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fiat cinquecento fuel level sensor 170
fiat cinquecento fuel level sensor 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 fitting a airfuel gauge to turbo

Ok so the work to get the turbo to what i call finished continues. At the mo looking to fit a few gauges namely water temp oil pressure & airfuel mix. Im not sure whether theres any point fitting a gauge desined for narrowband lambda and connecting to the standard sensor. Or whether i should be buying a wideband lambda and gauge. I have read alot and im more confused than when i started now. Car is

thats what im asking custard i dont intend to go wideband unless i have to i kinda figured from what i have read that its not really needed unless you have a fully programmable ecu like Emerald or MS. I have no intention of doing that im sticking with the standard ecu and mf2 for the forseeable future. I have read about setting up the mf2 on the road rather than on a rr by use of a air-fuel gauge and

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 sensors explained for noobs

ok im new to the car game in the ways of electrics i understand cars have alot of weird and wounderful ways to know what its doing and can all be controlled by a magic brain as you will allows for self tuning or emmisons as they call it but also so the engine knows how its preforming its oil levels hell even fuel has a sensor so as people here own fiats and lets be honest they are renound to be a little

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Sporting 16v fuel pump problem thoughts please

Right seicento sporting 2001 mpi (1242 16v engine) To try and cut a story short had fuel tank changed last week as a free safety change by Research Nuneaton as it had developed a leak. Since the tank change if the tank is full upto around a third of fuel or more the car pulls as it should for the engine and no problems. If tank is under around a third full of fuel the car pulses under full load like

Well thanks for the help again. I have a spare charcoal canister solenoid at gfs so will try that at weekend. Had pipes off the solenoid to inlet manifold other day they appear ok mine joins to left of inlet manifold (near map sensor) so at a guess same as yours Kristian. Just seems such a coincidence that since the tank change its had difficulties. Although ran sweet as a nut today on nearly full

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Exhaust sensor problem

Hey there finaly got round to getting the car running again after changeing the head gasket in the summer ( ) been in uni away from home so havent seen it scince the summer. And all is good finaly starts fine and runs ok misfires ever so slightly but im putting that down to the petrol witch is at least a year old. The main thing is after its been running for about a minute smoke starts to come from

I would leave it. if it ran fine before and you have not touched it it will be fine. lambda wont die from lack of use. chances are it will smoke and fart for a bit as the exhaust will be full crap and so will the engine bay (checked nothing has made a home in there) I would just check the oil level. put a gallon of fresh fuel and some injector cleaneroctane booster. check water level and start her

Oh sorry I didnt realise that was the case I was skim reading the post (at work you see). Im not sure how the level is relayed back to the gauge as Ive never gone poking around in my tank but Id suspect the level sensor is jammed at that position somehow. bluestar85 liked this post

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fuel emission problems Injector light

Hi All I have a cinquecento 900s in which the injector light remains on after it has been started from coldwarm start. It idles unevenly and then cuts out so that you have to restart it again. This light is not always on and it seems to be intermittent. Also on accelerating from standstill the car seems to hit a flat spot and die causing you to ease off the accelerator for it to pick up again. It has

Just to clarify the coolant sensor is mounted on top of the water pump Or is it the one that is mounted near to the rocker cover or is that one an oil level sensor Cheers John Cars Built to be expensive to repair

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento fuel tank replacement......

No surprise to anyone on here but I need to replace my fuel tank....leaking seams (you all know the drill...) Can someone tell me the difference between part number 46511894 & 51733839 I have a 2001 MPI Eper is suggesting I need 51733839 but these are much harder to come by at a decent price. Can I use the other part is there any difference

Hi Yes you can use the cheaper spi tank as a replacement for an mpi the only difference is a mount for the external spi pump which you dont need. I did this recently and aside from the rear two bolts snapping off it wasnt too bad. You will need to take the mpi pump out of the old tank and fit it to the new one. Its easy enough just be careful with the little nuts And it is a bit awkward getting the pump in and out as the level sensor is part of the pump assembly. Hope that helps

Originally Posted by trogdor ....bit awkward getting the pump in and out as the level sensor is part of the pump assembly. Keep turning the pump assembly round when you lift it out. Think the hole is not 100% round so turn it untill you have more clearance

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Megasquirt with standard sensors

Is it possible to run a Megasquirt ECU with all the standard sensors on the car what version of the megasquirt hardware would you recomend to get Is there a comprehensive guide for setting one of these up on a cinquecento Cheers all.

