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fiat brava spacer 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Wheel spacers

As I have a 6 speed box in my 1.2 its that extra bit longer therefore I cant obtain full lock on the right which in some ways is hillerious when you tell someone but most of the time is just plain annoying when trying to park Ive asked before about this I was told to get a set of stop locks made up (I have a rough idea what they are) however just about every engineers Ive gone to has looked at me as

Thats the problem with old wheels info is hard to get for them... The S7-3 is the modern day S7 im guessing Lenso wouldnt change the ET for every variation of the wheel Do you think the idea with the spacers would work

ahh i see...yeah id imagine they wouldnt change the offset as i said before most of the wheels that were 17 were ET35 on 4 id imagine they are ET35. i dont know on the spacers theyre cheap enough its worth a try..if they dont do much then you can always get your money theory on full lock with those spacers it could clear it..but like i said im not so sure on it

Bump bump bumpitty bump After too many attempts looking on the interweb I took the wheels off and after a good scrubbing I found what I was looking for Lenso S7s 7j R17 98108 PCD (multifit ) ET 40 What spacers to use

seriously lock stoppers are the only -propper- way forward to space the wheels out enough you may need your arches sorted for a mot (tyre sticking out). you do realise though that spacers wont really work that well to reduce rub on full lock. say 20mm spacers wont move it 20mm out on full lock. it will move it 5mm out and 15mm towards the front bumper. as the hub will be under the steering it wont work as well. mega spacers would be needed.... that said depends how much it rubs

FIAT BRAVA 182 Coil spring spacers

My 1998 is sagging quite badly in front (i.e. scraping speed bumps at 3 MPH.) Since it is again time to change shocks Id like to do springs also but they are rather expensive so I bought a pair of Superior 18-901 rubber doughnut coil spring spacers to put in. My concerns (a) These can be inserted within the mid-coil winds but dont look like they would stay in very well within the winds or (b) the diagram

never looked into them before but i think ive seen some fitted and secured using cable ties in the mid spring area it was a while ago though so not sure

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FIAT BRAVA 182 need spacers

got my eye on some new 17 rims for my bravo do i need spacers or anything

that depends on the offset of the alloys do they say ETXX anywhere (XX would be a number)

FIAT BRAVA 182 New Bravo

Hi guys just thought i would show everyone my new Bravo Trofeo 1.2 collecting it on sunday so will have to link the ebay page. if you read the description on the page it explains a few problems it has with running ect and worn dampers but other then that i think it looks great. can anybody shed some light on the running issue I have general knowladge

wheel spacer kit like from eibach which extends the spigot and comes with its own mounting bolts and then the wheel is mounted to these and it extends adds extra work when replacing brakes as these have to be removed aswell. i hope thats understandable i am greatful for all your input and all your other ideas are spot on and now on my list lol hope to start work on the car next month once the brava

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brakes upgrade

Any body done this and what were your results mines a 1.6 Thinking of either grooved discs from red dot or somewhere but also heard about 1.8 discs just wanted thoughts please

Originally Posted by DovlaK Hello everybody Im sorry for my bad english. I have a brava 19TD 75HP and i want to put discs on rear brake. Can I use rear discs from some Bravo HGT which had rear discs by factory How difficult it can be Do you have some tutorial for this action Many thanks Regards Vladimir Yes straight swap you can either do the conversion with or with out taking the axle out. It is easier

FIAT PUNTO Brava Alloy wheels

Any one know if a set of universal wheels (the ones with multi holes in them) off a brave would fit straight on to a punto T reg 1998 model There 15 btw.

im guessing they are not original fiat alloys. bravas and Puntos all use the same PCD and centre bore - in fact I think all fiats do.. what differs is the offset. They will physically fit on the hub - but might need spacers to get the tyre aligned correctly.


