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fiat bravo sump bolt BRAVA 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Bravo 1.8 Oil Sump....

Hi all my first psot here looks pretty friendly and helpfull so here goes. Just need some advice my fiat bravo 1.8 and having to change the oil sump . Ive attempted it myself and im not finding it too hard untill now all of the sump bolts have been removed and the exhaust has been dropped giving room for the sump to come down only problem is there is something that goes down into the bottom of the

FIAT BRAVA 182 2001 Bravo 1.2 Sump Change

Hi all I have noticed since I bought my bravo that the sump I leaking heavily (but not from the seal) so my sump is cracked and needs replaced. I have ordered a new sump and am going to fit it next week. Any guides around or how tos or even anything I should watch out for or might struggle with. Cheers guys. Kieran

The silicone sealant is Loctite 5910 its kindof like a tube of toothpaste so no guns or tools needed. Places like Halfords have it in store. After you clean the old silicone off do a few test fits of the sump before applying new silicone because it can be a little fiddly getting the sump over the oil pickup. Once you get a feel for the best way to put the sump back on without accidently wiping your

Cheers guys I have the sump sealant already I did read somewhere 2 bolts for the sump were by the gearbox and real fiddly or is that for the 1.4 Cheers Kieran varesecrazy liked this post

I removed the little pressed steel shield - that covers the bottom of the clutch bell-housing didnt have issues beyond that.. on a 1242 punto with 10mm HEX head bolts on the punto I disconnected exhaust at REAR of engine and flexed EX. down a little to remove sump ( actually I unbolted the oil pump strainer for more wriggle room) BUT was sold poor sealant did the job 3 times in the end.. its amazing how much oil dribbles down the bores gallery tubes after a leaky 30 second test run Charlie

FIAT BRAVO sump plug

hi all i am trying to service my car but i carnt find the right key to get the sump plug offis it a special bit from fiatcan you buy this from anywheredoes anyone know the size thanks Danny

Hi Danny eLearn doesnt say anything about a special tool either for petrol or diesel. If your car is a T-Jet then you seem to need a deep socket of the appropriate size as the plug has a hex head and is in a deep recess in the sump. The drawing for the M-Jet seems to show a hexagonal recess for an Allen Key. I dont know what size but apparently its an M14 thread. Seems you have to remove the under-engine protection which is 8 bolts Not fun without a lift.

The thread can come out with the sump plug if it has been excessivly over tightened... its a alloy sump(cheese) with a non-alloy sump boltplug(knife). Its just something i have come across many times and just wanted to pre-warn you. Chances are it will probably be fine.

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo 1.4 oil leak cam change

hi i have a bravo R reg 98 and unfortuntly i have been put of the road due to a oil leak i have narrowed it down to being the crank seal on the front located behind the aux belt pully which is connected to the cam belt iv been and brought new cam belt and tentioner as well as a new front crank seal. just wondering if nebody has had this problem before of any advice on protocol id be very greatfull

FIAT BRAVA 182 I need to make a sump guard

Hi All Taking my fiat Brava 1.2 on the Mongol Rally. As there are no roads for at least 2000 miles of the journey it seems prudent to fit a sump guard especially as the sump is of the alloy variety which would sooner crack than bend. Im thinking Ill make up some sort of template in plywood and take it to a metal workshop to have it cut out in alloy. I figure the subframe arms are the best place to

FIAT BRAVA 182 over to the bravo side

hey i am a new bravo owner i bought Adrian bravo bravo off him httpwww.fiatforum.commembers-mot...-modified.html im hoping to restore it to its former glory at first try and repair the original engine (1.4 12v) and in time drop the 1.6 into it. so i thought id just say hi im going to start work on it tomorro i have taken it around the block and i have head a knocking from the near side front it only

on it the bolts will brake the head. With the tensioner still at maximum Carefully turn the engine over a couple of times by hand. You can recheck the timing again if you wish mine was still spot on. Put the tensioner in its final position. Fit the sprayer bar and tighten all the camshaft cap bolts to the correct torque. Done. __________________ Parts Wanted. I will consider any new original fiat

