fiat brava shaft position sensor

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fiat brava shaft position sensor 182
fiat brava shaft position sensor 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava 1.4SX Throttle Position SensorPotentiometer (TPS)

Hi I just took my 98 fiat brava 1.4SX for an ECU diagnostic check as the engine management warning lamp was lighting up very oftenthus resulting that the engine wasnt running smoothly whenever this happened. From the diagnostic check it resulted that the Throttle position sensor was getting intermittently faulty. I made enquires at the local fiat store but they had no original replacement parts and I couldnt find any online either. Can anybody help me in this matter please

No luck yet. Does anyone know if I have to buy the complete throttle body or just the Throttle position sensor complete with the throttle shaft

FIAT BRAVA 182 HELP cam shaft sensor replacement

hi all .. anyone have to change camshaft position sensor on brava looked at haynes manual which says to take off timing belt... is this necesary or can you change it without removing belt have injector lioght on dash.. had car plugged into diagnostics which pulled up error code for intermittent pulse sensor ( canshaft sensor) any advice much appreciated

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FIAT BRAVA 182 14 12V engine trouble after cam swap

Hi. I recently acquired a 1997 brava 14 12valve with cam failure (one lobe had 5mm ground off giving almost no valve lift). I bought a cam kit and started what I thought was an easy job (looked that way...).However when I was trying to fasten the new cam the treads in the head (for 4 of the cam fastening bolts) gave way even before the cam came in contact with the head leaving me with no other option

CHANGE CAMS ON THESE ENGINES WITHOUT USING TIMING TOOL KIT If the cam belts one tooth off youll probably bend at least one valve... You may try to set the new cam at exactly the same position as the old one but the problem is that you can adjust the cam wheel at least one tooth back or forwards once loosening the bolt which means you can never be shure youve got it right. Buy a timing kit for fiat

&163150 i used to charge &16350 for any car and i thought that was expensive. its very easy to do yourself. rather than write it out again heres one of my previous efforts reposted to fit rear springs you jack car up to just before the point where the rear wheel is lifted into the air take nut off on bottom of shock jack car up higher until shock is clear of trailing arm slot old spring off swap the

FIAT BRAVA 182 1997 1.6 auto brava help

hi i need help asap i just got a 1997 1.6 sx auto brava once i got it home around 17 miles when i went back out for a drive i found a warning light i cant remeber if it was all ready on or not when i 1st saw the car but once i paid for the car im left with nealy no cash from the reading iv done its a injection system malfunction light iv done some more reading and been told i can reset the

Tomorrow morning I will post also for your coil figures when tested with OHM meter if you have it. I have changed my coil and the warning light NEVER appeared and it was deffective So first thing is to check injectors or in your case one of the sensors as you DONT have MAF sensor there is KNOCK sensor to check and crank-shaft position sensor. For prevention use STP injector cleaner every 3 months.

to fit rear springs you jack car up to just before the point where the rear wheel is lifted into the air take nut off on bottom of shock jack car up higher until shock is clear of trailing arm slot old spring off swap the rubber bit onto the new spring slot new spring into position slowly lower car until shock is back in position bolt shock back onto trailing arm you can do both rear springs very quickly

FIAT BRAVA 182 No hot start (i think)

Hi Im new. I have a bravo 1.2 16v sx the problem first started a few months back when it was tempermental starting i drove to birmingham airport to drop some friends off i used the toilet and when i got back it wouldt start so i rang the rac and had to cancel that because after about an hour it started again. I put the thing through a garages computer i had to faults one being the key and the other

Check the air gap between the rpm sensor and the pick up serrations on the crank shaft pulley. If its just slightly too large then it will give exactly your symptoms of unreliable start sometimes not starting at all then leave it and try again and it starts fine Your DTC showed crankrpm sensor problem and so thats where to go. If it cant determine the rpm or the crank position then it wont allow fuel

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo SX 1600 Starting problem

Hi. Can anyone help out with some advice Car was missing partic at low revs - ran ok at cruising speed. Then became hard to start. Took starter motor out and oiled shaft and cog that connects with ring gear. - no real difference. Replaced plugs and HT leads - now seems to run smoothly. Battery ok. Turns engine over fine but only starts about once in every 10-20 attempts. Engine appears to fire after

Symbols shows that smoethings wrong with injectors coil or even ECU cannot determine proper ignition timing from KnockMAF andor crank-shaft position sensor. You must not start your car with fully or slightly pressed gas pedal Normally simbol must dissapear within 6 seconds. Keep your old coil for the time being as first you have to check if your injectors are clogged or only partially clogged (where

FIAT UNO II can someone identify this Part

helo friends Pls someone on the forum can Identify this part I think this small motor is used to close and open the vents of AC blower as soon as I turn the Ignition key the small shaft on it starts rotating. it came off some were under the steering hood but I dont know were to fix it if any friends have pics how to re install it pls post it on the forum. Attached Thumbnails       __________________

FIAT STILO 1.8 16v not starting

hi my son has a 1.8 16v stilo 03 plate his timing belt strip teeth he has had the head all rebuilt new valves and all that got some one to put back together but it just does not want to start he is getting no spark he got his m8 to hook it up for to find faults and he told him crankshaft sensor he has replaced it but still nothing ang help would be great thankyou

Originally Posted by rsole how do you check the gap at crank sprocket This a diagram for the old Bravo brava but I think the engines are the same either way the crank sensor will be similarly positioned. The gap will be very small probably 1 to 1.5mm __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to

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