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FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravoa cylinder head gasket gone

Guys can you girlfriends Brava 1.2 16v is throwing a bit of blue smoke out mainly straight after cold start and there is mayonaise on the inside of the oil filler cap. The oil seems clean. There is a minor lack of power but i feel this could be due to a lack of service for the last couple of years (at least) Could it be the head gasket going or some other problem

the oil filler cap. The oil seems clean. There is a minor lack of power but i feel this could be due to a lack of service for the last couple of years (at least) Could it be the head gasket going or some other problem Hi and welcome to the forum You are actually in the Uno section We have a specific bravo Brava section so youre better off asking specific questions to this model in there httpwww.fiatforum.combravo-brava

hum sounds less like head gasket more like poor ignition and combustion specialy from cold old plugs and lack of service could also nacker the lambda sensor by raising exhaust tempratures too high with unburned fuel and cracking the porcalain or stripping the metal from it knocking the fueling off new plugs selenia oilfilter air filter see how it goes will have everything you need pretty cheap i use them allot

FIAT BRAVO Slave cylinder to bulk head pipe

I have a problem with my bravo HGT I thought the slave cylinder was leaking but Ive fitted a new one and its still leaking. Does anyone know where I can get a hose from the slave cylinder to the bulk head I cant find one anywhere. Cheers.

Sorry mate.. wrong bravo section this is the bravo 198 (07-11) section. Cheers TJetPete liked this post

View Cylinder head for FIAT BRAVO

Thank you but the Dealer told me that Haynes Manual will not provide that information

The dealers in Germany must be like the ones in the UK (FULL OF ST). The Haynes manuals will tell you how to change the headgasket. I rebuilt my head and changed my headgasket when my cambelt snapped a few years ago with a Haynes manual.

Hi The Porter Manual is quite good for this - it has all the info you need in it but its not as easy to get as a Haynes unfortunately (ISBN 1-899238-42-5) and you can get (atrocious-quality) PDF copies of fiat s manuals for free if you ferret about on here and the BOO forums Chris Williams

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava bravo marea Cylinder head and gasket

hi above up for sale on ebay if anyone looking for them 1.8 elx 115bhp 16v from r reg brava cheers

They shouldnt be charging you to check it. The dealers I use havent done in past when Ive had themcheck suspected problems which would then be covered by warranty

Thanks Rothy. I actually approached a different branch (the one I actually bought the car from as opposed to my local one) of the same dealership and they have said that there will be no charge for them to look at it. i am assuming that this is a warranty problem.

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava 1.4 12v 97 gasket cover cylinder head

Dear fiat forum my brava odometers already 161.000km from the previous owner the last timing belt changing at 60.000km so i already buy the timing belt set (contains timing belt and tensioner) and scheduled to do it next week. but after looking at haynes repair manual to change the timing belt needs to remove also the cover cylinder head to see the marking of top positionreference position of camshaft.

yes i knowi need to change it soon thats why when i bought this car last month i ordered the timing belt immediately......but i didnt order the gasket cover cylinder head because based on my experience when i change the timing belt on my previous car suzuki baleno and toyota corolla its no needed to remove cover cylinder head just to see the 1st cylinder top marking......the notch are on the camshaft pulley...... but in this brava the notch are on the camshaft itself ......OMG

Originally Posted by Adrian bravo Hey Vabi Welcome to the forum. I know on 1.4s when the valves have been damaged sometimes the cam followers snap in half. and you can see that just by taking off the rocker cover but a compression test is the next step. yes today i opened the cylinder head cover and check if there are a valve shorter than the others visually all of the valves seems ok.....i dont know

Dear Adrian Do you know the ribe bolt size securing cylinder head because i need to bought i just have a ribe bit number 5 6 8 10

finally i change the whole cylinder head from auto demolizioni (junk yard) and now the engine working very well.....thanks all for your support..... from the old cylinder head i found only one valve which has been brokenbended inlet valve at cyl no.1....... Adrian bravo its ribe no.13. i just have ribe no 12 and 14. at the begining a try with key no.12 but it makes few of cyl head bolt little bit broken. so at the end i machining the ribe key no.14 becoming no.13 by lathe machine.....

