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fiat cinquecento fuel pump 170
fiat cinquecento fuel pump 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fuel pumps uprated for turbo owners (& mpi converts)

OK Ive read the threads on it but its never very conclusive. I need to uprate my fuel pump as I had my car at rolling road to try and set it up and well 1bar fuel pressure and 1bar boost no fuel even with my MF2 set to 100% max which is 80% duty cycle it was dangerously lean which is not good turbo owners take note the guy who I was working with on this ( ) thinks

may have answered my own question as I checked and got this info from fiat Seicento 1.1i 0300-1200 Injection fuel pump QFP701 &16371.35 0.5 No Notes 1108cc40kw54hpOHC176B2000 fiat Punto I 1.2i 0198-1098 Injection fuel pump QFP701 &16371.35 0.5 No Notes 1242cc54kw73hpOHC176A8000 fiat Punto I 1.4i 1093-1196 Injection fuel pump QFP701 &16371.35 0.5 No Notes 1372cc98kw133hpOHC176A4000

702 ones (150 grmin) as i am expecting about 120hp. If you are going higher use Punto GT ones 280 150 701 (187 grmin) but be prepared for bad emissions at idle. Multiply by 1.15 to get cc min from the above grmin. Remap is inevitable need to alter ignition timing too if you want to keep exhaust temps under control at 0.5 bar. Attached Files (36.4 KB 21 views) __________________ fiat

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fuel Pump wiring diagram

Hi Im fitting a Lancia delta Turbo motor into my X19 and im using the fuel tank and pump from a fiat cinquecento sporting to go in the front boot. Does anyone have a wiring diagram to help me wire the electric into the pump also the fuel gauge and confirm the fuel out let and fuel return pipe (they both look the same) Also whats the best upgrade of pump which will fit straight in Cinqs fuel tank to increase the fuel flow Thanks Mark

Originally Posted by markp38 Hi Im fitting a Lancia delta Turbo motor into my X19 and im using the fuel tank and pump from a fiat cinquecento sporting to go in the front boot. Does anyone have a wiring diagram to help me wire the electric into the pump also the fuel gauge and confirm the fuel out let and fuel return pipe (they both look the same) Also whats the best upgrade of pump which will fit straight in Cinqs fuel tank to increase the fuel flow Thanks Mark In the downloads. Cheers D

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 fuel pump and regulator question.

Hi all First of all what uprated pumps fit so far i know the sei mpi and the rs2000 will directly fit in. any others Secondcan the standard regulator be scraped if an aftermarket one is fitted i was thinking making a plate to fit over where the original regulator goes. need to uprate the fueling as with me new toy if it runs lean as using a second injector it will melt within seconds so i want to be safe.

coupe 20vt one (yet to fit so might not but looks right).. Was also thinking of a impreza wrx pump shouldnt be to hard to find as it seems a popular upgrade with the drivers.. If you wanna buy a brand new one though you want to get a ITP050 from see the price list here and yes its the one on a rs2000 among others.. see this thread (from bout half way through)- httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...f-my-face.html

Originally Posted by kritip The mpi sei pump is in the tank and also contains a filter and regulator (3 bar). As you will have an external regulator and return rail (the mpi sei doesnt have or need this) and an external in line filter I dont think it makes any sense to use the mpi one imho. Use one of the others Kristian Not 100&37 accurate the pump on the Sei MPi is fitted in a system that is return

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fuel Pump whirring noise

Hi All My Sister has just bought a fiat cinquecento Sporting 1.1 in Broom Yellow 31000 Miles on the clock and one owner. Its great fun to drive and the sporting interior is like new. Only problem we can find so far is the fuel pump. The pump makes a constant high pitched whirring noise. So I wondered if it is a known issue. The car runs fine but obviously I want to sort the pump straight away any advice you can give would be cool. Now I want a Broom Yellow Bravo because the colour is fantastic

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Sei Fuel Pump fixing studs.

