it off the road really. end of Feb this year i snapped two ligaments in my ankle and was left in a cast and on crutches

FIAT UNO II Fuel pump doesnt prime with key-on Mk1 Uno Turbo - why

Well as Jai wrote on another post we had a great time improving the lights on Tippex - Jais white Mk1 Uno Turbo . However I didnt get anywhere with the other problem the fuel pump doesnt run when you turn the ignition on. It should give a short buzz for a second or two. The result is that the engine is slow to start - cranks over for several seconds. I noticed the oil pressure warning light wasnt working.

Dont know if this is relevant to your problem Alex but I had a similar problem with my croma Turbo about 10 years ago. It was fitted with Bosch LE2 Jetronic with the tachometric fuel pump relay which I think is the same as the Uno Turbo . The fuel pump wouldnt self prime when I turned the ignition on. I couldnt trace the problem but noticed that it would prime if I turned the ignition and heated rear

FIAT BRAVO South Coast Bravo Sport (Southampton area etc.)

Anybody here have a 2010 Bravo Sport ideally a 1.4 Multiair but certainly a petroldiesel in Sport ModelTrim. Im based in Southampton so near to me would be ideal. I just want to look at the finer details of external trim (I want to fit a tow bar and also get concerned about low front spoilers and impact on self service rampsjacks) aircon and internal boxes rests pockets etc. etc. Basically Im trying

stupidly low that its not going to go up ramps infact there are very few mass produced sport models out there which will have that issue unless theyve been fiddled with. TBH comparing my Dynamic to another members sport the differences mainly were skirts spoiler and lowered a few mm. I know it is not stupidly low (unlike the Coupe I had) but still getting some modern cars (like my stupidly HIGH croma)

FIAT 500 II Clear windscreen

Hi all well it was bound to happen sometimes... fiat fans are not known for their longevity The fan still works but is very noisy and I got some indication (from searching previous threads) that it might be just leaves stuck in the motor. Ill investigate. In the meantime the AC is off and I have problems with misty windows. Being blonde can somebody explain how do I get rid of the problem if the AC is off Many thanks

Originally Posted by dave dont 500s have a demist button on a croma one button sets all the air to go up to screen turns fans up full and puts rear dimister on. still takes ages compared to any non aircon cars ive had though there used to be stuff you could put on screens that claimed to stop misting dont know if they work or are still sold though If you have climate you get a defrost button - which

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX Black modified Mk2 - Teesside.

Spotted this Punto twice now heading towards Hartlepool on the A19. Black with FF stickers on the rear windows. Once I was in the Bravo and the other time in the croma.

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