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fiat cinquecento ignition switch key 170
fiat cinquecento ignition switch key 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 moving the keyd ignition

i am planning on moving the keyed ignition on my car from the column to just below where the cd player sits using an alloy plate can any one help with how too do this ie removing the lock mechanisum from the column and the barrel plus what is required for the jobs tools and stuff Attached Thumbnails   __________________ the sei got too go 4SALE httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...product12553

Originally Posted by using an alloy plate Im making a plate to go therehaving some gauges and switches there. Youll need to remove the coloum plastic surround thingy 3self tappers. and then the ignition barrels i have removed are something like a few 10mm bolts and one i did needed a slot putting in the bolts or a socket hammering on them as they were smooth

Originally Posted by Brooky Im making a plate to go therehaving some gauges and switches there. Youll need to remove the coloum plastic surround thingy 3self tappers. and then the ignition barrels i have removed are something like a few 10mm bolts and one i did needed a slot putting in the bolts or a socket hammering on them as they were smooth have seen them smooth bolts had me stumped for a while but sloting or nocking a socket on sounds easy enough lol

Originally Posted by the what lol The ring around the barrel that talks to your key to switch off the immobiliser. Cheers D

Originally Posted by nice one rallycinq Originally Posted by custard fast fiat do you know how to use multiquote Originally Posted by i am computer retarded lol mark Originally Posted by Brooky I dontis there a guide to it Originally Posted by rallycinq The ring around the barrel that talks to your key to switch off the immobiliser. Cheers D Originally

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cooling fan deactivated with ignition key

Hi. I live up a 400 metre hill and at this time of the year my cooling fan comes on when I get home. I do not know weather to keep the engine running until it goes off and I am also thinking about rewiring it to bypass the ignition switch. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

My fan goes off with the ignition key. Has it been done before or does anyone have any ideas for the best way to change the wiring so the cooling fax will work independently from the ignition switch i.e. stay on after you turn off the engine

Originally Posted by matto1992 mine is a t reg sporting spi and mines goes off when i turn key off but my old p reg cinq sx 899cc didnt turn off turned itself off with the key out the ignition Pepo hes got a SPI but it switches off when key is turn off and that is not the first time i heard the sei does that Is defo weird. ming

Originally Posted by ycming Pepo hes got a SPI but it switches off when key is turn off and that is not the first time i heard the sei does that Is defo weird. ming Hi Ming Ooooooh mine is S reg SPI sporting and runs fan with key removed. The interesting things is does his have a relay as mine wont with a relay the thermo switch does not have to take the fan current and could be cheaper... But parts are then much more difficult... Noel

Hi Ming Yes having theories burnt is disarming. But if any one with an early SPI sporting cinq or Sei fits a switch from the later SPI Sei sporting the switch would not last long unless fiat did not change the switch merely added a high current relay. Maybe it was a safety issue they did not want the fan runing unattended mine will run for several minutes in car parks when hot. Noel

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Starter motorignition switch

Hello all My 2000 W reg Seicento Sporting presented me with a yellow key code light yesterday. The light didnt switch off so I switched the engine off and then went to restart it. The starter motor didnt turn and I just got this shotgun noise. After checking the battery and bump starting it to get it home I have today replaced the starter motor. I was sure that this was the problem but the shot-gunning

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Possible Ignition Switch Problem

Hiya was wondering if you guys could help me out once more So Ive got an 899 S Seicento and recently I was driving a 20 minute journey and when I slowed down on an approach to a roundabout the engine just cut out. I then managed to bump start my car and drive on for another 5 minutes until I was slowing down for another round about when the same thing happened. This time I just started it and managed

When you have the car connected to a jump source does the red battery light come on when the key is in position 1 Have you checked the earth leads Not just looked at them but removed refinished and refitted Cheers D

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 KeyIgnitionElectrical probs

Hi tonight I put the key in turned the key and nothing happened ignition ticking over but nothing more than that. Yesterday the same thing happened but I thought it maybe that the petrol was quite low although not on the red. So off I wandered to the nearest petrol station to get a can of petrol chucked it in the car and attempted to start up again and it sprung into life as it usually does. However

Originally Posted by Cooter cheers dave. now why wouldnt the aa bloke have known that or can it only be heard in chinks The AA dude is much brighter than me when it comes to fault diagnosis but his other key theory was BS My ignition seems looser than other cars there must be a switch or contact point in there somewhere for the fuel pump and the way I had the key meant it wasnt catching. Liam

