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FIAT STILO what other cars both fiat and non-fiat use the same rear parking sensors

after doing some research on here I found that on another fiat model you can use BMW rear parking sensors as they are the same but at the same time more readily available and cheaper. so I was wondering if anyone has used or knows of other cars that use the same rear parking sensor as the stilo (1.6 dynamic). many thanks

croma possibly.. BMW is quoted as the same for this car as well.. httpwww.fiatforum.comcroma22768...g-sensors.html

aware the JTD 80bhp had a cable operated clutch. The 80bhp JTD has an external slave cylinder I think you can see the bleed nipple and hydraulic hose in the picture. Does look like a cable coming from the clutch operating lever though. . Attached Images   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

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FIAT DUCATO I 290 what other engines can be fitted to a 1990 2.5 diesel fiat ducato kontiki

Hi glad i found this site and hope someone can help me please. I have a 1990 2.5 diesel fiat ducato kontiki with a blown engine at the moment and before i strip it completeley for (possible) repare i was wondering what alternatives there are regarding engine swop upgrades I have the engine out but would like to know if and what other engines would fit back into it while i have the opportunity. I have

Originally Posted by dragonwagon If the engine is a canted forwards OHV design it is derived from the power unit fitted to the Citroen CX - not easy to find. AFAIK the OHC Sofim (as per Iveco Daily) was not fitted to the first generation Sevel vans. looking through my 1990 engine manual.. it keeps referring to the croma TD CAR engine..maybe that is the same lump.. wether a UK model.. as Im pretty sure the early Ducato 1929ccs were the same as in theTtipo Tempra.. Charlie

FIAT UNO II some pictures of my new engine

its a lowbudget build with much power alexGS thanked for this post

slave cylinder on the gearbox so I presume youve used the croma gearbox (the one with the oil-level dipstick on the differential casing) Could you perhaps also tell us please which wheel hubs and CV joints youve used (do Uno Turbo hubs suit the croma driveshafts) Its just that we tend to get people asking questions about fitting a twin-cam engine to the Uno - e.g. the current thread httpwww.fiatforum.comuno164991-...mlpost1766525

FIAT MAREA 185 Poor old Marea Weekend

My lovely old Marea Weekend 1.9 JTD is fast approaching the end of the road. It has a crunching 2nd gear dodgy EGR intermittent crankcam sensor fault where the only way to start it is to rock it on the starter at touch then its off. Worn out disks and among other things some kind of sticky red fluid thats building in the passenger footwell (lhs). Yet it refuses to stick its toes up The thing is I

1.9 multijet - check Marea 2.4 JTD - check Ive also owned a 1.9 JTD Marea weekend so I think I can speak with some authority on this. The 150bhp 1.9 croma is quicker. You will be surprised how quick that chunky car can accelerate. The main downside is under-rated Vauxhall suspension. If you didnt know already the croma is a joint-enterprise car. GM provided the chassis and all the running gear. fiat

FIAT BRAVO Bravo Production Factory Orders

I think we kind of guessed what follows but being seriously interested in buying a Bravo to potentially replace my croma at some point in time in the future I just had to ask fiat UK direct availability and new factory order status. Below is their response so at least all youus Bravo nutters know where we stand. -------------------------------- Thank you for contacting fiat Customer Information centre

Originally Posted by s130 In one respect yes I agree but in another I disagree. My real problem is this I have two genuinepure fiats Strada Abarth 130TC Barchetta and have owned many many previous pure fiats over the last 41 years. I also have a hybrid fiat a croma 2005. The Bravo is (as far as I can tell another fiatGM hybrid. The Dart is an Alfa Guiletta hybrid so Im thinking that IF the Bravo replacement

the GM drive shafts as well. On my croma 2005 my GM drive chain is GM gearbox GM clutch GM MDF flywheel GM hubs. Ive have had premature failures in the clutch DMF driveshafts springs and wheel bearings. Sadly only the drive shafts failed in the warranty period. I picked up a healthy bill for the clutch pressure plate assembly failure and the associated prudent DMF replacement. Apart from my old fiat

