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fiat bravo starting problems BRAVA 182
fiat bravo starting problems BRAVA 182

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FIAT BRAVO T-jet P1172 P0300 P0304 Starting problems in the cold

So I have this T-jet bravo and recently for the last couple of weeks I had problems with starting the engine in the morning. At first I thought that the problem is LPG. It did arise after a while the car was converted from gasoline to LPG. Anyway when the engine was &8220hot&8221 I had no problems starting it but the next morning the car did not want to start at first turn of the key. The battery is

First as far as the starting is concerned there seems to be a general starting issue with the t-jets at certain temperatures -5..5 degrees Celsius. This is the second winter since i bought my bravo and it always behaves the same at those temperatures. Most of the time it starts well but wants to die for a few seconds. After that its great. Second Did you try to run it on petrol did it do the same thing

so to keep you guys posted today I went to the fiat mechanic that I usually go to and I had a conversation with him regarding my morning startup of the car. He said that they never update the firmware of the car unless the customer demands so. But he noted that they get weekly updates from the factory regarding news or problems in certain cars. So he sad that he can hook up my car to computer which

I took a look at the flashing report and here are some numbers injection ECU Bosch Motronic Me7.9.10 fw update version 9.18.0 fw update is solving following problems - problems by starting cold engine BTW It seems fiat has lot of troubles with firmware in more ECUs in this car. Also the odometer starts flashing every once in the while. The climate control unit had strange behavior from time to timer.

So the update on my car is Yesterday I had a few problems regarding shaking of the engine and not pulling as it should.Even at idle the car was shaking. After coming home I left the car and said I will see what the problem is. After an hour I sat into my car and started it. After running it for ten minutes I we got a check engine message. I took it to the fiat mechanic and they diagnosed P1172P0300P0304.

FIAT BRAVO Bravo starting problems 1.4 t-jet

Hello just wondering if anybody has had a similar experience or can can shed some light on a poor starting problem we have been having with my parents 2007 bravo 1.4 t-jet 120. It basically started about a month ago. It wouldnt start one morning ( turned over fine just didnt appear to be firing ). called a local auto electrician out who couldnt fault it with his reader. Eventually deciding a coil

flat old is it

Thanks for the reply but as said it turns over fine so not a battery problem its more of a miss fire until eventually jumping into life after a few attempts. thanks anyway

I have heard this problem and some similar cod start problems. I have even started a thread about it some time ago see what others have posted httpwww.fiatforum.combravo31124...5-seconds.html Some others have complained about difficult starting on cold-ish mornings (0-5 degrees). On my T-jet it usually starts ok but after starting for 10 seconds the engine might want to die.. or after getting moving it will loose power.

Thanks for your reply I have checked out your thread . But this problem seems to be different once it starts there is no problem with the idle .

FIAT BRAVA 182 starting problems with bravo 1.6

i have been having some problems with my bravo lately when starting it the car wont start first time when leave off for a long while u turn the key and nothing happens just a click under the bonnet the engine doesnt turn over either but if u continue to turn the key in the ignition it will start up ok and after driving it for a while its fine. At first i thought that this was the symptoms of a dead

where about is this distributor thing located and is the starter at the top right of the engine on the bravo or is it located at the bottom

The bravo 1.6 doesnt have a distributor does it If the battery is new and the alternator is fine then check for a good electrical earth contact at the battery and engine. Its pretty cold so it puts the biggest strain on batteryalternator and starter motor at ths time of year so poor electrical connections anywhere there wilol show up. Once the car warms up then the dampness disappears so end of problem

thats what i was thinking with the motor that if its dead its just dead but i notice a pattern today when it refuse to start and if i put back the ignition to off and if i turn the key in the ignition fast it start first time always so it seems like there maybe power lost somewhere. and also twice i saw the key code stayed on and didnt go out on start. I want to rule out all other before i change the

ok i took it to the garage turn it off and tried to start it and it was having problems at the garage starting so the guys at the garage checked it and said its definately the starter motor. so i will get it change on thursday and tell u guys how it goes.

