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fiat cinquecento lock central 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Central Locking

Hi When i lock my fiat cinquecento SX 899cc from the passenger side the door pin on the drivers side goes down but you can still open the drivers side with out unlocking it. if i lock the car from the drivers side the car locks fine. has any 1 else had this problem and can i fix it Famous Face Duel

Cinqmeister Yes u can i have remote central locking Alarmimob but it dnt bloody wrk rite keeps going off at nite 4 some strange reasons [(] but my central locking is pretty weird atm ill unlock the drivers door and the rest will remain shut unless i 1) punch the door lightly or 2) sometimes all unlock when i open the drivers door its strange [] fiat cinquecento Recycled Ferrari D

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 central locking problem

hi there first post and its a problem. i searched the forum but didnt find anything. i just past my test and dad gave me his old 1994 fiat cinquecento. it runs fine yet the central locking keeps going mad. when i go to open it the locks go up down up down.. i keep getting scared that im going to leave the keys in the car and then for it to lock them inside. was wondering if anyone knows what the problem

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Remote central locking

Due to being a lazy tart i cannot be a Botherd running back to the car to unlock it... and am looking for remote locking but am stuck on weather any of the universal kits on ebay will work... and what i actually need. Has anyone done this or can show me a kit that will work gaurented

Second post httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...l-locking.html

If you got central locking already... httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...cking-kit.html

Originally Posted by jatkinson Find a meta locking Kit fiat fited them as standard (Y) Had one of these when I bought my Sei new in 2000. Just a new relay plugged in in place of the original. If youve got central locking already. Dont think any remote will open the boot as I seem to remember it was key from outside or pull lever from inside.

totally possible but much easier if the wiring harness is in the cinq as standard.check your motor also check(as is in a lot of cars) if the central locking wiring loom plugs into the existing loom.after that its a case of physically fitting the parts which aint too hard as the mounting holes etc SHOULD be there The fiat cinquecento Fun While It Runs

ive done both on other motorsgenerally the door patterns etc are standard throughoutprobably have to drill out the mounts for the manual winders as the tend to be pop rivittedalso be carefull as the glass on some cars is different for leccy for connecting up the wires its not too difficult it just depends on what wires are in the car as standardand whether the clockingwindows wiring just plugs into the existing loom.also bear in mind the costs as it might be easier just to buy an SX and get these items as standard cos come resale time these dont really add to the value and technically you should declare to your insurer) The fiat cinquecento Fun While It Runs

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Sporting Remote Central Locking kit

Hello First post on here I bought my second broom yellow seicento sporting last week and i am loving it (except for the fact it is getting its windscreen replaced today but hey ho). When i was buying it I jokingly said that i would love to have a fob key to open the door rather than the key in the door due to juggling around my little one and such when getting back to the car. The guy selling it said

you could get this or if you can find a sporting with remote central locking in a scrappys and just get the relay and fobs changing the relay to the remote one will take 20-30 seconds.

Originally Posted by Benjammo you could get this Parts_Vehicles_CarParts_SMhashitem4a97cd7e67&_tr ksidp3286.c0.m14&_trkparms66%3A465%3A739%3A12 40%3A1318301%3A0293%3A3294%3A200 or if you can find a sporting with remote central locking in a scrappys and just get the relay and fobs

LOL just realised you can see the central locking relay dangling out of the bottom of my dash in the fisrt pic in httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...-new-dash.html

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinquecento central locking problem...

Hi all. Occasionally when I lock my cinquecento sporting from the outside the car stays locked for a few seconds then all the locks jump back up again I have returned to my unlocked car before after parking it all day in town... a bit worrying Does anyone have any idea what is making it do this Maybe the central locking relay Thanks

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 remote central locking location

while trying to fit my all singing all dancing alarm system Ive killed my standard central locking when it first went it locked the car but wouldnt unlock it. Neo it does nither so its about time i replacedrepaired it. but i need to fid it first

middle of the car this is also where Ive mounted the alarm box and where I saw the dreaded blue smoke of death. Im not sure if it was the alarm or the standard central locking that got fried. but seen as now it doesnt work Im hoping it was just the standard one. does anybody know where this is BTW its a sporting MPI if theyve changed anything thanks Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 My 3rd central locking question

