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FIAT STILO stilo jtd gearbox oil seal replacement

well after refilling gearbox that i just refitted realise it leaks which explains lack of oil now after looking at guides & doing a search realise not much info available so if i get some replies ill do a guide on seal replacement i think its output shaft seal thats gone so gearbox out again

I used fiat Tutela ZC 7585 Synth when I changed my gearbox oil a few years ago and Tutela Matryx 7585 Synth (the replacement for ZC 7585) when I refilled the box after fitting a new clutch and flywheel a few weeks ago. They both smelt like conventional gearbox oil. Perhaps they put a stenching agent in it so you can tell what it is. My gearbox came out easily but was a pain getting it back in. Possibly

FIAT 500 II Rising Oil Level

Any reasons why my oil level might be rising 1.3 diesel - 75

by stalling them or by stuffing the air intake with rags (which few people are willing to do against a raging engine). Mazda strongly advises in the owner&8217s handbook to check the oil level regularly and if it rises to the &8216X&8217 mark get your car to the dealer for a check and an oil change. It&8217s a common problem with the Mazda6 2.0 diesels with DPFs with Subaru Legacy diesels with fiat

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FIAT UNO II some pictures of my new engine

its a lowbudget build with much power alexGS thanked for this post

slave cylinder on the gearbox so I presume youve used the croma gearbox (the one with the oil-level dipstick on the differential casing) Could you perhaps also tell us please which wheel hubs and CV joints youve used (do Uno Turbo hubs suit the croma driveshafts) Its just that we tend to get people asking questions about fitting a twin-cam engine to the Uno - e.g. the current thread httpwww.fiatforum.comuno164991-...mlpost1766525

FIAT UNO II Italian electrics - dontcha just lurv em

Anyone else have a car (91 Uno Fire) with a sense of humour Mine has L hand indicators work 90% of the time but some days they flash at double speed pretending that one of the bulbs has gone then later they work again Tonight the wipers worked then they didnt - then i stopped at the shop and then they worked again. The washer only works when the wipers are off alwaysb Some times the NS headlamp wont come on main others times its just fine

for a laugh if the wires to the front door motors break near the door hinge. When the system tries to lock the doors one door lock stays up so the system reads that switch as up and decides that the doors are being unlocked. It thus unlocks the doors. Under ideal circumstances (broken wires on both sides) you can get a situation where the back doors only continously lock-unlock-lock-unlock... My fiat

FIAT PANDA my 1242cc 16valve TURBO panda story...

hi everyone LONG time no post. iv been busy with many things.. last October i installed my 1242 16v engine and 5 speed punto gear box. it drove absolutely brilliantly everyday and i LOVED IT i had thought of things to take the project even further but didnt have the time to take it off the road really. end of Feb this year i snapped two ligaments in my ankle and was left in a cast and on crutches


1.2 16v 3dr Bravo W reg 86K Got through the MOT with only a worn tyre replacement. Anyone got advice on fixing a permanently on air bag light Is it the contacts under the seat like the Multi

just adds more detergents to the fuel cleaning carbon off the engine pistons valves and so on but fuel already has adatives to do this more of them will clean oil from the bores and wear the engine quicker so no never use it all your engine needs to be clean is good quality oil new plugs and a right good kicking high combustion tempratures and standard fuel is all it needs we use to run a fiat

wrong is only a minor challenge then go for the 1.6 - a much nicer car to ride in for the same money now as a 1.4 I sold my Tipo (1989 1.6 DGT) in 2001 because it was too boring (there was nothing that needed fixing) too expensive and not fast enough (good handling or not I found it more sluggish than my Uno 60 (0-100kmh in 18 seconds) and couldnt quite get to 160kmh...) I replaced it with a fiat

FIAT PANDA Headlight Levelling device

Hallo Folks Im very pleased to have found this site having just bought a 21year old 141A. I am a Newbie here so I am probably posting in the wrong section sorry but here goes The car is in beautiful condition inside and out being that classic joke vehicle that has been in the hands of an 85 year old lady for the last 19 years regularly serviced by her local garage. It failed its test only because the

My old croma Turbo of similar age had an oil filled hydraulic headlamp adjuster system. One cylinder on the rear axle and a cylinder on each headlamp. They were connected together with small diameter black plastic pipes. The whole system was only available pre filled from fiat . There was no way to recharge it. VmanC liked this post

FIAT UNO II camshaft turbo uno MKI engine

I am in the United States and got a turbo uno engine from New Zealand which turned out to be a mess. I have put it in my 1976 fiat 128 sedan I have installed a haltech fuel managment system the engine had a bad head which i found out after the fact we are going to put a little bit bigger stainless valves in it and I was wondering if any one had suggestions on what kind of cam shaft i should put in

the uno transmission to get the equal length drive shafts. The car is full caged road hugger orange with a tangerine pearl gutted interior with all OMP seats steering whell. Next mods are adjustable coil overs bigger brakes. I had also heard that a 1500cc FI intake is a good mod but have not found any info on that maybe its the porting Richard Attached Thumbnails     __________________ fiat

FIAT STILO Engine hose I.D.s

Hi everybody I had only just bought my stilo 04 3dr 1.6 dynamic and one of the radiator hoses burst. I replaced the burst hose with an fiat part but that cost a mint. I think it would be wise to replace all the engine hoses in one hit with aftermarket ones. So does anybody know the inside diameter of the engine hoses Many Thanks Antony

raised part of the hose locking clip and pull the hose off complete with its elbow. Theres a special tool available to release and refit the engine hose clips or some people just cut them off and replace with Jubilee type clips. . Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

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