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fiat cinquecento ecu unit 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Wiring an MPI unit into an SPI ECU

Hi everyone. I was reading somewhere that you can take a punto 75 head complete with 75 cam fuel rail throttle body and injectors and wire it into the standard SPI ecu . Can this be done If so how difficult is it Cheers everyone Ben

Originally Posted by benjiman46 Hi everyone. I was reading somewhere that you can take a punto 75 head complete with 75 cam fuel rail throttle body and injectors and wire it into the standard SPI ecu . Can this be done If so how difficult is it Cheers everyone Ben whats the point

Because it will make it MPI instead of SPI obviously S Im not planning on doing it i just wondered if it is true what Ive heard.

who said this link to thread in question

the connectors on the TB are the same and if you were the 4 injectors into the connector that used to power the single injector then it will run Originally Posted by ronnieronson whats the point much bigger ports for one.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Replacing ECU - Seicento

Hi i might be picking up a 2000 Seicento SX today with an apparently diagnosed coil pack failure. I understand this could be a sign of an ecu fault (thanks Ralycinq) so am considering how to go about fixing that. Ebay seem to offer quite a few from varying models. Should i look for an exact match ie 1.1 non-sporting should i think about codes and immobilisers. Is there a safe way to do this with a 2nd hand ecu thanks for any help James

If you get the car...look at where the ecu is...what type and number before you ring anybody. As the ecu type and harware numbers are important as some of the earlier ecu s when they give this problem just need replacing with later ones fiat dealers automatically supply them under the superceeded part no. Again depending on type repair is not possible as they are small sealed hybrid units alledgedly


Originally Posted by rallycinq I dont know w aht protocal fiat use but most of these readers will read all the usual ones and the codes are all the same. Your thinking of the OBDOBD-IIEOBD standards..... The older Marelli-Weber units (like the 6F16F etc) use a manufacturer specific protocol and due to that info on it is fairly rare...thats why fiat have an effective monopoly on code-scanning stuff

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 mpi sei ecu problem remap time Virgin Ecu

Well got 99% of the seis problems sorted now - just one major one to contend with which is the flat spot (Some of you may have read about this in my other thread) which has cropped up at 3.5k. Normally mpi s dont seem to have this issue... Anyway it rears its ugly head most noticeably 60mph in 5th 3.5k. Does show in other gears at other speeds but this is where its really a problem (think country

Originally Posted by ronnieronson What Im wondering is whats a better plan of attack Remap the existing ecu vs buying a virgin ecu and with a virgin unit would I be able to keep my existing keys etc... Engine transplant and aftermarket ecu

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Misfire on centre 2 cyclinders MFI ECU IAW 59F.M7

I understand this is a common problem where one pair of cylinders corresponding to one of the coil pack misfires. I get a fault code of P0352 associated with Ignition Coil B errorfault. I note that if the ecu believes there is a misfire then the fuel injectors on that pair of cylinders also stop injecting. In this case I have a spark on 2 and 3 but seemingly weaker than cylinders 1 and 4. I have swapped

This is a common problem on both Cento and Punto MPI ecu s. I have heard people claiming you can pop them open and are likely to find a burnt track (all though it sounds to me more like a transistor issue). I wouldnt recommend this though unless youre a dab hand with electronics. Plenty of places repair them. Ive always used ecu Doctor in the past Ive never sent them a fiat unit though so it would

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 ECUs for turbo fueling help me please (used search)

im about to turbo charge a 1242 16V engine. fairly low blow. im using a garrett t15 with a 1.2 or 1.3mm decompression plate. i want to have around 7-8 psi max. so not high boost. i will also be fitting an intercooler and oil cooler. my question is .... how do i increase fueling when the turbo is on boost do i have to run the car on a completly new ecu . (megasquirtemerald etc...) or can i just have

The 1368cc na run a CR of 111 The 1368 turbo units run a CR of 9.81 The 1242 16v sits roughly in between with a CR of 10.61 It may be possible with proper setting up to run without decomp plate like Aaron suggested. Another alternative is to get your block bored out to 72mm if feasible and uses the fiat bravo T-Jet pistons Think they are about &163200 iirc you can use eper to check. Not sure how much

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Central locking Unit

Hi My car has a central locking on it but it doesnt work from a distance. If I try to program de IR sensor it reacts on the key. The previous owner had a alarm on it but did removed it before I buyed the car. I want to check the wires but where is the unit that controlls the CL system. unit between the sensor and door system.

