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fiat bravo split seats BRAVA 182
fiat bravo split seats BRAVA 182

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FIAT BRAVO Steering wheel split

Hi I am hoping to take my bravo into the dealer tomorrow and be told that this will be repaired under warranty. I wouldnt put money on that though Just got in the car to discover this.... how could this happen Material fault for sure. I dont go around banging on the horn Car is less than 3 years old in warranty until March 2013 and has 16k on the clock. I can just see them telling me now that this

. if its an older fiesta an the only warning is a light you can be cheeky and wire the airbag light to another dash light like ABS or engine management light so it comes on and goes off or wire a relay into the light. in the case of the bravo (really speaking for mine here as its the sport with a different dash to most) i have a warning light alarm sound and i lose the digital display too. with fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Mr Fiats Bravo

Its been a while so thought Id post up a couple of newer pics... And the icing on the cake... Beating a 2.0 Litre chavvd up Cav at Ultimate Street Car

Cheers for the comments blu73 I did indeed run against a Scooby and a Skyline they ate me for breakfast. The Scooby was running NOS plus some other goodies such as a bigger turbo etc...and boi did it shift the Skyline was no slouch either. As for the Cav it was a 2.0 Litre 8V my bravo saw it off no problem. Plenty of people have done the Coupe conversion but not sure if its ever been done on a 1.6 in this country from what Ive read on various sites it seems to be done on the 1.8 or 2 Litre It will of been done on a 1.6 after Xmas though as Im dropping a Coupe lump in. As for engineperformance mods currently all Ive had done is full cat-back system re-map cold feed induction and upgraded spark plugs and leads. Its not quick quick but its nippy compared to similiar engined cars. dazz666 Full spec is as follows... EnginePerformance Mods - Full ECU Remap - Cold Feed Induction - Performance Spark Plugs - Full Stainless Steel Cat-Back System sporting a twin tailpipe design Exterior Styling - Rieger Infinity Front splitter - Rieger Infinity Side Skirts - Rieger Rear Roof Spoiler - Abarth Rear splitters - Window Tints (Dark Smoke) - Fully De-badged including custom front grille - 17 Wolfrace Street Octanes - Lowered 20-25mm Interior Styling - 2X Rage Racing Bucket seats in black and red ICE - In Car PC linked to a 7 Lilliput Touch Screen (Now replaced with all in on DVD HU) - FLI components upfront and in the rear (Cant remember speakers specs off the top of my head). Future Mods - Custom Re-trim (Rear seats Door Cards and Roof Lining) - Engine Transplant 2.0 Litre 20V Turbo out of fiat Coupe Think that bout covers it

FIAT BRAVO 150 MJet Dynamic vs Sport

As a long-term fiat fan I&8217m thinking of buying a used bravo on our next extended visit to the UK and may bring it back to New Zealand when I return. I&8217m interested in the 150 Multijet and have been wondering about the differences between the Sport and the Dynamic. As far as I&8217ve been able to ascertain the main differences seem to be that the Dynamic has smaller wheels with higher profile

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo 80 16v

Hi there I was just wondering what peoples experiences of a bravo 80 16v were I am lookin to sell my Cinq and buy a bravo 80 but just wanted to get some feedback on the car as I dont know anyone with one. Cheers

well erm the cars come with body coloured bbumpers height adjustable drivers seat rev counter air recirculation elecy front windows and eleccy sun roof body coloured door mirrors height adjustable steering wheel high level brake light remote hatch release fire prevention system rear wash wipe split fold rear seats fiat code immobiliser (they all have red keys) power steering (very light some like it

FIAT STILO Stilo Seats

Hi All Im a newbie here. And I have a 1.2 Stylo Active as a company car. Sadly it is no way as comfortable and my VW Bora Sport TDI and I would like to rectify this. Does anyone know what seats will retrofit into the Stylo without modification Any Alfa seats The reason I ask is fiat obviously didnt consider making the driver comfortable and have given no lower back support. I have looked at other Stylos

they almost fit someone did try this earlier in the year but appartly the seat runners were just out but easily modified but the rear splitfold bit is the other way around so the bolt holes may not line up but someones done it before so if you do it youll have some right tidy looking seats ...... i also heard that the front seats from the new version bravo go straight in to the steelie stylo too

FIAT BRAVA 182 New Exhaust on Bravo

Kinda got bored of my old exhaust so made the trip to sheffield to Exhaustuk and got them to make me a sports cat and a new back box since i last put any pics up ive put on an Apex 35mm lowering kit which raised it 5mm from the gmax springs it was on has stopped it catching all the way round now tho which is cool also got the bravissimo stickers made up which are the logo for (not

FIAT BRAVO Rear windscreen washer disconnected

Hi My rear window washer jet stopped working because the tube has disconnected under the bonnet. Is there a simple fixguide for this I tried to push it back in but the rubber bit on the male end doesnt fit into the female.... Rustam. Attached Thumbnails       __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance

I wouldnt cable tie it or anything. They pop off for a reason. If it cant pop off they can split the pipe somewhere else which happened to mine. (Because of previous owner) Thankfully it split under the rear seats and drained down out the bottom of the car and was an easy fix. If it splits around the rear window or somewhere awkward to get to then could cause a lot of pain and nuisance.

