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fiat brava rear suspension arm 182
fiat brava rear suspension arm 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 rear suspension arm

hi guys discovered bearing on nearside rear arm has collapsed so a new arm priced ts at 2 places between 200 and 250 so think scrappers might be next best but no one round lancs seems to have a hgt so my question is does it have to be a hgt rear arm or are some other models the same cheers

has to be a hgt i belive a friend had the same problem and he had to use a hgt im unsure if all the disk brake stuff are a straight swap onto a arm set up for drums (i imagine you need a backing plate ect).

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.6 rear suspension

Hi everyone Im about to replace the rear shocks and springs on my brava 1.6 Trofeo can annyone recommend a good shockspring combo and keeping to standard height I was thinking either Monroe or KYB both seem reasonably priced on ebay Thanks for any help

Originally Posted by bluejohn125 Hi yes I fitted Excel-Gs all round to my brava a few years ago they are good value and feel slightly firm or sporty (at least when you first fit them you notice). Im happy with them although I like trawling ebay to see if there are any bargain Sachs or Boge units as they are very good too. The ordinary bravas Bravos and Mareas all seem to take the same shocks unless

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Passenger Rear Radius Arm

How hard it is to replace a rear Radius arm 1997 fiat Bunto

As the procedure is much the same on either car (Puntos wear out more often though) Remove centre cap for the hub nut and loosen nut (32mm) Jack the car remove wheel and remove all brake components Remove the hub (carefully) the drum backing plate handbrake cable and the brake hoses and pipes on the arm in question. Try to plug up the brake fluid as if let run dry it will ruin the master cylinder (which

FIAT BRAVA 182 Creaking from drivers side rear suspension

Just wondering if anyone can help me with this. The bravos mot has expired (2 days before christmas ) and im just getting a few jobs done before the mot (little things like adjusting handbrake & changing the front panel that holds the radiator up). Now everything is done but im getting a creaking noise from the rear drivers side suspensionwheel arch area. Ive had the car on the ramps and cant see anything

FIAT BRAVA 182 loud cracking noise from rear suspension JTD105

Hi guys I am about to start a repair on my JTD 105. There is a loud cracking noise from the rear suspension nearside which I cant quite pinpoint even with the car on a ramp.If anyone has encountered this problem I would be glad of some advice. Has anyone tackled the job of replacing axle bushes on this model. If so I would like to know what I am letting myself in for assuming this is the problem.Thanks again

either rubber bush between subframe and body or rear arm pivot bush. Does the wheel sit straight or at an angle

FIAT BRAVA 182 General suspension problem.

I got my 1996 1.4 brava_SX from Austria from 15 years now i currently live in Romania i have this problem with my ride quality i think its way too rough so i decided to try and fix it somehow ive spend 3 hours at 3 different mechanics and the couldnt find a single problem in the back except the After-Market KYB Excel-G Shocks ive got on the car are so hard that makes the ride unbearable is it normal

There is not much to make noise in there The shocks The TA bearings The brake balancer (not it as it is behind a spring sound is all wrong for that) The anti-rollbar is bolted straight to the arms and doesnt touch the subframe or body so it shouldnn make noise. Sure the spring isnt broken and rubbing altough its pretty imposible as it has nothing to hit. I had hard time with marea when the original

My experience with a brava (2001) is that KYB Excel gas dampers are quite firm but not excessive. Nearly all front end noises (especially clunking over bumps) are due to worn front wishbone bushes - also on Tipos and I guess Puntos. On my car I have changed these also drop links track rods track rod ends - all over time. Very common areas for wear and noises.... On my Tipo (1995) a lot of crashing

Originally Posted by Bebyko Thanks peter ive specified in the first post i think that my rear trailing arms are in good condition the wheels arent inclined all good there. Dont think but be sure. I changed the rear trailingarm bearings on our 2000 fiat Palio ( same suspension set-up) a few months ago I was amazed how bad the right side bearings were in fact one of the bearings was completely gone .... Btw you couldnt move the wheel by hand....

If its one thing i hate the most its not giving a car problem a proper diagnostic fiats are so complex that my problems could be caused by a lot of things i cant just start trowing parts at this car i need to make sure 100% that the parts im changing are the ones causing the problems and im saying that cause im a god damn student and as you can imagine i dont have lots of pennies in my pocket i came

Im contemplating doing the same with my 1.6 Multipla. I found a rear suspension arm bush kit for about &16320 on shop4parts. But not sure if Ill be able to get the old bushes out in situ. Also read that its best to renew both sides at once as otherwise you will notice uneven cornering as one bush is new & tight and the other old & sloppy. I believe the Multi shares many parts parts with the Bravobrava

Originally Posted by jug only hard part is getting the nut off the top of each strut make life easy on yourself and have the top nut loosened on both struts before you start work. Oil all bolts well before you start work. rears are easiest. Shouldnt require spring compressors. Fronts - as Jug says loosen the top nut before starting. You will need to drift out the bolts holding the strut to the hub carrier - a flat ended cold chissel is ideal. Also while you have the brakes and strut out the way - might be an idea to replace the lower arms as the outer ball joint isnt renound for lasting very long on mid-sized fiats .