It could be the main fuel relay had built up some carbon deposits on the contacts. The switching on on off a few times has cleared the carbon off. This happens on the PAS relay on my MR2 (well known fault). Id see how it goes. If it is this then switching on and of a few times usually cures it.

remove covers on steering colum put key in and turn it then a press the button that you should see about an inch up the switch holder plastic bit

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Need keys for Seincento

I have the chance of a Seincento Sporting 2001 but there is no keys whats involved to get keys I am thinking its not going to be straight forward can anyone give me a clue.

im assuming you would need a new ignition barrel door locks ecu which will all work with a second set of keys. You could get round the expense with the key problem if you can get hold of a lock and key set... run the ignition off a battery kill switch few relays and an immob of some sort... (like using a relayed headunit remote as a source of switched live... meaning you cant start the car without the radio face attatched). Then for the ecu use one that isnt coded (virgin ecu or the mapped ones on here if the guy still makes them...).... Your best really just to get hold of the barrel locks and ecu from a donor fiat and transfer it all over. johnson550 thanked for this post

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 cinquecento ignition problem

Hi everyone. New here as I just picked up a cheap cinquecento (899cc M reg) for the missus from the auctions. Problem being that when I switch the ignition to off and remove the key the engine keeps on running. All the gauges seem to be operative too although the battery symbol illuminates. Im thinking it may have something to do with the aftermarket Foxguard immobliser its got fitted. Supposedly according

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Push button start & ignition cutoff

okay so i want to install an ignition cutoff switch a fuel pump cutoff switch and a starter button. Ive seen this one asked before but i didnt really see the information i needed there so im starting a new one. I think i can just go and wire the fuel cutoff switch in series with the inertia fuel cutoff switch so either one of them would cut off the fuel (sounds like a safe idea) However im a bit puzzled

the cut off switch go on the main positive lead from the battery and wire it up correctly with the resistor that should come with the switch. I dont know how the ECU will react to being turned off daily as it will reset its self evertime (not a problem for me as im using a different ecu ) Starter then i got mine off ebay dont wire it in to how they recomend as it bypasses they key so

On a cento there is the position that you can wind the key back one position after pushing the button in to operate the side lights with the ignition off. If you leave this circuit operable the supply will feed back through the ignition and keep the engine running even with the cut out switched off. I fitted an extra small switch to disable this feature when needed. Cheers PD

are you saying that ill be able to start the car if the key is in that position even if the ignition switch is off or that ill be able to start the car regardless of my cutoff switch if that circuit is left operable

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 red key help

right got a problem with my cinquei installed a push start to my car as the key wouldnt start it due to a few probsi sorted that out and it starteed with push and keyi had a fuse go so i changed it and a couple of other ones.went to start but nothing.will this be anything to do with the red key can i reset it

What exactly did you do when you installed a push button start Do you have a separate ignition switch or do you still have to turn the key to ignition and then press the start button Do you hear the fuel pump working when you turn on the ignition (before trying to crank it) Does the engine turn over

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Lost my key (

Hi guys got a seicento cheap that had hg failure finally got it skimmed last week left my freinds garage to cycle home was cycling like a bat out of hell with my headphones on and the keys must have fell out my pocket and are nowhere in sight when I retraced my journey its a 51 plate sx with the 187 engine code Im looking too replace the ECu and locks any fiat gurus able to let me know if all seicento

Hi guys ive done everything too the car apart from the timing belt now hoping too get that finished the next few days What happened when i tried too take the nut off the steering lock barrell i accidently damaged the tamper proof brass screws and one of the nuts and its stuck on the steering lock Whilst trying too hacksaw file chisel the nut off i managed too split the switch that starts the engine

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Battery cut off switch and ECU

Hiim wanting me cinq to be and look like a racerally car so im wanting a Battery cut off switch im me center console under two gauges. How would i wire it up.i though i could wire it from the battery terminal---switch---then the rest of the wires than usually go to the terminal...but wont the ECU reset every time i remove the key from the switch How could i get round this i suppose on a race car it

Originally Posted by rallycinq Put it in the main starter cable leaving the battery connected to the rest of the car. It wont act as a cut out out but it will stop anyone starting it without the key. You would need to put the alternator feed onto the live side just in case it was turned while the engine was running. Its actually a bit of a sod to wire up correctly because of the permanent live feed