FIAT BRAVA 182 Cylinder head plug thread for waterway

Sorry for the weired title but its hard to describe. I have a bravoa 1.2 16V engine (posted in hear rather than there as they are almost identical and more people read here) I have an after market temperature sender that I was going to tap into the thermostat however I noticed a hex plug next to it that goes right into the waterways on the head. My sender is much smaller that the hole so I need an

FIAT BRAVA 182 Cylinder head problems

Hi all I am the owner of a fiat Brava SX 14V 1999 model. The car is stalling and sometimes smoke comes out from under the hood. I ve been told the cylinder head might need replacement. Does anybody know from where I could get a cheap cylinder head I cannot spend a lot of money on it Thanks

Srry bout that had to leave for a bit couldnt finish the post. If it is indeed a headgasket failure you might indeed need a new head getting the head skimmed is also a possibility but only if this has not been done before and the rest of the head is in good condition. If you do it yourself and manage to find a scrap unit in good condition it might be doable for reasonable cost. (Over 100 pounds is

FIAT BRAVA 182 Re fitting cylinder Head Bolts

I am ready to refit my cylinder head on my 1.2 80sx and a red warning sticker on the gasket set says always use new cylinder head bolts. This is quite common nowadays as they are often meant to stretch when fitting However the Haynes manual says you can refit the original ones. It also says that you should angle tighten the bolts twice by 90deg. This last turn being the fourth stage in the tightening

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help Bravo died today Head Gasket

Hey im hoping someone can help me Today i was driving my fiat bravo 1.2 sx 80 16v down the motor way when i started to hear a strange noise that sounded like it was coming from the rear. I looked at the dash and the injector light was flicking on and off which it never has before then I noticed the temp was at max so I looked for the nearest hard sholder but within 3 mins of me hearing the sound the

it probably wont turn over now cos theres water in the cylinders that will not compress if you park the car on a hill put it in gear and leave it sitting on the engine it will slowly push the water past the rings into the sump allowing you to turn over the engine again remember to sit in and press the break when it lets go and starts to rotate if you get the engine started without coolant in briefly

repairing providing in your opinion the car is in an otherwise good state of health and repair Thanks for your really helpful reply mate I really need a car to get to university so i really need to weigh up my options asap either get the car fixed asap or get a car on finance from cargiant etc and be lumbered with a debt for the next few years - but i can drive away possibly today Further to the bravos

This is EXACTLY what happened to mine. How confident are you at playing with the car It can be fixed I have fixed my head gasket it is quite an easy job if you know what your doing but there are some important things that would need to be done. Your cylinder head will be banana shaped and will need a skim at the least. AA man is spot on sounds like the head gasket went that put fine mists of water

right firstly getting the correct injectors there are two types- 4hole and 2hole. the best way to make sure you get the correct ones is to remove them from an engine exactly like yours. there are 2 different inlet manifolds on top of the 1.6 engines metal ones on the earlier models and black plastic ones on the later models. you have metal or plastic so simply make sure its the same on the car you

you leave the lower inlet manifold attached to the head but loosen or remove the upper inlet manifold which has a black rubber gasket inbetween the upper an lower parts. rubber gaskets are reusable.

FIAT BRAVA 182 51 Bravo 1.2 running on cylinders 3 & 4 only

Hi Im a new member so hoping Ive got this posting thing right At my wits end in trying to sort sons car - so far I think Ive established timing belt has not slipped HT leads ok coil pack replaced cylinder head ok. Could ECU have failed and if so what is involved - I sense its not particularly straight forward matter Id really appreciate any adviceguidance on the matter. Thank you. Neil

Originally Posted by Snapple Hi Im a new member so hoping Ive got this posting thing right At my wits end in trying to sort sons car - so far I think Ive established timing belt has not slipped HT leads ok coil pack replaced cylinder head ok. Could ECU have failed and if so what is involved - I sense its not particularly straight forward matter Id really appreciate any adviceguidance on the matter.

