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FIAT BRAVO rear passenger visibility

Folks Im new to the forum and to fiats Im thinking of buying a Bravo but I am a little concerned about the size of the rear passenger door windows. My 10 year old daughter (5ft tall) gets travel sick and she benefits from a light and airy atmosphere. Whats it like on the backseats of a Bravo - is it light and airy or is the view out of the windows restricted for her height Looking at the car the rear

Its not the largest in any way. I can think of at least three fiat models larger than the Bravo - Linea croma and Sedici. The reason for the Bravo to be so claustrophobic in the back is because they wanted it to look more like a three-door car. So the sideline goes very high at the rear door...This is by all means intentional and I wouldnt call it a shame. Its the way the company wanted to sell this car - its just not a family car...

FIAT STILO 5 door arbarth bumper on a Mw

Will a 5 door arbarth bumper fit a Mw ok I know a 3 door wont but wonder if the 5 door arbarth bumper is different. Thanks

MW rear bumper is completely different to the 3 and 5 door bumpers. MW bumper has a very low cut-out for the full length tailgate. . Attached Thumbnails     __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514   Quote   22-01-2011   4 Muppet1 Springer Mad

View Rear door for FIAT CROMA

FIAT STILO How to change rear light blub in stilo multi wagon 2007

Can anyone here give me an instruction on how to change rear light bulb in Stilo Multi Wagon 2007

Or for the MultiWagon. . Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514   Quote   24-06-2012   4 ittam Get Your Own Title Join Date Oct 2011 Posts 11 Thanks 0 Trader Rating 0   Re How to change rear light blub in stilo multi

FIAT MULTIPLA Interior rear lights to turn em on

Cant figure out if its possible to turn these on whilst driving. They come on fine when you lock up open doors but I cant figure out how to just turn em on and leave them on. Whilst we were driving this eve my partner was fiddling with the switch and she managed ti get one to stay on but when we turned it off it wouldnt come back on... Is there ahidden switch that we accidentally found Cheers Marty.

This is how they are supposed to work. If yours dont it would suggest a switch or wiring fault. Multipla handbook is available from the forum downloads secion here httpwww.fiatforum.comdownloads.phpdocat&id17 . Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

FIAT 500 II New 500L driven. httpwww.whatcar.comcar-news2013...-review263388 Doubtless there will be more news very soon... RobinPJ thanked for this post Super Uwe liked this post

Im sorry but I think fiat did better with the 2000-era Multipla than they have with this 500L. The Multipla was ageless and functional ugly (if you like) with a purpose and well-engineered. This 500L might be a good car (though its sounding like an underpowered slug) but why call it a 500... As the others said its to try and build on an image yet this doesnt look like a 500 and I think is bloody ugly

FIAT UNO II Wiper Motor

I am wondering does anyone have the problem of the wiper over shooting the windscreen. This happens slightly on my Uno but on my Wifes its a lot worse and a failure on MOT. It looks to be caused by play on the motor shaft that connects to the wiper arm.. I can catch the wiper and move it up and down. I tried the local scrap yards but the motors there are in the same state as what is on our cars. I

panel attachment underbonnet structure (big gaps) seats and trim all secured differently and absolutely no electrical bits in common) The croma on the other hand is more like a big Uno. Compare say a croma rear light with an Uno rear light and a Tipo rear light. The Tipo is a much more modern sealed design. rant This is only possibly of interest to someone who has worked on a number of different fiats

Posted by alexGS Hellcat the first big difference is that the Uno has only one wiper So there isnt any linkage. rant The Tipo is not really a big Uno - the basic construction is very different (e.g. lack of roof rails clever door and bonnet hinges bonnet shape panel attachment underbonnet structure (big gaps) seats and trim all secured differently and absolutely no electrical bits in common) The croma

FIAT UNO II Italian electrics - dontcha just lurv em

Anyone else have a car (91 Uno Fire) with a sense of humour Mine has L hand indicators work 90% of the time but some days they flash at double speed pretending that one of the bulbs has gone then later they work again Tonight the wipers worked then they didnt - then i stopped at the shop and then they worked again. The washer only works when the wipers are off alwaysb Some times the NS headlamp wont come on main others times its just fine

for a laugh if the wires to the front door motors break near the door hinge. When the system tries to lock the doors one door lock stays up so the system reads that switch as up and decides that the doors are being unlocked. It thus unlocks the doors. Under ideal circumstances (broken wires on both sides) you can get a situation where the back doors only continously lock-unlock-lock-unlock... My fiat

