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fiat brava rear seat 182
fiat brava rear seat 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Missing rear seat belt holders Pls help

Put a deposit down on a R-reg 1.4SX brava tonight which is for family use. I noticed there was a gap in the middle of the back seats though and wondered at the time what this was for... Then I found a picture which shows three seat belt holders together in this gap (See pic). This car is obviously no good to us if what I suspect is true but can you get hold of these catches quite easily (whats the

I take it the part that seems to be missing is the seatbelt fastener holders. Im not sure Bravoa had these. The one in the photo could be retrofitted from a Marea. Out of interest is it just the 2 baby seats you need to fit in the car or do you have a child for the middle seat too If so they are going to be quite squashed in my experience of fitting 2 baby seats and a third person in the rear. As said

Originally Posted by jug my hlx has the same style holders in that pic but my old 1q.6sx didnt it had clips on the seat instead. your new car is a sx so dont expect it to look like that pic. Jug my brava is an SX and it has the same as those in the pic but it has 2 instead of 3...

i think thats due to different specs in different countries. all uk cars need 3 rear seatbelts for MOT as all bravoas have 5 seats stated on the log book. im pretty sure the sx models dont have a plastic recess for the belt buckles instead they have small clips on the seat i guess they are the 3 loops described by almort2006 and the seatbelt buckles probably are under the rear seat in that case.

Is it a difference between Bravos and bravas My brava also has 2 seatbelt holders (to hold the two seatbelt clips on the passenger side presumably the one on the drivers side is meant to hold itself (which usually fall under the rear seat anyway)) in the rear seat. Something to do with the fact that one was designed as a family car and the other for people who only occasionally need to use rear seats Anyway its a 1.4 thats reason enough not to buy it.......

FIAT BRAVA 182 folding down rear seats. brava sx

a friend of mine has just got a bravo sx (1996)and does not have a manual can anyone tell me how the rear seats fold down thanks in advance.

Is this a trick question. Tell him they fold down pretty much exactly the same as in any car ever invented. Although if you want to fold down the single seat on its own you have to push the red bit behind the seat to detach it from the annoying bar that for some reason is in the way.

yep if you tilt the bottoms of the seat forward then remove the rear headrests then fold the backs down flat you have a massive load space. its a mini van.

took me 3 months to realise i had rear headrests but yeah the boot space when seats are down is HUGGGGGEEEEE cant wait for my proper install yipee

Originally Posted by SamG_brava Imagine putting the seats in a Marea Weekend flat down wow. Imagine no longer... httpwww.fiatforum.commarea75531...oot-silly.html

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo Rear Seat Base

Help wanted locating a new rear seat base for my 1996 Bravo. Has to match the interior that was installed for Red Bravos. Or can anyone recommend any fiat second hand part dealers or breakers in the Oxford Midlands South area. Many many thanks.

FIAT BRAVA 182 rear seat whats this space for

whats this space for is it to fix in the child seat or something Attached Thumbnails     __________________ im not lazy im thinking httpi40.photobucket.comalbumse2...faromeogif.gif   Quote   10-11-2010   2 Rigby Get Your Own Title   Join Date Apr 2009 Location Chatteris Posts 1766 Thanks 12 Trader Rating 0   Re rear seat whats this space for Its for the seatbelt clips.

duh of course lol thanks (iv not been near the car for ages) noticed when i went to turn the engine over thanks haha

FIAT BRAVA 182 Alfa Romeo seats

Ive seen a lovely set of leather 156 seats will they fit a Bravo Im not worried about tilting etc are the dimensions and the rails the same Its for my new project car...