Tried new plugs or simple as swapping plugs to see if problems moves with plugs not sure if injectors are swapable I seem to think they are so you could also try after the plug swap try an injector swap to again see if problem moves with parts just a few simple cheap tries to see if you can narrow down problem what colour is your oil black or creamy loosing any water from cooling system these are good

FIAT BRAVA 182 where to buy a 1.2 16v cylinder head from

i just removed mine & has a crack in it i need to get a new one does any one know where from thanks for a fiat bravo 1.2 16v

Where you would get the head skimmed and done up often do exchange heads. You just need to ask round


FIAT BRAVA 182 Head cylinders vs coolant issue

Tried four times over two days to log this one - I must keep timing out for some reason. Had no luck so far this year I have a volvo v40 with head gasket failure sitting on the drive my beloved renault laguna sport tourer - top spec I managed to wrap around a tree two weeks ago. I am now driving my wifes 99 bravo 1.2 litre 80 sx. It a great car apart for wanting to boil me water for a cup of tea all

- sorry bout that did not want to lose it again - After flushing and changing gauge i tested the fan - No joy dead as a dodo. Im going out to get a replacement today. My questions are 1. I assume there is something more wrong than coolant and fan issue due to the fact it heats up so quick 2. Could this be due to head warp I assume the gaskets and seals are ok as i dont feel much loss in power 3. Ive

if you have avoided head gasket failure then you need to explain where the coolant went when the hot air stopped coming out the air vents. when the hot air stoped it means the matrix was dry for that to happen you must have head gasket failure or a coolant leak elsewhere. if you cant find a leak it suggests your headgasket is the problem. keep an eye on the coolant level very closely if it drops then

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo head gasket

Hi all. Got a problem on my daughters 80 sx miss fireing badly 2 and 3 cylinder do not seem to work tried new plugs and changed the coil pack still the samei am pritty sure it is the head gasket. I would like to try and do it myselfcan anyone tell me where i can get a tutoriol and how hard is it to do i have done gaskets before but not on this car. Thanks Eddie.

Originally Posted by eddtheman If from what i have said it is not the gasketany ideas i can check first from what you have said it sounds like typical head gasket failure where it blows between 2 cylinders. its common on the 1.2 however as davren suggests you must do a compression test first to check. you do not need to skim the head unless it has overheated. if your coolant is ok and the engine maintains

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.4 12V Cylinder Heads

Hi all Long time no postings Up until this weekend the old Brava (1996 model) had been working very well - 136k on the clock. Unfortunately it looks like the cam belt tensioner has failed on us. I know the propensity for valve damage in this instance and I have spotted a 1998 cylinder head at a breakers they tell me it is in good nick & that the donor engine was in good working order. My current thinking

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava 1.2 16valve cylinder head gasket replacement

hello just done the gasget on 1.2 16valve w reg brava started it and getting loud tapping noise.on removal of the cam cover several cam followers fell out so were replaced but not in there original it avisable to renew the tappets when removing cylinder head any help will be appreciated thanks Iain

hello again on this car cam cover sits on top of cylinder head on removing cam cover (which has camshafts inside ) there is nothing stopping lifters dropping out.Once removed and turned upside down lifters can be removed and replaced Iain

A handy tip is to use some angle aluminiun with a notch cut at the end to fit round the locating pins. make sure that its just big enough to hold the lifters in place when you turn the head extention the right way up. Then they can be removed when fitted to cylinder head and lifters stay inplace.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Cylinder head extension gasket

Hi my girlfriends 1.2 16v brava has a oil leak coming from the cylinder head extension gasket has anyone changed one of these before it looks like a bit of a job thanks

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L Where to buy cylinder head for mk1 16v

Please help I live in Serbia and here i cant find cylinder head for Punto 1 1242cc 16V 1998 I try on the internet but cant find nothing. I want used or new cylinder head no mater. Any help please

The basic cylinderhead from bravo Brava Punto mk12 can be used but a few parts may need changin over from your old one. Rich.

FIAT DOBLO Doblo Cargo 1.9d Cylinder Head

My 2002 Doblo Cargo has developed an internal crack in the cylinder head. I have been told that this a common fault. Does anyone know if any other fiat cylinder head will fit the Doblo or if any other make of vehicle can be used. Also can anyone recommend cylinder head replacement specialists as quotes to date are extremely high.

Just a guess but wouldnt maybe one of the bravo 1.9 heads fit

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo running on 3 cylinders

This is my first post despite a few years of browsing for solutions for my bravo I have recently had many problems with my bravo 1.6 16V. I had to replace the coil leads and the crankshaft sensor. Unfortunately it is now running on 3 cylinders and the lead to the cylinder that is not firing is live (shocking me when I touch anywhere along its length. I have tried different leads and plugs in the faulty

very good point i missed that line. one of the HT leads shorting to the head would cause the misfire.

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