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fiat cinquecento glow plug 170
fiat cinquecento glow plug 170

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FIAT MULTIPLA 105 JTD Glow Plug lamp

The glow plug light flashes occasionally after start up for serveral seconds. Sometimes it does sometimes not Any ideas

if its just on cold days its nothing to worry about - if its on stinking hot days like this then maybe theres a problem - i dunno its probably just heating up - diesels do that... my dads VW Passat does that sometimes when its a bit chilly... Cinqmeister Alias BIG BROTHER 94 cinquecento Basica (USA Spec) 09l

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Do ECUs lose their virginity over time

Didnt know how else to phrase the question Bought a fiat old stock refurbished IAW59F.M3 off Fleabay in January. Seller is a NewUsed fiat dealership & the ECU came in a genuine fiat box & looked like new. ....only got around to fitting this today only to find the immobiliser light wont go out. So the question is -when a ECU is refurbished by fiat is the original cars immobiliser code PERMANENTLY erased

fit the gazzaman chips Ahem ive got an MPI Andy Gazzaman sold SPI chips. Originally Posted by Lecook ....if it doesnt start after that then just plug it back in Lee Thanks for that Lee but i already read the ways around it disconnecting codebox or doing an emergency start up procedure. Peeps the problem isnt little glowing bulbs -its that the car is immobilized So im trying to find out why a fiat

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 cinquecento keeps

the temperature guage keeps raising on every journey even short ones. i am also having to fill the coolant tank every journey give or take. there is no leak however i think there is air in the pipes as the big pipe coming forward is soft when engine is running. there is no mayo in the oil cap i looked into bleeding it but cannot find the lower bleed valve is it idential to the one over the drivers

The most common reason would be a bad spark plug or bad spark plug wire. If the spark doesnt work there is no combustion in that cylinder and the raw unburned fuel goes out the exhaust pipe where the cat burns since its burning too much fuel it glows red hot this this is very damaging to the cat.

Have you checked spark plugs as a misfire can produce a variety of symptoms including hard starting rough idle hesitation a drop in fuel economy and a big jump in hydrocarbon emissions it could be down to spark plugs bad plug wires a weak coil dirty injectors a misfire can also causes the cat to glow cherry red.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 A few questions about new sei

Have just got an S reg sporting 31000 mls.(no sevice history ) I have a few questions about it. After 5 miles the temprature light glows very dimly(cannot see it in daylight).I have grounded the connector and the light is bright.I am hoping this is a sensorearthing issue. I intend to change the cambelttensionerwaterpump soon. The brakes seem to be a bit vauge at first although with more pressure they

Originally Posted by unobasil Have just got an S reg sporting 31000 mls.(no sevice history ) I have a few questions about it. After 5 miles the temprature light glows very dimly(cannot see it in daylight).I have grounded the connector and the light is bright.I am hoping this is a sensorearthing issue. Sounds a reasonable reason. Check that the fan is working at full speed by inserting a paperclip


I know cinqs can get very hot and can ova heat cos of this but i dont fink my FAN is working . ive not heard it 4 ages now i know dat the fan always use to kick in after a while of drivin. After drivin home yesterday i had 2 put my heater on full as my TEMP BAR was rising and if i didnt of did this it wud of ova heated. so please help me if any can cheers Cinq Sporting - BROOM YELLOW Abarth Front Bumper

First Disconnect the sensor in the radiator and put an opened up paper clip across the connections in the plug. Ignition on and either the fan will spin up to full speed which is good. Or the fan will spin slowly and the paperclip will glow this is bad or it wont work at all which could be slightly better than item two but worse than one. If the fan spins slowly and the paperclip glows fit a new fan

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 is there a solution to this fan problem

hi all hope someone can shed some light on this for me. my daughter has a 1999 seicento suite i.i with air con. it over heated a little recently and the fan wouldnt cut in. i used a paper clip to short the switch on the rad and fan didnt work so took to auto electrician and he said fan was kaput and switch was faulty so got another fan (second hand but tested) and a new switch and with the help from

