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fiat cinquecento fuel tank 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Yet another smelly fuel tank

W reg 2000 SPI Sei. If I fill the tank with more than 12 litres of fuel it smells of petrol both inside and out of the car. If I keep the level low it doesnt smell so it looks like a leaky tank. Been looking through all the threads on this and Im just trying to be sure wether this car would or not come under the recall. This is the origional tank. If not whats a ballpark figure for getting one replaced at a fiat dealer. Thanks guys

Reference R2004049 Manufacturer Ref 4678 Make fiat Model Seicento Launch Date 30042004 Numbers Involved 16175 Build Start Date 01031998 Build End Date 01091999 Concern POSSIBILITY OF LEAKAGE FROM fuel tank DUE TO CORROSION Description Possibility of fuel leakage from the fuel tank due to corrosion Remedial Action Likely to be affected vehicles will be recalled during which time the fuel tank

Originally Posted by Clssy Burd Is it just the Seis this recall is on as my cinq has the same symptons Reference R1999071 Manufacturer Ref 2974 Make fiat Model cinquecento Launch Date 18101999 Numbers Involved 52612 Build Start Date 01101992 Build End Date 30071998 Concern POSSIBLE CORROSION OF fuel tank RESULTING IN fuel LEAKAGE Description On some cinquecento vehicles it is possible the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq Sporting Fuel Tank Pushing Out Fuel Help

Hiya This is my first post great app on the phone... Hoping someone out there can help me with a little problem with my new car ..... Ive very recently bought a 1998 cinquecento Sporting and I love it apart from one problem... When I fill up at the petrol station the fuel is contained inside the tank however when I drive away and start the engine the petrol starts overflowing coming out of the tank..

So the same issue you posted another thread for here... httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...fuel-tank.html

View Fuel tank lid, fuel tank flap for FIAT CINQUECENTO

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cento Fuel Tank Replacement (recall)

Ive Got a cento sporting 97 and my fuel tanks weeping round the seal phoned fiat and still waiting for a responce was just wondering if anyone could shed some light if it was required for a recall or not Recall No. 3 of 3 Recall Ref R1999071 Exact Model NA Description POSSIBLE CORROSION OF fuel tank RESULTING IN fuel LEAKAGE VIN 064047 TO 1166832 Build Date October 1992 and July 1998 Numbers 52612

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Oh my-my fuel tanks got a leak...(

As you can read my fuel tank is leaking(LUCKY ME-NOT ). So Iwe got a few questions 1.How much fuss is it to take it down 2.Can it be repaired(weldedfibre glass...Any other ideas) 3.How much does a new one cost in GB... 4.A used one Thanx for the answers... Hope to be out and running soon...And not going down in a blaze of glory Bye... Marko

I got this from recalls section on the English Cinq Sporting homepage Recall Number 3 MnfrImptr fiat Auto SpA Model cinquecento (all models) Concern fuel tank leakage. Description of defect Corrosion occuring around welded seam of fuel tank leading to fuel vapour leaks and ultimately fuel leakage. Remedial action Affected vehicles are being recalled for replacement of fuel tanks with quality assured

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 fuel tank changed but it wont start

Hi ya my cinquecento sporting 1997 failed the MOT because of a leaking fuel tankso i brought a fuel tank from a fiat sciento 2001 as its the same its on the car and the pump is working but it just wont start iv checked the spark plugs n they are fine. We had to disconnect the battery as i had to have some welding done Please could you shine a light on my problem From upset cinquecento lover sammy xx

Originally Posted by AppleSei have you changedremoved the pump or the fuel filter as the fuel filter on the 2001 tank is housed within the pump and the fuel filter on the 2001 tank isnt compatible with your car r u sure hun because im really freaking out now cant u run a scenito fuel tank in a cinquecento if u can then please could you help me

Originally Posted by sammy1989 r u sure hun because im really freaking out now cant u run a scenito fuel tank in a cinquecento if u can then please could you help me you can run a seicento tank in a cinquecento as they are the same its the pump filters and everything else that has differences. They are definately different fuel systems though Its not a difficult job to turn everything around so no need to get freaked out i suggest you read my previous post and check with father in law etc

Thank for your help iv shown my father in law the posts that you have put on n he said that you are right but the fuel pumps are not inchangable so we going to put the scentio fuel tank on ebay and we are goin to the scrap yard tomorrow to get another cinquecento fuel tank. are the sportings fuel tanks and normal cinquecento fuel tanks the same lv sammy xx

