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fiat brava ignition switch key 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Black Switch behind ignition replace help

hi guys you might have read some idiots tried to knick my car but immobiliser stopped them. What dicks. I need to get a new ignition barrel. was gona go for a barrel and door handles off a mareva if possible would the barrel fit its a 2.0 hgt 155. if not will have to get barrel and locks off a bravo. Now do i need them off another 2.0 hgt 155 or any bravo will keep the chip from the one blue key ive

any bravo brava or marea can be used as a donor for the barrel and switch. replacement is easier than you expect. you can grind the tumblers down on the new barrel (with your old key inserted in the barrel) then it will match your old key. that way you dont need to replace your other locks (doors boot govebox).

in the following pic the bits you can see sticking out the side of the barrel need to be ground away so they are flush with the barrel (with key inserted). there are tumblers sticking out on both sides. assuming you wont have the car raised on a lift and instead you will have it jacked up and on axle stands then you can support the engine with a jack under the sump . use a chock of wood to prevent

FIAT BRAVA 182 t reg barvo 1.6 indicator lights on steady even without key in ignition

Indicators wont flash and neither do the hazards please help asap guys Also what do I need a red master key for I bought this car last week and was only given 2 blue keys Thanks

check that the plug on the hazzard light switch isnt loose when i had mine off for painting i found that my indicators wouldnt work without this connected just an idea if its come loose

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FIAT BRAVA 182 brava keys

hi i was wondering if someone could help me my girlfriend swapped her car for a fiat brava only for 1week later it to break down. we have since found out that the ignition box was completly broke inside in 3 diff places and superglued back together we have since been a bought a new steering column and had this fixed but when bought column from scrap yard only had one blue key this does not deactivate

oh dear another unsuspecting buyer stung with the fiat key game. youve got a bit of a problem there. the easiest (and cheapest) long term solution is to get the ignition lock reset so it will accept the old red key. any lock can be reconfigured to accept any key. you want the ignition to match the door so this is a good thing to do anyway. with the ignition working on the old red key you than have

FIAT BRAVA 182 Red key but no blue keys.

Hey all im looking at getting a diesel bravo but the car has only the red keys but no blue keys if i get to random keys from any other bravos and just get blanks cut could i programme any other codes to the ecu

there should only be 1 red key. check that it is an original fiat key. to check that the red key is really the red key and not a clone of a blue key you should switch the ignition on and check that the key code light goes out then switch ignition off and back on within 5 secs. the key code light should now remain illuminated if it does not then you havent used the red key. assuming it is the red key

if you get your blue key cloned it will be an exact copy so no programming is needed as far as the immob is concerned it is the same key (the clone has same code as original) if you get a blue key that has a new code you need the red key to teach the immob this new code. the procedure is insert red key turn to on posititon (mar i think its called) keycode light will illuminate then go out remove red

Originally Posted by punto75 what is the immobiliser and what is the function of it it is a security device fitted to stop thieves from stealing the car. basically the immob is an electronic system that uses codes to switch on the fuel pump on. each key has a code this code will be read when a key is inserted in the ignition switch. if the keys code matches one of the codes stored in the codebox the

FIAT BRAVA 182 my brava wont accept my key

hi..i need help pleasei bought fiat brava 1.4 sx few weeks ago..everythings run well until yesterday...i try to switch on my car but the car seems didnt recognise my key..the key icon on my dashboard was off i try several times still not changes.. whts wrong with the never happened before.. i need help please..

probably dont have a fuel injection system problem at least not one bad enough to prevent starting. with a sparkplug removed try starting the car while watching for sparks. if you get spark then that isnt your problem either. if you get sparks and fuel you can also be sure that the key isnt the problem as the immobiliser would prevent either sparks or fuel (depending on immob im not sure how the fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help I have no Red Key for my Fiat bravo 1.4 98

Good afternoon all I have a massive problem.............I bought a fiat bravo 1.4 and was given just 2 blue keys. It started well and i drove it home fine. As i went to start it up the next morning a yellow light showed up on the dash with a key and writing on it saying code. I have since found out that i need a red key to get it up and running again but i dont have one.............. Ive got a friend

mistakenly believe that the immob has a fault. if it still happens with the battery fully charged the problem is probably with the immob for example -faulty aerial on ignition switch -faulty code box -faulty ecu -wiring fault depending on what the fault is you may be in trouble. the red key is the only key that you can use to teach the code box blue key codes. the red key can not be replaced. a fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Key code problem

