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fiat brava side window 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 pass side elec window so slow going up

can any 1 help my pass side elec window is so slow going up and down im sure it goes back wardsis there any thing i can do to make it go faster like is shouldany help would be great

Try spraying silicon lube up the channels first. If that doesnt cure it then you need to take the door panel off and look at re-aliging the window mech or replacing the motor.

well i didnt have that i used a bit of wd40 it goes down fast now but now goes even slower up..but thinking ya right door panel to come ofis it a hard job to sort

No idea on the Bravo. Probably a few screws (in door handle and door tray) and then a load of clips. Got a haynes manual Theyre usually good at the interior stuff.

there are if i remember rightly two different sized allen bolts to remove as well as the screws. if the window appears to push backwards then its up against resistence. as hellcat says silicone spray is the answer or you can use dash spray[basically the same stuff].check the channels at the bottom for any crud. and make sure the surround channels are straight and clean before spraying.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Window Regulator (bravo drivers side)

regulator went on the good ladies car yesterday morning stuck down typically rac man has cut the wires to it and got it up but need to replace it has anyone any tips for doing so easy hard length of time to do etc. all would be gratefully received (am relatively handy with the spanners) am going to pop out and wip the door panel off and get a look at it all dreckly (shame as had it all off on wednesday to swap tyhe handles over lol) but would appreciate any hints and tips Thanks Muchly Timmo

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava - Electric Windows issue

Hi there (again) I need some clarification re the bravas electric windows when lowering front passenger side window from my side i push button window gets lowered release button window stops going down. If i push button to lower my front window window starts going down but when i release button window wont stop but will keep going down all the way it will only stop if i push button in opposite direction

yep the drivers side is automatic so the driver doesnt have to be distracted from driving. a nice mod is to change the relay for the passeneger side so both windows are automatic.

FIAT BRAVA 182 tinted windows

What do people think of tinted windowsGoodBadI dont want to look like a drug dealerWould it look stupidwhats the best way of going about itany tipsShould i do it myself or get it done professionally

tints have to be at a certain % of light transmision for them to be legal as said most windows do have a standard tint to them even some of the lightest films available will make a bravo brava and marea illegal on the tins side and here is the proof of that i had a 35% film on the front which is way over the limit but in the test it came out to 47% which gives my standard window tint from fiat at 12%

FIAT BRAVA 182 problems with electric windows both and horn

hi bought my fiat brava x reg year 2000 1.6 petrol 100 sx yesterday and the electric windows on front both sides dont work also the horn doesnt work today the light was on for the key symbol that says code by it stays on and also back lights under number plate dont work im no mechanic so would appreciate any advice i dont like going to garages unless i really have to also i am totally confused as to

FIAT BRAVA 182 Electric Windows Brava

Hi My Passenger window goes up real slow - well no wear near the speed of my driver window Does anyone know why this is and could advise me on what i need to do exactly. Also as alot of you may know withthe sx brava you dont get the auto close click thing on the passenger side - surely theres sumthing i can do to let it do this Please advise

FIAT BRAVA 182 Electric Windows

my leccy windows are REEEEEEEALLY slow. they start off (the first inch or so of opening) being really fast but then get progressively slower to the point where i could almost go and get a cup of Tea whilst waiting for it to go fully down. also i have noticed the lights on the swithes dont work all the time does anyone have any ideas my thought was that the motor might need to be replaced. the car is

Originally Posted by jug haynes manual has a relay map iirc or at least a relay numbering system that you can compare to the numbers on the fusebox. there should be 2 relays one for each window. replace both if you want both to be one touch. youll need 2 donor cars to get 2 relays because models with one touch only have it on the drivers side. Which Bravoa Mareas have 1 touch up and down on drivers

Originally Posted by mountainmachine Which Bravoa Mareas have 1 touch up and down on drivers side or which dont i thought they all did but if you say you need 2 relays that would suggest that it wouldnt already have 1 touch on the drivers side. one relay controls one window. so you need to find two of the same spec and pinch both of the drivers side relays and replace your standard ones. as far as i know the HLX and HGT have the one touch. not sue on the ELX but i think they do.

Originally Posted by jug haynes manual has a relay map iirc or at least a relay numbering system that you can compare to the numbers on the fusebox. there should be 2 relays one for each window. replace both if you want both to be one touch. youll need 2 donor cars to get 2 relays because models with one touch only have it on the drivers side. On my brava 1.6 100HSX 16v both driver and passenger windows are 1 touch not that I am complaining.