Im going to be buying a megasquirt but will everything else work like headlamp leveling tempreture gauge rev counter speedo fuel guage Will everything in the car still function or will i loose the functionality of the guages Cheers all

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Schumacher fuel filter

Does the Schumacher have an inline fuel filter Local factors checked by Reg number and said yes. Cant find it on car and have seen that apparently NO filters on 1.1 Sporting since 1998 The car revs fine but just dies under load fuel starvation Think pump maybe overheating as seems ok when cold. If there is a filter it would explain why pump struggling IF overheating. If there is no filter its either

Make sure the coolant hasnt dropped since last weeks check. Might be a coolant sensor problem if the level is still ok. Cheers D

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq fuel injection light

Ive replaced the fuel filter in mt cinquento 3 months ago but now the fuel injection light id coming on again and the car is spluttering and stalling. Its so bad this time Im not even driving it till I find out what else is wrong. Any advice for me The car is a 98. Thanks

make sure the crank sensor is clean. I presume that none of the levels have moved between weekly checks. Cheers D

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Over fueling


Originally Posted by roboslim the tank has never been full even when i had the filetr off it didnt make any differacne Hi PM your postal address and I may be able to come around weekend after next unfortunately Im probably in London until then. The plugs will be wet and smelly unless you warm it up and cut the ignition from hot and pull plugs. When you tested the temperature sensor cold what resistance

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Some basic fluid questions

The gf has recently got a cinq sporting on a 97 Had a quick butchers in the manual but cant find the answers to this. Some basicstupid questions where do you put the coolant the oil & the washer water Not knowing a great deal about motors myself on my cars the containers have all stuck out like a sore thumb. On the latest car the Escort the water has a water symbol on the cap oil has an oil symbol

The fuel gauge doesnt so much gave a refresh rate but a damping period (the period it takes to go from the previous level to the new level) fiat like a low damping period so it reacts quickly to changes in the fuel level. I dont think the float is in the middle of the tank in either direction so as you corner brake or accelerate the fuel level will wander about a bit. The reserve light seems to use

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 IAW ECU Live Mapping & Tech Info

OK promise is a promise. I will try to do it in steps and be informative but at the same time I do not want to provide you with all my knowledge I think that you should try things yourself if you are brave enough (and have tons of time to spare too ). At this point I would also like to strongly state that despite the things I am planning to write about my knowledge is limited in certain areas (I am

fuelling fuelling is bit of a more complicated beast even if the Auto Calibration (AC) is not taken into account. For this part lets assume there is no Auto Calibration of fuel active and also that the lambda sensor is not providing any feedback (this is for example the case when the engine is cold or the sensor is brokendisconnected). Also even though I know exactly all the calculations involved in


Well i passed my test last thursday and had to wait all weekend to monday so i could get to armagh to tax my car So car taxed i set off to clock up some miles staying close to home and then getting further away i collected my new wheel nuts went to see if my cd player could be fitted which it couldnt and then just drove about for a while then coming round a corner second gear then i accelerated away

However the Electric fuel pump can be split from the assy and serviced alone This bare fuel pump (apparently) also fits SYTEC REPLACMENT IN TANK fuel INJECTION PUMP FOR IN TANK PUMP MODELS ONLY SUITABLE FOR THE FOLLOWING MODELS BARACHETTA 1.8 16V (SRIS) 1998 - ON BRAVA 1.4 12V 101995 - 101998 BRAVA 1.6 16V 1996 - 1998 BRAVA 1.6 IAW 16V 51995 BRAVO 1.6 16V 1998 - 2000 BRAVO 1.8 16V 1995 - 1999 cinquecento