I have fiat brava ELXyaer 2001. and I have this problem with the key Code. The thing is that I have only one blue keyno Code Card. Ewerything was OK until yestarday when my car could not start. The reason is that the car does not recognize the keythe yellow indicator on the dash board just would not dissepear. MY QUESTION IS What can couse this What do I need to have or to do in order to get a new

Originally Posted by Batke I have fiat brava ELXyaer 2001. and I have this problem with the key Code. The thing is that I have only one blue keyno Code Card. Ewerything was OK until yestarday when my car could not start. The reason is that the car does not recognize the keythe yellow indicator on the dash board just would not dissepear. MY QUESTION IS What can couse this What do I need to have or to

Originally Posted by Mal126 To code you need red key and two blue keys have had this before you could try disconnecting code box for around five mins to reset reconnect and try is a long shot but have seen this work in the past code box is located above fuse box on right hand side if unsure follow lead from aerial around ignition switch to the code box and disconnect all connectors although have seen

FIAT BRAVA 182 Remote Keyless entry

Hi I have a Cobra 1046 Remote keyless Entry kit can this be fitted to a fiat Bravo 1.2 SX on a 99 plate Also I have a flashing LED as in the fake alarm ones you use to be able to get it has two wires on it and they use to be hooked up to the ignition switch some how when you turn ignition off the LED comes on when you put the key in and turn ignition on the LED goes out so there must be a switching

Yes you definately can fit the cobra remote keyless entry system to the car. You just need to find the relevant unlocking and locking wires... Negative control signal Connect to the 15 mm BLUE wire (lock) and WHITE wire (unlock) located in the wiring harness coming out of the rubber grommet of the front door drivers side. The flashing led is as you say somehow connected to the iginiton switch but its

those LEDs are usally connected to a relay the relay is switched by your ignition switched live. so the relay has 3 wires a permanent live an ignition switched live and an earth. if it has its own relay you can use those wires for your cobra.

hi. this problem is fairly common. the cause is usually something very simple such as a loose connector on the aerial around the ignition switch. another common issue is a power supply problem due to rusty connecitons in the immob circuit in the engine bay especially the fuse. you can get the immob diagnosed at a fiat dealer. when youve had problems the immob will have stored code(s) to record what

Hi Jug Thanks for your reply...I called my nearest fiat dealer (Hemel) and the bloke said that without the red key they are unable to even diagnose the immob... I have opened the ignition switch but cant see any loose wires there...another thing is...I cant figure out where the ECU in this car is...spoke to Code Man yesterday and he needs the make and number of the ECU to see if he can do something...the

according to this pic its definately with the relays and fuses. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ 2.0 twinspark veloce   Quote   11-07-2007   8 D4nny8oy Get Your Own Title   Join Date Apr 2007 Location Yep still here. Posts 2854 Thanks 327 Trader Rating 0   Re Help My fiats Stalled ImmobiliserECUkey prob.... Jug- that pic is for the engine ECU . The keycode ECU is mounted

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo replacement keys

Had my Bravo a few months now and needed to get a blue key cut. Dealer was going to charge me 30 quid for the blank. Then i would have to take the blank to get cut. Then i would have to take this back to the dealer to get it programmed to my car. Went to a local key cutter dude charged me 25 quid. Cut the key programmed it using my red key with a machine that coppied the data and pushed it into the new key. It worked first time. So - my advice. Dont get stuff like this from the dealer.

key which was copied from the red key basically the transponder was read from the red key by a transponder programmer and then put into a blank clone key which took the red keys transponder code. IF the red key is used for starting this will not damage anything the reason it is not recommended is that every time the red master key is used the key code ecu is expecting you to programme a new key. fiat

key which was copied from the red key basically the transponder was read from the red key by a transponder programmer and then put into a blank clone key which took the red keys transponder code. IF the red key is used for starting this will not damage anything the reason it is not recommended is that every time the red master key is used the key code ecu is expecting you to programme a new key. fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava ignition

help brought a 97 brava four years ago with only one blue problems until last week key broke in ignition barrell. could not remove. changed ingition and barrel that came with keys eventually changed immobilser. no luck car wont start. do i need the matching ecu when switching on one click the panel lights came on when trying to turn engine over panel went off and needles on speedotach bounced back and forth a couple of times. any helpful advice very welcome. thanks

the keys supplied with the new ignition switch do not appear to be able to open up - they come from a later model perhaps the style of key code was changed

FIAT BRAVA 182 blip in key

hi all ive just noticed that niether of my blue keys have a blip in them so im unable to work the alarm or central locking remotely. if i get a spare key with a blip in it can i sync it to my carifso how do i do it. i have the red master key and a 4 digit security code on a small piece of car is a p-reg bravo 1.8hlx..thanks.