Originally Posted by rikmargetts On my brava 1.6 100HSX 16v both driver and passenger windows are 1 touch not that I am complaining. Up and down As think the HGTs is just down on the passengers side. Could be different on the brava

FIAT BRAVA 182 Whats the problem with the window wipers

Right ive just bought a 2001 Bravo 51 plate. I also have my R reg Bravo which was in a crash. My R reg has 3 speeds for the window wipers slow medium and fast. My 51 plate Bravo has 2 speeds medium... then medium AGAIN then fast... Also when you switch off the wipers they will just stop where they are no matter where they are on my windscreen. But my R reg finishes the wipe and settles where they should

Originally Posted by JoskeJTD Theres a relay on the front wiper motor try changing that. If that fails itll be the stalks. Took me some time to get time to do it but ive done it successfully with no problems at all -). I still have my old smashed up Bravo (R.I.P ) and the wiper motor works perfect on that so with a little help from by Bravobrava workshop manual CD which tells me everything from replacing

FIAT BRAVA 182 Electric windows problem

Hi since I bought my 2001 16 brava I had problems with electric windows. When you start engine drive or just turn the power on they can work or not. After 1-2 or 5 minutes as if it switch itself. If it worked then it stops if it didnt work they work nicely. I tried spraying contacts at drivers side but it didnt work. I dont have idea where to look at or what else to do. Any ideas

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava window probs

hi all i am trying to mend my friends front passenger side window it goes down but wont go up but if i put if i put power direct to the motor i can get it to up. i know some elctronics so i tested the swich using a multi meter and i know it switching live but its not swiching negitve. so i tried a new switch but its still not working also the drivers passenger switch also does nothing so i replaced

Hiya Try replacing the Relay first if that doesnt work just get window switches out of a derelict bravo and replace them with his. As far as i know the passenger switch on the drivers side is linked with the passenger door one. Im sure they run in series ( through the one relay) so you have to replace both passenger switches when changing even just the one.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Electric windows

Hi My brava 1.8 ELX has a really slow electric window. Is it the motor damaged mechanism How can I check it Thanks

I can vouch for this having just used silicon based lubricat on the window runners. Wind the window all the way down. Make sure you have a straw attached to the spray can then you can the lubricant right into the runner. Spray evenly down the runner front and back of the window. Now run the window up and down a few times to get the sides of the glass well lubricated and to even spread the lubricant.

Originally Posted by jug age has nothing to do with it they are only slow because they have too much friction. buy some silicone spray put the windows down and then spray on the rubber that the glass slides against. Although I agree that in most cases the silicone implant works I thought it may be useful for the forum record to let you know of another fault that could cause a slow window. The problem

FIAT BRAVA 182 lights in window controls

if I open the passenger side window from the drivers side the passenger side window swich light turns off until I let go of the button on the drivers side. Now if I press the driver side control for the passenger side up then that button then turns off until I press it agian and it turns back on. What on earths going on here

Mine does the same I guess its meant to be like that. Light goes out on the passenger side when you put the window down but only dims when you put the window up.

Yes i know its a old thread but its been niggling at me Right pass side elec window illumination does switch off when operated(downwards) from drivers side but should stay on if operated from drivers side(upwards) if it dims its just the elec motor drawing curretany other combination then its likely the internal diode has blown....common apparently There I can sleep better now

FIAT BRAVA 182 Wet Seat belt on passenger sideBravo

Guys any ideas. The seat belt on passenger side of my fiat Bravo is soaking wet. Seat floor everything else is dry. Any ideas where water could get in here as looks like its sealed ffrom rear window

FIAT BRAVA 182 window regulator

my passenger side electric window wont go up with the passenger side switch its goes down with this switch but not up i have to do it up with the drivers side switches could it be a problem with the regulator etc becuase im also having problems with interior light not coming on when the drivers side door is open and then bulb in the driver side electric windows switch not working which i think is just a blown fuse could all this be related thanks

FIAT BRAVA 182 Window stuck

Hi My drivers side window has been slow lately but today it went down but got stuck i finally got it to go back up by pushing the switch wires further into the switch. Does this sound like a dodgy switch or is it motor relay related (it does still open but not close) Thanks

Quote if it is moving slowly lately you should use some silicone spray on the runners to free it. leaving it will ultimately snap the cable and wear the motor out. I am havin a very similar issue with my passenger side window. Forgive my ignorance but what do you mean by silicone spray and when you say runners is that within the door or do you mean the window rubbers that the window runs between.