FIAT 500 II New 500L driven. httpwww.whatcar.comcar-news2013...-review263388 Doubtless there will be more news very soon... RobinPJ thanked for this post Super Uwe liked this post

Im sorry but I think fiat did better with the 2000-era Multipla than they have with this 500L. The Multipla was ageless and functional ugly (if you like) with a purpose and well-engineered. This 500L might be a good car (though its sounding like an underpowered slug) but why call it a 500... As the others said its to try and build on an image yet this doesnt look like a 500 and I think is bloody ugly

FIAT UNO II Uno Speedometer sender

Hi all...X19 owner from the US here and I am working on retroroding a 82 X19 and I have my eye on some custom gauges I like but the speedo requires an electronic sender. The X19 is a cable speedometer but a member on the Seattle X19 boards told me a Uno has a electronic sender that will fit my X but I am having a heck of a time finding a part number or anyone who stocks them. Can any of you give me a hand locating one or a dealer who sells them (preferably will ship to the US) Thanks

Hello - sorry to be the bearer of bad news and cut you short after your first post but as far as I know the Uno didnt come with an electronic speedometer (someone please correct me if Im wrong). Even the Uno Turbo with optional digital instruments had - believe it or not - a normal old speedometer cable going to the cluster There are other fiats the same age as the Uno that did have electronic speedometers.

FIAT BRAVO Looking to buy a Fiat Ritmo 1.4L Sport

I own a 1988 fiat croma which ive had since 2000 and also a Honda Prelude... im about to upgrade to a new 2008 fiat Ritmo 1.4L TJet Sport The Ritmo is a rebadged Bravo being sold here in Australia and as for the life of me i cant find any Australian fiat forums i figured id start here... I took a 1.4L TJet Emotion for a drive and it felt good nice power and agile. So i applied to get finance on a brand

Well Ive read all those posts and seems like all your problems come back to one thing the Dualogic transmission. Im hanging to get back to a manual car myself... as for the responses youve had from fiat themselves they actually seem reasonable. Just sounds like you got the one Punto thats just got something wrong... Perhaps its frame is bent or something. As for the steering issue well from what i

alexgs I think you misunderstood... I live on the gold coast and will be buying it from southport (5min drive down the road). Once I get it however my woman and I are looking at doing a road trip to sydney like we did back in 2002 in my fiat croma. All the autos Ive had ive always wanted to convert back to a manual which is why I have no interest in these selespeed and other fancy half manual half

FIAT BRAVO Bravo duologic shudder

I used to have the croma 150 MJET excellent as a company car and have replaced it with the Bravo 1.6 MJET Duologic as the croma is no longer available. The Bravo is 3 months old 14000 miles on the clock spends most of its time loaded up with my test equipment and performs very well on all types of roads including farmers tracks BUT the Duologic gearbox either gets itself confused when pushing on

FIAT STILO Oh no I bought another fiat

Well after 3 years of having my Stilo 1.9 jtd wagon I am now the proud owner of a 1.9 Mjet 150 croma auto until a few months ago I didnt think about buying one but its dangerous to start looking I bascially decided to buy one run it for a few months then decide if I will sell the Stilo or the croma. I really love my Stilo but my wife hates it. Attached Thumbnails         Shadeyman liked this post

Originally Posted by volxstu The croma is a superior car to the Stilo if you are after a family wagon. Im sure the wife will prefer it maybe even more with parking sensors. Thats a Debate hence why I have a Stilo MW and She has a croma Stilo is better on other areas up front than the croma. Her croma is her second one but made sure mileage was low there is your clue...