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 My Sei 1242mpi turbo

Here is a power graph of my sei 1242mpi turbo nothing special just a bit of fun it runs a quarter mile in 15.5471seconds 60ft in 2.4682sec a terminal speed of 90.01 mph all opinions most welcome will post a crapy rolling road graph once i get 5posts lol

its coping. I really would suggest binning the stock ECU and fitting something aftermarket though. If you are looking back at SPI remember that youre going to need a bigger injector than standard - and the more fuel an injector can flow then the smallest amount it can inject also increases. If youre having issues with it rich at idle now it will be ten times worse with one big fat injector My cinquecento

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 1108 stalling problem

Hello All. Has anyone seen this problem on an 1108 cinquecento before please Car would be approx 1996 1108 8v 72000 miles good condition overall. Recently passed MOT with no problems so emissions within acceptable limits. Engine has begun to stall without warning never know when it is going to happen. Prone to doing this after coasting approach to junction or roundabout. Engine is generally quiet and

All the above plus fuel filter plus TDC sensor dont rule out very low fuel level (possible faulty fuel sensor).

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Injection light on dash

Hi can anybody tell me what the warning light on the dash in the shape of an injection unit mean when it comes on it has come on a few times since i have changed the oil and fitted an air filter as when i brought it it did not have an air filter at all it initially seemed to come on when turning sharply i.e. doing a u turn then some times when you excelarate from a stop and whenether it pleases now

in order to make the car perform at ts optimal level Seicento Sporting Modified Front Bumper Saxo Custom Spoiler Abarth Side Skirts Bad Boy Bonnet Afterburner Rear Lenses 4 Powerflow Exhaust System Abarth 14 Alloys. IN THE PIPELINE -40mm Drop or Coilovers New Front Bumper Rear Splitter New Mirrors (Not the cup ones[xx(] something different) Check out my site fiatForum

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Turbo Checklist and Questions

Right Ive read the FAQs and a few other pages and just want to check this is pretty much all I will need Custom manifold to turbo Turbo Custom turbo downpipe Spacer plate or Custom pistons to lower the CR (8.591 seems sensible) Intercooler A little bit of plumbing (oil to turbo - intake to turbo - turbo to IC to throttle body) Mapping on a RR Stuff I already have are mpi setup with injectors that can

RDVs are were you have a MAF sensor before the turbo so any boost that you dump to atmosphere messes the fuelling up. To get around this you dump your boost back into the turbo inlet track after the MAF sensor. Originally Posted by kritip One thing i an adjustable FPR a requirement on mpi setups If so thats another job remove the in tank FPR and plum in an adjustable one in the bay. Trying

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 One for the turbo owners

I have a strange problem with my turbo Cinq that I think I know why but just want a few 2nd opinions. The Cinqs run a MAP sensor that of course would be triggered by positive boost and cutlimit the fuel to the injector. To get round this Van Aaken fit whats known as a BDL (boost de-limiter) or on earlier Cinqs a SuperChips ABC device which is same thing it is otherwise known as a FCD (fuel cut defender)

As this error hits my turbo too from time to time I did a little search in order to track the problem. First of all download the following datasheet of the Magneti Marelli MAP sensors. Data sheet Open the pdf in order to understand the way this sensor works. Our NA cars type is PRT 0304. The sensor gives a variable voltage to the ECU which linearly ranges from 0.25V at 17 kPa (heavy decelaration-underpressure)

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 The Tuning BookLink Thread

OK I guess this should really be in the main technical section but I only hang out in the Cento bit where most of the technical people seem to be. I hope you guys think this is a good idea otherwise I guess it will just disapear into the ancient thread vault with no replies. It would be great if you chaps were keen to share your books and technical links potentially saving people purchasing some lemons