Originally Posted by tchuey69 I am havin a very similar issue with my passenger side window. Forgive my ignorance but what do you mean by silicone spray and when you say runners is that within the door or do you mean the window rubbers that the window runs between. i mean the window rubbers. wind the window down then spray it inside the rubbers. wind the window up and down a dozen times and it sohuld

FIAT BRAVA 182 Problem with electric window

I have a problem with my 1.6 Bravo SX. The driver side window goes down or up by it self when I click one time on the button but on the passenger side one you have to keep on pressing until it reaches the position you need. My problem is that I want the passenger side window to work the same as the driver side one its more practical you just click one time and its down or up. What do I need to change

the relay behind the glovebox only has a noise listening feature on the drivers side. if you replace the relay for the passenger side to one with this feature both windows will be one touch. if both the passenger side and drivers side are built into one relay you are a bit stuck i think this may be the case on the bravoa range.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Electric Windows

Hi I have a Bravo 1999 model 10016v. I have a problem with the passingers side electric window it does not go up when being controlled from the drivers side. Do you have any ideas what the problem could be I dismantelled the switching connectors of both sides and cleaned them with contact cleaner (spray) I also cleaned the main connectors of each door sides but still teh problem persisted.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo Electric Window Problem

Problem with 2001 1.9 diesel driver side electric window. Motor is O.K. Have tried 3 different switches. Fiddled with switch block (white) and it did work once - probably a coincidence - then stopped. window worked after taking out panel and replacing it on one occasion then took switch panel out to put some cleaner in terminals but then window didnt work at all. Passenger side front window working

FIAT BRAVA 182 Smashed Window

I had a rather unfortunate encounter today with a 14 year old kid driving a Corsa like a fking stunt car I was on my way to collect an item I had bought on eBay from a local village (Moore for those who know Warrington). Just as I came over a sinngle lane hump backed bridge into my sellers street I was faced with a red Corsa bearing no number plates heading towards me at what must have been 70mph with

FIAT BRAVA 182 help ASAP DOOR brava window

right all we took the side panel off on the door so i could put some hefty 2.50 watt speakers fitted perfect and now i went to put back the window switch back on and they wont stop on in the same procession

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava Central LockingAuto window Closing Wires

Hi Im New Here Im Just In The Process Of Starting To Sort Out My brava 1.4 sx I Got An all In One Alarm And Locking Kit However Am Not Sure Which Wires To Connect The Remote Locking Up To Also Its Got Auto window Closing Does Anyone Know If This Can Be Used If So Again Which Wires To Connect It Up To Sorry To Be A Pain lol Many Thanks For Any Help

its hard to help without knowing if your boxes wires are the same as what I had however I shall do my best anyway P If its anything like mine then you should usual have black and red as your earth and live which are pretty straight forward. earth joins into another earth and the red live i personally wired straight to the battery through the passenger sides footwell gromit. Hower you should also have

FIAT BRAVA 182 Window and Headlamp Washer Bottle

I noticed the other day that my window washer seemed to be running out extremely quick.Ive topped it up about 5 times in as many weekswhen the car was in the garage for a couple of days i noticed water on the floor which seemed to be coming from the window washer bottle.I checked all the connectors where the motors go in and the water wasnt coming from there.So i decided to take out the water tanknighmare.Undone

FIAT BRAVA 182 Window Motor

Has anyone replaced theres If so how do you get that pladtic boltbullet thing out of the window and vice versa Seems impossible to get out. With summer being here can do with both windows working. Help apreciated Cheers Mike

i had to do the reg on the wifes last year went up thje breakers yard blind as to what it took to get it off Real pita first time around but you need the arms of a baby with the strength of an adult to get the small plastic circlip like peice out from the out side of the door side of the plastic lug that holds the window onto the reg rails simple enough once youve sussed it just make sure you tape the window up - duck tape as that makes it a lot easier

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo door windows not working

Bravo 1.2 99 Selected the passenger window to go down (from the drivers door). It went down about an inch and stopped. Now neither window works. The sunroof still works. Ive checked all the fuses on the drivers side in both boxes and none have blown. Took the glove box out and cant see any fuses just relays. Any suggestions