FIAT BRAVO bravo specs

Hello there matesI want to share a misunderstanding i have between the official measures fiat gives for bravo t-jet 150 and all the car magazines here in Greece.To be more specific fiat announce the following measurements 0-100kmh(or 0-60Mph) in 8.5secs and 8.2secs in over boost mode and a weight of 1275kg.Now the car magazines write that the 0-100kmh(or 0-60Mph) is completing in 9.6secs() and the

Which model do you mean for croma because theres not such model here in Greece since the 80s or 90s croma.The point is thisi can accept a difference between fiat and any other magazine because of the different conditions that took place during the test.For example ext.temperetureroad conditions if its wet or nottyres condition etc.But 1.4 seconds difference is not acceptable cause of these seems to me like fiat measured a bravo t-jet and the mags a panda 100hp

FIAT UNO II Why did you buy your Uno

Were you swung by this catchy tuned advert

Originally Posted by Hellcat Think Ive found a new best friend Hey youre welcome here any time Im sure you can pop over for a visit every now and then - its only 10000 miles isnt it Besides you looked at my video which was really nice of you - its just kindof sunk in the Lets talk fiat forum. I think Ill stick to the Uno forums Quote Indicated 140... bout the same as the Tipo gets. Yes but the Tipos

FIAT UNO II Wiper Motor

I am wondering does anyone have the problem of the wiper over shooting the windscreen. This happens slightly on my Uno but on my Wifes its a lot worse and a failure on MOT. It looks to be caused by play on the motor shaft that connects to the wiper arm.. I can catch the wiper and move it up and down. I tried the local scrap yards but the motors there are in the same state as what is on our cars. I

panel attachment underbonnet structure (big gaps) seats and trim all secured differently and absolutely no electrical bits in common) The croma on the other hand is more like a big Uno. Compare say a croma rear light with an Uno rear light and a Tipo rear light. The Tipo is a much more modern sealed design. rant This is only possibly of interest to someone who has worked on a number of different fiats

Posted by alexGS Hellcat the first big difference is that the Uno has only one wiper So there isnt any linkage. rant The Tipo is not really a big Uno - the basic construction is very different (e.g. lack of roof rails clever door and bonnet hinges bonnet shape panel attachment underbonnet structure (big gaps) seats and trim all secured differently and absolutely no electrical bits in common) The croma

FIAT UNO II Steel wheels

Hey all Right im curious if any of you know of any 14 inch steels that any fiats come with For my uno turbo Cheers Biz

a nice amount of rimmage too but Im not sure if theyd foul the arches & they arent exactly 10 a penny to check. I think the RWD ones would work on the Tempra & therefore the tipos too as theres such a huge clearance... We should really have a sticky (in all the sections) letting everyone check what offsets work on each model & what spacers work otherwise.... Ive also wondered about the modern fiats

Never forget the classic Bravo Where do you think Bravos classic lines and rear lights come from As for Bravo estate there is the croma which looks rather Bravo-esk now. __________________ Drives Alfa 147 Lusso Volvo V40 . Owns Nothing   Quote   23-06-2009   30 lyubohar Get Your Own Title   Join Date Sep 2008 Location Sofia Posts 941 Thanks 37 Trader Rating 0   Re The future for Bravo While we are on the croma subject - I would really like those headlights with dark background to fit to the Bravo...Look awesome. And look exactly the same as the Bravos - saw them the other day in the showroom. Which doesnt mean fiat didnt left a tiny difference only to make it incompatible with Bravo...

FIAT STILO That Garage Visit Went To Plan Today...

Thought I would spend some money on the MW and have some preventitive maintanance done so hopefully no more woes in next 2 years before I change. Below was what was to be done.. Replace both Front Lower Suspension Arms for fiat units. Replace both Front Drop Links for fiat units. Replace both Anti Roll Bar Bushes for good pattern parts. Replace both Track Rod Ends for fiat Units Replace both Front

Originally Posted by davidthelodge Having just bought a croma please tell us more about the other story thx David David See croma forum plenty of posts including the nightmare of the rear silencer from a MK3 croma.