Ive been looking on ebay for some hubcentric spacers ( i know there are some available in the classifieds but i was looking for a bargain) and found these Hubcentric Wheel spacers for fiat Uno Bravo brava Punto 330277951754 I e-mailed the seller to confirm they would fit a cinq and he said they dont stock cinq ones. But these are 4x98 with a 58.1centre bore so i dont see why they wouldnt Anyone else think they would fit Cheers Jamie

FIAT BRAVA 182 help in fitting alloys on bravo 1.4

hi iam intersted in the exact size of the alloys i have 14inch wheels and what is the screws distace i think its 98mm am i right can i use honda civic alloys or iam tottaly wrong in the sizes cause i dont know how to fit the wheels... plz help thanks

you can fit honda wheels just not Honda original wheels the stud pattern is slightly different on Hondas but you can get longer bolts and washers with off-centre holes. you cant use Honda original wheels as the holes for the bolts on these are very small and wont allow for smaller stud patterns. Aftermarket wheels usually wont have this problem. the offset on a bravoa is 35mm (i think) the Civic is 40mm or 43mm depending on model. you should probably get spacers as well Met Cognac 99 brava 100 HSX wish itd clean itself

those offset washers are the best option if you dont use them your bolts may come loose and youll stress the hubs. so there youll need new bolts if youre using spacers anyway. if you dont use spacers you may affect the cars handling Met Cognac 99 brava 100 HSX wish itd clean itself

FIAT BRAVA 182 need some help

is there any chance that my old wolfrace alloys there 4 stud and came of a vectra i was told that they might fit my fit my bravo can anyone help here i dont want to spend another 100 sheets on new tyres if the dont fit thanks guys

Hi The PCD of your vauxhall is probably 4x100 where as fiat is 4x98 if this is the case you can use wobbly bolts to fit your alloys. If the centre bore on the alloys is not 58.1mm you will also need spigot rings. You may need spacers if the offset is very different though spigot rings server as spacers aswell. Wobbly bolts have a moving collar addapting for the difference in PCD

Originally Posted by Adrian Bravo Hi The PCD of your vauxhall is probably 4x100 where as fiat is 4x98 if this is the case you can use wobbly bolts to fit your alloys. If the centre bore on the alloys is not 58.1mm you will also need spigot rings. You may need spacers if the offset is very different though spigot rings server as spacers aswell. Wobbly bolts have a moving collar addapting for the difference

FIAT BRAVA 182 belt snapped

my 2000 brava 80sx 1.2 16v cam belt has snapped just woundering if its a safe engine as in valves not hit pistons cheers

10mm exhaust spacer. all i am saying is that going from a 1.2 16v to a 1.4 16v is just the same (only you dont need a spacer if you take the 1.4s exhaust). there are no more technical issues for Joe Bloggs to sort out no sensors will be disconnected or fooled. Quote The Brav 1.6 produces the same BHP as a StiloPanda 1.4 16V. Oh and its a straight fit no messy mods no transplanted parts off other fiats

FIAT BRAVA 182 Standard wheel sizes

I am wondering if all steel wheeled Bravoa came with 15 wheels I have an Idea which has a set of 15 alloys as standard and a set of 15 winter tyres to go on it. I thought it would be easy to pick up a set of rims off a scrapped Bravoa but have tried every scrapper in West Yorkshire and they claim not to have any. Also if anyone has the info off the top of their head on the actual wheel width and offset

Originally Posted by jonti I put 2 x bravaomarea steel rims on the front of my Tipo and they much improve the cornering over the old tipo wheels because they stick out more i.e. the negative offset is less. I dont know which model they came off as I ordered them over the phone. They are stamped 5.5j and ET35. I am tryin to get 2 more for the back but all the breakers are telling me all their bravas

FIAT BRAVA 182 new wheel cathing i think any way

hey just bougt sum marea alloys and tyres put them on my brava but when i put the full lock on it seems to catch sum were but only does it on the right hand lock and not on the left so would i need sum spacers if so how wide 3mm 4mm 5mm plus would i have to put them on both the front and the back thanks for your help guys

FIAT BRAVA 182 Alloy wheels

Im thinking of upgrading wheels again to fit in with the paint job but Im confused by what offset is. What exactly is it and what range size will fit on a brava will I need to change anything eg. bolt length for particular offsets People have mentioned spacers what do they do at what offsets are you likely to need them and what kind of sizes do they come in Im thinking of some wheels which are from

httpwww.fiatforum.commiscellaneous-guides50703-working-out-offset-wheels.html edit in other words its how much of the wheel will be at the back if its too much you will need spacers and may be longer bolts