FIAT PANDA Grounded Selecta Gearbox sump Leaking CVT oil and new sump needed

Grounded the Selecta the other day on a pot hole. Now have a massive dent in the gearbox sump and Im loosing oil . Does anyone know the best place to get a new sump from Im going to fiat this afternoon to try and get a price and order one. Only pain is Im suppost to be clocking up 700 miles in the next week Many thanks. Jon.

ought to put it in a new thread but I assume the front bumpers are easy enough to remove and change __________________ M ost E asterly P andas - Pandaing in East Anglia Stockest of mk2 Panda Parts PM for any parts requests 2 White Classic Panda Selectas A 1989 & 1991 Panda 750L Dualogic 2008 bravo MultiJet 2009 Panda Eleganza & LPGed Stilo   Quote   28-03-2008   26 Steven Go on the fiats

FIAT BRAVO Woman with a need.

i know this has probably been asked a million times over.. but i keep reading different bits on different threads and Ll saying different things basically.. ive got a 1.4 bravo active sport 6speed and want it lowering.. the front is lower anyway. id like to lower the car a fair bit but not so that it is undriveable and silly. i just want to know.. a good mm to drop it buy if i need anything extra and generally.. just a bit of help

Originally Posted by Big Black Stilo i have a 150 sport and the sump guard and the bumper hit everything. I even scraped a wishbone (something metal anyway) the other night. mines standard no collapsed broken springs The bolts that hold the wishbones to the subframe stick out below anything else underneath. How do I know I went over a half-width speed bump and heard an awful metal grinding noise. Fearing I had just removed the sump I stopped immediately and when I didnt see oil running out laid down in front of the car. The heads of the wishbone bolts were super shiny. Luckily the sump had survived by about 15-20mm. bravo Mjet no suspension issues.

FIAT BRAVA 182 sump change

hi folks just wondering what is involved in changing the sump on a bravo td100 some 1 said i may have to split the gearbox to get to 1 of the sump bolts cheers

on many cars you have to loosen the gearbox off a bit to allow the sump to come off but you dont usually need to actually remove any of the gearbox bolts just loosen them off enough to seperate them a half inch or so. not sure what the situation is on the TD but i doubt youll need to do more than that. you may need to disconnect the nearside driveshaft from the gearbox to allow the gearbox to be moved

FIAT BRAVA 182 Removing Sump Plug

Blimey why do people tighten sump plugs so tight Im struggling to remove this plug. Ive tried heating it with a blow torch turning it the other way a little first using a long bar smothering it in WD40 pipe wrench ignoring it shouting nasty names at it scowling at it cheating on it sending it flowers baking a cake. The long bar I have is more of a medium bar though. Nut is 18mm and it hasnt budged

you have so much fun dont you not seen a bolt fitted before in a sump it should be a sumplug with a hex head. if its really that tight get the blowtourch on it and then try undoing it with a breaker bar they can be a bit tough to get started i guess your problem is that your moving the whole block around on the floor Ry Adrian bravo thanked for this post

Originally Posted by bulldog5046 i guess your problem is that your moving the whole block around on the floor Exactly its like you have done this before or something Everyone i know is on holiday so I cant get an extra set of hands or go out and buy a long long bar Ill take a picture of the bolt. My original sump plug was the same type and just as hellish to get off.

lay down some cardboard or somthing soft so as not to damage the block and then you can get some weight on it and have a good go at the bolt. best of luck mounting the gearbox if you are on your own

FIAT BRAVA 182 sump gasket...

i have a leak on sump maybe two leaks on brava 1.6 elx i bought the sump gasket and i went to mine mechanic to change it but he said that he is in big business so he cant help me right now..i am asking is it hard to change it by yourself..i was under the car and i saw some 20 or more bolts..that is not looking so hard to do..but i saw that two bolts are little harder to reach because of some

