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fiat cinquecento headlight 170
fiat cinquecento headlight 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 fiat seicento headlight

Hi can anyone help While replacing the OS fiat headlight bulb. I have noticed the headlight reflector is loose inside. Is there anyway to get it back on its fixings Ive tried pulling it back using the bulb hole. But it just pops back off again when I push the connector back on the bulb. Or is it a new headlight job Cheers

Ive had exactly the same problem with my Cinq headlight httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...reflector.html I bought one second hand headlight on Ebay only to find the same problem. So I bought another second hand unit and that also has a loose reflector During the Xmas hols Im going to take one apart and see if I can fix it...

Hi I had the same problem.I managed to bodge it up by using a tie wrap through a slot somwhere near the bulb fixing and then onto the headlight casing. This retains the reflector on the adjusters. Its passed two MOTs with this set up but I made sure the headlight alignment was as good as possible prior to the test. Hope this helps its certainly cheap compared to new headlights

I have the same problem. Looks that only new headlights will fix it... the plastic catches from the headlight reflector are damaged and do not keep the reflector in place it just falls off the 3 adjusters. I was wondering if this little plastic catches can be bought separately But I doubt that... Attached Thumbnails         __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF   

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 headlights dont adjust

Hey all passed my test yesterday first day on road today noticed the headlights were only lighting up the road directly in front of the car and found they dont adjust on the switch when the switch is operated you can hear the adjust moving but the lights stay low upon investigation i found the headlights can be moved with my hand from inside the engine bay its seems as though they are not connected to the adjusters is this a fixable fault or am i looking to gettin new units Sei Sei

Please see httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...headlight.html leftleg thanked for this post

View Headlight washer for FIAT CINQUECENTO

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 high power headlight bulbs

iv been reading through the forum and people say that too high power bulbs can melt the wiring. iv jsut bought some 100130w bulbs and just wondered if anyone has actually melted there wiring with high power bulbs cheers

ok mustve missed when i said absoloute max. When a bulb comes on it draws more power as it initially heats up. The wiring is not rated to take that on higher wattage bulbs or the continuous draw near the top value of the fuse. They are illegal to use and as has been said you run the risk of damaging the glass with thermal shock could also damage the reflectors. If you really must use them look at uprating the wiring - see this thread httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento-seicento47300-headlight-wiring-upgrade-overkill.html

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Broken Cinq headlight

Has anyone got a cinq head light with the pastic back broken that they dont want

httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento-seicento35847-bits-headlight.html Lora.. once again in your avatar you look like someone i know in real life. scary

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Improving headlight power

Hi driving in dark often any chance to improve headlight power Was thinking of xenon bulbs as well with aditional spotlights mounted to front bumper any ideas Was checking this shop got cheap stuff any experience bulbs spotlights Which spotlights will look better square or round Thanks

As well as the above use quality bulbs. Forget anything with a blue tint. It just reduces light output. Philips Vision Plus or Osram Silverstar always work well. As well as a quality bulb you also need them aligned properly on an MOT beam-setter. Dont just guess with it pointed at a wall. Ive always found my cinquecento headlights to be very good even on fast unlit roads.

Funny my 1997 cinquecento had the worst headlights Ive ever seen. The Seicento I own now is a significant improvement however most cars can still outshine me in my experience. However if you point your headlights upwards youre going to get other drivers flashing you usually me I occasionally get people flashing me and I know my headlights are aiming correctly. I am aware that the Seicento is a feat

Originally Posted by David C Ive always found my cinquecento headlights to be very good even on fast unlit roads. same here I think if the aim is set right they should be fine. I have had other people in the car at night down country lanes and even they thought the lights were good for a small car.

i think my lights are crap when compared to other cars (apart from maybe my mates rover tomcat of the same age). i went to the effort of upgrading all the wiring ran direct high gauge wire from the battery via a relay to the headlights and then back to earth. httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...-overkill.html it wasnt worth the effort

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinquecento Headlights

I recently noticed my headlights dont seem to work at times so i decided to check the bulbs which seems ok then i managed to get them to work which was great the next day i get in the car turn engine on turn lights on the passenger side comes on but not the drivers side. So i lift the bonnet take the rubber thing out and remove the bulb still leaving it plugged in and lights on and hit it a few times

post pics of the headlights thats broken do the bulbs work now before splashing outclean up the bulb connector contacts These places do brand new Angel Eye headlights for 59 postage. Should e-mail them see if they still do them. Ming

When buying second hand cinq headlights be carefull that the adjusters inside have not broken. Cheers D

oh dear nearly forgot ill got a spare cinq outside my house but with only one headlight ( driver ) on it. message me if u need it .