Seems that only me and Mr. Fingers have shared books and links so far I never intended to do this on my own... Please feel free to add anything others may find useful such as a link or perhaps your opinion on something youve read. This is supposed to be a team effort... What did you read How to Tune and Modify Engine Management Systems (Jeff Hartman) Covers fuel injection and its history engine sensors


I have a 1.2 8v turbo project and am running a MF2 for fueling Would anyone know the easiest way to work out the fueling ive done some calcs but not sure if they are correct. Im running it in 3D with four injectors... the car runs a GT1549 turbo I can calculate approx how much fuel i need at each rev point but Im not sure about the gain for manifold pressure It runs an hks boost controller with two points approx 1bar and .5bar -Any ideas

You can not set up accurately an MF2 (in fact any type of fuelling) with out it being on a rolling road and with the rr s wide band lambda sensor plugged in to read fuel levels. This is where you may need to get a 2nd Lambda boss welded onto the exhaust down pipe to take this as well as standard lambda . There is not just the fuel map but the gain control to set up as the MF2 is clever enough to read


would the punto 75 head fit on a 1108 bottom end and would the 75 ecu be able to be remaped for a turbo also would i be limited to headgaskets i could use

Originally Posted by fingers99 In the sense I think you mean no. It has no input for boost. Youd need either an aftermarket ECU (best choice) or something to control the fuelling (mf2 etc.) You could possibly have the 75 ecu remapped to reduce ignition advance as boost came on (a good thing) but youd still need something like an mf2. not 100% correct. If you swap the MAP sensor for a 3bar sensor and

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Air Induction kit

Ive just ordered one off ebay for my s reg seicento sporting but ive just looked under bonnet and there seems to be more going on than just the filter lol.. you have the main box with the filter then pipes coming off to the right into another box are theses units easy to fit Ive ordered the right one but it aint arrived yet....... Daz

Originally Posted by dazzer01 Ronnie the way you discribe how to reset the ecu is different but not as much messing about as the other guys way does yours do the same thing and whats a mashed lambda Dazzer cheers for all the advice aswell.... The other way is the official way - mine is cheating - both yeild the same result. Think of the ecu as if it were a pc A pc has ROM (read only memory) - or

Hi GeorgeD30.. I will try that next monday. I read elsewhere on these forums that these sensors tend to show gaps in their measuring range when old. Does this count for this sensor also Hi Fingers99 I already changed the fuel filter temporarily changed the MAP hose for another one. without the filter - resistance type of thing in the middle though. I will try and clean and blow through the original

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 cinque 899cc Rev Limit Other Probs Fiat Forum Newcomer

I recently bought a 1995 M-reg 899cc cinque and I have a few annoying problems with it. Problem 1 4500rpm Rev-limit . After getting the car and... er... exercising it i noticed that i had an impassable flat spot but becase it had no rev counter i assumed this was the rev-limit. After fitting a set of sporting clocks I have discovered that this flat spot is at around 4500rpm. I know it is only a small-capacity


There I was toying with a 7 series BMW on the A5. Pass it at 110 come to a hill ask for more and theres a little phut and no more power ease off the gas and oil streams through the bonnet vent onto the windscreen pull up asap. Small oil fire under the bonnet soon goes out. Look under bonnet and oil filler cap has blown off. Replace it and as soon as the engine tries to fire it blows off again. Call

Originally Posted by arc pinking is generally down to too far advanced ignition timing though isnt it. reduced octane would cause knock though.. which isnt nice Similar phenomena though one caused by the ignition firing the fuel mixture early. The other caused by the fuel mixture firing early as it compresses. The damage looks much the same. Both can be detected by a knock sensor I seem to remember