FIAT UNO II They do still exist original Uno turbo

Have you guys seen this. It popped up for sale in NZ. An original 1 owner Uno turbo

gunk has concealed the problem for several years - long enough for me to buy it anyway. I cleaned all the gauges and made a new lens for the clock. I rebuilt all the brakes - replaced everything except the pedal - and then failed the WOF. So far then Ive only driven it a handful of times (and spent about 600) and now cant drive it any more so it is a very bad car. I still remember buying that croma

FIAT STILO Dash multifunction info display

As there is only 1 other perosn on the croma forum can anyone of you other stilo people answer this as they are the same dispalys on the stilo D ash multifunction info display Anyone had theirs go totally blank still back lit but blank Whats likely to be the problem No mileage displayed or tempor date etc. I dont own this croma I went to look and walked away as it also had an oil leak scratched bumper

FIAT BRAVO Has anybodys clutch pedal white clip broken.

The white clip which connects to the master cylinder rod has broken and come off the clutch pedal. Has anyone had this problem and what did you do. Because i have been looking everywhere for little white clip any info please.

is right and its only available with the master cylinder. The other diagram below is from the eLEARN workshop manual. Doesnt say anything about a removable clip. Does your white clip fit in the black plastic part securely . Attached Thumbnails     __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

FIAT UNO II Italian electrics - dontcha just lurv em

Anyone else have a car (91 Uno Fire) with a sense of humour Mine has L hand indicators work 90% of the time but some days they flash at double speed pretending that one of the bulbs has gone then later they work again Tonight the wipers worked then they didnt - then i stopped at the shop and then they worked again. The washer only works when the wipers are off alwaysb Some times the NS headlamp wont come on main others times its just fine

for a laugh if the wires to the front door motors break near the door hinge. When the system tries to lock the doors one door lock stays up so the system reads that switch as up and decides that the doors are being unlocked. It thus unlocks the doors. Under ideal circumstances (broken wires on both sides) you can get a situation where the back doors only continously lock-unlock-lock-unlock... My fiat

FIAT 500 II How reliable is your 500

A very subjective thread but I was wondering how reliable people consider their cars to be. We had someone this morning with what most would consider rather minor issues who thought their car was the worst thing in the world and their opinions regarding what are relatively minor issues seem to be far from typical. My car has never failed to start other than twice when Ive flattened the battery of course.....

Originally Posted by Super Uwe .... but the fact that fiat-built engines feature in so many cars tells you that they cant be all that bad... Yup and my mate with his 1.9 diesel Vectra and my other mate with his 1.9 Saab 9-3 both have exactly the same fiat engine as is is also in the fiat croma and the Alfa 159 (amongst other Alfas). So yes fiat engines defo cant be that bad

FIAT STILO Stilo MW Values on the up.

My cousin who is in the trade has told me that the trade are liking the 1.9JTD Multiwagons and values have been climbing in the last 3 months an increase in values of 20% for a ActiveActive Aircon from 200404 reg MWs & 25% increase for Dynamic MWs from 200404 reg since January 2012. Just JTD MWs are increasing Its about time the trade see what a bargain the Stilo MW is. Something to smile about lets hope it continues.

Originally Posted by fiatFleetFamily Cousin was specific for JTD Multiwagons and that late plate ones are very sought after mainly from 200505 onwards but clean 200404 were also popular. 3drs normally have better values than the 5dr hatch. But a JTD MW was the only version that had a month on month increase. I guess the lack of replacement for the Stilo MW other than the larger (and arguably more risky)

FIAT 500 II Is it just me...

...or do others find the steering wheel too far away and the pedals too close on the 500 I am 6 tall my wife is 56 and we both have a problem with it although in all fairness its her car and she loves it so much shes prepared to ignore the fact. Seems like fiats still build cars for people with long arms and short legs BK

If you want to hit your head when getting into a car try the Honda Civic or the new Skoda Rapid ouch Im still smarting. fiats sometimes are a bit odd in the seating position stakes but the upright seating position is far far nicer for me than the lying on your back six inches off the ground with your legs sticking straight out in front position that many makers force you to adopt. See Honda Civic again


So what are peoples thoughts on the New Mk 4 Punto I hear the engines are a lot less powerful then previous puntos .. why