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fuel tank leak with a twist

Recently Id been getting some wiffs of fuel from standing next to the car and o inspection the tank seemed damp on a dry day so Im nearly 100% that the tank is leaking. Now we all know or should know that the tanks are crap and that some were replaced etc I read through some previous posts regarding the recall then hed the following experience - I knew from buying the car that the fuel tank had been

Dont listen to a word the fiat call centres say I had exactly the same problem with my fuel tank. I bought the car privately I knew that the car had a replacement fuel tank even though the previous owner had taken the car to fiat . Anyway I took ownership of the car and three years later I noticed a leak from my tank I called fiat Head Quarters and they told me to contact my local dealer instead I

their behalf. If you wish to pursue your case and see exactly how far it has progressed you may contact the Customer Service department directly by calling our number 0845 606 6619 and select option 2. The Customer Service department operates between the hours of 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively you may write to them regarding your complaint at the following address Customer Relations fiat

One reason people are getting so irate about this issue is because fiat seem to be treating individual cases differently. Some have recently been offered free fuel tanks without question others like myself have witnessed troubles such as an extremely hostile response from a service manager in a local dealer. My tank was replaced under recall in 2001 Im led to believe and subsequently holed. fiat replied

It bugged me when he referred me to the dealer again cos fiat are responsible for the genuine parts and they in the fuel tanks case are rubbish its no the dealers fault. For the record the dealers of took care of mine under the ownership of the person who had it before me has no closed so there is no one to answer too. I hate to be defeated but might buy a tank and fit it myself that means I can go

Cant be that shady the quality I mean being a fuel tank and all. Some one hear bought one I think hang on.................. PM the author of this thread httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento-seicento27757-changing-fuel-tank-cinq-diy.html he may the answer you seek. Liam

seicento whereas pre 99 seicentos up to 2001 are SPI seicentos. As in the statement above older seis had metal fuel tanks which corroded pretty bad an original design fault. New tanks are plastic i believe (correct if wrong) and in theory there have been no problems. It sounds unfortuneatly you have a fuel leak and you will have to pay the qoute given as there is nothing you can do. If it is a fiat

Originally Posted by mambo Any ideas what i should do Thanks a lot Read httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento-seicento30507-fuel-tank-leak-twist.html Liam

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 sei fuel tank

this morning i woke to my car leaking fuel all over the drive i was gutted

I know this thread is over a year old now but my fuel tank has just started leaking along the seam. Im after the fiat hq number as mentioned above is it 00800 3428 0000 A while back I remeber a thread where it listed all recalls by VIn number on the seicento and cinquecento models but i cant seem to find it now if anyone could come up with a link it would be greatly appreciated. Matt


Did a little research and the fuel tanks on our beloved cinqs were deemed manufacturer faulted years ago(NOV 99) - prompting a recall. Corrosion occurred around welded center seam on tanks leading to vapour leaks and fuel leakage. I am not experiencing the beloved fuel save from running a little fiat and after repeated petrol aromas and inspection of the road beneath the car i can confirm..... IM LOOSING

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fuel tank pressurising

Hi After filling up the tank (not brimmed) and some spirited driving I parken my car and noticed fuel gushing out of the filler neck. I guess replacing the neck has just moved up the to do list (cap is already new) there seems to be al loose lockingring inside so now the cap cant lock itself. What I was worried aboput was the fact that after removing the cap (I heard a venting sound) the fuel kept

My Cinq used to do this but I never found the exact cause I figured the problem might be due to there being not enough volume of air left in the tank to compress when very cold fuel (from the underground tank at the filling station) expands after being warmed by being in the car tank and being cycled through the fuel pump etc (unless Im wrong I think unused fuel in the engine bay lines is returned to the tank). I cured it by not filling the tank all the way up into the filler neck. There isnt any drain to blockthe filler goes straight into the tank and there is a smaller pipe that goes from the top of the tank to the filler neck top to allow air to escape as you fill with fuel (if this was blocked Id expect it to blow fuel out when filling ) The only other thing I can think of is mine had an aftermarket filler cap and maybe the standard fiat one has a vent

