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fiat bravo clutch assembly BRAVA 182
fiat bravo clutch assembly BRAVA 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo clutch replacement

I have recently had a replacement clutch fitted on my bravo 80SX and after aproximately 100 miles of driving heard loud scraping noises from the front. it became very difficult to steer particularly at full lock. A mechanic friend investigated and found that the offside steering assembly was loose due to the hub nut not being on the thread sufficiently to tighten it. As a result the car is now undriveable.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Haynes Bravo and Brava Manual 3572 Incorrect Torque Figure. Clutch related.

Haynes bravo and Brava Manual 3572 95 to 00 (N to W reg) ISBN 9781859605721 1859605729 While rebuilding my engine I have found an incorrect torque figure in the Haynes manual. This caused me to snap the head off a bolt. Luckily I had spare bolts and my dad is a qualified engineer he knew how to remove the end of the bolt by hitting it with a centre punch. I was fitting my clutch pressure plate to

Hi everybody. Is it me although I know you state its worded funny but surely the flywheel to crankshaft bolts are not same as the clutch pressure plate to flywheel bolts. I have just changed the clutch on my 1.2L Brava and re-used the Ribe bolts and torqued up to the Haynes manual 25Nm (actually 27Nm as my torque does not go that low) and had no problems at all. Behind the clutch assembly there are

Originally Posted by maximoke Hi everybody. Is it me although I know you state its worded funny but surely the flywheel to crankshaft bolts are not same as the clutch pressure plate to flywheel bolts. I have just changed the clutch on my 1.2L Brava and re-used the Ribe bolts and torqued up to the Haynes manual 25Nm (actually 27Nm as my torque does not go that low) and had no problems at all. Behind

FIAT BRAVO 1.4 Tjet Clutch with Slave Cylinder or Concentric Slave Cylinder

Hi guys Last Saturday while I was parking I noticed that the clutch pedal maintained pressed to the floor even when I removed my foot from it. I needed to pull it using my hand so I could start the engine again but the pedal did the same. I took it to the garage and checked on this forum that there is thread to drain air from the slave cylinder that is located below the battery. Im not so sure if there

Hi yes the T-Jet 120 5 speed gearbox uses a concentric slave cylinder unfortunately. Im not sure but Im guessing the 6 speed on the 150 T-jet also uses one youd be better off changing the clutch assembly as well as the concentric slave at same time whilst the gearbox is off.

FIAT BRAVO Bravo Production Factory Orders

I think we kind of guessed what follows but being seriously interested in buying a bravo to potentially replace my Croma at some point in time in the future I just had to ask fiat UK direct availability and new factory order status. Below is their response so at least all youus bravo nutters know where we stand. -------------------------------- Thank you for contacting fiat Customer Information centre

the GM drive shafts as well. On my Croma 2005 my GM drive chain is GM gearbox GM clutch GM MDF flywheel GM hubs. Ive have had premature failures in the clutch DMF driveshafts springs and wheel bearings. Sadly only the drive shafts failed in the warranty period. I picked up a healthy bill for the clutch pressure plate assembly failure and the associated prudent DMF replacement. Apart from my old fiat

to the new bearing. Note these are mpi Sei and a bravoa one....hopefully interchangable...I did at least If someone wants to knock a guide up with these pics Give it a week and I will hopefully have my build done and more time if its not done before (if its not Custard give me a PM or bump and Ill get on with it ) Cheers Kristian __________________ Punto mk2 Sporting for sale httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...product30120

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava 1.2 clutch replacement

the clutch has gone making lots of noise and hard to get gears e.t.c so ive bought a new clutch and want to fit it myself but ive never changed a clutch or removed a gearbox before. ive searched for a guide how to do it on here but cant find one. can anyone give me a quick guide on what to do to change it and what i need to disconnectundo. do driveshafts have to be popped out meaning i have to undo

moves with them as you move it by hand and adjust if necessary and roughly bolt on the linkage to test it before you apply the instant gasket (see pic below of what im on about) otherwise youll put it back together fully and be severely cheesed off that have a wonky gearstick inside that wont go into 12 or reverse... Use lots of cv joint grease in the boots before re-installation MRM-2 from a fiat

