fiat cinquecento headlight adjustment motor

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fiat cinquecento headlight adjustment motor 170
fiat cinquecento headlight adjustment motor 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Broken headlight

Bust my headlight slightly when installing new bulbs - seems to have come off a clip or something (whatever connects it to the motor for adjustment). Think I saw a thread about this before with some suggestions on how to fix it - but cant find it again (and neglected to bookmark it). Anyone point me in the right direction here

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Adjusting the headlight beam

I have just replaced my bulbs as i thought one had blown (actually an electrical gremlin now sorted). While doing this though I noticed the left hand light points lower than the right hand. Ive looked around and it appears they should both be at the same level...correct Its been like this for years and had no MOT probs but now i think it may be broken and i would like to fix it. I have read that a

On the electrical adjustment Sei lights you can adjust the height with the IIRC 5mm Allen fitment on top of motor once you look for it you will wonder why you ever missed it. You are correct both lamps should be same height though there is sure fire way of making sure they are spot on. Come MOT time they should be checked with correct alignment equipment and most will adjust so they are correct for nothing.

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 headlight on seicento

Hi can anyone advise me have a 2000y seicento with electric head light motors just failed mot one to high one to low had this the other year can i change head lights for 899cc manual ones or is it loads of grief just want to get away from the electric adjustment

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Common CinqSei faults

Hey peeps Am sure the regular FF - Cinqsei section are definitely starting to see a common pattern with faults that comes with our beloved little cars. I guess Ill make this thread and name several faults and feel free to add in any I miss. Handbrakes - Symptoms Hand brake not holding the car &8211 Solutions Usually requires a overhaul of the system including Cable shoe elbow or actuator and drums.


I got a 94 base cinq aint done much to it new sound system and repleaced front speakers with sony coaxial 2 way speakers 80w and sony 6x9s on the back shelf. i wont to put front fog lamps on any suggestions to wich ones and are they easy to fit. Chris Lusty

-D I have nothing to hide... I think the local MOT station is bent on of my headlights wasnt pointing in the correct direction ie stright down on dipped beam and it passed. My Dad noticed it and a few adjustments the beam is now at the correct level. To correct the beam you need to remove the motor get a bolt spanner and turn the nut at the top to screw the pin down. [o)] Now I just need a new Sporting

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento failed mot

In true cento fashion the sei failed its mot today (decided wont sell with months mot so got 12 months for it...) It failed on... 2 indicator bulbs headlight adjustment (been done now) washer fluid ( really shouldve done a lil pre mot check on all this stuff) and horn all in all a couple of mins work and ill have 12 months mot to sell the car with Heres to cheap motoring... i wish my cinq would pay attention to the sei sometimes

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