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fuel Tank Leaking

As Cinq owners you will probably know that our cars had a recall some years back...1999 I think To replace the fuel tanks as the seam wield may start to corrode causing a fuel leak Remember Well it just happens to be that mine was recalled in 1999 and was replaced with a brand spanking new tank. I asked the fiat garage about the fuel tanks which may have leaked due to this fault and he said that their

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Changing the Fuel Tank in a Cinq DIY

Hey Unfortunately my cinq missed the recall for the tank so is still leaky. I found 1 on this website Jus wondered if anyone else has attempted to give this a go themselfs I spoke to my m8 the mechanic and he reckons wed be able to do it jus a case of taking the seats out and the fuel pump droppin the exhaust down and then replacing it as theres only

Originally Posted by paul_treg Hi Phone fiat customer services uk(number on website) they may be able to make your local dealer fix it for free if it missed the recall . I think it will be their responsibility if anything goes bang cos theyve arranged a recall in the past. ps. I think they will ask for your chassis number.. Thanks Paul T This is true my Cinq went back for a recall and obviously had

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fuel Tank Trouble

My fuel tank started leaking and I managed to get my fuel tank replaced as part of the recall. During the replacement the garage broke a valve in the fuel line and they charge me for the part but not the labour. I couldnt collect the car that day because it wouldnt start without that part so I needed to get a lift to work . They claimed that the valve was blocked and I must have had trouble with the

quite fine until they are taken out off their seat some folks seem to ignore this) or (b) mounted things the wrong way. It may ofcourse still be something else but its their duty to make sure that the newly mounted tank is not leaking. In either case - go back and complain. Car smelling of fuel is not a safe one to drive. The evaporation valve - is that what they broke I was buying it once at fiat


Right just my luck as the fuel tank is leaking (yippee) - I purchased on from eBay for a good price. So today I have taken the task of sorting it out. 2 hours later the tank is off (2 broken bolts) here is my problem. On the rotten 899cc tank there is a fuel sender unit on the top and a inlet pipe for the fuel return right - there is another 2 cylinders with their hole that go in the top of the tank

the main fuel in. On the top of the tank you insert in the small hole a cydiner with a blue pipe connectected to it (dont know where it goes) I have 2 of these on my Sei but the new tank has only 2 holes as per the photo attached - one for fuel sender and 1 cylinder (what is this cylinder for). Old tank had 3. The Cylinder goes in and turns to lock Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq Sporting Over Flowing Fuel Tank

Hi This is my first post great app on the phone... Hoping someone out there can help me with a little problem with my new car ..... Ive very recently bought a 1998 cinquecento Sporting and I love it apart from one problem... When I fill up at the petrol station the fuel is contained inside the tank however when I drive away and start the engine the petrol starts overflowing coming out of the tank even

Is there anyone out there that HAS fitted a fuel tank (46558602) to an MPI fiat seicentio as a replacement for the official fiat part or 51733839 and had any issues or any successPLEASE .. please post a reply and say that it will all work fine ...or that no you indeed need to get a tank part 51733839 ...Just a bit of clarity please .... lol Originally Posted by clock34 just thought i would say the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento fuel tank

Hi there all daughter got an 02 schumacher which appears to have a leaky petrol tank. Were Seis part of the recall scheme. If so whats fiat HQ phone number Thanks. Alun.

my 99 sei gasses me with petrol fumes if the tanks over half full and i go up or down a hill no smell on the flats though must be the top edge of the tank took the diamond plate off today to look around the sender unit part and the tank looks in great condition but the fumes were still strong. i cant jack itup at the minute because its decided to break so i cant give it a thourough looking over yet. i dont seem to be losing much fuel if any its just like the fuel vapour escaping could it possibly be a seal around the sender unit or the tank breather pipe or is it more likley to be an unseen rust hole. i checked last night if my car was one of the recall ones for this and it isnt if the worst came to the worst do you think i could get a nice new tank from fiat for nothing too

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Third Fuel Pipe on Petrol Tank

Here is another fuel tank related question when I first got the Cinq i filled the tank to full and it piddled petrol everywhere but couldnt find where it was escaping from. (I didnt know about the fule pump cover then) When I finally got round to checking where the fuel was coming from it was coming from a pipe that comes off the front drivers side of the tank it is a small metal pipe that has a rubber

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 P85 fuel pump into a cinquecento tank

