fiat brava seats back seats covers

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fiat brava seats back covers 182
fiat brava seats back covers 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 car seat for choice& to buy..

Hi all Looking for a full set of sporty looking covers for a 96 brava.Can anyone recommend a good place to buy for choice and value.. Or would they have to be custom made.. Many thanks Peter. fiat brava owner-no mods...yet

Thanks for the replies so far..does anyone know if the rezistanz destroy range fit the brava 3 head rests back seats straight on.. Cheers Peter. fiat brava owner-no mods...yet

FIAT BRAVA 182 Heated Seats and Air Con Problem

I have just purchased a 1.8 ELX and have a query re heated seats on a 1.8 elx. They only seem to come on if the car is cold (ie overnight) but not at any other time is there a thermostat that regulates whether they are able to be operated The Aircon doesnt seem to blow out any colder air than the normal air coming in is this an easy problm to solve[]

on. sounds like an interior fault to me im gna have to find out how to replace it i might just buy a whole new HGT chair lol du think thats a good idea Its more than likely the heating element has fractured causing no current to pass no heat. There is no option but to replace the seat with another HGT seat with working heating elements or replace the heating elements. I think its &163300 at fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 BravoBeastie

After having this car for over a year now ive just realised she has never had a proper Members Motors thread... so im going to give a run down with links to other threads with what has happened since i became the new owner of this well known and well loved car. this is going to be the main thread for updates on work being done because ive finally got off my arse and decided to do something about the

FIAT BRAVA 182 My slightly modded brava

Just some pics taken at my local cruises. Lowered 40mm league 17s clear side repeaters. And what you cant see is a jap style colour coded induction kit peco back box mini fridge jvc chameleon HU pioneer 6x9s splx amp and 2 splx 10 subs. Oh and a set of seat covers in the front to save the front seats from McChicken sandwich lol. Soon to have tinted windows full twin exit custom exhaust --0------0--

FIAT BRAVA 182 Mr Fiats Bravo

Its been a while so thought Id post up a couple of newer pics... And the icing on the cake... Beating a 2.0 Litre chavvd up Cav at Ultimate Street Car

Cheers for the comments blu73 I did indeed run against a Scooby and a Skyline they ate me for breakfast. The Scooby was running NOS plus some other goodies such as a bigger turbo etc...and boi did it shift the Skyline was no slouch either. As for the Cav it was a 2.0 Litre 8V my Bravo saw it off no problem. Plenty of people have done the Coupe conversion but not sure if its ever been done on a 1.6 in this country from what Ive read on various sites it seems to be done on the 1.8 or 2 Litre It will of been done on a 1.6 after Xmas though as Im dropping a Coupe lump in. As for engineperformance mods currently all Ive had done is full cat-back system re-map cold feed induction and upgraded spark plugs and leads. Its not quick quick but its nippy compared to similiar engined cars. dazz666 Full spec is as follows... EnginePerformance Mods - Full ECU Remap - Cold Feed Induction - Performance Spark Plugs - Full Stainless Steel Cat-back System sporting a twin tailpipe design Exterior Styling - Rieger Infinity Front Splitter - Rieger Infinity Side Skirts - Rieger Rear Roof Spoiler - Abarth Rear Splitters - Window Tints (Dark Smoke) - Fully De-badged including custom front grille - 17 Wolfrace Street Octanes - Lowered 20-25mm Interior Styling - 2X Rage Racing Bucket seats in black and red ICE - In Car PC linked to a 7 Lilliput Touch Screen (Now replaced with all in on DVD HU) - FLI components upfront and in the rear (Cant remember speakers specs off the top of my head). Future Mods - Custom Re-trim (Rear seats Door Cards and Roof Lining) - Engine Transplant 2.0 Litre 20V Turbo out of fiat Coupe Think that bout covers it

FIAT BRAVA 182 Door material

hey guys just wondering whether changing the material on the doors was a home job or a garage job im not really sure as ive not done it before

nice job well done once you get the bucket seats in youll no doubt be wanting to make the back seats black as well. dont try dye i did once and it was a complete disaster although if you could remove the seat cover material you could in theory use dylon in your washing machine. i was going to try that next but the seats i was doing at the time did not have removable covers so i gave up. i dont know if bravo seat covers are removable

FIAT BRAVA 182 retrimming the bravo

ok... firstly i must say.. this is a massive pain in the bum so dont try it unless you have alot of patience ok so ive decided to retrim the pillars roof lining and a few other bits in bravobeastie in cream suede. roof lining is pretty gross so new one will be kept much cleaner first i had to start at pulling away all the pillars and things front pillars easy enough but then it started to get trickey

so... what ive done today... ive done all the pillars that can be trimmed easily.. and ive done more painting.. primered visor and speaker grill things painted handle covers and speaker bits primered rear pillarspeaker mould and painted jesus handles primered boot trim bit started raining so had to stop... but theres only a few bits left to do then ive gotta attempt the head lining again... and get

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