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FIAT BRAVO Blue & Me ECU Location

Does anyone know the location of Blue & Me ecu on the bravo. I want to locate it to see what the plug for the mic on the ecu is. Ive replaced the head unit with a better Pioneer unit and am wondering if its viable to use the existing mic for hands free rather than the one that is retro fitted with the pioneer unit.


Well really impressed with my 2010 bravoecu broke at 32000 milesdealer replaced unit under 3rd year warrant and in less then a week the ecu as burnt out again.....

View ECU unit for FIAT BRAVO

FIAT BRAVO Battery killed airbag control unit

Went to a garage for some simple cosmetic repairs and went home with a dead airbag computer What happened is my battery malfunctioned (not depleted just some cell went faulty). The guys at the garage thought it just died and tried to wake the car with cables. The result is they seem to fried my airbag control unit which costs about 600 EUR from the official dealership. Unfortunately its not just an

Originally Posted by lyubohar Went to a garage for some simple cosmetic repairs and went home with a dead airbag computer What happened is my battery malfunctioned (not depleted just some cell went faulty). The guys at the garage thought it just died and tried to wake the car with cables . The result is they seem to fried my airbag control unit which costs about 600 EUR from the official dealership.

My airbag ecu died on my a month ago a few days after my car had had its cambelt replaced by the garage. It cost me 1200 AUS to repair including parts and labour They had no idea what caused it and ive had no issues with the battery that I know of (wifes car).... At least im not the only one its happend too and in reality its the first thing that has gone wrong with the Car in 4 yrs of ownership lyubohar thanked for this post

garages have high power boost starters the can easily fry an ecu their fault to fix

Problem fixed by taking the car to an ecu garage. Airbag ecu disassembled and reprogrammed - turned out it was not fried just the information got messy. All fixed now total cost about 60 EUR. The garage that caused it refused to cover the costs though.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Where is the airbag Ecu diagnostic socket Bravo -97

Anyone knows... need to find it desperately I removed the passenger side glove box all the panels around it but no trace of of the diagnostic socket. I need to have the airbag ecu resetted the warning light is been on since the stalks were changed. The garage can do the reset but they or me cant find the diagnostic socket anywhere Anyone help here Its 1997 R-reg apparently its different than 98 or newer ones.

HI all. I have a problem I took off all panels found the ecu unit... theres only ONE yellow cable coming out going straight to the steering wheel. How do you reset this Theres no socket to do it DId they mess with something at the factory or theres another way to reset it ANyone knows THanks... I need this despereately

FIAT BRAVO EGR cleaned loss of power ECU DIY diagnosis.

Hi all I a few days ago myself and a friend took apart and cleaned the EGR valve in my 1.9 multijet 150 sport. Quick history In November for about 2 weeks I had complete loss of power when car had just started below 2300 rpm car would the burst into life fine one turbo kicked in and wouldnt happen until next start once engine went cold over night or at work etc. Problem magically dissapeared and never

See attached picture of my cleanpractically unused EGR valve. Hope it helps. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Yorkshire IT AL IA   Quote   31-12-2012   4 sismithin Get Your Own Title   Join Date Mar 2012 Location united Kingdom Posts 81 Thanks 4 Trader Rating 0   Re EGR cleaned loss of power ecu DIY diagnosis. Originally Posted by Freebo See attached picture of my cleanpractically

FIAT BRAVO head unit upgrade

anybody upgraded the blue and me equipped headunit reception on my standard headunit is a bit poor so looking to go for a DAB unitbut want all steering wheel controls to work and not have any canbus issues

Ive removed my origional head unit and the B&M ecu (leaving me a nice discreet place to stow my iPod Classic). Ive a top end Pioneer headunit fitted all steering wheel controls work with the exception of the Microsoft and Phone buttons which is understandable Not looked back since doing it.