Originally Posted by johntra i have a leak on sump maybe two leaks on brava 1.6 elx i bought the sump gasket and i went to mine mechanic to change it but he said that he is in big business so he cant help me right now..i am asking is it hard to change it by yourself..i was under the car and i saw some 20 or more bolts..that is not looking so hard to do..but i saw that two bolts are little

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo hgt running guide

anyone help me on a running guide on a bravo hgt 155 20v the mpg but its got a sports cat and a powerflow full system so is that going to eat the fuel cheers chris

As long as your sump plug or access panel bolts arent rusted tight then its a pretty straightforward job. The sump sump plug are uncovered and easy to access once the car in on axel stands. As for the oil filter there is an access panel on the undertray that is held shut with two bolts. Undo these bolts and lower the panel to gain access to the oil filter. Hope that helps


got a grass auto test on the 10th. In preparation me and dad have started fitting a sump guard. this is what we have done so far. Next job is to weld a frame up that bolts onto the front suspension arm mounts and has 3 bars that go across the bottom of the engine and bend up at the end bolting to the frame we fitted today. we may then weld crosses between these bars with lighter steel. the main reason

Originally Posted by rallycinq Fair enough. We took the opposite view that things will move so we welded brackets to the inner wings then bolted the frame up to them. The rear of the guard is bolted to the chassis rails. Cheers SPD where on the inner wing onnear engine mounts if so we really looked into this and could not get enough space Originally Posted by Adrian bravo Nice car craig. Oh theres

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.4 Sump Replacement

Hi New to Forum have a 1998 Brava 1.4. Very Happy with car but have experienced some problems recently. The sump has started to drip oil and on closer inspection was found to be badly corroded. I purchased a new sump and started to remove the old one today. Haynes manual says undo bolts and remove. I have undone the bolts but the sump was fouling on the exhaust down pipe. Have undone the exhaust and


My sump needs replacing and Im off to see the motor factors but they dont go on parts numbers so I was wondering if all bravoas both mk1 and 2 had the same sump And are there any other little bits eg. seals I need to replace at the same time Cue one messy job

Originally Posted by Helz That was my point ie. was it the same sump across the whole range from 1.2 to 2.0 or did some share parts (as happens with exhausts) or was it specific to the 1.2. So I guess the answer to that is no the part I need is specific to the 1.2 theyre all very diferent so you need a 1.2 sump . you also need the sump gasket and some gasket paste. fitting is fairly easy in theory

FIAT BRAVA 182 HLX Sump Replacement

Hi there My 1999 1.8 HLX met with a speed bump the other night and unfortunately the bump won and ripped the sump plug clean out ...... On further inspection it appears a bolt was welded to the plug to get it out at some point and this caught the bump resulting in the unpleasant loss of oil. Anyhow its done now and I was really after some help in trying to locate a new sump for my car. Been to the

FIAT BRAVO Oil Filter Location 2.0 165 M-Jet

Hi all As title looking to change the oil myself this week just wondered where it was as i cant see it from a quick glance Thank

I can confirm the oil filter is not on the front it is at the left rear if looking from the front and only accessible throught the offside wheel arch. I now have a new problem however. When i brought the car it had 9k miles on it and was serviced even though it didnt need it. The nob heads who serviced it at fiat Direct London must have done up the sump plug with an impact wrench. I attempted to undo

Im definatley turning it the right way its through the off-side wheel arch so running horizontal. Without the washer in place there would be zero tension on the bolt thus allowing it to turn (if the threads arent knackered of course). It would replicate the same scenario as if you had put the bolt in and left a 2mm gap. Dont want to attempt the drilling scenario as dont want to take swarf into the