FIAT UNO II Why did you buy your Uno

Were you swung by this catchy tuned advert

Originally Posted by Hellcat Think Ive found a new best friend Hey youre welcome here any time Im sure you can pop over for a visit every now and then - its only 10000 miles isnt it Besides you looked at my video which was really nice of you - its just kindof sunk in the Lets talk fiat forum. I think Ill stick to the Uno forums Quote Indicated 140... bout the same as the Tipo gets. Yes but the Tipos

FIAT UNO II 89 uno turbo resto

Hi A few weeks ago I bought myself a mk1 turbo . Car looked alright apart from a rusty passenger door. Car has never been tuned one owner between 93-07 and only 75.000 kms on the clock. So far so good. looks nice under bonnet First thing i did when got it into the garage was to remove all the carpeting. There i found a hole to the left of the drivers aswell as passengers feet along the sills. Sills

trim card with pocket attached From the engine bay photo I think you have another rare Antiskid model judging from the ABS sensor connector near the alternator cooling pipe (at the back of the engine bay). A few of these Antiskids seem to be popping up I personally think it would be a worthy system since its electronically modulated like modern ABS although only two-channel (left and right). fiat

FIAT UNO II Uno Work In Progress (2.0 Turbo) a Story

Well as some of you will remember i had a massive thread on rebuilding my old Uno Turbo . Heres a couple of pictures of it to remind you all Looked good was used daily until i discovered how using it daily and through all weathers killed it and rotted it to death This was 2005 So i cut up the old shell and started my new thread After mucho building i ended up with a 90% completed project which i used

wrong is only a minor challenge then go for the 1.6 - a much nicer car to ride in for the same money now as a 1.4 I sold my Tipo (1989 1.6 DGT) in 2001 because it was too boring (there was nothing that needed fixing) too expensive and not fast enough (good handling or not I found it more sluggish than my Uno 60 (0-100kmh in 18 seconds) and couldnt quite get to 160kmh...) I replaced it with a fiat

FIAT DOBLO The Doblo Adventure

My first post I am the new proud owner of a 1.3 Doblo 54 plate. Love it to bits already I love the seating position the driving height ... the list goes on and on - really pleased with every aspect with no bad points at all. I started browsing the web in relation to Doblos and found this cracking forum - and after reading through every thread realised that the topic of the Adventure has been touched

It is only available the Latin American countries fiat have a factory in Brazil and they make four wheel drive versions of the Doblo Idea Palio Stilo Multiwagon and croma. They even have a full size 4x4 built in partnership with VW. They have all the best toys over there. If you look them up on YouTube you can see them having fun with their fiats . As for buying bits for our Doblos they are built in

FIAT STILO Dash multifunction info display

As there is only 1 other perosn on the croma forum can anyone of you other stilo people answer this as they are the same dispalys on the stilo D ash multifunction info display Anyone had theirs go totally blank still back lit but blank Whats likely to be the problem No mileage displayed or tempor date etc. I dont own this croma I went to look and walked away as it also had an oil leak scratched bumper

FIAT UNO II A tribute to the FIAT Premio

While researching the Uno-based estatevan for another thread I stumbled across mention of the fiat Premio - yet another Uno-based machine from South America... A Google Image Search for fiat Premio turns up loads of results for a car I never knew existed in two-door form httpclasipar.paraguay.comfiat_pr...te_400941.html The Premio also seems to exist in four-door form (I dont know what the difference

Originally Posted by alexGS -Alex The rear lights & bootlid of the 1st one reminds me more of the Lancia Thema than the croma although the 4 door looks nicer than the 2 door to me the rear wing looks too big flat & budget on the 2 door although the 2 tone side stripe on the crappy modified one does help break it up a bit. I dont like the dash either but I do want his leather seats

FIAT STILO Multiwagon Boot Max Load Capacity.

