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fiat brava spark plug 182
fiat brava spark plug 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 51plate Brava needs spark plug advice

Please be gentle with me I love my old 51plate fiat brava - shes MINE and is brilliant for getting me to the shops and to my dog training (Im disabled) but started having problems starting. My husband said she may need new spark plugs so he got a set and proceeded to change them....easy you thought Hahah NOT The first one broke and left the bottom bit in the hole so he says now it has to go into the

is a bad idea and non starter in my opinion. All the debris will fall into the engine and destroy it. It would only take one tiny bit of material to destroy the inside of the engine. If its broken like this. You can use a easy out bolt remover. Some people say hammering an allen key in also works but you would need a long one. __________________ Parts Wanted. I will consider any new original fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 spark plugs & leads

firstly my car is a 1.2 sx 80 formula on a Y plate now i have been to andrew page and got quotes for the parts and i specifically asked if the plugs needed gapping or would they just go in and the guy said they would just go in. ok i thought so today i went to charlie browns just to get a price and he said of his own back the type of plugs would need gapping followed by it was a kind of unusual part

back again ok i never gapped the plugs i bought the set that going by info on here need the 0.8 gap (well i must have because the old plugs in the box here have the same part numbers lol) and will be looking to get that done tomorrow as after been sat over the weekend when starting for the first time its not running on all cylinders until i give it a bootfull in 2nd gear then all is fine so far just wanted to ask is that normal symptoms or is there a coil fault occurring asking because all has been so well for so long now and the other fault i had was the key code light randomly coming on and not starting the car i switch of and on a few times till it goes out then its ok (i have started another thread on that and also read another solution that it could been faulty ignition aerialwire or something) see here httpwww.fiatforum.combravo-brava...-no-start.html thanks

I just changed the plugs on my Y-reg 1200 brava used the DPRC8E-N following extensive research. Actually I didnt gap them because everyone tells you theyre already pre-gapped. And I couldnt find my feelers. Anyway the car runs really nice now. Its confusing because the older engines use the twin-electrode plugs which you would think are more advanced. The newer engines have 4-hole Bosch injectors instead

Older engines NGK DCPR8EKC twin electrode fiat brava 1.2 1298--0599 182B2.000 DCPR8EKC 4 16 VALVE Newer engines DCPR8E-N one electrode fiat brava 1.2 0799 &8211 fiat BRAVO (95--01) 1.2 0799 &8211 fiat PUNTO 2 (1099--0603) 1.2 1099 &8211 0603 fiat STILO 1.2 1101 &8211 1102 I think NGK know a little

yeah i think i got the right plugs Attached Thumbnails   __________________ im not lazy im thinking httpi40.photobucket.comalbumse2...faromeogif.gif   Quote   24-03-2011   22 TommoW Get Your Own Title Join Date Oct 2009 Posts 81 Thanks 1 Trader Rating 0   Re spark plugs & leads When I took my plugs out they were EXACTLY the same as the ones pictured above twin electrode ones. Although

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Spark Plug HV Cabels

Hi I bought fiat marea 1.3 (it had brava Engine as my dealer said) Problem start from 1 month ago backfiringuncomplete combustion only 2 or 3 cylnders are working. When i remove spark plugs i found that they r not clean and covered by heavy carbon (is it mean uncomplete combustion) i bought new spark plugs the car work great for about 20 min then the problem start again. The last thing i found that

whelcome to the forum you should be able to get new cables from any good car parts shop they are not a fiat dealer(garage) only part. if you want to search the web or ebay for some we call them HT leads ot spark plug leads here. these people may have some edit i dont think there is a bravo 1.3 here 1.2 and 1.4 and bigger

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava - Spark Plug light...

Dear all I own a fiat brava SX 1999 model. Last year it had a problem with the stalk unit as I had no lights and wipers but I had since replaced it and now I had solved that problem. However I had been experiencing another problem which is driving me nuts. The spark plug light on the dashboard (the one which looks like spraying) is turning ON very frequently. In fact the car sometimes stops working

Originally Posted by QBTO Scroberts right thats the injector light. Use carb cleaner in the throttle body and a injector cleaner in the fuel tank. Must be bad luck to me. I had sold the fiat I spoke about in the past and bought one other one...doing same thing. The injector light comes up even though I recently replaced all spark plugs to NGK brand. Also the car stalls and sometimes turns off I bought

Take it to a fiat garage or local garage who can plug it in for a diagnostic. Its the best way of finding the fault. It could be a number of things. Itll save you time and money in the long run.

FIAT BRAVA 182 What oil grade what spark plug gap

This may be a stupid question but what grade oil do I use also what is the spark plug gap for my 1.6 sx brava Yes you can tell I dont have a manual Im taking it on a long run next week and would like to give it a service before I go. Thanks in advance.