Right guys as my title says i think this is my third question on central locking but im looking at remote central locking kits and though because its central locking already would i only need to wire up say the drivers door wires to the remote box then it would unlock all of it from that

On the cinquecento the central locking wires are in a different place iirc. i think ill buy one of those remote central locking units on payday I seen ones that flash the indicatos aswell would that just be connected to the hazzards switch

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Central Locking & E Windows not working (Cinq)

Hi I have a 1993 cinquecento SX with factory central locking and electric windows. The other day I went to put the key in the door and the central locking wouldnt work - its completly dead. Ive checked the fuses and they all seem to be fine. The following day with the car running I tried to open the drivers window. There was what sounded like a loud squealing or squeaking coming from what seemed to

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Central locking ECU

Folks central locking system Is there anyone whos an expert on Sei wiring My donor car (Sporting Xreg - older bumper type SPi ) is going tomorrow and Im wondering if theres a central locking ECU I have removed the dash and harness complete with a view to either stripping off the relevant wiring and transplanting it into our S (Yreg -2001 car MPi ) - or removing the S dash complete and installing the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Passenger side central locking and electric window

Seems that I left the passenger side door unlocked all night the other night becuase the fecking thing wont work [V] The lock still works but just wont lock and unlock from the central locking The window on that side wont work either I have had a look at all the fuses they seem fine had a look at the haynes manuel but wasnt sure if it could be a relay that has gone Does anyone know which relay it is

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Central Locking

Hi all Trying to fit central locking to 899 Cinq. Needs 12v protected by 20 amp fuse. Wondering if I can patch it into one of these wires located under the passenger footwell.. Attached Thumbnails     __________________ [munk]4Life - Airsoft Clan fiat Grande Punto 1.2 Active - Standard   Quote   09-08-2007   2 Moose_UK BRING ON THE TRUMPETS   Join Date Jan 2007 Location Swindon

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Problems With chinky sporting central locking

Hiya all Ive just bought a red cinquecento sporting its a great car and nothing has gone wrong with it except ive noticed that the central locking is dodgy it locks all the doors when it feels like & other times you have to go around locking them all. can anyone let me know if theyve the same problems & how to get around it. Cheers J7OME A )

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Help with central locking

hi i have bought a used fiat cinquecento and i have realised that it has a remote locking sensr but i wasnt given the remote. After reading the handbook i found that you can program a new remote. Does anyone know where i can get a fiat remote or does n e 1 have one. Thanks matt

my car has remote central locking by fiat fitted and an outside (non fiat ) immobiliser fitted. Mines an sx it was built with this it says in the manual am sure

my trust old SX had the same cental locking system. Id love to have a go in one again for old times sake. have fun with it Originally Posted by dillinger39 my car has remote central locking by fiat fitted and an outside (non fiat ) immobiliser fitted. Mines an sx it was built with this it says in the manual am sure

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Central Locking Remote

Hi Everyone Some help from you would be much appriciated. Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question but only been driving a few months. My central locking Remote does not seem to work all the time sometimes it will work after a few seconds other times it will take minutes before it will work. Im guessing it is probably just the battery that needs replacing however whoever has replaced the battery before

Unless Im mistaken then no cento came with fiat remotes in which case you either have an alarm fitted with integrated remote locking or you have the Meta optional extra which is just a replacement central locking relay with aerial. Is there a brand on your fob

A few of us with Seicentos have factory fitted remote central locking. If your fob is blue and round its a fiat unit. But these are clip together with no screw. Yours certainly sounds like an aftermarket item.