I just read this post again and sorry but I misread it If you short the switch and the fan runs then it proves the fan fuse and switch are working. Next step back is the plug to the switch so it would appear that you have a damaged lead or something of that nature. If you short out the plug does the paperclip glow

If you short out the plug does the paperclip glow no it doesnt glow.......should it reddy4bed... Tony not sure i understand intermittent for for AC the car has a separate fan and circuits for ac. Temp sensor in block thought cooling side only had sensor on rad and on spi cooling didnt involve ecu ..... JCDJ.... it does sound like same problem did you ever figure out which element had caused problem

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Its officially driving me mad

I have proudly been a owner of a P reg Cinq for the last 4 weeks or so. I had intermittent starting issue so replaced the crank sensor. All working again or so i thought. On the way back from pickup some punto sporting alloys today stopped the car to check something. Didnt start again. Ended being towed home by breakdown company. Anyways they tested the car at the roadside and no spark and no fuel

Ok well code light goes out. There is no pump priming or any noise at all. When i say no fuel i mean when hose is disconnected and engine cranked. No fuel is ejected. When i say no spark. The tester glow plug not glowing on turn over. I only replaced the crank sensor about 2 weeks ago so i am hoping it is not that. I will look for that relay. Is there any way to test the relay or the crank sensor

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 seicento 1.1 sporting stalling problem

Hey Completly new to this I have a 1998 seicento sporting 1.1 I have had so many problems with it recently and cant seem to find a solution so any advise would be greatly appreciated about 18 months ago it kept stalling and cutting out when it was driven so i took it to a fiat garage and had new fuel and air sensors fitted then a year down the line it happend again so brought a second hand carbereta

If its overheating whoever checked it needs a kicking. Remove the plug for the fan sensor in the side of the rad open up a paperclip and insert one end into each side of the plug. Switch the ignition on and the fan should run smoothly without the paperclip heating up. If the paperclip glows the fan motor is seizing. Replace Cheers D

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 engine wont start wont bump start engine seized

HI can anyone help I think my engine is dead seicento 2001. sx 1.1 58 k miles . Been driving great but been losing water.I thought head gasket as a bit smokey but no mayonase inside filler cap. been topping up water and waiting for christmas hols to fix.suspected water pump. reversed into parking space last night and noticed more smoke than normal . When I returned to car it would not start. Head lights

Originally Posted by Jim Haseltine Id say its hydrolocked especially with the symptoms of water loss and loads of smoke before parking up. If youre lucky its the head gasket. Unlucky and it could be a cracked head. Remove the plugs and try turning the engine on the starter - dont do this inside a garage or with anybody standing in front of the car because the contents of the cylinder get launched skywards

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Overheating - again

The radiator fan doesnt come on even when the header tank is overflowing with boiling water. Ive checked all the pipes including those to the heater (which blows hot) and all are hot so I think that rules out the thermostat. Ive replaced the 30 amp fuse behind the battery so I now get a voltage reading on one of the contacts in the plug that goes into the switch(green) on the radiator. Should I get

If you remove the plug from the temperature senderswitch in the radiator and short the contacts the fan should run If it does not and you stil have 12v then the fan is kaput or the earth strap is not earthing wire brush earth strap bonding point cover with copperslip grease and remake fastner. NOooo reread your post if the short glows red hot your fan is kaput the fan should be spinning and the short

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 1999 Fiat Seicento OBD & Overheating Problem

Hi All Bought a 1999 fiat seicento last week the previous owner was claiming it had a head gasket problem - this may still be the case. However the emissions are fine and in general there are no signs of a problem apart from the water warning light coming on. The thermostat radiator pipes are all fine. Anyone had similar problems Anyone have a clue whats wrong Garages are telling me different things

Easiest way to check is to take the plug from the temp sensor in the rad and short it with a paperclip. The paperclip will glow or smoke if there is too much resistance. Cheers D

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Help 2000 seicento sporting OverHeating

My seicento overheated for the first time last night the cooling tank started to steam and bubble when i romoved the cap. i put a litre of water in but after 10 miles it happened again. i have flushed the cooling system compleately including the rad and checked for leaks but still the same problem after seconds i also noticed the rad is still cold where the rest of the system is boiling then i took

