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fiat brava shaft bottom 182
fiat brava shaft bottom 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 crank shaft senor

i got a brava 1-4 s .r-reg it has low power i changed the lamba senor plug and leads iv tryed super unleaded to see if the konock senor is working properley so i need to no were the crank shaft senor is and how to clean it or how fit a new one

it will be at the bottom of the engine drivers side (if you are UK) near the oil filter and oil pressure switch. Its a plastic coated sensor pointing towards a groved ring. Doubt its your problem though. Kristian

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava 1.2 clutch replacement

the clutch has gone making lots of noise and hard to get gears e.t.c so ive bought a new clutch and want to fit it myself but ive never changed a clutch or removed a gearbox before. ive searched for a guide how to do it on here but cant find one. can anyone give me a quick guide on what to do to change it and what i need to disconnectundo. do driveshafts have to be popped out meaning i have to undo

Im afraid Ill have to disagree about taking the shafts out. I find it much easier to take the shafts out of the gearbox than split them. Yes you have to drain the gearbox oil but thats dead simple 8mm allen key needed the plug is at the bottom at the back of the gearbox. Drain into old oil container with hole cut in it save and re-use. You dont need to bleed the hydraulics unless the slave cylinder has come adrift. Just undo the two bolts holding it to the gearbox and tie out of the way

Normally undo the passenger side hub nut only. Undo and remove bottom pinch bolt on suspension and lever down with very long bar. Sometimes need hammer assistance. Its true about the retaining clips on the shafts but if you use a chisel to release them a fraction then reposition the chisel and give a really hard whack they normally pop right out. I find the driveshaft cups get in the way when handling the gearbox with them removed its pretty easy.

moves with them as you move it by hand and adjust if necessary and roughly bolt on the linkage to test it before you apply the instant gasket (see pic below of what im on about) otherwise youll put it back together fully and be severely cheesed off that have a wonky gearstick inside that wont go into 12 or reverse... Use lots of cv joint grease in the boots before re-installation MRM-2 from a fiat

Originally Posted by smokeymacpot i dont think i have a socket big enough for the hubnut so i can undo the shocker mounting and have enough space for me to pop that shaft out and the other will come off as i move the box out of the way. i have to do this right as the gearbox wont move far enough away i defo loose oil if lever shafts from the gbox i dont have a clutch alignment tool can i do without

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FIAT BRAVA 182 BravaMarea front wiper problems

Hi all. My First post My Marea Weekend front wiper motor will not park and the hesitation action doesnt work. I am told that the mechanisms are the same for the bravaobrava. French Cars at Shrewsbury (good guys) say I need a complete new or good SH motor as the parts are integral to the motor. Is this right please There seem to be a few used ones on Ebay... Chris

in line with the connecting rods) mount it on the car and check that it works. Make sure it is turning in the right direction. If it works screw the frame into place and put the plastic motor cover back on or improvise your own. Then put the scuttle panel back on. Reattach the wipers before tightening them down align them with the alignment marks on the windscreen. (Srry crappy pic again) On my brava

FIAT BRAVA 182 CV Joint - how to replace

Hi all Can anybody pls try to explain how to remove CV joint and put a new one I got the cracking sound when turning to a side... and 2nd question what is the size of the bolt on a hub (2-A in the pic) The biggest socket I have is 33 but is still small... Bravo 2.0 HGT MK2 with ABS. Tnx Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise

Originally Posted by rallycinq I think its 34mm. Undo the inner gaiter remove the top bolt from the upright loosen the bottom bolt. You should now be able to get the shaft out of the inner cup. Assuming dry inner joint. That will allow you to get the whole shaft out and do the CV joint on the bench. Cheers SPD im doing the cv joint now on a sceicento sporting iv managed to get it off but i cant seen

FIAT BRAVA 182 Multitudinous jobs and 72000 Mile Service

Hi Times running out for me to get my brava 1.9TD100 going again as the tax runs out this month and 0.0001 seconds after it runs out therell be a complaint on Fix My Street about it... Anyway Im still stuck with that lousy generator which I cant get out (I have to work outside and this weekend is the first (after four months of rain snow and freezing-cold weather) its been dry and warm enough to do

have to unbolt this as well - the wretched thing wont budge and my hairs already covered in spilt ATF as it is I cant drop the engine right down as the intermediate drive-shaft flange fouls on the front crossmember and Im certainly NOT going to try and take that out - I havent the strength or the time-tax runs out on the 30th Come on somebody SOMEONE must have done alternator removal on a diesel brava