Originally Posted by Gav Hopefully this is the car to get fiat back into peoples minds and driving them. No need to fiat are easily outselling the GM groupalso retaining the old punto to run alongside new punto.New stilo out early 2007panda selling well with good reliability reports...even the croma is starting to sell(I know of onegarage that has sold 6 )multipla going well after big price cutsdoblo

FIAT STILO Adjusting digital clock - HOW-

Hi all Can a kind member please point me to how to adjust the digital clock in my 2004 Stilo please. Also how do I reset the service due message in the display area Thanks. vette

You can adjust the time date and several other functions with the MODE button at the righthand end of the dashboard. The procedure from the owners handbook is shown below or you can download the complete Stilo handbook from the forum downloads section here httpwww.fiatforum.comdownloads.phpdocat&id5 The Service due message can be reset with specialist garage equipment or you can do it yourself with

FIAT MULTIPLA Interior rear lights to turn em on

Cant figure out if its possible to turn these on whilst driving. They come on fine when you lock up open doors but I cant figure out how to just turn em on and leave them on. Whilst we were driving this eve my partner was fiddling with the switch and she managed ti get one to stay on but when we turned it off it wouldnt come back on... Is there ahidden switch that we accidentally found Cheers Marty.

This is how they are supposed to work. If yours dont it would suggest a switch or wiring fault. Multipla handbook is available from the forum downloads secion here httpwww.fiatforum.comdownloads.phpdocat&id17 . Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514


Hey guys can anyone help im looking for wheels like these steelies to fit my cento would they fit off a citroen van or are they different fitment cheers Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   10-02-2010   2 AppleSei RIP

Originally Posted by PRiiM3 cheers im gna go get a set of wobbly bolts from my local wheel shop later on is there any fiat van wheels the same as those like the doblo One or tother not both. Avoid GP croma and Multipla all other four stud fiats are listed as 4x98 with 58.1 bore and around the right offsets. You may need spacers to resolve the offset problem with some wheels. So yup Doblo and Fiorino wheels will fit. Cheers SPD

FIAT BRAVA 182 Alternator Belt

Hi My alternator belt on my Bravo 1.9 JTD recently snapped and I am now attempting to fit a new one. I have taken off the wheel and the plastic cover (I am guessing to stop mud etc.) and I can now see where the belt is meant to go. Even though I can see the position I have no idea how the belt should be fitted what one is the tensioner. If anyone has any information or images that might help me I would be very grateful. Many thanks Lee

This is the daigram from the parts catalogue for the 2001 Bravo JTD . Top left of the diagram with belt 1 is for cars without AC. The other setup with belt 9 is for cars with AC. . Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514   Quote  

FIAT STILO knock sensor help.

Hi. I have a knock sensor fault. Knock sensor 2 malfunction. I have found one below the inlet manifold on cylinder 1. Does anyone know which is number 2 Thanks.

This is all I could find for the 2.4 engine. Knock sensors are K50 and K51 however component location diagrams from the workshop manual are often inaccurate. . Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514   Quote   19-03-2013  

FIAT UNO II Huge problems with the electricity in my uno turbo

Hello I am a guy who has problems with my uno turbo MK1 I have big problems with the electricity in my car I have received much help from people with this car but the only way out is to replace all electrical wiring previous owner (and some before) has been amended on electricity as much as everything is beyond help the car has stood for over 10 years so resistance is very poor in electrical wiring

Originally Posted by ob1e how well does croma turbo electricity cables in uno turbo Not the cables to the fuel but without it the rest of the electricity The croma wiring will be completely different. Some of the plugs (connectors) may be the same and could be useful if yours are broken. For example on the Uno Turbo the flywheel sensor plug is somewhere on top of the gearbox under the cooling system

FIAT UNO II Alloys for a mk2

What do people think these would look like on a (lowered) mk2 Uno

style. My Uno Turbo has 15s on it that SteveNZ originally chose - I agree with his choice too Those wheels are pretty anonymous - conservative by modern standards. Theyre probably heavy as well. I think given the choice between old radical styles or modern conservative styles the formers probably more in-period for the Uno. E.g. BBS-style wheels with the lattice spokes. I think that wheels off a croma

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO Found another Grille idea....