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Injector trouble

Hi there Every time the boost goes to zero from vacuum my AFR goes lean and beyond that. It feels like a fuel cut or something. The only way to get rid of it is to let the 2nd injector give some more fuel at this moment. Now you are whats the problem... The problem is when I am driving with 140kmh cruise the extra injector is on and the engine goes very storch (rich) Maybe my hardware

yeah oke I know. but does it work first I try to set it with the SMT...It should be working. Only I need somebody to drive my car cause my leg has a surgery. 4.55 V oke nice to know. Do you also know what type of MAPsensor it is up to 1 bar 2 bar or.... [edit] Search mode on 100KPa 15 PSI or 1 bar and tis is count from sea level or from realy 0 bar[edit] Cause changing the map sensor for a bigger

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Servicing a seicento

Hi All. I have recently purchased a seciento sx it has 41000 miles on it Its never been serviced Do you think its due for a service How often should one service a seicento Many Thanks. Bex

Every 9000 miles12 months whichever comes 1st Engine oil & filter change Front brake pad & disc check Hose & fluid check Steering & suspension check Driveshaft gaiter check Emissions check Engine idle speed check Hinge & lock lubrication Every 18000 miles24months whichever comes 1st Air filter renewal Spark plug renewal HT lead condition inspection fuel filter renewal Alternator belt check & renewal

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Injectors qs ccmin

Hi Have qucik question about the spi injection system. What size is the injector how many cc min can it flow. I am looking into turbocharging a 1108 engine and am concerned that the ECU will not beable to fuel match the increased mass of air. Has anyone fitted a aftermarket fuel Pressure regulator as increaseing fuel pressure only when ve pressure is present will help meet the fuel demand. Else if

or you can take the spring out of the throttle body fuel pressure regulator and put an aftermarket one in on the outlet side. Problem is you need 3D mapping for the fuelling as you can be at different boost levels for given revs depending on all sorts of stuff. Standard ecu map sensor doesnt do positive pressure either. Pete. 1242cc cinq turbo cinq Cinqs&Seis Yahoo group Clubcento


ive finally decided to do a service on my car. ive done 40k in it and its never been serviced. what bits do i need to change and also whats the best way of doing it

Servicing intervals.these should apply to seis as well Every 9000 miles12 months whichever comes 1st Engine oil & filter change Front brake pad & disc check Hose & fluid check Steering & suspension check Driveshaft gaiter check Emissions check Engine idle speed check Hinge & lock lubrication Every 18000 miles24months whichever comes 1st Air filter renewal Spark plug renewal HT lead condition inspection

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 fiat seicento problem

I have a problem with my wee car. Last week I had only driven a round the corner when the inj warning light came on the car lost power and wouldnt restart. After a few mins the car started fine and has driven most of the week with the inj light on and off intermitantly. The car is misfiring when hot and cold intermitantly also. This morning the car started first turn but the revs were high but as I

Originally Posted by lesnherbie The car was service in August - the only filter not changed was the fuel filter so gonna do that tmrw. the levels are all ok not change - checked weekly and there appears to be no oil in water or vise versa. thanks Good start. Open the bonnet at night time with the engine running looking for rogue sparks. Check that the crank sensor is clean and the wheel is also clean. Cheers SPD

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Running Fault

Hi there recently bought a Cinq Sporting on a N Reg with 78k It is standard except for a k&n 57i kit. Ther car is always run on 99 octane Its got a slight running fault so if i describe the syptoms maybe someone can help. Cold start Car has real problems accelerating with any amount of pedal for about 5 mins. It seems to run on 3 cylinders and is misfiring all over the place. When the engine has warmed

right first of all the temperature issue. 110 degrees is way to hot for it to run it should only ever run to about 90 degrees before the cooling fan kicks in any higher is putting the head gasket in danger. the way the fans kicking in so often though and the high temperature on the long runs is a concern especially with the other faults you mention can be a symptom of head gasket trouble. hows the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq failed emissions test