This thread is for the current bravo you could ask a mod if they can move it

Originally Posted by Marcos999 This thread is for the current bravo you could ask a mod if they can move it httpwww.fiatforum.combravo31579...a-threads.html Marcos999 liked this post

Injectorlight ecu knows something is up. Get the codes and it should tell what is wrong. Is it flashing when you crank If not then it is nothing too serious (mainly the camsaft sensor). Cranksaft sensor is on top of the starter between engine and firewall fixed with single bolt. Is it a 147 or 155 engine

Im assuming its this 155. If it wasnt so far away from me I would have been interested in buying definatly would have viewed it. It sounds like the crankshaft sensor. I think Neverth said everything. Some people report that when the crank sensor fails the car will start from cold ok but it will not start from warm. Looks like it could be a good buy. Cant go wrong at that winning bid its scrap dealer money.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo Starting Problems [

Hey guys sorry im a newbie I have a 1.6 16v bravo i recently purchased it has been going fine and last month past its MOT no problems.... NOW it usually takes about 5-10 tried to get the engine running the first time there are no lights everything is normal it just keeps turning over...just the engine wont start after it fails the first time the injector light comes on - and i have to keep turning

I reccomend to read fault with fiat tester. You can also measure resistance of ignition coil.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Problems starting my bravo

Hi Im having problems with my bravo its a 51plate. Its struggling to start in the mornings and sometimes wont even start untill I jump start it. Once its started it runs fine. Ive had the battery and alternator checked which was all fine. Have no idea what else it could be. Does anyone have any idea what it could be. Many thanks

Found an old thread that may be of help to you. httpwww.fiatforum.combravo-brava...g-problem.html

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo hgt starting problems

hi im looking for help on my fiat bravo 2litre 20v hgt t reg and have been pointed towards this forum for help as im new to fiats the car has been stood for about 8 months but started on a regular basis till about a month ago it was started up and either the aux belt or aircon pump was loose and started burning out - only the belt was damaged since then the aux belt and aircon belt have been replaced

Its been some time since i looked at a fiat but if memory serves there isnt alot to the basic starting system to get the starter to spin. What was removed when you changed the belts did you check the cambelt hadnt slipped (although this wont prevent the starter spinning) please detail any electrical items you may have disconnected like the altenator there is i believe an earth loop from the starter to the alternator if this hasnt been reconnected you woudld have issues...

FIAT BRAVO Problems Starting & Using Oil

Noticed that the bravo has been more reluctant too start in the last few months put it down to the cold weather and not remembering to double glow. This morning however i didnt glow as the temperature was pretty fair and it took a good ten seconds before it started accompanied by a bluewhite cloud of smoke. Also the car has used a bit of oil for the first time ever. Car is around six thousand miles

Originally Posted by Andysan Noticed that the bravo has been more reluctant too start in the last few months put it down to the cold weather and not remembering to double glow. This morning however i didnt glow as the temperature was pretty fair and it took a good ten seconds before it started accompanied by a bluewhite cloud of smoke. Also the car has used a bit of oil for the first time ever. Car

Hey man thanks for the comment. Double glow - as in turning to ignition stage 1 to power the glow plugs (twice) before starting the engine. And yep I do usually depress the clutch when starting.

No worries mate. There was a thread a while back about starting issues one comment was about the glow plug relay wiring been faulty causing the starting issues but the person who made the comment never replied to questions.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo HGT Starting problems.....

.........hi all. Have a problem with my father-in-laws bravo HGT whereby it runs perfect after being bump started but will not start when the car is switched off. There are no issues when the car is running (i.e lights all work no warning lights on dash battery does not seem flat etc). Does this seem like the starter is shot When I turn the key the dash lights come on but no clicks knocks completely dead. Many Thanks

is battery ok if so sound like the solenoids not workin on the starter motor

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