Ok found some info all I need now is the plug gap will some kind person take a gander at there manual cheers. For people using the search engine fiat brava 1.6 100 sx 2001 petrol 95 octain Oil -30c to 30c sae 5w40 -20c to 40c sae 10w40 Full sythetic. spark plugs Champion RC10ycc NGK BKR5EZ Bosh FR8DE

Tbh the spark plugs should be already correctly gapped. If you match the right ones e.g Bosch up to your model and year then they should be gapped already. 1.6 uses 10w40 oil

Originally Posted by RustyBravo Tbh the spark plugs should be already correctly gapped. If you match the right ones e.g Bosch up to your model and year then they should be gapped already. 1.6 uses 10w40 oil Dont be daft The different spark plugs are ratings for heat length thread size etc not for the gap size. Sure they will work if you dont gap them but not correctley.

Well sorry for being daft. Heres what is in the manual. spark plugs Champion RC8BYC (gap not adjustable) or Champion RC7YC Gaps Champion RC8BYC - Not adjustable Champion RA4HCX - 0.8mm Champion RC7Y or RA4HC - 0.7mm EDIT The RA4HCX and the RA4HC are for the 1.2 engine. So I guess that leaves you with the one that isnt adjustable or RC7Y which has a 0.7mm gap

FIAT BRAVA 182 Broken Spark Plug Cable EOBD Light On

Hi I was driving my brava 1.2 80SX a few days ago when it started to misfire badly and the EODB light came on intermittently. I found somewhere safe to park and called the RAC. The RAC guy checked each of the spark plugs and leads plugged his laptop into the car and Cylinder 1 was misfiring. He recommended that I replaced the spark plug and take it from there. He also said it was safe for me to drive

FIAT BRAVA 182 Problem changing spark plugs

I can loosen the spark plugs in my brava but I cant get the socket out of the hole. I have a draper 10mm spark plug socket. When I put it on the spark plug it loosens okay. When I put new spark plug in and tightened it I could not get the socket off the spark plug. As you may know the spark plugs are down a hole about 4inch deep. I can get the extension off but not the socket. I eventually took this

get one of these _Hand_Tools_Equipmenthashitem130243204639&_trksi dp3286.c0.m14&_trkparms72%3A168966%3A265%3A12 39%3A1240%3A1318 and insert the new plug using a length of hose so you dont crossthread them then tighten to specified torque using socket

FIAT BRAVA 182 Broken spark plug (

So went to change the spark plugs on the brava and the spark plug on cylinder 1 has broken and cant be removed with a spark plug wrench. Engine still runs on all 4 cylinders but is underpowered im assuming due to faulty sparks so need changing. Anything I can do to get it out without removing cylinder head

Originally Posted by m20b25 Which engine This happened to me with a 1.2 I should send the story to mechanics nightmare. Even with the head off it was still a pig to get out Its a 1.6. wouldnt be too much of a problem if the spark plugs werent so hard to get to. Its still running on all 4 cylinders but plugs deperately need replacing.

Originally Posted by joesmith1990 Its a 1.6. wouldnt be too much of a problem if the spark plugs werent so hard to get to. Its still running on all 4 cylinders but plugs deperately need replacing. Ill second that about the plug access.My tip for removing them is to use one of the old ht leadsonce the plug is screwed fully out push the ht lead back over the plug and youll be able to lift the plug outand

FIAT BRAVA 182 Suitable spark plugs for my 2001 brava

but unfortunatly idont know what engine it have except that its a 1.6 becoz the previous owner had it replaced but i do have the engine number is there a way to know the specs of the engine via its number and assuming its a brava engine according to NGK website there are two kinds of spark plugs for the 1.6 brava engine BKR6EKC BKR5EZ how to know which type is the right plugs

mine doesnt have plastic on top so i guess its BKR6EKC but still i gotta be sure its a brava engine and im pretty positive there is a fiat web site in which u enter the car and engine serial number and it lists all its spec anybody know that website

FIAT BRAVA 182 Quick question RE spark plugs

Hi Trying to service a brava 100SX what size plug fits the plug. Stupid question I know but ive tried my spark plug socket and various other ones to no result The gap looks too thin for the spark plug socket anyway. Cheers

FIAT BRAVA 182 Spark Plug Socket

What size socket is it for a brava 1.6SX 16V P reg I bought some new plugs which the socket I have fits but it wont fit the existing ones in the car. Ill be honest not sure what size socket it is Im using at the moment but I dont have one that fits the ones in the car. Is there a standard size and why would it differ on the newer spark plugs

FIAT BRAVA 182 taking out spark plugs

Hi I am thinking of changing my spark plugs on My brava 1.6 sx 100. I cant seem to remove the plug leads. I did not pull too hard as I dont want t to damage these. Can any1 advise please.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Headers & Spark Plugs

Hi I live in Turkey Istanbul. I cant find supersprint exhaust headers for my 2000 model 1.6 bravo. Also I need iridium spark plugs. Where can I buy those from the net with lowest price especially

you may be having trouble finding the supersprint manifold because you are searching for a header instead of a manifold. if you go to the supersprint website and then select fiat then select bravo 1.6 you will see the full exhaust system is available including the manifold (thats the header -which is part number 813701 ) httpwww.supersprint.comhomeuk.htm im sure it will be cheaper for you to go to