Originally Posted by aaronsummerhayes can you take a photo of the seats pulled all the way forward please Also do the rear seats fit too or not Ta As requested Not interested in rear seats theyre going into a Bravo van next time im at the yard ill have a good look at the seats and see if theyre similar

bolted (pulls straight out) and have an armrest in the centre. I think the rear bench is the same width though so thats a good start Originally Posted by Adrian Bravo My Mk1 1.4SX had the heated seat plugs hidden under the carptet but the connector block in the fuse box didnt have anything to plug into. I wired it into the sunroof circuit because thats how it is wired from factory. See httpwww.fiatforum.combravo-brava...mk1-model.html

FIAT BRAVA 182 Alfa 156 Seats in Brava

Hi all I have a fiat brava 1.2 sx and I have been searching about in the forum and as I understand alfa 156 seats will fit a fiat Bravo. Will alfa 156 front and back seats be a direct fit into a brava or will i have to do any modifying I wanted to fit both the front and rear seats into my car and they will be leather. Also could anyone suggest any ideas for steats that will fit into a brava with ease Thankyou so much for your help.

FIAT BRAVA 182 leather seats

hi i was looking on ebay and seen fiat coupe leather seats i was just wondering if they would fit my 2001 brava jtd . many thanks

Originally Posted by daveyfc hi i was looking on ebay and seen fiat coupe leather seats i was just wondering if they would fit my 2001 brava jtd . many thanks yes they will fit all models of the bravoa but im not too sure on the rear seats. it might be worth contacting the seller too.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Alfa seats

Found some leather seats from a 156 alfa at me local scrappie. would these need much modifying to fit a brava

Originally Posted by Steve 75 Dont quote me on this but I suspect theyll bolt straight in - remember the brava and 156 are based on the same floorpan and share quite a lot of mechanical bits. The front seats fit fine. The rear bench wont be a straight forward swap as the bench on a brava folds down and on a 156 it doesnt. However it has been done before. Think it was ScottyJTD. Try doing a search. I think he had to modify the rear seat and make it a tad narrower.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Punto Seats In a Bravo

Are they a straight swap as i think i may be able to get hold of some punto turbo seats just wonderin if they will need any adjustments thanks in advance

they dont even come close which is a real shame coz the interior in bravos is crappy even hgt seats are a bit bog standard looking. i love my bravo but the interior is just awful. oh and mk2 punto seats dont fit either. brava and marea seats can fit but they are even worse than the bravo ones. best bet is to get some cheap bucket seats and then retrim the rear to match. i was thinking about trying

the 147 seats pain in the arse to fit. Ash on fiatboo has a full 147 leather interior and it was a whole lot of work. custom subframes upfront and the rear seats were pulled apart and put over the bravo frames i believe. it looks amazing and is unbelievably comfortable but one hell of alot of work....

FIAT BRAVA 182 Rear Window wash not working

Having got my brava on friday I had a working window rear window wash. found out when I took it for a test run earlier in the week it wasnt working and that the pipe had come loose (did look for it as said on bravo guide) but as of yesterday it stopped working agian but this time no water being sprayed inside the boot area. took the rear cover off and the pipe was still on. looks like some form of

Problems intermitently coming and going now. And definetly not a blocked pipe in the boot. So I had a look about the car wondering where I could stick the autochanger cabling when I came to bringing the rear seats down and opening up the bench when I spotted drops of water all along the bit between the seat and where the boot starts from left to right. looks like ive got a faulty rear washer hose and its escaping into the cabin at that point now [(] Scorg 02 Stilo Dynamic 1.6 Sky Blue 01 brava 80SX Ink Black

FIAT BRAVA 182 seat covers

we have probably had this question before but i have been thinking about purchasing some seat covers - this has not been taken lightly as i usually hate seat covers but i have noticed they do some rather good loookin ones. does anyone here have any seat covers what is your opinion on how they look and fit Wheres the best place to buy um from. any comments about this in general i am hoping to get it

gId-1&categoryId12696 direct too seat covers Seicento Sporting Modified Front Bumper Saxo Custom Spoiler Abarth Side Skirts Bad Boy Bonnet Afterburner rear Lenses 4 Powerflow Exhaust System Abarth 14 Alloys. IN THE PIPELINE -40mm Drop or Coilovers New Front Bumper rear Splitter New Mirrors (Not the cup ones[xx(] something different) Check out my site fiatForum

FIAT BRAVA 182 Seat Covers

Hi guys was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the seat covers front and back as went fishing in mine and they are really stained now so need a good wash. Ive tried scrubbing but still stained. I know i could get covers but i dont like them as they dont look any good.