Hi All I had a second hand fuel tank installed last year by my usual garage. (I supplied the tank). If I filled the tank to the top it over ran so I have just been half filling it. I assumed that the seal wasnt on correctly or just needed replacing so I bought a new one. I took the cover off today to find that the garage had sheared two of the fuel pump mounting studs and so they were missing. No surprise

I did the same thing with a spanking new tank httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...fuel-tank.html TBH tho mines not had any problems the pump sucks fuel causing a negative pressure in the tank Id be tempted to clean the surface up and change the seal anyway. but are you sure that the leak is coming from there do you know that the new tank is 100% sealed when you tighten the nuts up after changing the seal do it CAREFULLY they dont take much to snap them. GrumpyOldMan thanked for this post

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 P85 fuel pump into a cinquecento tank

Just been down to the scrap yard to get a new fuel pump. Ive got a Punto 85s fuel pump. Pipes and connections are the same but the design of the pump is more different than i thought it would be. whats the easiest way to mod it so that itd all fit. should i make a plate up that fits the cinquecento tank and then fit the punto pump into that Im a lil iffy around fuel systems can cause big problems if it goes wrong

3.5bar fuel pressure you need that much i know when my grale was mapped from 210-250bhp the fuel pressure was raised from 2.5 to 3.2bar as the grale pump is adjustable but this was all done with a gas analyser just seems really high. i thought it was 2.5bar on MPi s. Aaron.

this bit was tempted to try and get the whole thing swapped over as the punto pump seems to have a better gauge sender unit. oh well though Attached Thumbnails   __________________ . 1368cc 16v cinquecento .   Quote   23-05-2006   9 SkinzCinqSporting MG ZR Owner )   Join Date Feb 2006 Posts 2942 Thanks 5 Blog Entries 8 Trader Rating 2   Re P85 fuel pump into a cinquecento tank

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq Sporting 1250ccm - fuel pump problem

What kind of fuel pump fits to oryginal Cinq Sporting fuel pump pan I bought today fiat Palio fuel pump but it desnt fit - I put pump into the gasket but then it was unable install this green thing( i do not know the english name for it) and also uneble to correct install fuel pump filter. Any ideas Attached Thumbnails           __________________ Antoine Cinqecento Sporting  

Originally Posted by custard boy is a new fuel pump part of the novitec kit New fuel pump (this one with tis green thing) is standard fiat Palio 1242 MPI fuel pump.

see here httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento-seicento33982-new-pump-fitted.html

Originally Posted by GhostWKD i think he meant the seicento 1108 mpi fuel pump mabey and he is wright but Ive got SPI fuel pump. Today Ill try to fit fuel pump from fiat Palio 1.2 75hp Mpi without oryginal fuel filter I asked about it in the grage and they said that oryginal fiter is not nessesery if I have that standard big fiter from Cinq.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Alloy Wheel and Fuel Pump Query

Hiya All fellow fiat Forum members. I have a couple of questions I was hoping the techie-minded out there might be able to answer. Bear with me as I know there has been similar questions posted before but they never seem to answer my questions fully I have a set of unusual alloy wheels on my 51 plate Sei sporting. I have attached a pic. My first question is... ...Can anyone identify them for me please

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 3bar fuel pump

Quick question i need to uprate the fuel pump in my cinq to 3bar to run the MPi . Does anyone know of a replacement in-tank pump that I can use for this or do I need to use a proprietory external pump (Sytec etc) Im guessing this is a std question for the turbo s amongst you... Cheers John

at 0.5bar which makes you wonder why so many actually lasted as long as they did either that or the performance claims by VAD were on the optimistic side which i think they were due to fact 0.81.2bar (that is the variance on standard car) fuel pressure in 0.6bar turbo boost equals no fuel and therefore melted car. Yes that is correct pump ITP050 and its a direct fit for the Walbro pump fitted by fiat

Its a 3bar pump. like i said ive run 1bar without any fueling issues. The other pump in the car that used to be turno is from an fiat coupe 20v turbo ... same pump. I bet all the pumps of this design are pretty much the same.. there is no reason to manufacture a pump for each car when its the FPR that controls everything I dont even think the regulator needs messing with. the fiat coupe 20v turbo pump

and only controls pressure. Bosch -- for example -- make fuel pumps rated at anything from 60 to 200 lph. Equally most modern injectors are measured at 3bar -- but the output varies wildly Id not take it on faith that a pump supplied for a 75bhp engine can provide enough gas for one producing twice that. BUT as i said... ive ran 1 bar of boost with no problems. the fuel pump is the same as the fiat