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento spare key question

Hello I have just bought a 2nd hand 52 plate Seicento. It only came with one key - my boyfriend used to have a Punto and has told me that it should of come with a red master key too I want to get a spare key cut just to be on the safe side does anyone know what I need to dohow much it will cost to have my key copied and coded into a spare Any info is much appreciated Keri

I too have the same problem with my daughters 52 plate. My thoughts are to get some blanks cut so they work the ignition and discreetly secure the original coded key near to the ignition switch. I know the car will not be secure and will lead to problems in the event of a theft claim but it can be a short term option untill some pennies can be saved up for a cloned key.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinquecento ECU Switch

Hi im just wondering will an early model cinq ecu with no immobiliser such as the 6F.S0 work on a later model 16F.E0 with immobiliser function if i switch them directly My immobiliser is playing up and i want to bypass it. The engine is 899cc. If not is there any other way around the immobiliser

Yes RC it cuts the fuel and spark. The starter motor is turning over no probs but no spark. I cant find the same ECU with the immobiliser and box with keys anywhere. So I have bought the 6F.S0 ECU set off ebay which includes the ignition locks and key. Im hoping it will work but if it doesnt im back to square one. Any other ideas on what might be the problem ayone

You could check the transducer cables (run from the ignition switch) or try the red key. Id say see if thheres fuel past the injector but usually if the crank sensor goes theres no ECU warning light. Might be worth PMing gazzaman or putting somethin in the wanted section. dwholden thanked for this post

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Ignition housing - Bravo

Hi does anyone know whether a bravo ignition housing and contact switch is the same as on the bravo My seicento wiring fault has finaly been found as the ignition contacts and there is an ignition housing on ebay for a bravo - picture looks identical I have my lock key code reader etc but just need plastic part. Cheers Phil

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 New tapping noise on ignition

My Cinq Sportings started making a weird noise today. Its a rapid tapping which starts as soon as I turn the key in the ignition. When the engines switched on the noise is obviously harder to hear but still there. Its coming from the vent under the windscreen on the passenger side. Ive read the sticky but my oil levels fine and the car was serviced at the dealer a few months ago. Considering its on

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Ignition barrel problem

Ok situation is thus Upon attempting to start my cinq this evening i was able to turn the key to Mar position but couldnt turn any further. Believing that pressure on the steering lock may be the problem (despite the car being on level ground) i returned the ignition to off applied pressure to the steering wheel and turned the key again. I then hear a click as the steering lock engages the steering

Finally got the barrel out - it was just stiff after all and after using a syringe to inject light oil down the sides of it i was finally able to remove it. The bad news is that the reason for the odd behavior noted in the above post is that the lugs on the rear of the barrel which engage with the ignition switch have sheared off - so im looking at a new barrelignition key. so 1 anyone know the part

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 problems with keys and locks

hey guys i bought my cinq with only one key (the blue one) then the other day i put it in my back pocket and ever so slightly bent the key this has now stopped it from locking the driver door yet i can unlock it from the passenger side this now means for me to lock it i have to lock it from the inside crawl over to the passenger side and then quickly putt the lock up get out and lock that door independently.

The key works in 2 ways -- mechanically (to unlock the doors) electronically to switch off the immobiliser (for the ignition to work). So it looks like the bend has buggered it mechanically for one door. Id pop some aluminium sheet over some vice jaws and clamp it up to straighten it. Alternatives include a McCritch chip (can do away with the immobiliser -- fit an aftermarket one) or getting Timsons to cut you a new (mechanical only) key.

when meter is connected and turn on ignition i get power then goes to zero when i proceed to cranking over the engine i get a feed as well and when i let the key off the cranking posistion the feed stops which should be normal so got power took the pumpsender out of the tank and away from the car and used the power probe to see if pump would work which it did checked the wires that run the pump for

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Orange CODE key always on. Car does not start.

Hi guys A friend of mine has a Cinq Sporting. He had to change the steering column and all was working fine until this morning the car stopped starting. The engine turns but the orange code ligth on the dashboard does not turn off. I opened the master key (the only one that came with the car) and the chip is missing from the inside (since the car worked before Im assuming the ECU is already unblocked).