Originally Posted by smokeymacpot i dont think i have a socket big enough for the hubnut so i can undo the shocker mounting and have enough space for me to pop that shaft out and the other will come off as i move the box out of the way. i have to do this right as the gearbox wont move far enough away i defo loose oil if lever shafts from the gbox i dont have a clutch alignment tool can i do without

FIAT STILO Stilo 1.2 Clutch squeal

Hi forumites just developed a problem with my clutch this week. On fully depressing and holding the clutch I get a squeal (sounds similar to a car with a loose fan belt) and is only audible at low speeds - driving along dual carriageway there doesnt appear to be a problem.... Today (Saturday) it became less audible but now this afternoon the gear change has become heavy moving it through the box. Apart

that is the bearing jumping over the groove its worn into the fingers Id start ringing around now for quotes for a new clutch assembly which will be new clutch and bearing of course. Quite a big job so looking at a half days work in a garage but the clutch will be much better feeling afterwards TIP Renew the gearbox oil whilst the gearbox is out __________________ 02 Stilo 1.6 Dynamic 3 door 99 bravo

FIAT BRAVA 182 clutch problemany ideas

anyone had ploblems with there hydraulic clutch 1.6 16v .some times mine does not seem to spring back have too put your foot under the pedal and lift it up.always from cold.ok after 4-5miles.clutch not slipping.ok with the handbrake test.can it be is is fluid toped up.hand book is not much help on the subject.thanks. if it aint broke dont fix it.

i think you will find that your clutch mastercylinder is at fault the faulty mastercylinder lets it preasure leak back to the filler the spring assembly on the clutch pedal will then pull the pedal to the floor it can look very strange if you see this happening

FIAT BRAVA 182 Clutch Problems

Recently replaced my Slave Cyl. due to haemorrhaging Dot 4. That now seems sorted and the fluid level is staying full and no apparent leaks. However I have noticed that the clutch is squeeking quite a lot when pressing the pedal down and releasing it (even with engine switched off). This doesnt appear to be coming from the pedal assembly but from under the bonnet. Coupled with this when the engine

FIAT BRAVA 182 Whats going on with my clutch (

Hello there I have a problem with my clutch... I have a fiat Brava - 1.4 SX 12v - 1998 model. It all started when it was getting tough to change gears day by day (hard to change gears for 4 days) and now it is almost impossible to change gear you have to push the clutch all the way down really hard to get it in but even if you do that it often stalls and I dont want to do that as I might really damage

when a slave cylinder goes it will leak clutch (brake) fluid out of the end and youll see it pouring onto the top of the gearbox. When a master cylinder goes you might get a fluid leak inside the cabin or when you press the clutch the slave cylinder doesnt move very much. If neither of these are happening then it sounds like either the thrust bearing has failedfailing or the fingers on the pressure

My friend had a clutch pedal assembly fitted by a mechanic on a focus. It came back exactly as you describe yours to be. We bled it ourselves and was then spot on.

FIAT BRAVO Bosch hidraulic presure switch - what is it used for

Hello As the title says can anybody tell me where this piece is located. What it is used for. All i know about it is that it is used only on cars with ESP and it costs about 120 euro... so it is not just the regular brake switch behind the brake pedal.

I know because its wired and programed into the ABSESP electronic module (Bosch ABS 8 VDC). there is no switch or fuse for it separately. As far as i have studied the schematics and the descriptions of the system there isnt even a single extra wire used only by the Hill holder. The ESP module (electro-hydraulic pump assembly) receives the important information(like bake pedal status and yaw sensor

FIAT 500 II Fractured Clutch Pedal

I see that a similar fault has been reported before (Wobbly clutch Pedal by sikersh in 2009). My clutch pedal has fractured up at the top close to where its welded to the supporting sleeve. The pedal still works but can wobble from side to side. This is on a 500 pop less than two years old. I suspect the weld has left an area of metal prone to fatigue and it has cracked as it flexes in use. The garage