Hi Thanks for your responses. The remote is for a 02 Siecento. The doors dont have any holes for keys so Im assuming this is a standard remote. It doesnt not operate an alarm just opens the doors. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs  

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Genuine Fiat central locking

Hi all I have the fiat central locking on my Sei and when the weather is hot it stops working any clues. MUCHO THANKS Jay

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Central locking remote fob

Hi Wondering if anyone knows how I can go about replacing a broken remote fob for the central locking I think that I might be able to replace the fob along with a unit that fits near to the fuses rather than going along to a fiat dealer and asking them to rip me off. I have one blue key with a 2 and the transponder signal on it and obviously one broken remote locking fob. I have no owners book codes or numbers. All advice appreciated.. Andrew

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 central locking playing up

hi there i m back again my 96 sporting has decided that itll be fun to stop the central working all the time. i had a cat 1 alarm fitted last week and everything worked fine off the alarm remote but today the drivers door wont work . the boot and passenger door are sound. ive tested the key in drivers door it does work sometimes but you have to turn the key slowly. i can alarm the car and it locks

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Remote Central Locking

Just bought a 1996 Cinq Sporting and I want to fit remote central locking to it. Ive done a search and Im getting conflicting answers. Does the fiat (yellow) RCL relay fit the Cinq Or is there another kit I need to buy Thanks in advance.

the fiat yellow relay kit doesnt fit iv got the instructions here and the cinq isnt listed for it. as far as im aware they dont do remote locking for the cinq i think your be best to buy one of these universal kits off ebay there easy to fit when connecting upto normal central locking.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 HELP Sporting Central locking not working

Hi ive just bought a cinquecento sporting and i believe its supposed to have central locking but it doesnt work. Ive tried the key in both doors and unlocking form the inside and it doesnt even try. Any Ideas If you know what it is or could be let me know where it is aswell coz theres naff all in the haynes manual of any use. Cheers everyone

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Do all seicentos have central locking

Afternoon to those that may remember me from 4 years ago with my cinquecento with cream leather interior Well ive done it Ive gone and got a seicento sporting abarth in grey orange. It needs some work but im pleased to be back. Car has a few small problems but i was just wondering----- Does the seicento have central locking im sure my cinq sporting did Mine isnt working and it looks that someones

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Remote Central Locking Module

Hi Does anyone know if a fiat RCL relay module would work in a Sporting Cinq. Ive found one on the net but doesnt specifically say that it fits the cinquecento. fiat Part Number 46001190 Cheers cinquecento Sporting - Silver httpwww.elitemonkey.netcinq

Anyone with a Haynes manual know where the central locking relay is on the cinq Thanks cinquecento Sporting - Silver httpwww.elitemonkey.netcinq

yes the central locking relay is under where the glovebox should b if fiat had finished the interior off a little white thing

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 central locking sx

does anyone know if all cinqs sxs have central locking thanx

Did any cinquecento come with standard remote central locking Thanx jason

Originally Posted by FkingItalainAfterThought Did any cinquecento come with standard remote central locking Thanx jason Only the S didnt get it

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Strange central locking problem

Hello My central locking seems to lock itself sometimes when I put my foot on the floor the drivers side. The car has an alarm and remote central locking but I think its stock installed. Are there any known issues or do I have to investigate under the carpet

Originally Posted by spinaylee Thanks for your reply. Does alarmremote central locking come as standard or is this likely to be an aftermarket alarm The alarm remote was an option. So it could be either a fiat or aftermarket system. Chances are that if you post a pic of your plipper someone here will be able to tell.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Guide remote central locking

Im looking to do some bits and bobs one of the things I miss is remote centrol locking. Id like to buy a kit Im ok with a soldering iron... But Im one for doing some research. Has any one fitted one before Does the sci use a negative pulse I have searched for a guide but can see nothing. Thanks

See if u can find a meta alarm....can get it from fiat unplug 1 relay plug this one in its place and hey presto remote central locking should come with 2 fobs as well

httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...l-locking.html Sorry found it. Much thanks goes to ouby.... Sorry mate I wasnt filtring on forum section so just got lots of noise

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Central locking relay

I want remote central locking for my cinq but i dont know wether i can just change the relay I would like to mainly because its easy I dont want the hassle of installing one of those kits Can anyone shed some light on this for me

if you find a relay and fob for ONLY the central locking then any from a seipuntobravomultipla will fit. problem is fiat only fitted them with alarms and in that case the alarm has the ariel and the relay is just the same so you wuold need the alarm then too. the non alarm ones will have a yellow wire coming off it. they are possitioned weirdly in certain cars ie bravo is in the glovebox sei is behind the stereo (directly behind the passanger window button) punto the fuse box ect.