Originally Posted by jug yes that is true. i forgot sorry No problem I found these sites For spark plugs httpwww.xenon.lvlvindex.htmid...m1995&to2001 For SS manifold Bu still looking for cheaper may be

Originally Posted by ZZR6 Why do you want iridium plugs Performance gains (questionable as they are designed for longer service life) Just curious you see I use NGK in both my car and motorbike. Wont use anything else now Yes only for performance gains because I think my car cannot burn fuel enough efficient. There is always a smell in the exhaust pipe. I checked my engine-top 2 months ago for insufficient

FIAT BRAVA 182 Changing spark plugs

re Bravo 98 1.6 16v I usually have a bit of trouble starting the car. After waiting a few seconds it usually starts the second time but occasionally needs a third go. Im thinking maybe there is a problem with the spark plugs or starter motor The starter is probably the original and im not sure if the sparkies have ever been changed either. How often should they be changed Someone has told me that Bosch

FIAT BRAVA 182 Sooty spark plugs after head gasket change

Hi everyone I need help. Have just finished putting back together my daughters Bravo. It overheated and warped the head got a recon head gasket set water pump stat etc. The car was running fine before the head gasket went but now with in minutes the plugs soot up and causes the car to surge and idle rough. I used a timing kit and have rechecked the timing again today all is good there. what could be

Right.. lets look at this logically we know the timing is ok. If plugs are sooty and idle poor it suggests overfueling or inadiquate air getting to the combustion chamber. So lets look at issues relating to the head change 1 Are the spark plugs from the original engine as others could be gapped wrong 2 Are there any air leaks split hoses or wrongly piped hoses Is the induction manifold bolted up tight

FIAT BRAVA 182 1.2 16v bravo 2001 spark plug gaps

Cna you 1 please tell what the plug gaps on my 1.2 16v bravo 2001 should be.. thanks

spark plug gaps are very much pre-set these days so out of the box gaps should be fine.

Handy place to obtain plugs and info about them at Unless you have the double pole type plugs which are non adjustable then the standard single pole plug gap for yours is 0.8mm

FIAT BRAVA 182 spark plugs

Hi Ive just started to experience something like a flat spot when I push the throttle but its not always in the same place or all the time. Is this a plug problem Thanks.

Originally Posted by beefy Hi Ive just started to experience something like a flat spot when I push the throttle but its not always in the same place or all the time. Is this a plug problem Thanks. Hi spark plugs and even leads are items that should always be serviced so if they have not been done in say 24 odd thousand miles i would definately be thinking about changing them

Hi Any idea what the gap on the plugs should be brava 1.2 16v Thanks

Originally Posted by beefy Hi Any idea what the gap on the plugs should be brava 1.2 16v Thanks modern plugs are pre gapped.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Spark Plugs and HT Leads

Any body any advice on spark plugs and HT Leads Im going to service my Bravo and want to know if anybody has any experience of using the Champion EON or NGK Iridium sparkplugs. Also has anybody used performance HT Leads Did you experience a noticable improvement from using them Thanks in advance. DaKid

FIAT BRAVA 182 Spark Plugs For 2.0 20V HGT

Hi I recently purchased some bosch spark plugs from camberly auto factors for my 2.0 20V HGT. When I was replacing them I noticed their very slightly longer. Will this be a problem havent started the car yet cause unsure. I took them back and they said there definately the right ones. Can anybody please give me the correct plug number for this engine as to what type I need. Im a bit worried that there

FIAT BRAVA 182 Sparks plugs from where

sorry for the post but its different to my other one just need a reply as to where you get your plugs from i was on shop4parts i have a 1.2 bravo but for some reason they have 2 different sets of spark plugs

FIAT BRAVA 182 what size to remove spark plug

ok tried using my spark plug remover but wont go down chamber anyone tell me what size i need to remove plugs from a 1.2

FIAT BRAVA 182 spark plug

anyone know how to change the spark plugs on a 1.8 bravo

FIAT BRAVA 182 what should the spark plug gap be on a bravo 80 sx

as the title says what should a spark plug gap be on a bravo 80 sx

FIAT BRAVA 182 Spark plug gaps

I have a Bravo 100 16v. Does anyone know what size the gaps on my spark plugs should be Cheers

FIAT BRAVA 182 spark plugs

what the hell does it mean when theres oil on the spark plugs first two are covered in oil cheers chris

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo 1.4 spark plug gap

Does anyone know what the spark plug gap should be on the Bravo 1.4

FIAT BRAVA 182 spark plugs and rocker cover gasket

hi guys i am doin my rocker cover gasket and cylinder seals on a 97 hgt can anyone help me with torque settins and order of bolts that need tightenin up cheers and also what are the best spark plugs i am currently runnin ngks thanks

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