Heres some pictures. The first two are low-res and show the extent of the sideways slop. As you can imagine this feels rather weird when driving. The third picture is better quality and is an attempt to show the fracture point. The rubber pedal is out of focus at the bottom of the picture. The steering column is the diagonal tube. The operating arm for the master cylinder is just below middle picture. On the enlarged view Ive highlighted the crack where the pedal assembly is supposed to join to a horizontal tube but has broken off near the weld. Attached Thumbnails       Adrian bravo thanked for this post

FIAT STILO Loss of power over revving at speed

Excuse my attempt to describe the issue as im not too mechanically minded o-). When in any gear and putting the gas peddle to the floor the engine over revs. When it should be pulling up a hill it slows right down and struggles whilst over revving. Whist on the motorway in 5th gear the car will struggle to get to 75mph whilst revving at around 5000 revs then if you try accelerate there will be hardly

relies on the pedal getting fully back up so Id try a quick bleed from the clutch slave cylinder Have a look in the Stilo Guides for how to bleed the clutch slave cylinder PS Of course if you drive around with your foot pressing on the clutch then you need to break the habit before it breaks the bank as that will burn out a clutch very quickly __________________ 02 Stilo 1.6 Dynamic 3 door 99 bravo

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injection kicked in but only briefly

Hey guys. Well this year with my bravo (1.6) has not been a good one. Even though ive had it for about 8 years the past 6 months is when all the problems started. First i had to have the clutch assembly replaced then the slave cylinder was leaking and then most recent the alternator went. Is this car trying to tell me something Its a T Reg 99 and only done 38k on the clock. Not much i know. Still in

FIAT BRAVA 182 Supercharged Brava project

OK for those who dont know I have bought some of the parts from Dave the Trikes supercharger kit that he had running on his 1.2 16v Punto. I have read his threads and will be pinching some of his ideas (eternal thanks to Dave he put blood sweat and tears into that thing so I totally appreciate how easy I have it to be able to follow on from his work ) to get this up and running on my Brava which has

ECU - I am really interested in tinkering with this myself and have done a lot of reading about it. I cant afford and would be bored with the expensive ready-set-up route so am considering Megasquirt (harder longer more interesting) or Greddy piggyback (still self-tune but less wiring-up required less probability of making a mess but is it less flexible). Im a massive MS convert now I built my own

FIAT PUNTO Horn wiring

My horn hooted once & packed up. Checking it out with a wire direct from battery horn was shot. Fitted a new horn (it works) replaced fuse under bonnet & horn is still dead. looked under airbag & linked across horn connector - nothing. -( Any ideas If all else fails Ill run new wires to a new push button on dashboard. Anyone know the best way to get wires from engine area into the cabin. Passenger side looked hopeful but its packed & cant heat at anything.

Ill have a look in the morning as I dont know what punto you have (we have mk1s and a mk2 here) but on the bravos if you are going to wire up a secondary horn under the actual floor carpet in the passenger footwell just under the dash on the bulkhead peel it back and there should be a circular rubber cover for the lhd market (clutch assembly Im guessing) on the other side the sound damping needs to

FIAT BRAVA 182 cluch problem

hi my fiat brava just stopped driving the other day . it goes into gear but does not drive is this the clutch i dont know alot bout cars so pls help thanx john

Originally Posted by jug in that case you need to shortern the cable. Thats what I did yesterday. The cable is wound through the firewall goes to the front turns back behind the bumper and goes back to under the brake pump. That is where the nut and locking nut are located. Ive shortened the cable by some 10-15 turns of the nut and now the clutch disengages somewhere below halfway of the pedals travel

FIAT BRAVA 182 after some advice- brava sx

hi basically ive owned a p reg brava sx for a couple of yrs but it recently failed its mot. a few fixable things but mainly for corrosion underneath which sounds as tho alot of weilding would be needed so ive taken it off the road and bought a new one same year but a brava s the main difference is that the excelerator pedal seems to need quite a bit more pressure before anything happens. is this just

It sounds like classic release bearing noise - you mentioned back a few posts that you hear the noise only when i put the clutch in just before im about to stop. Itll be cheaper to fit a new clutch assembly than strip the old car for its bits. Did you cure the heavy throttle

That sounds like a full-on days work to me depending on how well organised he is. You could get him to put the new clutch assembly from the old car in at the same time if you dont want to invest in a new one. It would be false economy to change the gearbox without changing the clutch....

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