FIAT BRAVA 182 What bolt help needed

Hiya Folks. Attempted to drop the sump on my 2001 1.2sx yesterday as its leaking but found some one had nicely rounded off one of the allen key bolts on the engine mount bracket its number 14 on the image below httpeper.fiatforum.comcgi-binna...key1000200001 For some strange reason it doesnt show what bolts are needed on Eper anybody by a stroke of luck have any idea Thanks Lee

To the sump or support bracket

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help cant see sump nut

Hi guys Im new to this forum and wondering if anyone can help. Been trying to change the oil on my 1.8HLX opened the undertray panel so I can see the oil filter ok but I cant see the sump nut. Do I have to take the entire undertay off or can I get to it without Not had the car jacked up yet as I dont have ramps or the courage to get underneath without proper lifting gear . Any ideas Thanks in advance.

no need to remove undertray the sump plug is at the back of the sump it isnt a nut its a hex head bolt. youll need a big allen key or a hex bit in a socket. its 11 or 12mm cant remember which.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Sump plug drain key size

Hi guys Probably an easy one. I just wondered what the exact size is for a sump plug drain key for a fiat bravo. I think its a hexagonal one but theres a choice of sizes and I cant be bothered to buy all 3 only to have to take 2 back P Thanks

funny one this cause mines an 8 mm hex bolt on the sump plug my car is a 97 hgt

FIAT BRAVO Things You Hate About Your Bravo

Well having had the bravo and having lived with it for three months now I can say that I am pretty happy with the car and will be keeping her for a while. If I had to list the things I dont like about the car they would be Seats too short offering no thigh support. Steering too light offering no feel. Oh and flat door handles or concealed rear ones would have been nice. Thats it really which isnt too bad. What are your gripes with the car and lets be honest...................

Ive scuffed the bolts which hold the lower arms to the subframe on a speed hump. Thought Id removed the sump.. horrible noise. The speed bump was a fricking mountain though. Might go back at some time and measure it. Ill be needing a bullet proof suit and a squad to save the car from being hijacked though. Rough place - explains why I wasnt really wanting to slow down too much for the hump

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo hgt power loss help

new to the forum so bear with me lol. ive had my bravo for 4 months and spent quite a bit on it already. last month it started spluttering with no power. more so when cold but even when warm it wasnt right and power was reduced. took off the maf sensor and sprayed it with contact cleaner and the problem seemed to get better but still not right. now stays consistent wether its warm or cold. number 1

Hi Sorry to hear of your problem I have a similar issue. I need help FAST If any1 can help id be so happy I have a 97 hgt i broke the sump and damaged the engine to cut a long story short. I had a 155 vis engine and decided to change the engine for this vis engine swapped everthing air intake sensors on the block absolutely everything cam belt plugs etc etc u name it i swopped it to revert it back

Sounds like the cross bar which is supposed to protect your sump from grounding. If it is you must have hit it hard to get is detatched . i suggest you get the car put on a lift and check it all out. Why not go to your local exhaust place and get them to check it out it really isnt worth trying to grub underneath on your own. with luck you will only need it bolting back in place.

FIAT BRAVA 182 This ones for jug

All replys are welcome but i know jug knows everything about bravos so here goes. Car - 99 1.6 16v bravo. Problem 1 - It struggles starting from cold. After i turn the key the revs idle erratically for a couple of seconds and then rests at the normal idle. If i give it a few revs just as i turn the key everything is ok but i dont like doing this as the engine is still cold. A few days ago i had it

lets not make my head swell im only on here so much because ive got nothing better to do. im hardly the bravo king what rpm does it settle at on a cold start and a warm start does it start easier once warm does it do the erratic idle thing for a couple of seconds on a warm start as its a 1.6 id guess its the idle speed control which is very common. try cleaning the passageway out where the actuator

FIAT BRAVA 182 Abit of help needed with an oil change

Right Im flushing the engine so Im going to need to change the oil but Ive never done this. What is the best way to do this so as not to get covered in oil Ive had a look and Im guessing the sump plug is the one which needs to be undone with an Allen key Also how much oil do I put back in Just one other thing When it was last serviced the bloke doing it told me that the HGT doesnt need an oil filter