Originally Posted by craigb244 I highly doubt the pump that is 60lph is the same size as the 200lph. You would be worng then the Walbro 255Lhour pump on my integrale is same size as the Cinq SPi pump. Though I do agree that is unlikely that there would be a massive amount of different pumps though there are different part numbers for many fiats I believe Bosche only make about 6 different pumps that cover something like 90% of all cars produced.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fuel Pump Help Needed Please

Hi I went to turn my fiat seicento go-kart on today and it would not start i have tracked the problem to the fuel pump but got stuck after that. There are no blown fueses anywhere in the wiring loom and the fuel pump is getting power it has 12v to the red and grey wire and 6v to the blue wire but the fuel pump will just not work. Does anybody know what the problem might be the fuel pump was working

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 maybe time for a new fuel pump..

httpwww.fiatforum.comgallerysho...hpphoto64005 audio recording after 120mile drive its a lot louder than it should be.. erk

i use a 255 welbro pump. can be picked up for well under 100 and is probably the best you will get. can pump fuel faster then any fiat will be able to use. when i fitted mine and bleed the system. the old pump used to pump fuel out the pipe as a nice little stream about 6 inchs long... when i bled the 255 it shot fuel at least 10 foot into the air... which was scary

yep. it came with a weird connector on the other end. cut it off connect it to other end of the fiat pump wires. tested the new pump in a jerry can and a fpr cranked right up. left it for about half hour at 5 bar (more then it will see on the car) pumping out plenty of fuel. and stayed cool. just like the welbro when i did the same test before fitting it a couple of weeks back lilmrwilliams thanked for this post

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 3 bars fuel pump on 1242 spi

Hi Spi fuel pump (1bar) has a limit 88hp Is it possible to fit a mpi fuel pump(25bars) on a 1242 spi system (standard fuel regulator standard single injector) I would ajust the fuel regulator. Has anybody tested this fittment yet

I have fitted a Walbro pump which is normally found in a Ford Escort RS2000Sierra 2.8V6 XR4X4 etc in a Spi turbo Cinq. I have also experimented with the built in regualtor and it can run upto about 1.8bar before locking out therefore no matter what pump you fit it will never run more than this it may flow more litres per hour but never higher pressure. The fiat manual states that the regulator is set

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fuel pump problem

I need help with my 1994 basic cinquecento why ever the fuel tank is over half full it runs ok but anytime it is lower than halfway when i come to a junction and put my foot on the accelorator nothing and then i have to pump the accelorator to get the engine revving it even sometimes does it when driving alongbit of a fart and a splutter then it kicks in again in my ignorance is it the fuel pump acting up hope someone out there can help me

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Noisy fuel pump

The fuel pump on my daughters Seicento is causing me some concern. She hadnt said anything but when I drove it last weekend I noticed after about 5 minutes that inside the car the pump was actually louder than the engine. After a stop it was quiet again for a few minutes but then got louder once more. A little experimentation showed the same thing - start off and its quiet then gets noisy real noisy.

When my sister bought her cinq it had a screaming fuel pump. I just changed just the pump motor not the entire assembly and that solved the problem. If you change the pump motor in the assembly to take the pipe of the pump motor output you will need some clic click-R hose clamp pliers like the ones pictured. Its nothing difficult fiat use these clamps on nearly everything and they work well. CLIC

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 In-Line Fuel Pump For My Track Car

Hi guys For those of you that dont know me i have took my 98 cinquecento off the road as iam using it as a track car although its not finished yet but iam getting there and a new fuel tank is next on my list My question is iam away to remove the stock fuel tank and replace it with a small alloy one inside the car so i need a new in-line primer pump as the stock pump that is fitted to the stock tank

Hi Scuderia Firstly do you really need to remove the stock tank They are not that big and are very low to the ground. I am just finishing my Sei Track car. there are a load of pics you might want to see httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...back-road.html If yor cinq is still on single point injection then it should be a 1 bar pump. They are high flow and low pressure. The pump you have found should be