Not my cup of tea personally but its different and I thought youd all be interested. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ ABARTH PUNTO EVO - Campovolo Grey Black EsseEsse Wheels Black Mirror Caps Forge Intercooler Induction Dump Valve Actuator & Body Braces My Members Motor Thread - 2011 Abarth Punto Evo & Eastern Italia Official Thread Follow Me davetillyer on Twitter davidtillyeruk on

Originally Posted by Ffoxy I had heard that doesnt a hairdryer make it more maleable A link to the e-bay Italian stuff would be appreciated nah i just couldnt be arsed with that this other one is 21 quid posted only takes a few days to get here 2...goes to find link httpcgi.ebay.itKIT-CORNICI-croma...QQcmdZViewItem thats for a kit where you get im guessing the rear boot lid stripe too...didnt get that

Originally Posted by manthatkidisscrewed nah i just couldnt be arsed with that this other one is 21 quid posted only takes a few days to get here 2...goes to find link httpcgi.ebay.itKIT-CORNICI-croma...QQcmdZViewItem thats for a kit where you get im guessing the rear boot lid stripe too...didnt get that though lol httpcgi.ebay.itCORNICE-cromaTA-C...QQcmdZViewItem thats the front one...its subtle really...mines

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX Punto Mk2 doors on a Mk1

Hi folks just wondering if its possible to chuck Mk2 doors on a Mk1 Cheers.

Sorry - should have qualified that. I meant the croma 1 Lancia Thema & Saab 9000. i.e. a croma door will fit on a Saab 9000 & vice versa Was this unique or are there others

FIAT UNO II whats best mk1 or mk2 uno turbo

I found this on the net going on about the mk1s having a better engine than the mk2 what do you think. The 1301cc Turbo was replaced by the 1372cc unit in 1989 with the introduction of the Mk2 Uno Turbo . For some markets the 1301cc turbo was retained in the new shell until a catalysed version was available. In the UK the Mk2 Uno T never achieved the same popularity as the Mk1. Its heavier with a bigger

Theyre both great cars. In reality the last of the real fiats alongside the Cinquecento Coupe Barchetta Tipo and Multipla in my opinion. Ill probably offend other people on this site but fiat nowadays has lost direction completely. Im a car designer and worked in Centro Stile fiat and Lancia for almost 5 years and things arent going to get much better either. Does anyone on the planet really like

FIAT STILO Connect Nav GPSGSM antenna

Hi to all Im sorry if this is already discussedbut i cant find anything. SoI bought Connect Nav second hand and installed it in my 1.2 Stilo. I used additional 12v to pin 4 time delay relay and firmware 9.8 update and everything is OK.Till now I used the unit only for radiocd-mp3 player and trip infobut I already want to use its gps-gsm functions and I want to ask is it necessary to use all this parts

part. I suspect a small microphone from an electronics shop would work but you may have to experiment with a few to get one thats suitable. The microphone connects to pins 9 18 of connector D in the diagram below. - Attached Thumbnails       __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

FIAT UNO II Rear Fogs not Working

Right going through the pre-MOT checks for the beast (Mk1) and the rear fogs arent working. No light on dash neither fog illuminates. The front LH dip beam is ok so fuse should be ok (shared). My guess is the switch is at fault since both are not working. Havent had a chance to check much yet as it was dark. What things should I check - will obviously check bulbs first. If there was one thing that

sidelights so its worth having some spares on hand just for times like this. As you know but just for the benefit of anyone else I know what you were thinking before though its always suspicious when both lights stop working yet it can happen when one bulb is faulty and the other is loose - concurrent faults happen quite often on 25-year-old cars Reminds me of the non-working reverse lights on a fiat