&163150 i used to charge &16350 for any car and i thought that was expensive. its very easy to do yourself. rather than write it out again heres one of my previous efforts reposted to fit rear springs you jack car up to just before the point where the rear wheel is lifted into the air take nut off on bottom of shock jack car up higher until shock is clear of trailing arm slot old spring off swap the

to fit rear springs you jack car up to just before the point where the rear wheel is lifted into the air take nut off on bottom of shock jack car up higher until shock is clear of trailing arm slot old spring off swap the rubber bit onto the new spring slot new spring into position slowly lower car until shock is back in position bolt shock back onto trailing arm you can do both rear springs very quickly

FIAT BRAVA 182 Calling Sultan Jug Rallycinq

W Reg Bravo 87000 miles 1.2 16v Trofeo Rattling and ticking suddenly started &8211 increases with throttle and disappears with clutch depressing. So its something to do with the clutch or manual transmission. Not sure how to check the transmission oil level from top. Guess need to get on a ramp. Do you think I need a clutch change... no mesing about last one 24000miles ago Apparently. Shes still running

Originally Posted by flying clutchman The oil seeping is a giveaway. Its most likely that the input shaft bearing has failed in the gearbox. Once the gearbox is out its not too bad a job to repair. OR Could be drive shaft oil seals weeping it is actually gearbox oil (Smell it it is quite punget) Could be Crankshaft main oil seal running down the block. Could be Sump gasket cork seal at crankshaft.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava not starting

I have a v reg brava which has always been a reliable runner. I was off to town pulled up at a junction and it just cut out no struggling or coughing just dead have got it back to house it turns over cranks moving sparks to all plugs and as far as i can tell fuel as well. well at least to the quick release point and that chucks a load out when i turned it over. the only thing i could say is that it

My 1.4 has done this it sounds like a large drill motor so no compression when turning. the first time was after a head change and I did an ECU reset battery off 45 mins battery on and it worked the second time I have yet to bottom out the reason as it was combined with rounding of cam shaft lobes and still havent got it sorted - sorry not much help unless remedy one ECU reset works. Have you tried

FIAT BRAVA 182 rear wash wipe on bravo

hi people hoping someone can help the rear wiper on my bravo wont work and everyone you get second hand has had it to i know its a common fault but does anyone know what it is that goes wrong and if it can be put right as im sick of getting second hand 1s which are either broke or brake shortly after getting cheers people really hope someone knows

The wiper shaft runs through a tube with a metal bush at the bottom the tube fills with water and crud and the shafts goes rusty seizing into the tubebush you can often get it working again by simply stripping it all down and giving it a good clean out. HOT HGT thanked for this post

Originally Posted by jimmyybob The wiper shaft runs through a tube with a metal bush at the bottom the tube fills with water and crud and the shafts goes rusty seizing into the tubebush you can often get it working again by simply stripping it all down and giving it a good clean out. NICE 1 cheers chap i will give it ago see what happens

FIAT BRAVA 182 Accelerator stuck

Hi fiat Bravo 1.4 S 1997 P reg My fiat Bravo has been sitting idle for several weeks until yesterday when I wanted to reverse it off my drive. The accelerator pedal was stiff when I tried to apply some gas to get the car started up so I applied a bit more pressure to it and the accelertor pedal then went down to the floor and the car revved up to max revs The pedal wont come back up on its own. I

i had this with my 1.4s peddle sticks in place and engine redlines from cold - nice. Traced it to the throttle cable cam rusted up just pop the cable ofg remove the 2 or 3 bolts holding the bracket and cam and take it off. pop the cap off the pivot shaft and unclip the circlip. draw off the cam and clean all the rust and crud off the bore and the shaft. Give it a good greasing and reassemble and marvel

FIAT BRAVA 182 Gearbox or clutch problem help please

i have a problem with my gearbox or clutch. 1) have taken the battery out now. and it will go in every gear ok.. so does that mean my gearbox is fine 2)with the battery still out when i put my foot on the clutch theres like a popping banging noise coming from it and when i last tried to get it going i would touch the clutch and there would be a horrible scraping noise. 2 or 3 weeks later with the

Originally Posted by rema-d 1) have taken the battery out now. and it will go in every gear ok.. so does that mean my gearbox is fine unless your engine is running this test is meaningless. Originally Posted by rema-d 2)with the battery still out when i put my foot on the clutch theres like a popping banging noise coming from it and when i last tried to get it going i would touch the clutch and there

FIAT BRAVA 182 oil leak

i just notice that my bravo has got a oil leak on the left side of the car. the leak seems to be some where around the cv joints(think thats what its called) and the brushes. there is no sign of leak looking from the top of the engine that would suggest it could be a gasket leak. i did a oil and filter change around 5 weeks ago could this be the oil sump not closed properly

If the sump plug isnt closed its right at the bottom right in the middle and you should be able to see oil around it or dripping directly onto the driveway. Same if its the filter but I still think these are the other side of the sump from the driveshaft If its dripping onto the driveshaft its much more wide open as to where its coming from (one of the oil seals could be loose further up in the engine).