Originally Posted by Most Easterly Pandas Ive removed my origional head unit and the B&M ecu (leaving me a nice discreet place to stow my iPod Classic). Ive a top end Pioneer headunit fitted all steering wheel controls work with the exception of the Microsoft and Phone buttons which is understandable Not looked back since doing it. Any chance of a pic

FIAT BRAVO Imobiliser control unit

Guys Just a quick question does anyone know where the Imobiliser control unit is located on a 2007 bravo sport Is it a seperate control unit or is it part of the dash panel insert body control module etc Many thanks in advance

Its part of the ecu. Signal pickup in around the ignition barrel. Whyd you ask out of interest

Thanks Most easterly Basically there is an airbag light on which is the instrument cluster causing the issue. As the instrument cluster was removed for testing I now have the imob light coming on and was hoping it was in the instrument cluster rather than the engine ecu

I think that the battery is fine but i am going to check it sorry just everything is going wrong at the moent lol and its just my luck at the moment that it will be the ecu Im going to see when it hapens again as when it does the engine just cranks over if it does I will use the other key to see if it faults with that also. Im going to try and find the obd 2 connector which I think is under the glove box Ill check to see if there any fault codes. Cheers

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo 2.0 20V

Hi all A friend of mine has a problem with his bravo 2.0 20V year 1999. Sometimes the car runs normal but when it doesnt it revs around 2000 RPM at idle runs very rich and lights up the injector symbol on the dashboard. It also doesnt accept throttle at all until half pressed when it starts behaving badly. Any ideas Cheers N.

Thanks for the reply. Heres what fiatecuScan says ecu ISO Code 7C 86 01 97 EF 01-Jun-12 61627 PM CONNECTED TO fiat bravoBRAVA 99 155 20V Bosch Motronic ME 3.1 (2.0 20V) -------------------------------------------------------------- ecu ISO code 7C 86 01 97 EF fiat drawing number 46551744 Hardware number 0261206068 Hardware version 00 Software number 1277356275 Software version 0000 Homologation number

FIAT BRAVO Bravo 1.6 MultiJet and Dualogic Launched

Announced by fiat UK on 8th February fiat&8217s new 1.6 MultiJet 16v diesel engine has just been introduced to the bravo range. The new unit announced just last week promises sparkling performance outstanding torque increased noise suppression and lower running costs for the bravo range. The addition also makes bravo the first car in its category to be fitted with a Euro 5-compliant engine well ahead

FIAT BRAVA 182 problems with finding ECU

Hy I am a owner of a fiat bravo 1.9 TD 75Ps from 1997 a few days ago I lost my only key from the car and now I am looking for solutions to fix this problem. I understand that if I replace the ecu key barrel the keys(also the red key) and imobilizer taken from another car it would be ok(should i need the chip from diesel pump also ). The problem is that I cant find my ecu . In my technical book it

Maybe you should check the immobiliser unit before doing anythin with ecu . ecus cost around 100 to get a refurbished one but i think you have to exchange your olds one. though the website i was just lookin at has them priced 200 pound. Here i found this thread about ecu an checking voltages. Dont no how relevent this is to you but cant harm to check it out. httpwww.fiatforum.combravo-brava...u-failure.html

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo 1999- idle hunting idle suck 3000rpm

my car fiat bravo 1.2 16v 1999 is revving itself when idling - when cold it oscilates btwn 1500rpm & 2000rpm then soon after it shoots to 3000rpm and never falls back. there is no engine light. changed the throttle body twice still no effect - traced for any leaks from servo to breathers and all is fine. when i check all spark plugs they are dry sooty black also the lamda sensor is also sooty. the

Originally Posted by jug if its also misfiring under load do a compression test to see if the head gasket has blown especially between 2 cylinders (youd see very low compression on 2 side by side cylinders). its common on the 1.2. if its only an idle problem try using washers to space the throttle position sensor from the throttlebody. that often cures the 1.2s idle problem. Thanks for your attention

FIAT BRAVA 182 HELP Airbag Light On Bravo 1998 1600 16v

Im new on here and hope Ive posted in the correct place. If not please advise correct method of posting. I have a fiat bravo 1998 1600 16V The Airbag light is on after removing the fuse whilst battery was connected (I assume thats the reason for the light) Ive bought KKL and the 3 pin to KKL leads and downloaded Multiecuscan. I have a non BREED airbag controller (ecu) and notice Multiecuscan lists

Hi there all right I found the airbag control unit took some pictures of it too. However I have some trouble finding a identical replacement part on the scrap yards. 46413633 would be the number needed. On later models as about 1996 the numbers have changed. So I suppose a part with a slightly different number from another bravo (like 1998) would not fit. Any suggestions Thanks Zardo Attached Thumbnails

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 ECUs for turbo fueling help me please (used search)

im about to turbo charge a 1242 16V engine. fairly low blow. im using a garrett t15 with a 1.2 or 1.3mm decompression plate. i want to have around 7-8 psi max. so not high boost. i will also be fitting an intercooler and oil cooler. my question is .... how do i increase fueling when the turbo is on boost do i have to run the car on a completly new ecu . (megasquirtemerald etc...) or can i just have