FIAT BRAVA 182 STU412Ts 1.8 HLX Bravo

Right picked her up on Monday 13th July so I thought I would make a thread about her. Well here she is Needs a bit of bodywork doing mainly the front wing and the mirror but they can wait until after my holiday. Now for the bad bits... Busted Wing Busted Mirror I think a trip to the scrappy is in order

Well she failed her MOT today. Front brake flexi hoses have a minute split exhaust is leaking and the drivers seats subframe has snapped. Probably explains why I am leaning to the left when I drive.....

FIAT BRAVO I I went to the dealers again today.....

and bought me an 08 bravo 1.4 t-jet sport 150 in maranello red with those grey 17 alloys on full bravo mats and the add on sports pedals with 3.5k on the clock. I pick it up on Tuesday. Yum

the only things missing from this car is sunroof leather and the split ac (climate control) the dealer had a leather interior one in but i dont like leather seats. and the steering wheel is on the correct side

FIAT MAREA 185 my Marea 20v no frills

I started this on the 30th January 2010 I love Marea Weekend 20vs this is my 3rd one and the cheapest so far. It all started in december when the hunt was on for a cheap Marea to mod I had some criteria though... it had to be a 147 it had to be cheap and had to have mot and it had to be modded on a very limited budget. Impossible I here you say well I started buying my parts in december on Ebay and

FIAT BRAVA 182 VERY wet driver footwell

Hi folks picked up a bravo today (in extremely heavy rain) and by the time I got it home the drivers footwell was absolutely sopping with water to the extent that my jeans were mopping it up Any ideas on where this is coming from There was dripping from above (interior light area) when cornering hard too. Please keep in mind Im a girl so as much as any advice is appreciated please be as clear and non-technical as possible Thanks in advance really cant afford the garage right now

I bet your bravo has a sunroof. The fiat bravo suffers from a design in sunroof the frame starts to split due to poor construction material and age and this causes water to drip onto the roof lining. It then collects up there and will swash around as you drive. You may notice mould patches in the top corners of the roof lining wet carpets seats and runs of water running down the windscreen under heavy

Originally Posted by JoskeJTD I bet your bravo has a sunroof. The fiat bravo suffers from a design in sunroof the frame starts to split due to poor construction material and age and this causes water to drip onto the roof lining. It then collects up there and will swash around as you drive. You may notice mould patches in the top corners of the roof lining wet carpets seats and runs of water running

FIAT BRAVA 182 Coolant leak - What is this

Hi Guys New member here. Im Dan from Kent Hello Ive been looking at the forum for a little while since we bought a 98 TD100 bravo - love the guides (door handles spray jets even posts on Alfa 147156 and Coupe leather seats) Would really appreciate some help with this briefly from someone knowledgable My girlfriend sent me this photo earlier. Can anyone identify it Coolant ran out of this pipe - Im

FIAT 500 II BABY ISSUE - Please Help

Hi. New to the forum and just a quick question .. my Wife has just found out that shes pregnant and shes also needs a new car quickly .. as shes loads of months to go were ignoring the must have 4 doors advice and want something fun and something different from the obvious Mini Coop. ..... we know its going to be tight but before we go for the Abarth can any Mums out there let me know if they can live

My abarth has split folding rear seats you can turn off the passenger air bag. a pram will not fit unless you fold one of the rear seats down. I came from a fiat bravo Multijet 5 doors huge deep boot and very comfortable and economical reliable with plenty of power cheap to run and now going pretty cheap to. A very under estimated car. And congratulations on the news and welcome to the forum And im not a mum or dad yet.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava Turbo for sale

1997 Brava with 2ltr 8v turbo integrale engine in loads of uprated bits all brakes suspension etc full bodykit - featured on as the demo car for their kit so also seen on hundreds of other sites who sell carzone bits. 17 mille miglia action alloys one off front bumper now from blending original and carzone splitter. dash painted door cards retrimmed etc standard seats at moment.

FIAT STILO A bit modded Stilo from Poland )

Hi i want to present you my car I bought it 2years ago and i think it will stay with me a little more time. Now it has 162 000 km on the clock (10 000 after mods). The description is translated from Polish so sorry for possible mistakes as I dont know the english names for some car parts Ok so lets go fiat Stilo 1.9 JTD (192_XE1A) year 2002 Stock power 115ps255nm 40002000rpm After some mods 172ps340nm

FIAT BRAVA 182 MOT this friday

my car has got its mot this friday morning at 10.30 is there anything i should do to prepare it or anything

do your own MOT its better to spend an hour checking you car instead of going to the MOT station and then failing for a bulb. go though this list and do as much as you can Lighting Equipment All lights are tested for OPERATION CONDITION & SECURITY. SIDELIGHTS and HEADLIGHTS - Are of the correct type. - Are correctly aimed (headlights). - Operate dip & full beam (headlights). STOP LIGHTS INDICATORS

FIAT BRAVA 182 Rear Winshield Demist problem

Hey guys someone please help my rear winshield demist seems to be not working.... How can I know where the problem is.... Everuthing else is working fine.... How can I track down the problem It was working fine couple of weeks ago.... What couldve happened Thanxall.

essay immenent prepare for head buster... the multimeter will have a dial usually split into 3 parts one for voltage (in volts either dc or ac) one for current (in amps) and one for resistance (in ohms). you can choose different settings depending on what you are measuring for 12v dc you should select DC voltage and 100 that means the voltage display will measure up to 100v and on a 3 digit screen

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