FIAT UNO II Fiat Uno Turbo

This is my fiat uno turbo . It was first registered at 01.01.1986. It has 13l engine R4 about 82kws 1301cc turbo boost lifter - brand new fuel pressore hose brand new toothed engine belt brand new quality oil oil filter fuel filter new breaking liquid. Hood pins new smoke side lights at the front overpainted rear light which I dont like at all lots of bulbs replaced foglights at front and at the

would look better in black - at the moment its hard to see if theyre there at all The radiator grille should be body-coloured on a Turbo . But the number one priority needs to be to give your Uno a turbo again... suggest you look on eBay until you find a standard turbo for sale since they are usually quite long-lived in my experience (hard to blow them up in standard form). Do you have other fiats

the others. Its possible that some of the pins could have been pushed through the printed circuit board inside the ECU . Next you would need to check the 2 CAN wires (one blackpink one whitepink) for continuity between the 2 ECUs . . Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

FIAT STILO JTD cam belts

Hi guys Not had much luck in the Punto section with this so I thought Id ask in a section where they have lots more JTDs Basically I having problems tensioning my new cam belt. I cant seem to make the tensioner stay at the tension I set. Thats with the tensioner bolted fully onto the block. The tensioner is new. Im a bit stumped TBH as to why I cant set the tensioner up properly. I have found a pindowel

fitted the pointer just happens to be in the correct position. Could also be that different manufacturers cambelt components are designed differently. I always use Dayco for cambelts so other manufacturers parts may not be the same. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

FIAT PUNTO connection to fiatecuscan

im having problems connecting my ecu to fiatecuscan. got my cable. installed the drivers etc... it trys to connect to the ecu and then it says requires registered version and it can only run in simulation mode. what does this mean am i doing something wrong im trying to connect to the Bosh Motronic ME7.3H4 EOBD injection. i think thats what i got - my car is a 1.2 16v punto from 2001. im not trying

Originally Posted by SamuraiDragon it says requires registered version and it can only run in simulation mode. what does this mean am i doing something wrong Youve answered your own question. From Yanis website list of supported vehicles. The ME7.3H4 ECU needs the registered version of fiatECUScan. Heres the list. Items printed in red need the registered version. . Attached Thumbnails   __________________

FIAT UNO II fiat fulda chalenge series and pics

just thought this might intrest you all a few years ago when i was still in school my dad who had just started in rayrig motors had and still has althou the car is out of action now a 5th share in a fiat uno racing car the car was basicly a fiat uno mk1 1.3 non turbo with a 1500 strada cam shaft advanced 9degrese and timed to mach also 2litre croma carburetor and tipo air filter box and filter also


Right when ordered my car came from the dealer it came with Kumho Ecsta tires on it there 17s and a lot a fatter than anything mentioned in the manual. Went to check my tyre pressures today and realised i had nothing to compare them to. They say the max you can put in is 50psi but these tires are designed for big cars (listed are a few cadillacs BMW 5-Series Audi A6 etc) so i really dont know what they should be at. Anyone had these on theres

binding brakes worn bearings blocked radiator core battery terminals catalytic converter ignition coils sticking relays temperature sensors thermo switches etc. And you can measure the temperature of clouds in the sky with it. Dave. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

FIAT STILO Fuse number for headlamp adjuster 2004 1.2 16v - help

Hi newbie here Recently purchased a Stilo 2004 1.2 16v and have the cough odd problem to sort The most annoying one at the moment is the passenger side headlamp adjuster motor making a screeching noise as its stuck on so was wondering if anyone knew the fuse number for it as its driving me nuts Cheers in advance.....

the wing. There are 2 types of adjuster motor depending on whether you have normal filament bulb headlamps or the factory fitted Xenon HID option. 1st picture below is the normal one 2nd picture is for Xenon HID headlamps. . Attached Thumbnails     __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

FIAT 500 II Five Door Fiat 500

Or also known as the New Grande Punto It seems fiat will just make different types of 500s and ditch all the other cars they make. Adzee liked this post

Originally Posted by Super Uwe Also seems sad that the Punto name is going to be ditched by the sound of it Now that would be sad... ...unless of course fiat then come back with something that really can compete with other cars in the sector in a couple of years time.... I expect Im more likely to see a flock of pigs flapping past the house first though.... Coming soon the 500XXXL -- the size of a

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