The 1368cc na run a CR of 111 The 1368 turbo units run a CR of 9.81 The 1242 16v sits roughly in between with a CR of 10.61 It may be possible with proper setting up to run without decomp plate like Aaron suggested. Another alternative is to get your block bored out to 72mm if feasible and uses the fiat bravo T-Jet pistons Think they are about &163200 iirc you can use eper to check. Not sure how much

according to this pic its definately with the relays and fuses. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ 2.0 twinspark veloce   Quote   11-07-2007   8 D4nny8oy Get Your Own Title   Join Date Apr 2007 Location Yep still here. Posts 2854 Thanks 327 Trader Rating 0   Re Help My fiats Stalled ImmobiliserecuKey prob.... Jug- that pic is for the engine ecu . The keycode ecu is mounted

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo 1.2 Fan receiving constant feed

bravo 51 radiator fan on all the time. Disconnected earth to stop this. Previously fan not kicking in at all and replaced the sensor unit thermostat and water pump. Then connected directly to the battery and it worked. But now on all the time. Is this a prob with the ecu only (fan cut-off function). Previously had a front impact and may have shorted switch function on ecu - is that feasable Am located Bedworth (CV12) Any one recommend a garage if all else fails.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo Keys

hi i have a bravo 1.4 sx and it wont start its soundin like it wants to but then doesnt i took it to garage and they hooked it up to there compo and it said the keys werent compatible so tryed my spare and still nothing i only have the 2 blue keys and no red key can anyone help me please thanx

thanks for that dude it really helped couldnt seem to get that info from anyone else the cars at a garage at the mo but im sure the orange key light was on ive enquired about sending the ecu off so mite go for that option the garage are tellin me that when hooked up to the compo its sayin no connection to the keys and fiat want 60 quid for diagnositcs and 1200 for new ecu unit ignition barrel and locks so they gan go fck themselves lol thanks again dude

FIAT BRAVA 182 Long Range Project Cant afford an Impreza so Ill mod my Bravo

Morning all. Ive been umming and ahhing over the last few months about modding my 80 SX bravo but decided to leave it planning to sell the car after my birthday to get myself an Impreza (please dont hate me). However while the cost of buying an Impreza isnt that bad every single insurance company decided that they want to tear me a new bumhole on a policy so Im going to mod my bravo (which is called

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.4S Injection Unit

I have recently been experiencing hot starting problems with my car and then the other day it packed up on me at an intersection Called out the AA and after a fairly extensive diagnosis by the patrolman he concluded that it was most probably the SPI unit that was faulty. I think that this probably confirms my own suspicions as I had a Citroen ZX with the same Bosch SPI and it did a very similar thing.

Thanks I am in the process of locating a secondhand unit. A question for those a lot more knowledgable than me in these matters. If the ecu warning light does not come on (i.e. to indicate a fault) is it still possible for fiat or some on else with the necessary diagnostic kit to determine whether there are any faults in the system (i.e. does it log faults or errors that dont cause the ecu light to illuminate) Thanks

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo 1.8 HLX ABS pump removal

Hi all Diagnostics on my bravo have turned up the ABS pump as being suspect - I have checked around on the net and it seems the HLX bravo uses the Teves MK20 system which is notorious for having bad solder joints on the electrical side (theres even a company specialises in refurbing these units as they are primarily used on Volvos) - does anyone know how to remove this unit preferably keeping the pipes

Well despite first thoughts it would appear the answer is yes - you can remove the module without removing the pipes You need to remove the battery battery tray air inlet pipework and fusebox in the corner - then you need to remove the two bolts holding the ABS unit onto the bracket and there is just enough play in the rigid pipes to move it clear of the bracket and lean it slightly forward so you can get to the 4 bolts on the rear of the ecu . These are Torx E-5 bolts but can be easily removed with a 4mm socket - you will need a small 14 drive ratchet to squeeze in though as space is at a bit of a premium. Once removed you need to hacksaw the edges of the unit to gain access to the circuit board within then you need to re-solder a few connections. Basically the Volvo guide at this link tells you how to effect a repair once you have the module off as they use the same Teves MK20 system The result Soldered it up put it back together last night and left the silicone to cure fitted this morning and I no longer have a permanent ABS light - lovely Hellraiser.............. Adrian bravo thanked for this post

FIAT BRAVA 182 Ecu-inmobilizer Decode

Hello I write from chile this post is for you... can help me to decode the password for a ecu unit of my fiat brava the red key is destroy and dont have any key now start the car with the emergency starter process but is too slow. i am electronics engenier and work about how decode the pasword code in the ecu . if you can work in this thread please mail me.