Originally Posted by signwerx Hi Scuderia Firstly do you really need to remove the stock tank They are not that big and are very low to the ground. I am just finishing my Sei Track car. there are a load of pics you might want to see httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...back-road.html If yor cinq is still on single point injection then it should be a 1 bar pump. They are high flow and low pressure. The


Apologies for the simple question yet I cant find the answer anywhere on the net and i dont have a Haynes Manual My car usually runs fine however sometimes the car will turn over normally but not start. Lambada Sensor Ignition leads and spark plugs have both been changed. I have been told to clean the fuel pump. Where is the fuel pump Hard to get to cinquecento 899cc 1994 Cheers Scott

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 fuel pump for 1993 cinq

My cinq has a problem with the pump the car started then cut out as i was driving so out came the aa as im not mechanical they say its the fuel pump the mecanic ordered a new one but the two that he ordered were both the wrong ones the hose comes from the side with mine and neither of them did so he somehow got the old one working and its going fine till yesterday a whole three days and the same thing

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Dreaded injector light with no whirring sound coming from the Fuel Pump

Hi Ive been reading some very useful info on this forum and was wondering if I could I get some much needed advice. I drive a 97 Cinq Sporting and for the last 2 months Ive been driving it sort of stalls momentarily when driving coinciding with the injector warning light coming on. I noticed that if I eased off on the revs the prob would go away so I figured that something was on the way out yeh -

Got my new Cinq today so no worries on fixing the old one. Id say Ill swap around parts and should have a neat little runaround at the end of this fiatsco Its MOTd till next Sept so no worries on that. I think it may be the relays though I havent checked the crank sensor however the last time the fuel pump didnt work it was in a fuse to those relays (in little black box behind ECU ) qouting from 4.8

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 p75 fuel pump

hi does anybody happen to no what colour wire goes to what when fitting a punto 75 fuel pump into a cinq sporting the cinq has 2 wire blocks and the punto 75 pump has 1 althought both have 5 wires but the colours are diffrent

Originally Posted by clock34 the little canister things are identical in all fiat pumps iirc. just the big fat black pipe coming out then a big and small spade on top. it will fit dont worry just needs the pipe going on and the two spades -) i just done this cento wires to the pump are black and red p75 pump are balck and green so i guess green red tryed to start the engine and nothing i then took

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Standard Cinq Fuel Pump Sufficient for 1.2 16v

Apologies if ive missed the boat guys. Am swapping a 1.2 16v mk1 punto sporting lump into a cinquecento i was given have spoken to YcMing on Clubcento and he seems to think that the standard cinquecento fuel pump is sufficient to run the multipoint injection used by the 16v lump just wondered if anyone could verify this Sorry Ming not meaning to doubt you but saves two trips to the scrap yard. Many Thanks ycming liked this post

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq Fuel Pump delivery rate

does anyone know what rate the Cinqs fuel pump delivers at Dont need the fuel pressure as this has been increased manually just need to know the pumps delivery rate. Cheers

fuel pump delivery rate....... 110 litreshour (minimum there is v.slight variance) Definately. cinquecento............Its not the size its how you use it

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 fuel pump

hi im finding it hard tracking down a fuel pump for my 899cc SX does any1 no where i ca get 1 or will 1 from another type of fiat fit

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq Sporting Fuel Pump

Does anyone have one for sale or know how much they are from fiat . Ive just spotted a bargain Sporting that needs a fuel pump and is for sale for buttons.

Originally Posted by spedo Before you suspect the submerged fuel pump in the tank you should consider replacing the fuel filter located under the vehicle. This filter protects the the injection system from dangerous tank sediment that builds up in the filter over time. If the filter is restricted this would account for your fuel starvation at higher revs. The next thing I would consider is the breather

Fingers is correct about the TDC however the fault you have raised looks towards a fueling problem as a more likely cause. Firstly and as a matter of course I would replace the fuel filter if a blockage in the line or filter is detected many pumps will open a pressure release valve at 7 bar or above and release fuel back to the tank your filter could be as old as the car. You have already started