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 hlp with seicento abarth-eyelashheadlight trim

Evening all Im a newbie and just brough a seicento abarth after looking at many ive noticed that some have a trim round the headlights kinda looking like eye lashes (must be a girl thing) but my new babe doesnt have them any ideas where I could get them from Ive checked ebay etc......... Thanks Vicks

Right see pics below the orange strip that you can see is exactly the same shape (obviously shorter) as the one that Ive seen on the headlights httpwww.fiatforum.comattachment....1&d1152206823 eye.jpghttpwww.fiatforum.comattachment.phpattachmentid16020&stc1&d11522068 23 brow.jpg Attached Thumbnails     __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise   

These sound like the headlight strips which are aftermarket parts painted in orange to me. From those pics displayed that is how an SPI style abarth sei in that colour should look as standard. There is nothing that goes along the headlights above the headlights or underneath the headlight that was issued as standard. It is obviously an aftermaket part that you have seen perhaps even an individual customised job

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Philips X-Treme Power Headlight Bulbs

Has anyone fitted Philips X-Treme Power headlight bulbs to a Sei Are they really 80% brighter than standard bulbs

Hi Roswell I have Philips Vision Plus in my cinquecento (put in over 3-years ago) and they are fine. But they were already considerably better than the headlights in my 156 The 156 got HIDs 2-months later because the very good Cinq headlights made the appalling 156 headlights seam even worse

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fiat seicento headlight

Hi New here I have just rebuilt a fiat seicento following major accident and am left with thre wires behind the headlight yellow black and greenblack looks like it goes into the back of the headlight with clips attacked does anyone know what order they go in. thanks

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Bits in headlight

Hi Ive just purchased a replacement headlamp for my cinq off ebaythe headlamp is mint condition but there was 3 fingers of white plastic(about 1cm long) rattling round insideis this part of the adjuster or something Cheers Adrian

the bit that breaks is the bit attached to the reflector inside the headlight so unless u could take the headlight apart and change that bit i dont think so.... only 1 way to find out tho i got an old headlight in my flat time to take it apart i think there are over 10 little teeth and u would only need about 3 for it to hold together to u got loads left lol i think they snap from all the giggling they get or maybe the plastic heats up and the joins perish most prob down to the st fiat design tho...

I tried taking one apart. So did Ghost a while back. It dont work. Sorry guys A synical view would be that fiat make a lotta money outta new headlight units because of this simple breakage

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq Headlight Problem

Hi Everyone Ive just joined and this is my first post. I have a 95 cinquecento SX and it has just developed a problem with the headlights. I have no dipped beam. Lighting switch in position 1 gives dimmed headlights and sidelights. In position 2 there is just sidelights no dipped beam but when the high beam switch is operated (whilst the lighting switch is in position 2) I do get full beam. Ive checked

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Headlight adjuster balljoin and abarth foglight standoffs

Hi all this is my first new thread so i big hi to all. I am after advise for where to get the two following items 1) The little whight ball joint connecter thats inside the headlight that connect the reflector to the adjuster wheel. I know they are difrent on sporting headlights to all others 2) The little standoffs that are bonded to the back of the front abarth bumper. They are little plastic tubed

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 headlights on

can some1 help me out PLEASE the insides of my passenger head light it a bit broken and need a new 1. i have a cinqu sporting with out electric headlights so which headlight do i need to go for on thanx whos is the little red fiat

an unsmashed headlight in my local scrappy... still cant find a 1.1 Headlamp non electric. whos is the little red fiat


Well another headlight has once again gone on my cinq so purchased a new one from fiat (had a very good discounted price) So here goes...its a manual adjusting headlight so the white adjuster at the top of the light came dismounted so obviously its meant to be put in...but it wont actually go in...if that makes sense So the question is..can anyone please help Sam

they should be kinda central but they do move around with the reflector. take it back to fiat and ask them to fit it - them white clips are easy to break. if they break them they can give you a new headlight

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 bleed off screw behind headlight

the bleed of screw from behind the headlight has come off my seicento. it cause water to come gussing out on the way home. i shoved a bolt in there for a temp fix anyone have a replacement they can send me asap and would be able to post tomorrow first class i need it by monday ideally as have a 100 mile round trip to do.