it does sound as though you have your remote codes here is a pic of what the code keyring looked like for my bravo Originally Posted by littlepip17 unfortunately the prosedure for doing it is pretty complicated for both imobiliser and alarm remote side it isnt complicated imo. you can do it yourself in a couple of mins. to do immob you need red key and at least 2 blue keys. all 3 must have different

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo key code light

Hi All help would be much appreciated.I have a fiat bravo 1997 td been having problems recently where the key code light wont go off and engine wont start have been using red key for daily use found out about a week ago shouldnt use the red key so have had blue keys cut as car didnt come with any so i try to program the blue keys in the ignition as detailed on this forum.So i put the red key in switch

FIAT BRAVA 182 Does the Brava 2000 HSX 100 1.6 Need Red Key

Ive read a lot about this red key and how it may be necessary. Ive also read that fiat doesnt use this red key system anymore. can anyone confirm if the brava 2000 x reg uses the red key system

have you checked if it really is a red key (and not a blue clone) if you insert it in the ignition and switch ignition on wait till code light goes off then switch ignition off and back on again the key code light should now remain illuminated (instead of switching off like it normally does). if it doesnt stay illuminated then you dont have a red key.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Blue and Red Key

Hi I hope no one asked the same question I could not find it. I bought a fiat brava reg 51 1.6 and I have red key to open doors and a blue key for the ignition they wont work otherwise. Also have a pair of spares (1 blue and 1 red) with a small paper tag with a letter and 4 numbers included. I have never used them. I noticed the spare Red and blue key are similar to the Blue I used to turn on the car

since you have 3 original keys that fit the ignition switch adn only 1 key for the door it suggests someone has replaced the door lock barrel (maybe both doors have you checked) probably after a break in attempt. you can grind the tumblers down on the door lock barrel so it works with the 3 original keys then you wont need that red key for the door and everything will be back to normal. to grind the

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Bravo Y REG Only red key HELP PLEASE

HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED (great site to) Ok here the problem went out the other night and lost my blue key and now i only have a red key for my car now reading these forums i have found a wealth of info but many threads contridicting others please answer my questions as follows. My car being a Y REG (2000) fiat Bravo 1.2 ( ) Can i make 2 NEW blue keys from the red key (NOT COPIES) as i have allready

Heres a test for checking the red key is in fact a red key. switch ignition on with red key immobiliser should come on then go out. switch ignition off then straight away switch ignition back on with red key if the key is a master (red) key then the immobiliser remains lit.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Key light on dash

Hi I have a fiat Bravo HLX. Sometimes (not always) the little dash light that looks like a picture of a key illuminates when turning on the ignition. It doesnt stop the car starting or anything but I thought Id ask you guys to see what this means. If I switch the ignition on and off a few times it goes. Any ideas Thanks

use the red key and have this kedy code light problem usually becuase they buy the car and dont understand the difference between red and blue keys or because the car only has a red key or because blue keys were lost so red is copied. the solution is to get 2 blue keys they must have different codes to each other and the red key. what keys do you have what colour are they are they all original fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava master key

hi i got a 2000 brava 1.2 and i want 2 program a new key but i not sure if the key i got is a master key or not is there any where of knowing if i have the master key because i only got this 1 key for my car when i bought it the other week and i dont fancy paying out loads at the local dealer for a new key and for them 2 program it when i can do it my self. thanx

you get 3 keys when new 2 blue slave keys and 1 red master key. to find out if the red key you have is actually the master insert it in the ignition barrel and switch the ignition on. the orange key code light will illuminate and then go out. turn the ignition off and then back on the key code light should stay on this time. if it doesnt then you dont have the correct master key and you wont be able to program other keys into the immob.