Just been down to the scrap yard to get a new fuel pump. Ive got a Punto 85s fuel pump. Pipes and connections are the same but the design of the pump is more different than i thought it would be. whats the easiest way to mod it so that itd all fit. should i make a plate up that fits the cinquecento tank and then fit the punto pump into that Im a lil iffy around fuel systems can cause big problems if it goes wrong

this bit was tempted to try and get the whole thing swapped over as the punto pump seems to have a better gauge sender unit. oh well though Attached Thumbnails   __________________ . 1368cc 16v cinquecento .   Quote   23-05-2006   9 SkinzCinqSporting MG ZR Owner )   Join Date Feb 2006 Posts 2942 Thanks 5 Blog Entries 8 Trader Rating 2   Re P85 fuel pump into a cinquecento tank

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 seicento fuel tank

Hi Guys Ive got 2002 plate seicento sporting Michael Schumacher Lt edition - noticed strong smell of fuel last week - took it into local garage - they advised fuel tank has corroded - have read all the issues on here about this - surely it shouldn have gone that quick

Hi There is a recent thread on here re my fuel tank on a 99 sei. In a nutshell contacted fiat customer relations via fiat web site. I told them that petrol was leaking onto the exhaust from the fuel tank and that the car was dangerous. fiat organised replacement tank and the work was done at Stoneacre Doncaster all free of charge. Brilliant for a car that is 9 years old.


hey guys i wonder if you can help im in temiddle of replacing the fuel tank atm in the haynes manual there is a blue pipe inh the tank which is connected somewhere but as you will see from the attached picture this pipe has been severed on my tank can you shed any light on what this piepe does and if it should be intact cheers Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 fuel tank change not right since

Had fuel tank changed by main fiat dealer as a result of recall on my Seicento Sporting. Nice little car before now misfires idling speed goes down has stalled and judders when accelerating in low gear. Putting fuel in car has an effect i.e. last time seemed to get better previous time it got worse. Just had it checked by a very reluctant main dealer(same as did fuel tank) who said no problem. Now

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento 98 Fuel Tank

Hey i have a seicento sporting 98 and i am leaking fuel. The fuel tank has had a damp patch on the bottom for about a year but nothing bad just noticed that it has spread all over the bottom and fuel on the floor. After searching on here read about the recalls and rung fiat they said the work was done in 2005 on the problem has anyone experienced any reoccurance of the problem before after the work

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq with a leaky fuel tank (

Hi all I am hoping that soemone may be able to help me with a problem I have been informed about when I took my little cinq in for an MOT. After failing the first time due to discoloured bulbs and a bit of welding being required I took the car to a mechanic unrelated to the test station to get the work done. Whilst he was doing the work he has told me that he has noticed a leak in my petrol tank and

Originally Posted by AppleSei Recall was on sei fuel tanks not cinq ones - a few cinqs have been done but that was many years ago and when the recall was first out Its very no extremely unlikely fiat (understandably) would even play ball on a car of this age - your car is at least 1314 years old - they dont even play ball with sei owners now let alone cinqs so trying to get a free recall is a waste

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 A bother with a new fuel tank

Hi there I just fitted a new fuel tank in my cinq sporting cause the old one was leaking. Everything went more or less fine (apart from two broken bolts seems to be common and a long ordeal with fiat getting the right tank). Now what I am concerned with is the return pipe fitting. It went in fine screwed in but it seems to be a bit loose. After fitting everything in it does not move even one bit but

nicely. The problem is that it is not as tight as I would imagine it should (meanining the whole device can be unscrewed with a minimal force small finger say). When the tank is mounted the blue fuel line (by its stiffness) holds the thing into place so no problem for the thing to fall out. But the tightness My guess it should be FT to seal the tank properly. Anyways I ordered a new seal from fiat

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Fuel Tank

Hi I have a 1999 Sei with a fuel tank that leaks from the passenger side seams. Apparently this was subject to a recall but fiat only exammined the tank for signs of leakage. It wasnt leaking at the time so nothing was done. I do not know when the recall inspection was carried out because I have only owned the car for two years. Does anyone know if I can get the tank changed by fiat under the recall

Give fluffy a call or pop in if youre anywhere near derby httpwww.eurocarcare.netfuel-tanks046511894.html Or you could ring up your local fiat garage and see if theyll put it in as a recall due to some of the earlier models suffering from a corrosive fuel tank. Though my car is 2002 this is what we were going to do you can still swing it so theyll do the recall though its later I found a second hand genuine tank with very low mileage though. Pirus