I have a 94 900cc Cinq (well its my girlfriends actually) and today it failed its MOT (the Portuguese equivalent) because of high CO levels. The tester also noticed that if you try hold the revs at around 2-3000 they oscillate slightly - ie you dont move the throttle pedal but the revs rise a little then fall a little then rise a little etc. The tester reckoned it was a dirty or dodgy lambda sensor

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Petrol filter problem - rust...

hey there fiat -fettlers Having fitted a new petrol filter last month and seeing a massive power gain I noticed the power start to fade until last week the car wouldnt accelerate over 3500 rpm. I just took off the new filter and emptied it to find brown rusty coloured petrol in the supply (tank) side of it. I can only assume there is water in my petrol tank and it is rusty - anyone else have this prob

Alls well that ends well took out tank (pig of a job) and found it full of sand dirt rust and crud Drained it scrubbed it stripped and cleaned the fuel pump level sensor and filter put it all back on and wahey she flies. Fitted Punto 60 throttle body and modified mounting block too - its like a new car

Originally Posted by cinqsandminis Alls well that ends well took out tank (pig of a job) and found it full of sand dirt rust and crud Drained it scrubbed it stripped and cleaned the fuel pump level sensor and filter put it all back on and wahey she flies. Fitted Punto 60 throttle body and modified mounting block too - its like a new car Nice one - the throttle body is a decent mod for the price Id

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinqucento Stalling Problem..

Hi everyone I did a search but couldnt find a thread about this sorry if there is one. My cinquecento runs fine except when its temperature seems to go over 90c then it will just die I have to open the bonnet and let it cool down and even when it reaches 50c it still wont start for a good 10 minutes after. One of my breather hoses coming from my air filter and going into my engine (forgive my lack

If you can find a decent one from a scrappy go for it. Otherwise -- do a search for Fluffy the Impaler. The fuel pump relay -- oblong white jobbie near the ECU -- does fail from time to time (scrappy) but a rather more likely culprit is the Crank (aka TDC ) sensor. These are pretty much in the line of fire of everything -- generally its a good idea to get a new one. Keep a watchful eye on that water level

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Lots of Cento engine problems... ( Help )

Hi Great forum I recently bought a cinquecento - at the time of purchase there was a brief and hardly noticeable loss of power between 2.5-4k revs. Just sometimes and more noticeable when engine was hot. Thought it might be condensating or something didnt think much of it. Then it got worse and Ive now gotten a lot of symptoms (maybe more than one problem thats causing them)... - Engine is stuttering

The hesitiation at 2.5K-4K revs is pretty normal. Hows the fuel consumption When were the filters last changed The first thing I would be looking at are the MAP sensor and the pipe (check it for leaks). Im not convinced the lambda s to blame because some of the problems are when the engines cold and normally the lambda readings are ignored until the engine warms up... EDIT Hang on I should read the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cutting-out

Hello all. Its been a while since I posted something but on the positive side I feel more Cento Fanatic than ever. I now own 2 Cento Sportings Ive been a Cento Sporting owner for 4 years now it has 170.000km on the clock and apart from head gasket gone no other serious issues so far... it just drives and goes like hell. Now Ive purchased another Cento Sporting... its a clone from my first one. Its

Hello again. Yesterday I got my hands on another Black Cento on a scrap yard. Took some parts from it like some temperature sensors the tubes I needed and so on. Got home to refit the tubes and surprise... the TB on my car does not have the connection to the airbox (to the temperature thing in the airbox that switches from heated to cold air). By the looks of it the TB is defo from a Punto 55 because

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Help bad cars are mine

hi new to this forum thing and found realy good info that helps especialy people like me who dont like spending money.. ive got a early cinq with the little 890 engine in it because i got a heavy right foot and it cant go to fast (kept getting done for racing around in a 130mph lada-) love my cinq great fun feels like im doing thousands of miles an hour but only doing 30.. until wednesday when the

The management system needs accurate temperature readings to provide the engine with the right fuel levels. If the wtaer is low then the temp readings can go haywire. It could be a failed temp sensor too check the readings against the FAQs. Cheers SPD

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