FIAT BRAVO T-jet P1172 P0300 P0304 Starting problems in the cold

So I have this T-jet bravo and recently for the last couple of weeks I had problems with starting the engine in the morning. At first I thought that the problem is LPG. It did arise after a while the car was converted from gasoline to LPG. Anyway when the engine was &8220hot&8221 I had no problems starting it but the next morning the car did not want to start at first turn of the key. The battery is

I took a look at the flashing report and here are some numbers injection ecu Bosch Motronic Me7.9.10 fw update version 9.18.0 fw update is solving following problems - problems by starting cold engine BTW It seems fiat has lot of troubles with firmware in more ecus in this car. Also the odometer starts flashing every once in the while. The climate control unit had strange behavior from time to timer.

FIAT BRAVA 182 ECU Fault Code Reader

Has anyone come across a DIY fault code reader that can be used for a Brava 1.4 engine. There appear to be various Gunson units available at Halfords etc that do other cars with the Bosch Mono Motronic ecus however no fiats are listed. Is this something that can only be done by a fiat dealer or a tuning specialist

FIAT BRAVO Adding power

I used to own a mini cooper and was told by a mechanic that the enginecomputer could be re programmed (i dont really understand the mechanics of cars but it was something to do with changing the computer settings or wotever) to make it a mini cooper S engine performance style. I now have a 1.4 dynamic 2007 fiat bravo with 90BHP and was wondering whether the same sort of thing could be done to the bravo

Looked at this with a different fiat..130hp Barchetta and no real deal. The only option was an Italian N-Power race ecu at &8364550 fitting which gave 30Hp extra at the wheels. Downside is the unit isnt road legal...race technology. The insurance co went gaga when I asked for a quote..refused. Also the race units are very raw..designed to run the engine at full power with no frills and no consideration

FIAT BRAVA 182 Need Some Electrical Advice Please (Bravo 1.8GT)

Hi There all you guys Im a new member just fresh as milk but I have been following your forum for quite some months now. Im from Malta and have a 1.8 GT bravo 96. Had it since new and i love the damn machine Will bullet point the history of the progress of my findings after I explain my problem. Car runs perfectly when cold (automatic Choke). Car goes from 500 to 1500 RPM when idling for some time

Tested rpm sensor. it has in fact a resistance of 592 ohms. The coolant temp sensor is reading very accurately from 20 to 100 degrees from 2000 ohms down to 300 ohms when boiling water. These are perfect figures found on other sites. There is a ignition controlloer unit on the Right hand side of the cyl head are they prone to faults Are ecus prone to be faulty Thanks

the ignition controller unit you mention i think is the ignition power module. it prevents too much current going to the ignition coils. ive never heard of this part been faulty before. (careful you dont thread the bolts on this they should not be very tight ) the ecu is rarely faulty but it does happen. a diagnostic check at your local fiat dealer would be the best thing to try next. the fiat examiner smart machine can help a lot in situations like this.

FIAT BRAVA 182 20vt in A bravo hgt

Bought a smaahed coupe wanna put the turbo lump in ma bravo. any one done it got a complete coupe. so all the bits any pics or tip would be appreciated

Yeah got the complete car all it needs is an oil cooler for the engine to run the car was a stolen recovered and needs a light unit bonnet and wing to make it good. I am planning on taking the engine box shafts hubs and brakes and any other ancilleries i require. the ecu s are controled bythe immobiliser ecu which is a different unit. Thanks for the info Chris

Originally Posted by jellyhashman Sorry but a tuning box is nothing like a re-map. All the box does is trick the ecu into adding more fuel more boost by making the ecu think its colder than it really is etc. A re-map is where you change injection time smoke limiters fuel maps boost limiters and so on its nothing like the tuning box. Youre talking about the old method of plugging a resistor and some

Originally Posted by Tad-bravo Youre talking about the old method of plugging a resistor and some scammers selling it inside a bigger box to make it looks like a complicated device we are talking about modern tunning boxes such as TMC. From TMC website most of our units use multi channel technology this allows us to control not only fuelling but also turbo pressure No mate Im talking about any tuning

FIAT MULTIPLA Alarm Control unit programming procedure

i have been browsing the the workshop manual in attempt to detect alarm failure. interesting to note the cd gives procedure on how to reprogram the country code of the alarm and it also mentioning the simplified procedure on how to pass over data to new alarm ecu without the use of examinar or other diagnostic sotware. however i am not able to find out what are the steps to reprogram the new alarm