Know of any fiats that have remote central locking without alarm i have seen a few puntos and stilos down the scrappy lately

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Central Locking packed up

Help the central locking on my 96 Chinky Sporting has stopped working. ) All was well but the car would unlock itself randomly just after I locked it. I just locked it again and thought no more about it. Today I locked it it unlocked by itself so I locked it again and it unlocked again I tried a third time an nothing. I can still lock the car manually but I want to get the central locking back online. Can anybody tell me where to start [] Cheers Rob Cheers Rob

Good one Gaz went out and opened then shut all 3 doors again and normal service is returned. D Thanks Mate. Gotta love this forum I read how to wire up and amp and sub here did that yesterday. Problem with the central locking fixed in 10 mins cool. Just out of interest how much is a new CL unit in fact what are fiat parts like for price in general as I have several trim pieces to get. I am guessing they will be cheaper than bits for my Saab. Cheers Rob

Yeah I got central locking but I want to make it remote. I liked the way the fiat kit fits etc as its dead simple to do yourself. Will look on Ebay.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Remote central locking

Hi all got a 1999 sei sporting just got an official fiat kit for replacing the existing central locking fuse for a remote one trouble is i cant find the fuse to replace looked in the fuse box and it doesnt seem to go there where am i supposed to be looking the manual is for a LHD car and even when flipped i cant seem to find it cheers

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 central locking has a mind of its own

now i know this is a common faultmy wifes sporting did the same thingyou unlock the car then sometimes the other door follows a second or so lateror if you lock itit then unlocks itselfor you unlock the drivers dooropen it then the other door unlocksalso is the cental locking meant to work on the bootagain has a mind of its ownyesterday opened ithad the key in the barrelopened the bonnetthen a few minutes later i heard the other door unlockits crazy

Hi my cheeky did this for a bit. then it just stopped working. i was out trying to fix im on sat. there is a control unit under the passager side dash. there should be the unit plus two fuses and a relay. mine broke so i had to get a new one from fiat i put it on and the central locking now works. BUt my car does start now

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 central locking

Hi all. Ive just been out doing some work on my cinq. most of it i have done . but my central locking worked when i got it and then stopped working. so i had a look it the book and it said that there a little black box under the dash on passage side. when i had a look under there all i could see was two fuses and relay and what looked like the black box with out the cover. i moved it and it broke.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Remote central locking

Hi all I have been given a hawks remote central locking upgrade kit. The instruction in the manual are total crap so though I would ask the clever people on here. I have power going to it but cannot get the hazards flashing or the doors lockingunlocking. Im sick of standing out in the rain in a dark road when I leave a clients home trying to find a tiny hole whilst getting drenched. Would love to get this working ASAP Anyone got a clue

Read this... httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...l-locking.html

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Remote Central Locking in a Seicento

Hi I have been trying to install remote central locking to the existing central locking system which comes with the Seicento. I have a kit from microscan which comically enough describes itself as easy to fit. I have no idea what type of central locking the seicento has - vacuum negative or positive pulse i would guess -ve pulse butcant be sure. Also i dont know what wire to hack into in order to connect

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Central locking packed in

Hi all central locking packed in long ago and its only now with it sitting there shouting give me a clutch that I decided to sort these things out. Ive checked fuses once will check again (which one am I looking at) both locks and the boot have stopped working they still work by handkey though. Suggestions please

[QUOTERandomman]Hi all central locking packed in long ago and its only now with it sitting there shouting give me a clutch that I decided to sort these things out. Both my Cinqqs had dodgy central locking 1 refused to work the other locked itself at will. Both had the same fault corrosion on the central locking actuator in the drivers door. Take off the trim panel and remove the white plastic central

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