I took a look at my camping gear this morning and decided I can get it all into the boot of our Multiwagon. But All I can find is the volume of the boot space nothing about its weight carring abilities. The boot offers a class-leading 510 litres of totally flat floor space which can be increased to 550 litres if the car is fitted with the optional sliding rear seats Our tent is large and heavy. I could

This is from the Stilo Multiwagon & Van Supplement. - Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514   Quote   13-09-2010   8 Argonought Its about GO not SHOW   Join Date Sep 2005 Location POOLE Dorset Posts 7337 Thanks 332 Blog

FIAT UNO II whoaaaa

nicked that from drag he he just thought id let you all know that theres quite a few UTs on ebay at the mo its that time of the year get rid now before they rust more over the winter money for xmas get a new ride in march ready for the summer seams to happen every year anyway its a perfect time to pick up a turb cheap i know there are a lot of visitors to this site who dont actualy own a UT so nows

onto the road this evening (for the first time in well over a month). Seeing it posed in the supermarket carpark I was pleasingly surprised by the shine on my paint polished ages ago (except the new paint that hasnt been touched). Thats what living in a garage does for it. It also slows the inevitable door rust bubbles (I have one spider in the drivers door) right down. Now if I can only fix the croma

FIAT STILO white stilo Van ipswich

i didnt know they existed

Heres the police car. Just casualy parked on the side of the road. Attached Thumbnails     __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514   Quote   16-05-2010   13 udtrev Twin Turbo powered -)   Join Date Jun 2008 Location Sleepy Surrey Posts

FIAT DOBLO Camper plans for my new ( to me ) Doblo..

Hi guys-I posted on the Newbie thread a week ago but figured out no-one replies so thought Id get involved here Last Monday picked up my 2002 Doblo-1.9 DT. Dark red.....mmmm Im in lurvvv LOL. Anyway my current plans ( and progress ) for a camper conversion are - tinted windows- this Friday - rear seats out and investigate floor conditionspace - buy chairbed-spotted a great one in Ikea yesterday-single

False floor. Storage space is a real issue in any vehicle. Depending on required headroom then having a false floor with liftable floor tilespanels and rearside and side sliding door side entry panelsflaps will actually give you massive amounts of additional storage. Just a 3 inch depth will allow many of those fiddly small items to be tucked away out of site. Expanding on this idea then you could have fully removable floor plinth made from quality marine ply. All the other units (loo boxes seats kitchen unit etc) are themselves removable. The unit to plinth is secure by strongindustrial strenght latches (like tose used on heavy rock music equipments. Going very modular like this will mean that you can completely dismantle and remove your campervan conversions and restore the vehicle normal. Another advantage is that this type of mod as such a temporary fully reversible change and I would suspect that most insurance companies will not be too bothered. There is a person here on the forum who has created a removeable plywood box for his fiat croma which he loads with building materials etc. etc. No insurance issues that Im aware of.


The time has come for me to say good bye. Ive had the Multipla MKII for 4 years and to be honest it has served us well. Ive loved it and hated it in equal measure on occasions however it never actually broke down. With the help and advise of one or two of you kind people i was able to save on Garage costs on little niggles however the usual bits that needed doing were always going to be expensive.

Originally Posted by widemouthfrog If its any consolation theres a 61-plate Mutlipla on Autotrader. But youre right - late model ones are like hens teeth Just as well theyre not the real thing - long live the mk1 There are probably more MK1s on the road comapred to MK2s. I see many 20022003 MK1s every day and not a single MK2 every day. Coming from a Stilo Multiwagon I wanted a Multipla. I had considered a Honda FRV but the centre seat fron and rear are only for toddlers and the engines were gutless. Bravo just offers a 5 door hatch and not a multiwagon derivative which I think has done the Bravo harm as plenty of Stilos on the road compared to a Bravo. Some friends thought I would get another croma but been there and will not go back.

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  • 4 piece Front Rear Wind Deflectors fits Fiat Croma 05 On 5 Door MPV - United Kingdom (29.80 GBP)
  • Fiat Croma speaker adapter pods Rear Door 17cm 6.5” fitting rings adaptors - Bradford,United Kingdom (12.99 GBP)
  • Fiat Croma 1.9 Diesel Estate off-side Rear DOOR - Huddersfield,United Kingdom (105.00 GBP)

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