Thanks Dave However my wheels are currently on (well no theyre actually off) the car at the bodyshop along with the manual which presumably tells me what offset suits the car EDIT - thanks also Chris Where does the spacer sit and what exactly does it do Are they costly and hard to find (like wobbly bolts were) The bolts I have on at present are of a standard length because the wheels I have on fitted

To get the Vaux wheels on the spacers new spigot rings and longer wobble bolts and locking nuts will push the price up a fair bit. Over &163100 even. The spigot rings centre the wheel on the hub (vauxhalls and fiats are different)

Using a spacer you can install 165mm or 130mm drivers in your door. Makes more sense than replacing paper nokias with another set of oval speakers. All you need is either buy or make a spacer for the speaker. 165 mm spacer made of MDF 130mm spacer (UK store)

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fitting 75x16 (offset 42) wheels on Bravo

Ive been trying to find information about fitting 75x16 wheels on a non-lowered fiat Bravo 1.2 16V -00. The PCD is 4x100 so the wheels would be fitted with wobbly bolts and plastic spigot rings. The only problem is that the offset is 42 which might be too much for Bravo Tires will be of size 2054516 which shouldnt cause any problems I wouldnt want to use spacers as theres enough mods with the bolts

If the et42 wheels do come into contact with anything suspension etc. then you could always get some 5mm spacers. This would then be the same as et37. But you may be able to get away with out the need for them. Some people frown upon using wobbly bolts and spacers but as long as the spacers were hubcentric (ie centres themselves exactly on the hub) then they would be fine. I use wobbly bolts with my alloys and ive never had any problems

16x7.5 19545x16 37 5mm spacer requied and wobbly bolts needed as they have said above but in my opinion im not a great fan of wobbly bolts with spacers but as chrisunoman has said as long as they sit center then they should be fine its alot better then trying to put 4x100 e38 vauxhall wheels on a saxo they need 20mm spacers lol

FIAT BRAVA 182 Punto Alloys on a Bravo

Hello I have bought the wife a bravo for he 30th but it doesnt have alloys. I was just wondering if I could replace the wheels with 14 punto sporting alloys and just swap the tyres over. According to the tyres on the car they are 17565R14 in size. Is it ok to swap the tyres over. Also if I got 15 alloys what size tyres would I need. thanks in advance for any help Ian

I have tyres the same size as Wimmys on mine. Third party alloys dont often come in a fiat fitment but if its close enough can be made to fit with different bolts spacers and are often cheaper and better looking than fiat options.

FIAT BRAVA 182 question about alloys.

hi all could someone tell me if these alloys in the pic will fit a fiat bravo...old style..51 plate..they fit the mk2 puntos. im debating weather to buy them for my bravo but dont know if they will fit..thanks. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides   

how do the foglights attach to the bumper they dont have the inserts like the standard bumper. also does the bumper come with mesh or what im guessing you arent just left with a big hole ijncluded in the one i got bumper spacers big black washers screws black mesh leaflets the fog lights are held in by mouldings in the bumper ill get some pics Attached Thumbnails     __________________ fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help wanted asap with airbag

Hi LadsI reckon the springs in my air bag are gone as the right side of the pad is lower than the other and the horn blows if i hit a bump.When i put a coin spacer between it and the steering wheel i can drive without it blowing. fiat tell me these springs cannot be got on their own and i would have to buy the airbag and dismantlers want a rm and a leg for the steering wheel complete with the bag Anyone

FIAT BRAVA 182 4x98 - 4x100

hello people well i want a new set of alloys in future and i kind of want a deep dish look most likely on 15 or 16 could i use wobbly bolts as most of these wheels are 4x100 or would it be safer to buy some spacers for it and what sort of price am i gonna be looking at to do this conversion

If youve got ET35 fitted at the moment go for ET35 if you can only find ET38 fit 3mm spacers - ET40 fit 5mm spacers. Remember as well if using spacers youll need longer bolts to accomodate the extra depth. Dont know why I thought those 500 wheels were 16s Ade must be having a senior moment lol.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Multitudinous jobs and 72000 Mile Service