Have a read of my Heated seat Guide on fiatboo modification section thatll show you how to do the front seats. If The Sultan sees this hell help with the other seats as I remember he fully removed his seat covers front and rear and had them washed.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Bravo HLX rear badge

Hi I have a Yellow fiat Bravo 1.6 HLX which currently undergoing a transformation from neglection to like new. Virtually every part I can replace has or is going to be New- rear Shocks rear Springs (standard height) Exhaust Front Shocks Front Springs (standard height) Front Wishbones Front Droplinks Discs Drums Pads Shoes Door Handles Front Marea 20v Headlamps Either original or pattern parts as above.

similar. 1. Knocking from rear - almost certainly the rear seat latches. I spent weeks trying to locate the knocking noise. And just a bit of thick tape around the latch bar fixed it. 2. Exhaust mountings - having the had the full exhaust replaced and new rubber hangers I found they perished very quickly. Just seems that the aftermarket rubbers arent up to the job. Best bet is always genuine fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Wet Seat belt on passenger sideBravo

Guys any ideas. The seat belt on passenger side of my fiat Bravo is soaking wet. seat floor everything else is dry. Any ideas where water could get in here as looks like its sealed ffrom rear window

FIAT PANDA Just got an Eleganza small issue with split rear seat

Hey all. Just got a 56 plate Eleganza a couple of weeks ago since there was a bit of a mishap with the Punto (black ice and a tree) my father was driving. The car itself I am rather impressed with Ride is very smooth yet feels solid too much nicer then my normal ride in the brava Ive came across one small issue that im wondering if it will be an easy fix or not. Due to time constraints its difficault

Originally Posted by Scorg Hey all. Just got a 56 plate Eleganza a couple of weeks ago since there was a bit of a mishap with the Punto (black ice and a tree) my father was driving. The car itself I am rather impressed with Ride is very smooth yet feels solid too much nicer then my normal ride in the brava Ive came across one small issue that im wondering if it will be an easy fix or not. Due to time

FIAT BRAVA 182 Seats and alloys

Will the Stilo seats fit into the Bravo without any alterations I have been rather interested in the Merc SLRs alloys Ive only found one pair (18 with BMW badge) on ebay. Still to find the manufacturer. Any tips or hints Or are there any similar style of alloys out their

i measured the subframe dimentions on the bravo and then went scrapyard hunting for some seats that could be made to fit with a small amount of modification. stilo fromt seats didnt seem very easy to do iirc the rails are further apart and the rear mounts are completely different with some modification to the back of the stilo seat rails and some custom mounting adapter plates they could fit. but its

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava seats x

hey guys i just got offered some alfa 156 leathers would they fit into my p reg brava and when i turn my steering wheel all the way to the right i can just about hear some sort of squeaking any help please x

Welcome 156 seats fit no problems the rear bench will take reworking to fit properly though As for the squeaking its hard to know without hearing the noise my first thing to look at would be balljoints and the anti roll bar for play Hope this helps helpimagirl thanked for this post

FIAT BRAVA 182 Alfa Seats

Does anyone know if from a 3 door alfa 147 or 145 leather seats will bolt straight into a bravo or would i need to modify the railings

147 seats are probably the easiest conversion to do out of everything i checked. i did measure up the difference in the mounting points months ago but i cant remember exactly what the difference was anymore. i think the front seat runners were slightly further apart on the 147 seats. both front and rear seats looked possible without too much fuss.

they do fit a mate has then in his bravo damn they are nice he had to fabricate new runners well a manipulation of bravo and 147 ones fro the front seats and the stripped the rears of the frame and re attached it to the bravo rear frame to get a damn nice oem look

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