The unit for the anti starting meganism is missing. This should be under the ecu unit. The connector is there but nothing else. The cap that placed on it has some bridges in it. When I remove the cap the car wont start anymore. This is the same connector (the one next to it) that is needed for the last wire of the IR sensor. When I bought the car the man said to me that the locks were broken and that

Hi Today I went to some fiat dealers and they all came to the conclusion that the system isnt available in the netherlands. So If I want to get some more info over this system I need to go to a german fiat dealer. This unit is also a alarm system i think. Thats possible the reason that 1 wire of the CL goes to this box. This is to activate the alarmstart blocking system when you close the locks. Does

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 6F ECU wiring loom help

hello people of the Cento section. this one is currently seeking a diagramschematic of the wiring loom of an 6F ecu cinquecento for a sort of modernising project. if anyone has one can they please post it up... or PM it me... thanks Or. if someone knows if you were to remove the 6F ecu and wiring loom from the engine you have 2 connectors that go to the cars wiring loom one is a single wire connector

are for the orange wire is an ignition live the white with red stripe is a NEGATIVE for the ecu Injector light on the dashboard (that is wired into an ignition live) the thick red wire is a battery live. about the fuel issue. i will be using a device called a swirl pot (think of it as a mini fuel tank with the high pressure pump in it) that will be fed by the cars original diaphragm pump. the cinquecento

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 IAW 16F ECU wiring help please

Im currently building a race car using a cinquecento. It has the 899cc engine using the IAW 16F ecu . So iv cut everything i dont need off the loom leaving everything coming off the ecu and iv got the key code box with them wires so i put what i have left in place plugged all the sensors back in and im left with about 5-8 wires that just have loose ends that have some from inside the cabin of the car

hi. does this help information taken from the 16F ecu Technical Information Document. Code Number Description Component Function Notes1 Output Ignition Coil 1 Cylinders 142 Output Idle Control Stepper Motor Phase B3 Output Idle Control Stepper Motor Phase D4 Output Central Power Relay (Power-Latch) Power to RAM5 Input Automatic Gearbox ecu input Only on Version CA6 Output ecu Warning Lamp Activated

ok. the two in the engine bay could be the same as the white one. According to the wiring diagram in haynes they are two seperate relays - but on my car (a 1995) it was one unit. When i get chance ill scan the wiring diagrams for you. the chip is here httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...mckcritch.html

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 ecu plug connectors cinquecento

Hi i have just changed the engine today in my p reg cinq 899cc the next problem is the key code i have taken the ecu units today from a k reg and a l or m reg. the m reg car has the same ecu connector as my p reg and the l reg conector is the same bar missing 3 electrical connectors Does anybody know what the 3 terminals are for and will that ecu work in my car. both spares cars still had the small

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 ecu and turbo

On my garage bench is a 1242 unit 8 Valve. When i low boost (garrett t15) the 1242cc unit- Do i need to change the Sei ecu or will it learn. I know the reasons why people change to other ecu but do you need to for low boost With a low blow will i ever get any dump valve noise Can i get anything above the figure of 0.3 Bar (mentioned here on this site) without major electronics Im new to the turbo scene. Yes.............I have read some forums and FAQs. Thanks. Rob

I assume the MF2 unit is a modified chip......... do i need that with a T15 on a standard ecu

Ah didnt realise the defender was seperate I thought it was part of the MF2 unit.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 ecu question.

what does the ecu control other than injectors and ingition timing. if i was to have a dizzy and carbs could i just take away the ecu

i know what pictures youve been looking at.. anyways. in short NOTHING. It controls bugger all apart from the fuel and spark. connections are as follows. Code Number Description Component Function Notes1 Output Ignition Coil 1 Cylinders 142 Output Idle Control Stepper Motor Phase B3 Output Idle Control Stepper Motor Phase D4 Output Central Power Relay (Power-Latch) Power to RAM5 Input Automatic Gearbox