Hi Times running out for me to get my brava 1.9TD100 going again as the tax runs out this month and 0.0001 seconds after it runs out therell be a complaint on Fix My Street about it... Anyway Im still stuck with that lousy generator which I cant get out (I have to work outside and this weekend is the first (after four months of rain snow and freezing-cold weather) its been dry and warm enough to do

piece of that corrugated ali. ducting that was clipped to a vent duct on the top of the alternator brush-cover which then goes up to a large wiring-clip behind the injector-pump then disappears unseen somewhere Anybody know anything about it - I cant find any trace of it on ePER or any indication where it goes Chris Williams Attached Files Alternator.PDF (84.2 KB 5 views) __________________ fiat

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Questions on wheel spacers

Hi I am looking for a set wheels spacers on e-bay but dont know which one will fit the cinq . Will that fit ok or do i need something specific type for the cinq and i see there are some universal ones would they fit ok cheers

stay away from univeral spacers these Uno Bravo brava Mar&233a Croma Palio Multipla Punto Tipo Tempra fit a cento. httpwww.performancefx.netwsfiat.htm

Originally Posted by dave stay away from univeral spacers these Uno Bravo brava Mara Croma Palio Multipla Punto Tipo Tempra fit a cento. httpwww.performancefx.netwsfiat.htm may i ask why

FIAT BRAVA 182 Alloy wheel help or trouble ...

Hey recently got a set of 15 alloys for my fiat the only problem is when i take the old standard wheels off there are two spike looking things in which the old wheel slotted on to if i remove them the disc is able to spin freely until i bolt the alloy wheels on. what are these are they important and do i need to buy a kit for the wheels i dont think spacers are required as there is sufficient room without contact. many thank..

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava 17s bodykit lowering etc.

Hi. I am about to buy a fiat brava but just have a couple of questions. I want to buy 17 wheels to it but is it true that only 7x17s will fit And what about with a bodykit (frontlips etc.) will the 7x17 still work fine And do you guys know any bodykits besides the one from CarZone and Rieger How much can the brava be lowered and still be able to transport 4 - 5 passengers luggage without the rough

put 2054017 on my bravo and it rubs on full lock its not even lowered so invest in some spacers

205s shouldnt rub unless you have wrong offset wheels. are they 100pcd wheels with wobbly bolts by any chance spacers will effectively adjust the offset for you but make sure you also use decent bolts of the right length there should be at least 6 turns of bolt thread 6 or less and you need longer bolts to be safe.

Originally Posted by jug 205s shouldnt rub unless you have wrong offset wheels. are they 100pcd wheels with wobbly bolts by any chance spacers will effectively adjust the offset for you but make sure you also use decent bolts of the right length there should be at least 6 turns of bolt thread 6 or less and you need longer bolts to be safe. wobbly bolts they have spiggot rings my rims Metal Type Aluminium

Originally Posted by Bravissimo Hmmm what dunno why mine was rubbing then got some spacers now

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brake conversions

Hi everybody its me again Does anyone have any idea of exactly how much i would need to change in order to swap my rear brake drums for discs would it just be the wheel assembly or would i need to replace the hubs and bearings as well and modify the suspension Regards Luis

Originally Posted by Hellcat The hub washer. Where does this fit into the scheme of things Do you need to remove the hub to fit the parts behind it Disc GuardCalliper Mounts The Bravos with drums have a 10mm hub washerspacer say to accomodate the hub to match the size of the drum. With discs they are much narrow than a drum therefore the Hub needs to be brought in abit therefore you need the 5mm hub

FIAT BRAVA 182 RH cups on the bravo

ive been offered a set of RH cups for a very decent price. they are black centers with polished lip. im not sure how they would look tho they 7x15 and ET 35 PCD is 4x100 so wobblies will be needed but will i need spacers too and do you think they would suit or look too small

ET35 means you shouldnt need spacers because 7x17s fit without spacers with that offset. personally im not sure theyd suit a bravo but its hard to say.

FIAT BRAVA 182 17s on a Bravo

Hi everyone. Ive got a bravo and want to put 17s with 2054017 tyres on it but not sure if they will fit. Everyone I have spoke to say they will fit but the problem I am worried about is I am a Carpenter and unfortunately have to use my car for work so I carry alot of tools in the boot. Will all this weight in the back cause the wheels to rub everytime I hit a bump If they will fit how much if any will

Just checked the stilo wheel query and 3mm spacers will be needed. They might fit without them though. They are easy enough to get mind you could go round a few scrap yards as cinq sportings used 3mm spacers on the fronts as standard.

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