Originally Posted by donniemateno the bleed of screw from behind the headlight has come off my seicento. it cause water to come gussing out on the way home. i shoved a bolt in there for a temp fix anyone have a replacement they can send me asap and would be able to post tomorrow first class i need it by monday ideally as have a 100 mile round trip to do. Hi do you know if any scrappys round your way have any seis or cinqs as that might be faster for you Heres a couple you could get on straight away.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 PROB wiv headlights

ok i need some HELP ok went to my cinq the other night and my head lights dont work but the side lights do work tho so im driving wiv side lights only instead of head lights [(] ive lookd at the lights and the fuse but they are fine. i also looked in the manual but cudnt find out the problem either so if any1 has had this prob PLZ HELP me cheers

really need a multimeter to check the feeds to the bulb connectorsyou got one The fiat cinquecento Fun While It Runs

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Is it legal to have smoked front headlights

Just wondering - cos im thinking of getting black smoked headlights indicators for the front of my sei - dont wanna get the lil beast impounded [o)]

no cos you can buy smoked headlights from fiat the main dealer some cinqy are fitted with them as standard i think PRAISE THE LOWERED

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 headlight bulbs not working

hi just bought a 51 plate seicento schumacher just noticed the head lights dont work side lights are fine when you switch the lights to dip beam the main beam light comes on on the dash on the passenger side the h4 terminal had melted on the black wire so i replaced the h4 terminal but still no joy checked all the fuses and replaced with new ones any ideas would be greatly recived martyn Attached Thumbnails

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Best headlight bulbs

Hi all Im after a new pair of bulbs as mine are rubbish at the moment Ive got some Osram Nightbreakers fitted and Im sure they were far better when I fitted them this time last year. A HID conversion is on the cards but not any time soon so bulbs it is... I just wanted to know what headlight bulbs everyone uses in their centos Any favourites or some to specifically avoid Preferably some that arent too pricey that actually work white light would be a bonus Cheers Ben

Good - you have your opinion and youre entitled to it - the fact remains that halogen Seicento headlight on murky nights and dark mornings dangerously dim. If you think fiat spent much time money designing the optics on these units then your opinion is as misguided as your grammar. Im also done.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Wobbly Headlight

One of the headlights on my cinq seems to have too much movement in it How are they held in place i think its just a matter of tightening a bolt but before i have a proper look (and its too dark now ) id like to know what i am looking for its the drivers side if that helps and its a cinq sporting cheers joe

Originally Posted by D4NS The top yellow clips are brokern on both my headlights. they are just crap after time. I need to get round to getting some more. You dont notice them move till you go round a corner. lol. But luckily the badboy bonnet holds them in nicely. lol I cant get a badboy just yet... I will probably go to the scrappy this week and see if i can pick anything up....They had a few cinqs in there last time i wonder if any other fiats have these clips


As in this thread httpwww.fiatforum.comleisure-lou...deer-cinq.html will a headlight and side repeater from an 899cc Cinq fit my sporting

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Headlight Unit Removal

I have a fiat Seicento and I would like to know how to remove the front head light unit I can easily remove the light bulb but the headlight itself has got water in it so I need to replace it but I cannot find how I remove the entire unit Any advice or help would be very helpful

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 cleaning the headlights

just resprayed everything but the bulkhead and roof on the missis seicento. Looks nice to nice the new look paint job is let down by the dirty headlights they have that old yellowbrown stain ya see on older cars. The missis sei is a 99er so its to be expected. Wondered if there is any way to clean the insides up thought about removing the metal clips around the lights but wasnt sure if they would go back together. Anyone else cleaned em so they look newish again

Originally Posted by i have split my 99t head lights its easy use a stanly knife too cut the seal wash them out put on a radiator over night too make sure fully dry then use some siliconewindow bonding stuff (i had laying around lol ) be gentle putting the clips back on i found putting on the glass side first then pulling on too the rear part the easyeer way too do it think

Originally Posted by AppleSei These genuine fiat parts are as rare as hens teeth second hand a nice little earner for yourself if you ever decide to sell them on The only parts i ever wanted for my sei and never got the after market pedals look a tad on the large side to me. the shumie pedals are a nice fit. Had to side line the headlight cleaning as got a phone call today the missis out in her motor

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq Headlights

Im on my 3rd pair now trying to find a 4th... Shurely there is a way to fix them if the bulb bit comes loose from the adjustor Anyone know Thanks Peter

I see the search function has failed again httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...alignment.html cheers PD

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Dipped headlights are very errrrr....dipped

As in the title my headlights are super low. The reflector motors work and they do move the headlights but even on zero its very hard to drive around at night. This was after taking a bulb out to check fitting to buy new ones Please help Dom

see last post in this httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...body-help.html thread for search clue

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Wiring for new loom headlight plugs.