Not trying to hijack or anything but I don&8217t see the point of starting a new thread for my question. P My 96 1.4 has oil forming up round the drain plug ive had a quick look and cant see where its coming from nothing bad just leaves a drip on the street every once in a while and annoys the hell out of me P Question is everyone seems to say bravo drain plugs are allen key type. My car has a hex-bolt

Originally Posted by v8 rick or some numpty has lost the sump plug and just stuck any old bolt in Cheers nick thats what I think has happened. can you confirm should the bolt be going straight into the sump at 90degres

FIAT BRAVA 182 1.4 head and cams on 1.2

Hi Ive heard that the cylinder head and camshafts from the punto mk2b 1.4 16v sporting wit fit onto the 1.2 16v engine block is this possible What work would be needed to fit and what performance gain are we looking at thanks for reading

Originally Posted by Courty89 Hi Ive heard that the cylinder head and camshafts from the punto mk2b 1.4 16v sporting wit fit onto the 1.2 16v engine block is this possible What work would be needed to fit and what performance gain are we looking at thanks for reading it will bolt to the block and exhaust manifold inlet i think is also the same as people use bravo bits to 1.4 convert seicentos performance

FIAT PUNTO 16v to 20v LK

Im looking at transplanting a 20v 2.0ltr turbo from a fiat coupe my m8 has done it in his bravo and engine bay is about the same size does any1 hav any specs or comments to aid the transformation from this mild manered runaround into a quarter mile beast. Cheers Mr 16V (soon to be 20V)

use the search button and find minifreaks topic and link to the puntosports forum where there was a lengthy topic about him fitting the 16vT coupe engine into a mk1. he did it but with some metal work and a very large shoehorn. AFAIK no one has done a 20vT to good effect. simply NOT wide enough (youll notice HGT bravos are wider than 4cyl models to cator for the 5pot engine). AND the head is freaking

FIAT PUNTO Are the horror stories true

Hi All I passed my driving test the other week and am currently car shopping. I went to a used car place at the wekend and sat in loads of different cars to see how it felt - I have short legs and find it hard to get comfy so that is my first criteria when looking at cars Anyway I got into a 1.2 Punto EXL (2000 v-reg) and fell in love. It felt so right I decided to go away and do some research and

From my experience of fiats (over the years Ive had an Uno a Tipo three Mk1 Puntos and a bravo HGT) the worst thing about them in relation to other manufacturers is shoddy electrics. I think this is something theyve improved on these days but on older cars its something to watch out for... I have a Punto Sporting the same age as the one the OP is looking at which Ive owned for just over two years.

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava leaked all oil (

my brava just lost all its oil and just when i was beginning to enjoy driving it getting it into a garage 2moz hopefully it wont be too expensive

by m20b25 Possibly the sump seal Ive sen these perish on some cars Youve just reminded me of mine thanks was going to see if i could get away with tightening the bolts. Ive got a gearbox leak on mine topped it up an just leaked even more lol. will get round to that at some point. also you wont notice any leaks on the ground if you have an undertray fitted. Just came back from scrappy an the bravo

FIAT BRAVA 182 RACING BRAVA 1.4 overheating problem

Hello everyone. Pretty new when it comes to fiats as i have generally avoided them in the past. Scared off by the unreliability stories Just prepping a Brava 1.4(stop laughing) for short circuit racing (one step up from banger racing). Here is the problem. I have searched this forum and the other one for answers but cant solve it. On start up (and it starts and runs perfectly) it will take 5 minutes

sump is just a few bolts not sure if you need to loosen the gearbox off a bit to get it off (usually dont but on some cars you do) but either way the gasket usually makes it very difficult to prise the sump off once the bolt sare removed often making people (me) think there must be more bolts.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Oil changeMission Impossible