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Concerning ecus

Hello everyone I have finally had enough of my cinq and its poor starting. So I have swapped back to the 900 ecu for now. If I turn the key the fuel pump runs for a bit turn one more click and she turns over but takes an age to start. I have an iaw16 er-f ecu with a gazzaman chip. Once running she is bang on. But its just this starting malarkey I have to get sorted. On the 900 ecu she fires first time

The engine is a 1.2 8v Punto lump with a 32mm spi unit. The ecu does not work at all with both the original chip and the chips2race chip. The fuel pump does not kick in at all. The gazzaman chip does work and very occasionally it does start first time when warm but its like once a fortnight. You turn the key and the fuel pump primes as normal but then you crank the engine and nothing for 6 or 7 seconds

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 IAW ECU Live Mapping & Tech Info

OK promise is a promise. I will try to do it in steps and be informative but at the same time I do not want to provide you with all my knowledge I think that you should try things yourself if you are brave enough (and have tons of time to spare too ). At this point I would also like to strongly state that despite the things I am planning to write about my knowledge is limited in certain areas (I am

Fuelling Fuelling is bit of a more complicated beast even if the Auto Calibration (AC) is not taken into account. For this part lets assume there is no Auto Calibration of fuel active and also that the lambda sensor is not providing any feedback (this is for example the case when the engine is cold or the sensor is brokendisconnected). Also even though I know exactly all the calculations involved in

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Changed IAW16F.ER ECU how reset key code

I used the soldering to my cinquecento Sporting without unconnecting battery now I have the ignition light always on. I changed the ecu with a second hand one (ignition key is ok so Im sure the old ecu has burned) but I havent now the keys. I opened the ecu there is a 8 pin SO package chip with this marks L9107 ST 9622 I suppose its the EEPROM containing the IMMO code. How can I reset the chip to use my own old keys Thanks.

Are you sure its a fried ecu These are pretty robust basic units that usually require outside influence to damage. Cheers D

I was using a 380V solder ( I dont know the correct name in english but it is that to solder external parts of car and you have to use sunglasses to protect eyes). I mounted the ecu on another 500 and I have no reponse with diagnostic software (KL lines to communicato to ecu ). I havent red (purple) key of ecu supplied from savage. The thing I dont understand is I tried to mount the other ecu (from

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 6F16F CinqueSei ECU Reader Project

Originally Posted by arseofbox Im working (not very hard) on a project to make a piece of software to read the contents of the 6F 16F (Cinq Sei) ecu ...Ive just converted a fooking massive Italian document to find out how to interface the bugger Any good with C Originally Posted by Jamieboy Actually yes Just finished my undergrad Hons. Degree in AI & Robotics - one of the main cores of which was software

Did this thread fizzle out My 99 Punto also uses the 16F ecu and I am interested in linking it to a laptop. I couldnt determine yet whether it is ISOOBD compliant so DIY projects out there might not be suitable. One clue is the three pin connector near the ecu rather than the current standard J whatever plug under the dash. The stuff out there that I have been considering includes 1. Any circuit based

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 wiring mf2 into ecu

wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram or pictures of what goes where. Just trying to make sure i have everything prepared for when engine eventually goes in.. if not i shall be on the phone to vanaaken. Someone shine some light Gaz

MF2 doesnt get wired into ecu its a stand alone injector driver unit. It takes a feed from rev counter at back of instrument binacle it also takes a ve feed from ignition and a earthed behind instruments. You then need the 2nd MAP sensor that has three wires that tell the MF2 when ve boost is achieved if the MF2 has been used before in this configuration then it will recognise this if not there is

Originally Posted by J333EVO MF2 doesnt get wired into ecu its a stand alone injector driver unit. It takes a feed from rev counter at back of instrument binacle it also takes a ve feed from ignition and a earthed behind instruments. You then need the 2nd MAP sensor that has three wires that tell the MF2 when ve boost is achieved if the MF2 has been used before in this configuration then it will recognise

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Mk2 MPI - IAW 59F ECU Advice