Originally Posted by Hellcat Oil all bolts well before you start work. rears are easiest. Shouldnt require spring compressors. Fronts - as Jug says loosen the top nut before starting. You will need to drift out the bolts holding the strut to the hub carrier - a flat ended cold chissel is ideal. Also while you have the brakes and strut out the way - might be an idea to replace the lower arms as the outer ball joint isnt renound for lasting very long on mid-sized fiats . had the offside ball joint replaced recently but will bear it in mind. cal

FIAT BRAVA 182 Coupe suspension to Bravo 1.2

Is this possible Is it a good bad idea to get used suspension and put it on another car If it works will the suspension lower my car Specifically the shock absorbers. Also which springs will i need

its not possible and even if it was it wouldnt do you any good. the mounting points are different at top of struts lengths are different front and rear hubs wont connect to shocks on front shocks wont connect to arms on rear it would be more difficult than a coupe brake conversion. get springs for your car and if you still arent satisfied then get some gas shocks too. personally i think a set of lowering

FIAT BRAVA 182 big squeek

hi all my 97 hgt has just developed a big squeek at the rear of the car when i go over big bumps in road and it also has a quiet squeek when going over small bumps but cant tell where quiet squeek is coming from any ideas as to what can be causing this. could it be shock spring or bush at rear it doesnt squeek at all under accelaration or braking any help would be great cheers tony

Originally Posted by bravotony hi discoverd big squeek is coming from front drivers and little squeek at back drivers can anyone tell if i can change just the bushes and if so which ones how much are the bushes and how do you do it. if i can change just the bushes which ones on front and which on back. if i cant change just bushes what do i need to change cheers tony Do you get any clunking noises You would tend to replace the Anti-roll bar bushes on the front as they can squeak however worn rubbers on the swing arms and drop links too can cause squeaks. I cant tell you which to replace without experiencing it for myself. So change the cheapest first. The rear bushes well they dont technically exist. But there is a bush on the swing arms that can perish. If you goto Select fiat BravoSteering & suspensionBushes youll find what you need. All are Genuine or OEM parts.

&163150 i used to charge &16350 for any car and i thought that was expensive. its very easy to do yourself. rather than write it out again heres one of my previous efforts reposted to fit rear springs you jack car up to just before the point where the rear wheel is lifted into the air take nut off on bottom of shock jack car up higher until shock is clear of trailing arm slot old spring off swap the

to fit rear springs you jack car up to just before the point where the rear wheel is lifted into the air take nut off on bottom of shock jack car up higher until shock is clear of trailing arm slot old spring off swap the rubber bit onto the new spring slot new spring into position slowly lower car until shock is back in position bolt shock back onto trailing arm you can do both rear springs very quickly

FIAT MAREA 185 Worn trailing arms

Hi. I hope someone can give me a hint. Both my rear tires are excessive worn on the inner side. As far as i can see the Camber angle isnt adjustable... So i guess the only thing can cause this is worn trailingarms bearings. Ive tried to check it using a cowbar but i cant find any excessive wear in the bearings. Any clue anyone Cheers Michael

Ha Ive found one on e-bay brava Bravo Marea rear suspension arm Repair Kit And out of e-bay in the UK SW Propshafts Ltd.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brake conversions

Hi everybody its me again Does anyone have any idea of exactly how much i would need to change in order to swap my rear brake drums for discs would it just be the wheel assembly or would i need to replace the hubs and bearings as well and modify the suspension Regards Luis

ive converted a few cars to rear discs. its never hard. the easiest way to do it to remove the whole lot from the donor car and leave it assembled ready to fit onto your car. then all you have to worry about is changing over the rear sections of the handbrake cable and connecting your copper brake lines onto the new flexihoses everything else will be a direct fit and bolts into place. when i say the

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo 100 16v HLX MOT Failure advice

Hello everyone just back from the MOT testing station with a failure and a list of advisories. just wondered if anyone can give me any guidance on estimated price to fix for partslabour on these are they serious or common that kind of thing iam not very technically minded so iam clueless really. thanks in advance failures 1. offside front track rod end ball joint has excessive play 2. nearside and

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo HGT track day car

Hi all im currently preparing a hgt 20v as a track day car and was wondering if anyone had any hints or tips for preparing these. So far i have removed the aircon stripped the interior removed all the sound deadening fitted bucket seats and harnesses put decent front discs on fitted ds2500 pads fitted bonnet pins and removed the catch cable and lever fitted an induction kit and a better exhaust. i

Youve done the main stuff but Id put a bolt in cage in. Spring rates - stiff 130 Nmm rear similar on the front Lack of good quality dampers for this platform I have seen pro-flex fitted to coupe rally cars. I have AST fronts are simple McPherson as you know not too hard to spec. rear suspension is the issue non adjustable trailing arms are very heavy and a pain for a track car with toe in and no neg

FIAT BRAVA 182 disks

do all bravos have disks all round or not

Originally Posted by littlepip17 did you know that on the coupe 20vt the rear brakes are actually shut off completely when the car reaches a certain distance from the ground it means when bleeding breaks on them we have to articulate the bias valve or do it on a four post lift just shows how little they do that is in order to avoid them locking do you mean when the car is still level or when the rear

Originally Posted by bridges do you mean when the car is still level or when the rear suspension trailing arms are at full drop Agree with you totally rear discs and painted calipers do look trailing arms full extension well nearly anyway the load limiting valve does not just apply more presure it comes to a point were it shuts them but when you see the sise of 20vt front brakes its understandable they will stand on there nose

FIAT BRAVA 182 Time to service...