Ok lets assume its an SPi . Take the electrical connector of the nearside end of the radiator open a paperclip and insert into the plug. With the ignition on (I know some models will do it without) the fan should run. If it does not check the fuse in the fusebox. If it does run but the paperclip glows then the fan has failed as its not turning quickly enough to cool the engine. Start from there and report back. Cheers D

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Multijet diesel

Totally theoretical just interested in can it be done for the sake of it but considering the doblonew panda takes 1.1 and 1.2 fire engines wouldnt the mounts for a the 1.3 multijet diesel be the same In that respect would it fit a cinquecento shell

Originally Posted by rallycinq Yes Is that a Yes Ive looked at it and its the same or a Yes in theory it should fit An 899cc Sei is very different to a 1.1 so there is no reason why a Diesel Panda could be very different to a Petrol Panda. With a Diesel there is probably a lot of work. The whole ignition system isnt needed and will need to be replaced with glow plugs the fuel tank will need to be drained

Originally Posted by The Ugly Duckling Is that a Yes Ive looked at it and its the same or a Yes in theory it should fit An 899cc Sei is very different to a 1.1 so there is no reason why a Diesel Panda could be very different to a Petrol Panda. With a Diesel there is probably a lot of work. The whole ignition system isnt needed and will need to be replaced with glow plugs the fuel tank will need to

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 98 Sei - Overheating Cooling System issues

I (foolishly...) bought a 98 sei sporting a few weeks ago as a non runner with a view to get it back on the road. The guy i had bought it from had only just bought it himself drove it 60 miles and then it stopped working. He didnt know much about the thing but it had evidently overheated and subsequently died. Got it home and put a compression tester over the plug holes and its well under normal compression.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 engine cooling fan

Hi all 1997 Cinq sporting thermostat seems to be going higher than the normal 90 degrees when the cooling fan normally cuts in. I havent noticed the fan cutting in lately. Is it likely to be something simple like the fuse Help appreciated please its dark when my husband gets home from work to look at at so if its likely to be the fuse I can sort that out myself Thanx

Remove the connector that plugs onto the temperature sender. In the words of rallycinq place a paper clip in the connector. If it glows red and the fan doesnt turn you need a new fan Sure Ive seen him post that at least 10x lol. Also try turning the blades of the fan by hand. WHEN ITS TURNED OFF and nice and COLD. There is only one fuse and its a massive maxi fuse. Prob located behind you car battery

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 car chuggs help PLEASE (

it starte about a month ago and my car chugged a couple of times on the way home from work. Then it started happeineg some more feels like not enought petrol going to it. So i looked on here n found plenty ppl whive had same prob. With a list of possible solutions i went for the cheapest - REDEX whacked redex in and it worked fine easy i thought nice n cheap way to fix it. As soon as i run low on petrol

thanks alot for that arseofbox i checked the spark leads 2 days ago for colour of sparks and the second one i did had an orange kinda glow so i thoguht id stop there n replace them all anyway. got some nice bright orange ones from halfrauds (soon to be covered in yellow) and they seem to have done the trick the geezer who charged me 50 nicker to tell me my lambda sensor werent working is a knob. I

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Replacement engine trouble

My seicento threw a leg out of bed and I had to get a new engine. The scrap yard sent me an MPI engine after I specifically asked for an SPI engine. When I phoned he told me they can fit. I put my SPI head on the MPI block and put the MPI cam in it. It now wont run right. It has no power and the injector light is on. It idles fine but has no power. The rings were away in my car before it threw a leg

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 the fan is not swithcing on

Hi The fan connected to the radiator is not switching on at all even when it reaches 100 degrees could this be the fan switch sensor thanks again everyone

If the fuses are intact remove the plug from the sender switch a short it out with a paperclip. Switch on the ignition and the fan should turn. If the paper clip glows then the motor has too high an internal resistance (same as fubared) and needs replaced. Cheers D