Hi All Im currently running my Seicento P75 engined track car on its standard IAW 59F M1 ecu . (Magnetti Marelli Micro version) Now while its running reasonably well Im very aware that the ignition and fuelling map files are for an 1108. (I know I could remap the existing ecu but Id like to explore all of my options first) So my question is please What have people done with the fiat IAW 59F ecu when

The swap is great there is quite a difference in power and acceleration but the ecu is holding the engine back. Not to mention that it decide now and then to crap out because its picking up something different. I think the later ecu handles the 1.2 16v engine much better from what kritip said. I spoke to a couple of places to find out about a remap and they took one look at it and said that it cannot

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 IHI RF3-PID Fiat Turbocharger Unit

Yep its in the classifieds and im going to have a look at it. Its off a PG 1.4. Anybody have any details about it. What type of turbo what kind of power could I expect Obviously I know Ill need a lot more bits but seems a good oportunity. Cheers Kristian

I dont know much (or anything really) about the 1.4 GP turbo is it from a T-Jet or an Abarth From whats been said so far it would appear that the stock charger on the T-Jet is limited to circa 150bhp due to internal restrictions. The stock Abarth unit produces a further 10bhp above the T-Jets max figures prior to mapping - Although the ecu has been the stalling point for tuners so you should be able

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 ecu resetreading

Hi im new to this site i own 1998 siecento sporting my engine light comes on time to time and the car has noticable lack of power i know some one in the trade but not with fiat he thinks its a lambda problem as it smells of fuel (TB area) the only thing is he has unplugged other sensor to see if car runs better but no change i just wondering if any one can tell me how to reset ecu and when light returns how then to read flash code. any info would be great. Thanks.

Originally Posted by pary the only thing is he has unplugged other sensor to see if car runs better but no change Plug the sensor back in whichever one it was the ecu will need the data from it to run the rest of the stuff properly. Quote i just wondering if any one can tell me how to reset ecu Simply pull the big plug out for a min or so or disconnect the battery the car will run slightly odd for


Hi guys After all your suggestion last time about me & me dads wee Cinq weve still had no luck in getting it running. Its pointing more and more to the ecu unit. I was wondering if any of you would know any ways to get an ecu for from a different Cinq working on mine The chip in the key seems to be the stumbling block. Cheers for the help.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 MPI Schumacher Seicento ECU and Coil Q

Hello I am a new member and have only just introduced myself in the Newbie section. I hope someboy will not mind advising me on a problem Ive got. My apologies for the essay but I figured it best to supply as much information as possible Its a 51 plate and has done 23500 miles no problems up until now. 5 minutes into my journey from cold the orange engine light came up on the dash and the car started

Originally Posted by rallycinq Ive heard that coils can cause the ecu problem but not personally experienced it. Generic coils should be fine. The threads you searched earlier will give you details of where to get your ecu rebuilt. Chers SPD OK thanks for your quick input and I have found a company up north that will do the repair on my unit. Hope Im up and running again soon Kind regards Jon.


hi there looking to get a ecu reader for my MPI seicento sporting but this is where i lose the plot a bit. basically i want one which will tell me any problems that are present and that can clear them. one that says all the current information E.G. RPM Temp and other information also do i get a standalone unit or do get a program on a laptop and a cable.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Will cinq 899cc ECU work as ignition only

My fiat 850 has the most unreliable igntion in the world and it is making me tired replacing bits all the time. I did think I would swap the whole engine with a cinq 899 including injection (same engine) but I dont want to lose the carb and the performance of the high lift cam plus have to fit bits for injection. Current engine already has cinq bottom end and has hole on timing cover for crank sensor.

get back to your panda 100hp If you go for megajolt it can use different wheels but will be a lot of work to fit due to additional sensors etc. Bolt a ford edis unit it without an ecu will only spark at 10 degrees though and will need a 30-1 afraid i know very little your hardware setup or the car so dont have that many ideas. Kristian


Has anyone got an ecu for a Seicento MPI 2001 sporting that I could borrow or buy cheap I want it to rule out the possibility that mine is playing up. My car is misfiring (I think) causing a surging feeling.