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Bldy fuel pumps

Just had the fuel pump on my sei die again - that would be the third one the car has been through. The blasted thing has been messing around the last couple of days and now wont make more than 1 bar pressure. Not so bad for a standard car but I use a Punto 75 pump which is supposed to work at 3.5 bar What I cant figure out is why they keep dying. At that pressure the injectors arent working overtime

Id forget about the resistor. Ive only experienced fuel surge on one cento -- a 1242 Cinq with sticky tyres and the stiffest suspension known to Centokind. Engine would cut dead when doing sharp turns with less than a quarter tank of gas. I remember someone (maybe Craig) saying that it had to be down to an issue with the fuel pump as it had some kind of built in swirl. I didnt think this was the case

Actually it turned out that the pump wasnt the entirety of the problem. I replaced it only to find the car still wouldnt start. fuel pressure is good - reading 3.1bar at the regulator instead of 1.2bar which is what I was getting before when the pump decided to kick in for a while. I cleaned the crank trigger up and suddenly it worked up - I found a chunk of rusty metal had stuck to it. The engine

Originally Posted by J.R Racing Never had a problem with mine and have been running a highly modified 1242 16v for almost 5 years now. Thats on a standard Seicento MPI 3 bar bump (same part number iirc as Punto Mk 1 7575 and GT). Using a Punto Mk 1 fuel Rail with the FPR on fuel rail. The only faff came when running a return line back to the pump housing but not a fault of the pump itself. Only gripe


Hi Ive got a Cinq. Sporting and I just cant get a live feed to the fuel pump The pump does have an earth feed. It does run when given an independent live wire. I have changed the fuel pump relay. I have checked all the wiring for continuity going to and from the relay. The 20 amp fuse feeding the relay is O.K. I STILL cant get a live to the pump and the car is unuseable Im at my the end of teather

The fuel pump feed will only be on for a few seconds if the engine isnt turning. This is to stop fuel being pumped out of a leak if there is a crash. This is controlled by the ECU . I think that a failed crankshaft sensor makes the ECU think that the engine isnt turning so there will be no sparks and no fuel pump either. If you turn on the ignition the fuel pump will come on for the few seconds then

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 fiat siecento fuel pump

i need to change the fuel pump on my 0.9l siecento as the plastic nipples have had a temp fix by my mechanic but a replacement unit would be preferable long term will a larger engined fuel pump do the same job ie the sporting model am a bit confused by whether the fuel pumps are interchangeable like so many other bits on the siecento or not...sporting ones are easier to locate and usually cheaper hence my question... cheers

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 cinquecento fuel pump pipes

1995 899cc. i wonder if any member could advise me on how to get the black plastic fuel pipes off the white and red plastic elbows that are at the top of the fuel pump. i have tried boiling water and a hair drier on the hottest setting but it doesnt seem to warm the pipes up enough to make them flexible. i dont want to use force and snap the elbows off because i need to use the pipes again. i contemplated

hi fingers thanks for the suggestion but the red elbow on the car is cracked and leaking due to spanner rash caused by my brother helping to take the busted pump out so need to put the red elbow off the replacement pump on the fuel line . also to get the cut line off the the elbow that is ok .on replacement pump. got the pump second hand off e bay.

Mine is the standard sei mpi pump no modifications as i think though not 100% Emmas is as well. The pumps are regulated in the tank. They have a return that just dumps into the tank again. Im not sure if the pressure is adjustable. The pump does not have any feedback etc. It just pumps lol You NEED a returnless pump of sorts if you dont plan on adding a return line. as these are regulated in the engine

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Turbo Guys... What fuel pump

Can anyone tell me what fuel pumps you are using for your turbos As im after something that can supply me with over 3bar fuel pressure... Will be running 10mm copper flow pipe and 8mm return but need to know how to get around the pump on the seicento sporting. Im sure someone on here has had to uprate their pump either be it for the 1.4 turbos ...

Originally Posted by StoneNewt I made a plate up that mimics the top of the stock fuel tank I has a connector for the new fuel pump & a pipe that is fed to the bottom of the fuel tank. The vent out pipe needs to be open & connected to a one way valve to let pressure out else you get positive pressure in the tank & when the tank is low this can have explosive problems in the worst case. PS. Anyone thought

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