FIAT BRAVO Blanking EGR Valve

I recently cleaned the EGR valve on my 1.9 Multijet 150 after I noticed it left a puff of smoke when accelerating from standstill. There was no improvement in performance - it was going well beforehand anyway - and it still gives the occasional puff of smoke when accelerating away. I was thinking of blanking the EGR valve but dont want the hassle of an engine warning light so Im looking at using the

To add a little extra clarification about EGR and DPF modifications. Currently under UK VOSA MOT test criteria you can messchangedeleteremove EGR and DPF systems. With most post 2005 fiat diesel engines (especially the 16V units) then messing with EGR or DPF systems will eventually throw a MILError light on the dash. The only way to avoid the MILError is to have the engine ecu remapped to remove those

FIAT 500 II Supersprint vs. Novitec vs. Magneti marelli Axle back units

Hi all Ive been trying to decide on changing the exhaust system or perhaps just the rear muffler. I have three options 1. Supersprint which is available in my country 2. Novitec which are well known in the ferrari industry 3. Magneti Marelli which i have to order too. I have a 1.4 500 V16 100hp 10 i will not be removing the centre muffler atleast for the time being. just the axle back unit. Main reason

more authentic add on if you like the sound of it. You could try contacting Novitec directly for a video clip of their exhaust. Youtube has one for a bravo but cant be sure if its for the NA 1.4. lool i just found the same website u referred me to. Prices do look good though. Regarding the remap we have something here called PP Performance from Germany check them out They do ecu remaps for the fiat

FIAT MAREA 185 ECU Error Codes C1952 & C1800

Hi I have got a problem with my ABS and it is has been put on a tester which came up with the codes - C1952 - Supply voltage for the sensors (5v) improbable & C1800 - Battery voltage too low. The garage were not sure what these codes referred to but are trying to find out. They cleared the codes but they came straight back. Does anyone have any idea of what the problem may be Thanks

Originally Posted by bodders Does anyone have any idea of what the problem may be abs controller. you can fix it using this guide httpwww.fiatforum.combravo-brava...tral-unit.html

FIAT BRAVO remapping bravo tjet 150

Hi all Just wondering if the car can be remapped by any performance shop What are the complications I need to look out for Im in Australia and there arent many fiats on teh road let alone garages that understand these cars...

Originally Posted by MJet1986 Any half decent tuner with a rolling road would be able too remap your car mate you prob get arnd 180bhp before u need things like a bigger turbo and intercooler etc. Unless the Tuner has some prior knowledge on the ecu of these cars or there is a mass market to explore on (neither true for the Australia nor HK markets) they are most likely decline to work on just a hand

FIAT BRAVA 182 mk1 hgt ecu

how much would a second hand ecu cost and a set of second hand cams fuse box washer bottle with pump gearbox inlet manifold throttle body maf sensor airbox coil paks radiator crank pistons sump shaockersand springs power strearing pump fuel pump sender unit passneger door wing mirrors thanks in advance mick

assuming you remove all the parts yourself from a scrap car second hand ecu - &16310 (but it will not work on your car unless you get the codebox and red key chip) second hand cams - &16320 fuse box - &1635 washer bottle with pump - &1635 gearbox - &16350 inlet manifold - &16310 throttle body - &16310 maf sensor - &1635 airbox - &1635 coil packs - &1635 each radiator - &16310 crank - crankwhat the

FIAT BRAVA 182 ecu files

Does anyone know where i can get a (virgin ecu map file) to blast into my Electronic Crap unit thanks in advance

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine running problem on 98 Bravo 1.6 16v sx

hello guys I am new to this forum but putted a faith in it so you experienced owners can help me with this problem on my bravo. So first of all i have this car since 2005 and i did over 60k km whit it so i now every piss and click of the machine. Three years ago my baby started to show some sickness. It start normalgoes normal BUT at revs between idle and 2000 the engine hesitates when adding throttle

If it is NOT injectors then you have to assume it is temperature-related. As mentioned before it seems that the thermostat is not working and the engine over-cools itself and doesnt get to temperature correctly. You should look at this there was another thread recently about this. It seems that the stat on the 1.6s is complicated and expensive The other thing is the temperature sender unit that fits

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo 1.2SX Revving itself High Idle