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 injection light

ok guys so basically i was watching dragonmans video on his cold start and noticed that when he turns the ignition on the lights on the dash pop up and one of the first to go out is the injection light... mine doesnt do this my light goes out a few seconds after the car has started only mods are k&n induction kit and custom cat back exhaust... any ideas on what this could be

Cant remember to be honest but this one doesnt strike me as different to the others. Normally I just turn the key and it starts (I used to do that with the Weisel as well till I worked out it had glow plug warning lights and wouldnt start in the cold) If the light goes out I cant see there being an issue.

i treat my injector light like a glow plug light. hey.. life wont let me have a diesel car but at least i can pretend to have one. heh nahh i just wait for it to go out. though i would love to have a diesel car (and afford one)

Originally Posted by Dragon Man i treat my injector light like a glow plug light. hey.. life wont let me have a diesel car but at least i can pretend to have one. heh nahh i just wait for it to go out. though i would love to have a diesel car (and afford one)

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 over heating why

Hi all. I am a newbie to the fiat world. I would be grateful of some advice I recently bought a seicento sports which is a great little car. It has started overheating (header tank boiling like a kettle) I have replaced the thermastat switch as water was leaking from there the fan dosent kick in at all it just boils all the hoses are getting warm as they should so i didnt think it was the pump but now i am not sure........ Any ideads would be greatly appreciated Many thanks in advance TicTac

Put a paper clip into the plug that goes into what you call thermostat switch. IF the fan starts spinning then that is normal. IF the paper clip is glowing then your fan is ed. Ming

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Trouble again.

Hi again guys. Today the Cinq started to act funny. The problem was solved for about 3 weeks but no its starting all over again. The fan stays on for only 5 seconds and comes back in after 30 seconds its skipping the 90 temperature zone with no fan running and when the engine is hot I turn the ignition when its off the temperature rises more and then falls back down. Can anyone please tell me whats

mmm so water is not disappearing. Remove the plug on the radiator for the fan switch. Short it out with a paperclip switch on the ignition an check the paperclip is not glowing. Also check the engine earth is intact clean it up if in doubt. Cheers SPD

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 overheating problem

Hi I have a 1994 fiat cinquecento 899cc and im having a problem with it overheating i have replaced the water pump as the water wasnt circulating I believe it now is circulating but its still overheating when im going along and in traffic the thermastat has recently been replaced but the switch on top hasnt and is looking a little rusty do you think I need to replace this could this be the problem

when it does get hot is the rad fan coming on it should be on by the time the temp goes to about 100 if it doesnt come on find the fan switch sensor and in the plug part jam an unfolded paperclip into each of the two connectors if the rad fan runs then you may have either a fuse out or the switch itself out. if the paperclip glows red with heat then there is a problem with the fan itself.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 New HID Headlights Fitted

I purchased a HID conversion kit earlier this week arrived yesterday and fitted it. Only really a 30minute job as everything pretty much plugs straight into the existing connections. I must say that the improvement is incredible Not only does the road in front of me light up perfectly (as if it was daylight) it has a nice blue tint to it too (as its a 8000K kit). The road markings seem to glow white

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO new multijet owner D

hi there new metallic black 1.9 multijet owner here. bit of a fiat enthusiast iv owned panda (classic) sergio tacchini edition for my first car then iv had 3 cinquecentos sportings a punto GT (200bhp monster) bravo 1.8 stilo 2.4. had a few others as well in my time like a megansport and i just traded in a rx8 for a grande punto 1.9 sporting to try and save some money. just got a few little

FIAT PUNTO Dead Diesel - Advice sought

My MK1 Punto diesel is great and it jumps into life first-time every time when I turn the key after the glowplug light goes out it comes to life. Yesterday...My Punto SX TD failed to start The glowplug light comes on..I goes out I turn the key and nothing No sounds..... just nothing I took out the battery and put it on a chager (3amps) over night. The battery is 2 years old and took some

Try cheching that voltage is getting to the starter-get someone else to turn the key whilst you test the power at the starter if your getting arount 12v there then the starter has probably had it. If your getting nothing there is either something amiss with the wiring a fuse has blown or your battery has died as they often do as soon as the cold weather comes along. I had the same thing with my cinquecento

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