FIAT BRAVA 182 clutch problem

Can someone advise of the scale of taking on changing a clutch on a Bravo 1.2 80sx on a 51 plate. I have done timing belts before but never a clutch.I am getting some juddering when pulling away but not all the timemore so when the car has been driven for a while.Any advice would be great

pretty easy if you know what your doign but time consuming drive shafts out the box take off selectors and unplug clutch ect. mounts un done (support engine with a stand and box on a jack) undo the bolts to the block undo starter make sure the 10mm stone guard bolt is off at the bottom take it off undo clutch put new one on (aligned) and reverse above. pretty sure ive missed alot out but its not that hard if ur mechanically minded where in the contry are you

FIAT BRAVA 182 Estimated clutch cost - HGT

What would I be looking at for getting a new clutch kit fitted to the HGT I know your all going to say get a quote but i just want a rough guide price so I can decide whether its even worth looking at getting it done... Im looking at getting a garage to do it but I will buy the clutch kit seperate so I get the one I want. Any ideas

how is the driveshaft attatched at the box end in a cinq you can pull it out to detatch it.. is it more compliated in the bravo on a cinq you unbolt the bottom of the strut (or remove completly depending on what ur doing) and then you tilt the hub all the way to one side and you can pop the drive shaft out at the gear box end as its literly just resting in the slot not physicaly attatched in anyway.

FIAT BRAVA 182 20vt in A bravo hgt

Bought a smaahed coupe wanna put the turbo lump in ma bravo. any one done it got a complete coupe. so all the bits any pics or tip would be appreciated

Nice one H good luck with the seperation Il keep you informed of the transplant I go this weekend to collect the beast from Glouscter. its a 97 coupe front end damage to the drivers side. Damage- Headlight knackered bonnet knackered oil cooler and engine coolant header tank knackered the guy has put a new bottom arm on it and has a new bumper for me I am using the engine gear box and hopefully shafts

Easiest job ever. Remove bottom bolt. 19mm nylock nut and captive bolt. Use smooth shaft to drift bolt out of the strut. Pull out plastic plug out of subframe (from inside wheel arch). Deep inside you will see a 15mm bolt head. The nut is captive within the subframe. Be very careful that you dont drop the bolt down into the subframe when removing. Replacement is reverse of removal.

FIAT BRAVA 182 speedo problems

Hi I am having dome problems with my bravo 1.2 speedo. It does not move off 0. The other dials (rev meter) etc all apprear to work fine ( does this rule out a loose connection behind the dials I saw a previous thread on this problem). Other threads refer to the cable and sender unit. I have removed the sender unit from the gear box and can see no obvious problems (I might just replace it to emlimate

Originally Posted by banee2 Disaster..... A bit of the speedo sensor manage to break off on removal and is in the transmision housing. Anybody got any ideas on how to get it out If I leave it in there it will probably cause the gears to jump or will they just break it up.... errr iirc the speedo sensore bolts directly above the differential unit or does it run off the gears them selves... damn it i

FIAT BRAVA 182 Please help me please have mercy sob sob

Ok So I went to collect my bravo 100 hlx jtd that i won on ebay and hadnt looked at I dont want to go back to much Im a complete idiot and complete noob im soft in the head this i know. Ok so drove the car away and there is no power its almost as if its in limp mode did splutter out some smoke randomly But I struggled to get past 40. I know i should of tested it but there was no tax on it i had

Originally Posted by Yoshi2u YES I can be my own worst enemy I just popped round with my friend and the guy said it is bad news he is more than sure its the turbo as he couldnt find any problems with the pipes an hoses But Im not sure how much i trust there competence as he said he didnt want to cost me money by taking it apart to check So I think I need a second opinion maybe some one with

FIAT BRAVA 182 vibrateclicking

hello again i was driving my brava 1.4 on a p reg down the motorway an seems quite fine. until i reach about 65-75mph the steering wheel vibrates terrible i know this is due to ballancing on the wheels but the clicking is certainly not right also when turns into streets the front wheels make a clunk sound and also going into reverse any ideas cheers

hi it could be your wish bone or your drive shaft jack the car and try and move your wheel by pushing on top and bottom in and out to see if you have nocking

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 gearbox selector

Hey im wondering if anyone could shed light on this issue im confusing myself with is it possible to use the selectors off a brava on a cinq sporting gearbox even thow on the brava where the cable connects is above the centre of the shaft and on the cinq is below (picures below) cinq on the right brava on the left cinq top brava bottom as im getting confused if i used the brava using i could have 1st

not holding out much hope for your engine. The Lampredi engine is a non-safe engine so the valves often hit the pistons and bend when the cam belt brakes. Of course if you have a FIRE then you are sweet with a broken cam belt and they are really easy to replace. If you have the OHV engine then you wont have a cam belt. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Current 1987 Uno (1580cc) 1997 brava

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