Find the relay for the windows and replace it with another one. Maybe its stuck and stop working.When you press the button for windows either from the drivers side or the passenger side do you hear any clicking noise from the glovebox If not then you know that your relay has died. John Mc thanked for this post

FIAT BRAVA 182 urgent help windows

hi guys a friend of mine is doing me a big favour and he successfully installed a Hawk alarm on my 1999 bravo. everything is working fine except for the automatic window closers. can someone please guide us and tell us how to go around doing the automatic windows closing which wires are used from the car etc were in doubt if the window module is faulty or not but then again we are unsure which wires

On my HGT they are both 1 touch from the drivers side switch on the way down but on the way up only the drivers side window is - randomly Ive not got round to looking into it yet but if I find anything Ill update here.

with the ignition off passenger window goes up driver window does not. on the two sets of wires (which go to the window switchmotor) the same thing is happening (in terms of multimeter ...) but strangely enough one goes up the other doesnt so its something with the car ... and since mine is from 1999 i believe its a mk2 and if i read correctly from the link you gave me theres nothing to do about the

FIAT BRAVA 182 Stupid Windows.....

My drivers side window has stopped working half way up the door so i cant close it. I already know that the motor has gone becasue the relay works and the switches work. But i just want to close the fetching window but the window is stuck in gear. Can anyone tell me how i can get the window to close until i can make it to the scrappy for a new motor. Cheers guys

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo Electric window motor

hi all just joined today and have a question..... i have a 1996 2 door bravo and the drivers side electric window is playing up when you press the switch to let the window down it will only go down about 6 inches then stops and if you keep pressing down on the switch it makes a viberating sound coming from the electric motor you can push the window down by hand while holding the switch down but i

FIAT BRAVA 182 Front Window Motor Help....

Hi All I have a 2 door Bravo and I want to replace the window Motor Is the Motor on a 4 door Bravo the same . Kind Regards Tim

Originally Posted by Timmo I have a 2 door Bravo and I want to replace the window Motor Is the Motor on a 4 door Bravo the same Why do you want to replace the motor If the windows have become very slow it is due to excess friction on the rubber runners. Use silicone spray on them. Put the window down fully and spray down each side where the runs are But dont use oil based lubricants

FIAT BRAVA 182 Sticky windows

bravo that i bought has been stood for a wee while and the windows are sticking but they do work. how do i loosen them up a bit

only use silicone spray with ptfe. spray a very generous amount in both window runners. if you wind the window down you can spray it in at each side then work the window up and down until it regains normal speed. you may find any excess spray leaks out the bottom of the door dont worry it will stop once all the excess drains away you need to spray that much to get the dirt out of the runners. DO NOT use any oil based lubricants such as wd40 becasue that will make them worse in the long run.

or better still... Second option This is easier with the mechanism removed 1. Remove the door card 2. Take off the inner lining 3. Unclip the window to guide puller clip - its in the middle of the window and is a bit of a fiddle - it is a sort of plastic loop you may need to use some pliers. 4. Unplug the wiring loom to the motor. 5. Undo the three mechanism retaining bolts then wiggle it about and

FIAT BRAVA 182 lol Window problem

Aaaah those fiats ... My newest problem is electrical... Often when I first start my car in the morning and I press on the button to lower my windows I hear a click (electrical relay click maybe) but the window doesnt move. If I press again in both directions it still doesnt move. Sometimes I have to press a dozen times in both directions in order for the window to move. Note that with each press I

Hi guys and thankyou for replying. I am sure that the problem is not with the switch cos when I press the switch I can hear the relay clicking just like normal except that the window wont move. Usually if I press the switch 4 or 5 times in a row in both sides it will function fine. This only happens on the the first start of the day and after that its normal all day. Furthermore it doesnt happen everyday.

motors can wear out slightly so theres enough powere to move them but if the condensation sticks the window to the runners then it hasnt got enough power to pull it loose. I Use Parolium Jelly. tiny bit on your little finger. wind the window down and put your finger in the gap where the rubber is and run it up the gap until your fingers got nothing leftt then repeat until your all the way round to

FIAT BRAVA 182 removing windows

hi peepz im in a really bad mood my car got broke into last night the little bass put a brick though my passenger side window. so i went to the scrap yard to get a new one a i fig out how to get the window out can anyone help me out plz

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