Hi was wondering if anyone can help me. My W Reg Sceicento went for its MOT the other day and I was told I need a new fuel tank as mine has corroded and is leaking fuel. I googled new fuel tanks for Sceicento and found an old post on here that mentioned a recall so I checked the FAQs and my VIN isnt included in this. Would it still be worth contacting a fiat dealer to see if I can qualify for the recall


I have an R reg Sporting Cinq which has the much discussed fuel disposal problem. Especially when the car is being chucked around a bit. I contacted our local fiat dealer about the fuel tank re-call which I have read about to see if it had been done but they said there was no recall for the cinq fuel tank. Please could somebody advise me if there was a re-call Am I saying the wrong thing to the dealer Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks. Deedoubleyoo.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Sei fuel problem. 180 mile to the tank

Hi People Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on my most recent Seicento problem After a tune up im still only getting 18090 miles to the tank. My tune up consisted of changing the fuel filter oil filter spark plugs and leads and air filter. A friend of mine said it could be the carburetor and the amount of petrol being pumped through. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Luke

Ah hang on. Maybe the tank is leaking if you can smell unburnt fuel sometimes but otherwise its running ok Especially if its been parked up overnight and you can smell a wee bit of petrol when you come outside to it in the morning (moreso if parked on a hill). Have a look underneath the car under the back seats see if it looks damp at all. fuel tanks arewere a recall issue with cinquecentos and Seicentos

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Sporting Treg fuel tank seam leak

Hi I picked up my new (T Reg) fiat Seicento Sporting on Saturday On the way home I noticed that I had a leak So after much searching I find out that the Seicentos have terrible fuel tank leaks Also I noticed that Seicentos built in 1999 had a recall in 2004 to replace the tanks. Do you think that I could get it replaced by fiat if the original owner never did at recall time Also could I just seal it

Originally Posted by Gsmith815 Hi I picked up my new (T Reg) fiat Seicento Sporting on Saturday On the way home I noticed that I had a leak So after much searching I find out that the Seicentos have terrible fuel tank leaks Also I noticed that Seicentos built in 1999 had a recall in 2004 to replace the tanks. Do you think that I could get it replaced by fiat if the original owner never did at recall

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fuel Tank Recall

Has anyone heard any more about this Ive still yet to get a recall notice getting a bit annoyed with it Ive phoned up fiat but there absolutely useless

tanks or havent learnt there lesson from the cinqs Seicento Sporting Modified Front Bumper Saxo Custom Spoiler Abarth Side Skirts Bad Boy Bonnet Afterburner Rear Lenses 4 Powerflow Exhaust System Abarth 14 Alloys. IN THE PIPELINE -40mm Drop or Coilovers New Front Bumper Rear Splitter New Mirrors (Not the cup ones[xx(] something different) Check out my site fiatForum

Originally Posted by fingers99 Usually they leak at the seam (towards the top). From (distant) memory the studs which hold the pumps in are different spacings so you may need to swap the pump internals over (andor do some nifty welding). Fingers is right cinquecento fuel pump sender units have different numbers of studs compared to the Seicento tanks ( that hold the sender pump unit in place ) also

Originally Posted by Cento Painter Fingers is right cinquecento fuel pump sender units have different numbers of studs compared to the Seicento tanks ( that hold the sender pump unit in place ) also the fuel connections and wire connectors are different. Ive broken many Cinqs and Seis. The actual mounting of the tank is the same for each model. Yeah but do you know if Sei have 2 different mounting of the pumps between SPI and MPI Ming

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 sei - fuel tank recall

i took mine for its check and it needs a new tank it means i got to take it back and get it done if anyone who has had the letter an hasnt had it checked i would advise cause u dont wanna be driving round on a ticking time bomb

dawozere - dont wait - bug your local fiat dealer. They tried to bluff their way out of doing my cinq ages ago. I got the usual Well contact you - no contact fiat will contact you - still no contact If you havent been contacted you probably arent affected and all the usual guff. Eventually (Think it took 5 enquiries) they booked it in and changed it. Tom - look for signs of a leak no pressure in fuel

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Sei Fuel Tank Probs

Hi I have a slight problem with sei the fuel leaks from the fuel cap. I have rang fiat and they said that its had the fuel tank recall. I have purchased two fuel caps from fiat themselves and still it leaks Any ideas what else it could be Cheers

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