FIAT BRAVA 182 remote keyfob programming

i have bought a fiat 500 flip key hoping i could program the remote to work my central locking on my 98 hgt... i seem to be having some trouble and have asked the question on boo and have mixed replys is there any way i can get it programmed to work my central locking..

keys... ill pm reddy4bed and link him to this thread to see if he could shed any light thanks for all your help tho After youve put the last digit in you need to press the single button on the blue key. If the light goes out instantly then the code is wrong or not recognised in the system. If the ebayer seller told ya that then ask them how I bet he doesnt have a clue theyll prob say take it to fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Red key problems

hello can anyone help me plz I have a flat bravo 1995 in black its a 1.4 n reg Last month its started over heating and with a closer look i found out it was the thermostat thats now been replaced but now i have new problems My car wont start At first i found out that the ignition barrel was not working bu that was just a lose wire that has been repaired Now the car wont start i got told because the

as custard says the answer to your question is the orange key code light on the dash. when you switch the ignition on the light should come on then go off after a few seconds. if it stays on it means the immobiliser is staying on so your fuel pump wont work. if the code light is staying on the most ocmmon causes are -aerial around ignition barrel is faulty or its connector is loose -codebox (near interior

FIAT BRAVA 182 Ignition Wires

Hi Please can anyone tell me which wires are what on a 2001 Bravo ignition set up Im about to hook up the wiring to a remote start alarm and wanted to know if anyone had either a data sheet or a list of what wires do what etc. Thanks in advance for any replies and help Thanks R

wiring diagrams for all models are in haynes and also in the manuals here babarmalik.comledmods.htm remote start wont work on the bravoa because it has a fiat code immob so you need the key to be in the ignition switch.

FIAT BRAVA 182 ignition

Car wont recognise key code on all keys.

the red key code can not be lost it is permanetly stored in the code box. if we assume the problem is actually because the immob cant recognise the key codes and you have the red key and that is actually your red key (has it worked before) then we can also assume the problem must be either a wiring fault in the immob circuit or a component fault. that means you either have a faulty earial around the

Originally Posted by jug the red key code can not be lost it is permanetly stored in the code box. if we assume the problem is actually because the immob cant recognise the key codes and you have the red key and that is actually your red key (has it worked before) then we can also assume the problem must be either a wiring fault in the immob circuit or a component fault. that means you either have

FIAT BRAVA 182 my fiat bravo 1.8 hlx wont start rac reckons its the key chip - best fix

i do not have another key other than the standard blue one do i need to have ecu wiped and new keys can the ecu have the immobiliser function disabled could it be something else wrong cranks over but do not attempt to start rac checked to see if fuel getting thru and tested the crank sensor he reckons the injection is not working thus blaming the key there is no key light on dash at all and the injectors

when you switch the ignition on does the key code light illuminate for a few secs then switch off if that is the case then your key and immob are fine. find out if the fuel pump is working and if there is a spark on the plugs.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help keyfob broken need to get the alarm turned off

Hi My blue key fob has broken (the switch inside has come off) and i need to turn the alarm off. The manual says i have a key hole in the fuse box that i can use but mine doesnt have it ive taken out the fuses for the alarm power and alarm hazard lights so atleast i can get in and start the ignition. However the alarm light is still flashing. Is there another way of turning it off also bit of a long

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo red key problem

Deep joy Have just managed to introduce a replacement red key as a master in immobiliser and added the obligatory 2 blue keys. One small step for (a) man........ Tony.

the code they requested is the emergency start code this will bypass the immob. you can request it from the dealer however you usually dont need it if you have the red key unless there is a fault with the immob. if the key code light is remaining lit it means the immob is not switching off so the engine will not start. this happens when the blue key codes are lost by the codebox which can happen when

FIAT BRAVA 182 Red key ecu question

Huy guys and girls anybody help. I have just bought 2.0 hgt without the RED key just 2 blue keys. i have an ecu and RED key plus 2 BLUE keys and the codebox and the ring that goes round ingnition barrel. i have been told i can change the codebox and transponder ring and leave my ecu in is this true. help please. thanks craig

you dont need the ring aerial that goes around the ignition switch (unless yours is broken) because any aerial will work with any key. you will need to fit the codebox and matching ecu . then swap the code chips round on the blue keys (so your blue keys will work locks and immob). now to get the red key working your locks you need to get a new blank cut and replace it with the one on the red key. please

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo key fobalarm central locking fault

[COLORBlue]Hi I have a problem with my alarm system via the key fobs on fiat Bravo 1.6 16v. Pressing the key fob failed to open the car. I opened the door with the key and the alarm sounded and turning the ignition and even starting the car did not stop it. I closed the door and relocked the door with the key the alarm stopped itself after a few moments. Obviously i cant drive the car with the alarm

sometimes when the keyfob battery goes flat the alarm forgets the keyfob. your alarm can have up to 8 keys programmed into it. you need to try programming your key back into the alarm. before attempting this make sure the alarm is turned on at the master switch (with little key in fusebox yours is like this already) and off with the remote (you cant do this yet so try disconnecting battery for half

FIAT BRAVA 182 Ignition Start Up

Welcome I am new on the Forum. I have a Brave 1.4 12v These past three days I have encountered a problem. From time to time after using the brava and coming back to start it again after some time it does not start. Battery is no problem as it is new and the sound of the start is perfect. After trying it several times it starts. Or els if I go a bit down the road it starts on gear. What could this be.