Morning all Took my 1999 Brava 1.6 HSX round to a friends to perform a few simple maintenance jobs on it- air filter spark plugs oil change etc. After two trips to Halfords to get the right socketshex bolts we settled down to drain the oil - fat chance. even with the right tool size we couldnt even shift the sump nut and the sump itself was shifting with each attempt so we gave up and went to the pub

Its all about fulcrums - get your hex bolt and breaker bar on there then slip a bit of scaffolding pole or your jack handle over that for some extra length. The sump bolts should hold it in place and if they dont then Id suggest a) They needed replacing anyway b) Youve still managed to get the oil out albeit very messy Suggest soaking it in some PlusGas first though just to help loosen it up a smidge.

Had the same problem on my Punto once. Some %% mechanic had tightened the sump bolt so much that it wouldnt come undone in any way. Took it to a garage where the mechanic drilled it and hammered it off. It was then replaced with a common bolt that fitted the diameter. Luckily no damage was done on the sump casing.

Originally Posted by bluejohn125 Get some heat on it. make sure you heat the sump more than the bolt you need the sump to expand more than the bolt

FIAT BRAVA 182 Oil Leak

Hi - have got a 98 1.4 Brava - (ive had for about 2 months given to me after my last car bit the dust..) - which im loving but ive got an oil leak. The engine had a lot of oil on the rocker cover outside so assumed it was the rocker gasket and had that changed - but theres still a leak. I got a mate to clean the engine for me and it appears the leak is coming from underneath its dripping down onto

Hi welcome to the forum. Can you take a picture im confused as to where its coming from. From top to bottom the engine goes Rocker cover - Aluminiom has fiat 12V printed on Cylinder Head - Aluminium has exhaust pipe bolted on Engine Block sump

FIAT BRAVA 182 oil pick up tube torque settings

does anyone have the torque settings for the 2 bolts that go into the oil pick up tube inside the sump or is there one its for a fiat brava 1.2 year 2001

FIAT BRAVA 182 gear lever suddenly feels stringy

Hi 1st problem after changing wheels and changing the rusty oil sump (of motor oil) my gear lever has a stringy feeling. I mean if no gear is engaged and you touch it a bit normally it wouldnt stay where you push it (as long as no gear is engaged) but it will come back in the middle. Unfortunately this is no longer so. It will now just stay where you push it that is if the motor is cold. Its also quite

i think one or more of the 3 gearbox linkages has been bent during sump removal. the alloy metal of the main gearbox linkage (the one with the weight on) is easy to bend and can then catch on one of the others (ive done it on mine before without applying much force at all). id remove the battery and battery tray then get someone to select each gear while you carefully look at the moving gearbox linkages.

FIAT BRAVA 182 hi im new with a problem

Hi i have got a fiat bravo 1.2 16v on a Y plate i got the car 3 months ago with no problems now all off a sudden when i pull off on lock in 1st gear the whole car judders like mad Please help so i can get this sorted

yep its usually the sump gasket that leaks oil into the gearbox bell housing. its not a diffcult job to replace the gasket but it can be a pain if you have to do it with the car jacked up. getting the sump to come off once the bolts are removed can be difficult. it sticks on like its glued in place.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Changing Head Gasket 1.2

Hi How easy is it to change the head gasket on a 1.2 bravo is there anything I should look out for or any special tools needed. Or can anyone give me a breif run down on how to. Thanks kevin

Head gasket is relatively simple just a few things to watch out for The head bolts take an M9 ribe head. Use new bolts when assembling The lifters will fall out of the extention a carefully cut heatsheild or cardboard will keep them in place (copy the haynes manual for the exact dimentions) Change the water pump when the engines at this stage Timing can be a curse so before you put the extention back

FIAT BRAVA 182 oil change .

hi im looking for the sump pan i think i have found it but not sure is it on the drivers side of the car at the rear of the engine the is a hex key bolt but it looks like is is a 6mm or 8mm i thought it was suppose to be 12mm anyone got a photo they car put on hear of the underside of the car for help please thank you

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