It could even be taped to the antenna wire right up near the switch or inside the shroud. Works in proximity to the ignition switch so wasis probably with 15cm or so of it.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 connecting stereo to ignition

i know its not of major importance but id really like my stereo to behave like it would in any other car and switch off when i turn the key couldnt see a way to do this on a brief look at the wires from the dashboard when i fitted it yesterday (although there was one - pink i think - that wasnt connected either end) any ideas

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Key Transponder

Hi all I did an extra to my Cinq Sporting. The extra being of a remote entry system. Now my remote has a key where you just press a button and it opens. Now the problem is from where can I buy a transponder Will a transponder from another Cinq match I have the codes of the master key and I found someone in Malta who can code them... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

You already have a transponder wired to the ignition switch surely Cant see why you need another...........

Interesting posts as I seem to be having similar problems with the smaller S cinquecento a 1996 N reg 899cc The car a very recent purchase by my daughter for no apparent reason would not start again after having just been driven half a mile along to the shops. It seemed that giving a sharp tap on the starter solenoid it would work. From then on the car would start some times but equally not others.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 cinquecento turns over but no spark

Hi there my sons cinq no longer starts. Its turning over fine but there just seems to be no spark. Weve checked all fuses batteries fully charged and all the spark plugs seem to be working. Any ideas Cheers.

IF THE PROBLEM IS A LOST CODE YOU CAN RECODE THE keyS YOURSELF. First if it is a code problem you will have a amber key symble flashing on your dash. also you should be able to start you car using the red key If this is the case then you will be able to recode the blue keys yourself You must have all three keys at hand (two blue one red) 1.Insert the red key and turn to mar i.e. the possision before

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 The work hasnt stopped

right ppl i have been neglecting the fiat for far tolong but here gos on the lastest ideas right i planning on removing the keyed ignition and relocating it using a switch board ( in pictures ) any one got any tipsinfoknowledge on removing the ignition what do i need too keep what can i loose i plan on putting it under the cd player (sei dash) on a seperate mount also been looking high and low for

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Thieving Ba5tards

I hadnt used my car for a couple of days and when I went to go out in it this afternoon I noticed that the drivers side door top had been bent out then back again. The frame was nowhere near the door seal and rain had leaked into the seat on closer examination the ignition lock has been messed with the key goes in and the car starts ok but on removing the key there is no stop before the parking light

If I can get the small transponder thingy off the ring round the ignition switch can I buy one of these keys off ebay Link ..and have it copied using my existing black key so that I have a proper transponder key where would I get it copied or will it do the job if the transponder is in a small capsule on the key ring does it have to be placed in the centre of that ring thing to work

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq Immobiliser

Okay this has probably been answered before but I cant find the whole answer. What I have done Charged battery had it off the car overnight Checked the crash switch Checked the Immobiliser antenna around the ignition barrell Checked the fag packet sized box just above the pedals (immobiliser) Checked the red key does have the little doofer inside it What we have so far Code key light on Injector light

via eBay link from the forum) Checked every earth strap I can see cleaned tightened and coated with petroleum jelly. What we have still Code key light on Injector light on Starter spins for Britain Engine ticks in the fuel department No sparks at plugs What I am thinking it may be Not a clue.... ECU The ECU fitted to the car is labelled thus CJOLLY56 150 96 IAW 16F .EO IAW 16F .EO2A21 -33 fiat

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Wiring Problem 2 lol..

Hi all currently trying to start the car and we have a wiring problem which i think could be possibly be down to the fiat code system.... Hopefully someone on here may know what the fault is. Simply between the battery terminal connections (without the battery being in place) we get no contact between the two terminals. Upon putting the key in the ignition and turning the key to the 1st click we are

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 dimdip relay

hi all got a prob with my lights. at least i think its a prob. if i leave them switched on and turn ignition off the lights go off - completly. i thought they were supposed to dim to a level brighter than sidelights hence the dimdip relay and resistor. what does everyone elses do and if im right and the resistor is goosed where the hell is it fuse is ok as is relay ( at least it clicks ) cheers phil

thanks for the replies ive been testing the lights on our mondeo to see what happens with those lights. ignition off headlights on sidelights only ignition on headlights on lights on as normal ignition on sidelights on sidelights and dim-dip headlights mondeos have a selection on the light switch for parking which puts sidelights on with no dash lights. on my cinq this is what happens (wondered

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 another immobiliser question

My Cinq Sp came to me with a normal black key its a 1997 model. The other week I had my ignition switch cowling off to fit the wiring to an LED. I noticed something attached to the outer ring of the black round aerial thingy around the ignition switch where the key goes in. I think it was glued in place possibly taped but it was small [4mm] and bulb like in appearance. I am assuming that this is the

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