Ok. Symptoms are revs going up and down by 200 rpm when accelerator is held steady. This creates a surging feeling when driving it happens in all gears at any revs except idle when you get the odd bump. What I have done. Replaced Spark plugs Coil packs ecu unit Plug leads Air filter Also has been on diagnostics which all comes out clear. There are no fault codes no engine lights (although this is due

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq. Sporting ECU Swap

I have a 98-reg Cinq. Sporting - which is highly likely to have a soldered chip in the ecu . My local breaker has a Punto 55 in at the moment so I was wondering if I could use this ecu on the Cinq In know the Punto 55 ecu has a lower rev-limit than the Sporting ecu but Ill be taking the chip out and replacing it with my Superchip which also disables the immobiliser. Dont want to buy it if its not

Had thought of that.... but Id prefer not to touch it - still want an ecu with immobiliser for when its garaged (I have a rented unit a few miles away) - and one for the track.


Hey Chaps Until reading the fuel implant technology manual for the DET 3 found here httpwww.ecumaster.comdownloadDE...nt_english.pdf I had no idea it was capable as acting as a stand alone fuel system while retaining the original ecu . It is seemingly is quite cable of converting an SPI Cento into an MPI with little more than the addition of a MPI manifold TBinjectorspump. This would be great for me

Originally Posted by fingers99 Gotcha. But why run the factory ecu anyway For a few extra squid you could run megasquirt (or microsquirt). Its half the price of the MegaMicro squirt which is why Id like to know the pros and cons. Its also very compact (as is the micro) and would allow use of the factory imobiliser at a guess. Im not sure if the standard imobiliser just cuts fueling or is more advanced.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento sporting 1.1 air bag ecu

Hi all I own a w reg 1.1 seicento sporting. Where is the ecu module for the air bag unit located on this car and does any one have a pic so I know what Im looking for.

Getting a little off-topic talking about blu & his massive girth.... Originally Posted by ma876 ....Where is the ecu module for the air bag unit .... Why do you need this info

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Sporting ECU (2001 Y)

Hi Folks - another newbee here Just been told that we may have blown the ecu in my daughters Seicento Sporting (2001Y) when bump starting it Any pointersadvice or can I pick one up cheap somewhere httpwww.bba-reman.comcontent.asp...nagement_units

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 changing a ecu

hi all . i have a 1997 1.1 sporting cinquecento and have been told the ecu is cattle trucked . can i just change the ecu or do i have to chage the code box and key aswell thanks a lot lads and lassis

dont know wot i did but it worked . i took the big concter bock off the code unit and turned it over then disconcted the small one and turned t over once more . them reconcted it and it started . have i some how schoked the ecu or somthng . dont thnk t was the contons had d cheked them three or four times

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Monster CentoECU Master Thread

Well starting this is well overdue although technically its still just a car and a big pile of bits at the moment. It will come together quickly though as I have access to a commercial garage in the evenings and on weekends which belongs to a good friend. Im lucky enough to have another good friend who is a self employed coded welderfabricator and yet another good friend who owns a powder coating business.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 resetting the ECU

hi there Is there anyway i can reset my ecu Does pulling the two battery cables out work Or thats just bull P thanks in advance bye for now

the whole ecu unit or just the battery

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Figuring out ECU wiring

Hi after having tracked this forum almost daily just decided to register and become an active member. Im trying to find information about where whats wired to my ecu . I have a end 2001 Seicento the ecu code is I AW 4AF M7. Ive got a workshop manual (in Holland its called vraagbaak same as your Heynes manuals I recon) but thats meant for Seicentos optu 2000.

First of all fitting a rev. counter but Im also thinking of puchasing a SMT6 piggyback unit or even a DTA (Ive found someone who is selling his unit).

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 mpi ecu alternatives cinq 899 ecu

not too interested about fuel economy etc but will other ecu s (uncoded obviously) for example 899 cinq ecu s get the car to start run

Originally Posted by arc looking from the front of the car right hand side of the inlet manifold . green plug. oh right - always wondered what that thing was I presume removal of the sender unit is going to involve some coolant spillage

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