Hi there wonder if anybody could help me out Ive got a T reg bravo 1.2SX battery went flat yesterday because i had left the internal light on on accident so took the battery off and charged it. Put battery back on started it up...running fine took it a run out...fine this morning started it up and it is now revving itself up and down from like 1500rpm to 2500 rpm drove it round for 20 mins still doing

ok ive found the problem its deffinatly the throttle position sensorpotentiometer ive stripped it down and had a look all it is is a motor with a worm gear on it and a cog that sits on top of the potentiometer. put it back together and connected it up without screwing it back onto the throttle body and car idled perfectly however screwed it back on and its still revving high but less than before how

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo and the red key

Hope you can help Been looking on your web site and cant find what i was looking for i thought i would ask if a 2001 bravo on a 51 plate still needs the red key as the dealer told us it didnt (when we purchased it). The newer models dont have them any more he said to us as we handed over the money to him. Hope you can be of some help to us. It also only came with one key (a blue one) and no central locking fob do they normally have them and if so can they be replaced Gadget

thanks very much for your help i will give it some serious thought. I guess you have to take the ecu unit off and send it to them dont you

FIAT BRAVA 182 Buying a new Bravo- what to check for under the bonnet

Hi (again) Wondered if there were any guides on what to look for internally when viewingbuying a 1998 bravo. I know the usual checks on the exterior and interior and when the engine is running and know vaguely about things like the mayonnaise head gasket signs etc but does anyone have any advice on what to look for once the bonnet is up that could determine potential problems before buying Ta

Hi And take a cheap voltmeter (cheapie one from Aldi or Lidl etc) to put across the battery to make sure youve got a good 14.4-14.5V with the engine running at idle & the heated rear window main-beam headlights radio etc. all on as some of the alternators are swines to replace (I know the hard way - Im still no further forward with my TD100 one yet) Any suspicion of alternator trouble should prompt

FIAT BRAVA 182 Very high fuel consumption - Bravo JTD

Hi there i have two fiat bravo 1.9 JTD 105 2000year. Im driving both and First one gives me 7l100km in city traffic 5100 on the highway Second one - 10.5l100km in city 6.1100 on the highway What ive done so far - timing belt all filters - oil air fuel pollen - cleaned and measured MAF sensor measurements are 850rpm - 2.2v 3000rpm - 3.5v 5000rpm - 4.1v - checked all air pipes and changed the one at

the VSS signal is used for fuelling and timing torque calculation on the road so its possible that it may cause the problem although 10 l100km does seem very high. but how are you calculating the consumption e.g. . by filling tank to the neck each time . it seems the VSS signal comes from the ABS unit so maybe you would need to check the signal at the ecu pins using a scope to trace the problem.

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo 1.4s trouble starting when hot

Hi to all fiat fansive got an 96 1.4s bravoits been brilliant for ages but lately its been hard to start from warmed up.The problems got worse since last week when i put a new thermostat in iteuroparts itemive noticed that the ignition coil gets very hot so i tried to move it away from block.It stays cool now but problem persists If it wont start a fiddle with the electrical connector 5 or 6 times

Originally Posted by martmach1 Nice one mr Ti will post my findings when ive got a coil sorted.cheers. Hi sorry to see youre having the dreaded hot-start problem. I will be waiting to see if you ever get to solve this. My wifes 1.4 Brava started to do the same about 18 months ago. With the engine hot it will run OK and restart immediately if it stalls in traffic. It wont start if when hot it is left

Example offers of car parts fiat bravo ecu unit

  • Fiat Bravo 182 1.6 Intermotor Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor MAP Air ECU - United Kingdom (70.62 GBP)
  • Fiat Bravo Intermotor Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor MAP Air ECU - United Kingdom (66.72 GBP)
  • Fiat Bravo 182 Hatch Intermotor Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor MAP Air ECU - United Kingdom (69.62 GBP)
  • Fiat Bravo 1.6 ECU steering lock ignition barrel key transponder - Wednesbury,United Kingdom (63.95 GBP)
  • FIAT BRAVO 2007 ON 1.9 MJET DIESEL ENGINE ECU BSI UNIT & KEY 0281013579 51828269 - Leeds,United Kingdom (325.00 GBP)
  • 2010 FIAT BRAVO IGNITION ECU UNIT 0281014540 / 51877441 - United Kingdom (150.00 GBP)
  • FIAT BRAVO BRAVA MAREA ECU NEW VIRGIN ORIGINAL FIAT 71721954 - Preston,United Kingdom (54.99 GBP)

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