Better explaination It all started four days ago I arrived at the car wash and stopped the engine as I was waiting behind some other car when I came to start the engine tried it several times and then fired and worked normal but done it again before I left the car wash. All was ok onthe next day but then it done it again the following day. The same I turned the ignition key a couple of times and started.

FIAT BRAVA 182 blue key sensor

Im having intermittent problems with the key code light staying on I have been told as well as the red key sensor there is a blue key one which is more likely to cause the intermittent fault I have I was told it would probably be behind the ignition switch as it has to be close to the key I removed the bottom cover but could see no sign of a sensor anybody out there have any ideas

there is a loop reciever aerial around the ignition switch lock barrel that picks up the keys code. this is the same for a blue or red key. does your car refuse to start when the light comes on does the light come on with all keys even the red one

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brake light & KeyImmobiliser niggles.

Warning Newbie alert Hi one and all... I hope you can help with an issue or two that I have with my 2001 Bravo 100 SX. Firstly my brake lights dont seem to be working at all. I have checked the bulbs on either side of the car and both are fine and the filaments havent blown. I even looked at the fuse panel and cannot see a blown fuse although Im not 100% which one is for the brake lights. No.12 or

Cheers bluejohn125. I have checked that fuse and it hasnt blown. The indicators and fog light still work so I suspect its the switch too. Do you know where it is and is it easy to replace Im now worried the red key may have lost the code if thats possible as the key indicating light doesnt illuminate on the dash at all when I turn on the ignition now. Or could this be an immobiliser issue

FIAT BRAVA 182 CD player Memory Ignition problem

I had a Sanhei CD player fitted on Friday. It works fine except that it loses all stored radio stations if I switch the ignition off and remove the security panel. Also the CD player wont activate if the ignition is in the off position. Anybody come across this problem

Update for you. Finding Bull clips on the wiring I swopped them about so instead of RED - RED and YELLOW - YELLOW now we go RED - YELLOW YELLOW - RED. One problem is solved - The player now remembers radio stations correctly. Before I convince myself it still has a problem are you supposed to be able to switch on the CD player when the ignition is off and the key out That still doesnt happen.

FIAT BRAVA 182 orange key code light remains illuminated when you try to start

Hi there my son has got a bravo 1.4s 1996 and the engine turns over but it wont start the orange key code light is remaining illuminated when we try to start the car please can anyone help we have used the red key and the blue one cheers mick

Originally Posted by Waderider IBut before arriving at that conclusion maybe it is recognising the key but then staying illuminated because of a problem with a sensor or actuator in the engine management system. This problem is also stopping the car starting. the key code light is only related to the immob system the injector light would stay on if there was a problem with the engine management system.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Key Code light stays on sometimes. only sometimes.

Hi im on my second bravo now. both have been 1.2 80 sxs and now the Y reg one is having problems. when i turn the key. sometimes the key code light will go off and i can start it fine. sometimes it will stay on and im stuck. any ideas Harry

usually it is due to a bad connection at the aerial that reads the key. this aerial is on the ignition switch. remove the plastic cover (aka steering column shroud) and disconnect then reconnect its wiring connector. failing that follow the wires behind the dash to a black plastic box that is the codebox disconnect then reconnect its wiring connector.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Issues programming a key

Hi All I have purchased an Orion transponder key from ebay and I am having issues programming it to the cars immobiliser. I have done the search on here and gone through the procedure but I still cannot get it to work. What happens is as follows. I put the red key into the ignition wait for the code light to go out. I then rermove the key and put the new key into the ignition. However the code light

Originally Posted by reddy4bed As Symon says the replacement key because it is an aftermarket programmable one it does not have a programme in it. If you you have a blue one you can take it to shop and have the programme copied across to it and it will work immediately. If you dont have a blue one then you need to get two with DIFFERENT codes already in them. Tony. I do have the original blue one so

FIAT BRAVA 182 Yellow Key on Dashboard ( Fiat Bravo HGT )

Hi im having trouble with my fiat Bravo HGT for some reason when im driving along the engine will completly cut out without me realising but when i start the car back up a yellow key with code on it will appear on my dashboard but if i turn the car off and try again the key will dissapear any ideas

its easy. you need to remove the plastic shroud first. the aerial is around the ignition switch check the connenctor on it.

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