Hi there I have a 2002 fiat seicento sporting My black 3 tooth headlight plugs melted so I replaced them for new ones that I bought on eBay. The only issue Ive had since fitting them is that when I turn on the lights onto dip the full beam light comes on Does anyone know why this happens and could anybody give me the correct wiring diagram The wires coming from the car are grey black and green. The wires coming from the new loom plugs are yellow red and blue. Any help would be appreciated.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Headlight re-alignment

I have a fiat sciento and it failed its MOT due to headlamp aim beam image I think that I need to adjust the beams - when I shine the headlights on a brick wall the light doesnt shine in line - there is at least a bricks difference I wanted to know how I can solve this problem as I have booked a retest and need it to be fixed so it will pass

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Headlight rubber cover missing.

I have recently bought a fiat Seicento Micheal Schumach Edition and the NS headlight rubber cover on the back of the headlight is missing so im wondering is you can buy these from anywhere without buying a new headlight unit.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Headlight reflector...

Was prepping my Cinq for its MOT and whilst changing a bulb in the NS headlight the reflector kind of detached itself from the inside of the headlight and is flopping about. So I bought a second hand headlight from Fleabay fitted it all was fine (the reflector wasnt loose) but the during the MOT the tester said that the headlight beam was all out of alignment. Checked the headlight bulb and guess what...

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 R2 headlights to H4 headlights

Hi im fed up with my R2 headlights (even though they are fitted with halogen bulbs with an R2 fitting) If I get sporting headlights do they need to be fitted with the remote adjusters basically I need just the headlights and the lamp fittings right


Hi all been a while since i posted here sorry. The seicento failed MOT due to headlight being too low and turns out the headlight adjuster is dead. Its an 02 sporting do i need to get another mk2 sporting headlight or will any seicento headlight fit ok Cheers OZ

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Headlight Adjustors - elec v manual

Changed to a new headlight today and plugged in the electric adjustor...was amazed when the headlight adjusted automatically - my headlights before didnt have the electric adjustor and were just manual. 2 questions though the plug is available and clearly works but why dont i have the switch to adjust it inside the car What does the headlight adjust to when it does adjust Wondering whether to search the scrappys for a matching one now or just keep one of each Cheers Peter

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Problem with indicator and headlights

I hope someone can help me with this problem The car is a 1999 Seicento the problem is as follows when the headlights are turned on the right indicator comes on(doesnt blink) and the right headlight also dims a bit. When the right indicator is switched on the only thing that happens is the two dash lights either side of the headlight indicator light up slightly. The left indicator works fine. The right

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Headlights and Headlight wiring

Hello guys and gurls just wondering if any of you have any of the subject parts lying around which you would like to sell or give P to a poor student

Originally Posted by surfin_fella Why do you need them mate Cos of this I think Sie httpwww.fiatforum.comleisure-lounge27094-insurance-claim.html Liam

Example offers of car parts fiat cinquecento headlight

  • Fiat Cinquecento - breaking full car - PASSENGER SIDE HEADLIGHT & INDICATOR - Manchester,United Kingdom (20.00 GBP)
  • Fiat Cinquecento 1.2 headlight beam level adjuster switch - Wednesbury,United Kingdom (4.95 GBP)
  • FIAT CINQUECENTO 1993 1998 Headlight L/h - United Kingdom (33.01 GBP)
  • FIAT CINQUECENTO 1993 1998 Headlight R/h - United Kingdom (33.01 GBP)
  • fiat cinquecento headlights new 2x - Bridlington,United Kingdom (60.00 GBP)
  • FIAT CINQUECENTO 1993 1998 Headlight Electric R/h Sporting Black Inner - United Kingdom (33.01 GBP)
  • FIAT CINQUECENTO 1993 1998 Headlight Electric L/h Sporting Black Inner - United Kingdom (33.01 GBP)

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