Going to be servicing my car soon as its pretty obvious the previous owners have ragged it and not bothered to take care of it Checked the timing belt and Im pretty sure its the original and at 63K its really due a change - not to mention it looks as though its seen better days to say the least. Anyway so far my servcing list consists of Oil Oil filter Spark plugs Cam belt (my dad would be doing

Thought I might have to do that with the radiator hose no problem We tried to get the air box out of the car yesterday and gave up... are there any methods Just checked my cars MOT history and its quite clearly been abused constant failures etc. Originally Posted by 072008 Reason(s) for refusal to issue Certificate Front Brake pad(s) less than 1.5 mm thick (3.5.1f) rear both Shock absorber has a serious

FIAT BRAVA 182 shocks

does anyone know a manufacturer that does uprated and shortened shocks to lower about 40 mm for the hgt with the sport 15 pack i am strugglind to find any at a reasonable price. Been quoted 180 quid each from demon tweeks so far cheers

nice one jug someone mentioned that it might be the rear bush on the lower suspension arm catching on the subframe

FIAT BRAVA 182 Steers

I have a problem with my steering. Im wondering if anyone has this problem and maybe a fix im going to drop it into a garae any but i would like to know before i go in. For a start the steering wheel is very loose when im driving in a straight line the car tends to move to the left when it hits any little bump in the road.I was thinking the tracking but i got that check about two weeks ago and its

Best to get in in pronto. You can be charged with driving a vehicle unfit for use on the roads. A MOT is not proof that its roadworthy. Sounds like it could be heavily worn suspension bushes. Maybe even failed rear trailing arm bearings.

FIAT BRAVA 182 mot darn i forgot

mot ahhh is today and its having it done now ahhh pass pass pass please pass

Glad it passed mine passed earlier this week also (five days after it originally went in - one lambda sensor broken and magically fixed one downpipe and one rear suspension arm later) so good new all round then

FIAT BRAVA 182 My track Bravo

Hi guys thought Id share a few pics and the story behind my Bravo track bitch. I bought it off a mate as a boggo HGT last year as a runabout and was going to keep it standard but I warmed to it and it ended up with a few mods. 500 notes later and i picked this up taxed and full MOT Drove it round for a good few miles like it was dead happy. Bit thirsty for a daily driver but I didnt really care Then

Hi steve you maybe arent too far away from me welcome to come and have a look alternatively I am racing at mallory park near Hinckley on Sunday if you want to have a look then. Regarding the Pectel the reason I ask is G and G motorsport who maps mine are highly involved with PectelPI and Phil who runs it is the most honest and direct operator I know - trusted 100%. Bit of a way though in Horncastle

FIAT MULTIPLA be brutally honest should i....

hi all Right we have 3 children under 5 and currently run a rover 75 doesle(bmw engine) this car is reliable but putting 3 car seats in the back is a squeeze. I ahve looked at a 2002 multipla diesel. 120000 miles with new alternator and cam belt done 2 years ago rear sunroof not working. I am anxious about fiats reputation for reliablilty as this will be our main car and used for holidays etc. so 1.

I bought a multipla 110 jtd in may Is a 2001 model elx so is a good spec first diesel fiat engines are really good and troublefree if well looked after but multipla have problems like every other car... I had to replace many parts like brakes cambelt water pump filters and even fuel pumps...i have covered 6000 miles in it since may and car has never broke down on me and is a really confy car and the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 My 1368cc 16v Cinquecento

Engine 1368cc 16v Stilo engine Lightened flywheel Mk1 Punto Sporting inlet manifold Bravo 1.6 16v throttle body brava 1.2 16v fuel rail Stilo 1.4 16v injectors Punto 85 Fuel pump. Adjustable fuel pressure regulator Megasquirt engine managment system with LC1 wideband lambda controller SFS Hosing with BMC Carbon Dynamic Airbox Ceramic coated Supersprint 421 manifold decat stainless centre section and

FIAT MAREA 185 official tracking angle

Hi All After buying a brandnew pair of Michelins() for the rear of my 155K miles jtd weekend my Marea started wandering like a boat above 50mph. Ive changed all the shocks and a brand new pair of front wishbones. I tracked it parallel with the aid of a home made gauge based on last months practical classics instructions and it now runs pretty true and with much less suspension banging. However the

Thanks for the replys. Its not the rear subrame both of whichs front mountings have now been modded to take the brava replacements as detailed in other pages of this site. I first did one side about a 18 months ago and it hasnt given problems since so it seems an ok repair. Track rod ends are also fine. All I can think is either - The new wishbones which were surprisingly cheap have such rock hard

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